Arsene Linked With Real. Again.

It Never Gets Boring. Ever.

I had a dream last night that England were drawing 0-0 with Germany in the World Cup. Michael Owen came off after an hour and our very own Theo Walcott scored a beauty into the bottom left corner for the winner! Yes, as you might have gathered there isn’t much going on with Arsenal at the moment with the WC only 10 days away. Still need to get my England shirt with Walcott on and those cheap England car flags won’t buy themselves… So much to do and so little time. Sort of…

The only real ‘news’, if you can call it that, is that Wenger is linked to the Real Madrid vacancy. Again. Apparently he is an ‘outside bet’ behind favourite Michael Laudrup and Fabio Capello.

Well all I can say that Premiership news is slow recently and this is a load of crap. Arsene has repeatedly said he’s going to see his contract out until at least 2008, and has strongly hinted that he might stay on even longer than that.

And then of course you have the arguement that Real only keep managers for about 6 months so Arsene is unlikely to join a club that has this kind of policy. Not exactly job security is it?

There are also ramblings that Sol could be going to Fulham after the World Cup, which would be a good move for all concerned if actually true. Fulham are probably one of the few clubs that could afford his wages and it’s not far to go for Sol so he’d probably be up for moving on. The other team that is linked is Newcastle. Quick frankly I don’t care where he goes as long as he’s not wearing an Arsenal shirt next season. Harsh? Probably.

On to tonight and England play against Hungary at Old Trafford in a WC build up game – just hope Theo gets a decent run out. And that’s pretty much it!

So anyone got any interesting Arsenal news?


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