Au Revoir Bobby And All The Best!

Goodbye To Six Great Years

Well all Arsenal fans knew it was going to happen for a while now but it has finally been confirmed that Bobby has finally left the club and moved on to Villarreal. And I for one wish him all the best.

With Rosicky arriving only a couple of days ago the writing was on the wall. Pires wanted that 2 year deal but Arsenal wouldn’t give it to him and now he’ll be riding on the Yellow Submarine. With Rosicky, Reyes, Freddie, Hleb, Van Persie and even Theo Walcott playing in similar areas of the field Pires was always going to find it hard to play many games. Even this season his appearances have been considerably less than of previous campaigns.

But Arsenal fans will remember Robert Pires with great affection, and he has been a big part in our Premiership and FA Cup triumphs over the last 6 years.

What I will remember most from Bobby is the that phenomenal goal he scored against Aston Villa in the 2001/2002 double winning season, and the goal that won us the FA Cup in 2003.

And I will also remember the tackles that led to Arsenal scoring huge goals. The first was in the unbeaten season, when Pires dispossessed Makelele at Stamford Bridge and fed Bergkamp. The Iceman then played in Vieira with an exceptional pass who slotted the ball past Sullivan and kept our unbeaten run alive. The second was the amazing tackle on Patrick Vieira at Highbury, which led to the Cesc Fabregas goal against Juventus.

Brilliant stuff.

But he has contributed so much more to the club and was Thierry Henry’s wing man – and an integral part of the lethal left side of Arsenal.

And he was a big player in the invicibles team of 2003/3004.

Pires made 284 appearances and scored 84 goals. 84 goals!

That’s 14 a season!

An excellent return for a midfielder, and even more impressive with the fact that he didn’t play many games last season. Who else except Lampard or Gerrard score that many goals?

And to make a comeback from the serious cruciate knee ligament damage he sustained in 2002 was a show of his character and determination this guy has.

Being substituted in the Champions League Final after only 18 minutes was a sad was to leave Arsenal, but we will always be grateful for the contribution you have given the club over the years.

All the best Bobby!


6 thoughts on “Au Revoir Bobby And All The Best!

  1. Classy. Well stated. Mssr Pires will be well missed and I’m sorry to see him go; but it happens to the best eventually. Fare you well, Robert Pires and may the remainder of your career sparkle as brightly as it did for us.

  2. Spot on. Good luck to the guy at Villarreal! He’s been aweome for us and I’ll be sad to see him leave!

    I have to say I think behind Henry, Pires is clearly the best finisher at the club – maybe it was worth keeping him for 2 more years?

    Rosicky is class but he’ll take time to settle, Reyes never looks comfortable in front of goal and Hleb, well he tries but finishing isn’t part of his game! Van Persie is decent at taking chances but somehow can’t gel into the team. Hope we don’t regret letting him go!


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