What Are Your Favourite Memories Of DB10?

The Man. The Myth. The Absolute Legend.

Well one of Arsenal’s Greatest Ever players is playing his last game in an Arsenal shirt this weekend and like all Arsenal fans I will be devastated the time has come for the man to hang up his boots.

There is no over-stating what the Dutchman has done for Arsenal Football Club in the 11 years he has graced the Highbury turf, grounds across the country and around Europe in a Gunners shirt.

Along with Wenger, Dennis one of the reasons why Arsenal as a football club have gone onto the next level. In 1995 when he arrived with David Platt we were a top 6 team at best, trying to push the likes of United, Villa, Newcastle, Liverpool and Blackburn at the top of the league.

Bruce Rioch, the man who bought Dennis, wasn’t the man to bring that success but the Iceman still had a decent season.

Dennis was forming a superb partnership with Ian Wright and when Wenger arrived on 28th September 1996, it was clear Bergkamp – along with the defensive unit – was the strength of the team.

The very next year was to bring possibly his greatest season in an Arsenal shirt, as he helped Arsenal win the double for the first time since 1971. Dennis also won numerous personal awards and accolades that season including both of the Player of the Season awards for the Premiership. He also came 3rd in the World Player of the Year Awards, behind Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo.

Throughout the Wenger era Bergkamp has been the consistent force on the pitch and has become a legend in the process.

In his time at Arsenal Dennis Bergkamp has won 3 Premiership titles, 4 FA Cups and a sackful of personal awards for Goals of the Month, Goals of the Season, Player of the Year and god knows what else!

Dennis is not just an Arsenal legend but a Premiership legend.

There are far too many great moments the talented Dutchman has brought us over the years and I for one would like to thank Dennis for his years of dedication and simply awesome performances for Arsenal.

Simply outstanding.

So what are your favourite memories of DB10?


31 thoughts on “What Are Your Favourite Memories Of DB10?

  1. Best moment has got to be THAT goal against Newcastle! Showed what Bergkamp is all about!

    Dennis is the man!!!

  2. His goal against Newcastle was so special! It was not just the Goal, it was the day itself! It was a great day for me and my favorite Player scored THAT GOAL!

    A lot of people do not remember, that the goal against Newcastle nearly did not happen. Thierry got injured before the game, otherwise Dennis would have been on the bench!

    I love that man and I will never forget him!
    We will miss you Dennis!

  3. The hattrick against Leicester City at Filbert Street was simply emmense – and I was there! Truly the best moment in an Arsenal shirt for me!

    The 1st and 3rd goal was some of the best goals ever scored on a football field. EVER!

  4. After years working abroad I came back to Blighty and cadged a ticket for Highbury. A perfect seat on the half way line, opposite the player tunnel.
    Patrick and TH14 and friends came out but Dennis was a reserve.
    The game started and after an hour or so, with no score, Dennis got up and began warming up on the sideline.
    The crowd began singing his name and when the 4th official held up the board the joint indrawn breath of the supporters practically sucked him onto the pitch. The feeling of joy and love was almost overwhelming. The noise deafening.
    After years making do with Paris St.Germain and Dortmund I was back to real passion and love.
    I will miss Dennis.

  5. I’m sure everyone’s gonna say the Leicester hat trick, the Newcastle goal and the West Brom game (AND WITH GOOD CAUSE). Mine would have to be at the Dell in August 97 at the Dell. Prem defenders had seen that DB10 was a classy player and decided to try and rough house him, a tactic that was semi successful in the 96/97 season. So when he literally threw a marauding Francis Benali off of his shirt and slammed the ball into the net, it wasn’t just Benali he made a statement to, it was the rest of the Prem. It marked his evolution into the complete player and I cannot till we can express our gratitude on saturday.

  6. The 7-0 Everton-thrashing!

    Mostly because I´m from Norway and got to be at Highbury
    for this game. And I brought a fellow DB10/Arsenal-fan for
    his first at Highbury. Aaaand I brought my gf for her first at
    Highbury. The “One More Year”s during the second half…

    Though seeing Dennis in an Arsenal-shirt is great anytime!
    Legend 🙂

    BTW: Anyone thought of the irony in having DB10 play his
    last game for us with “Fly Emirates” across his chest?!

  7. Memories of Bergkamp, yeah the hat-trick against Leicester, that amazing goal agains Newcastle, and even the non-Arsenal goal against Argentina.

    But what I also liked was the untypical goal against FC Thun this year. Last minute, gritty, the mark of a player who still cared deeply. I had a hunch it might turn out to be one of the most important goals of his career because it got us started in the CL this year; I truly had a feeling it meant a lot, and kept it throughout the CL campaign. It even got me buying the redcurrant shirt with DB10 at the back, knowing it was to be his final season.
    Oh well, all this was only 20minutes away from being true in Paris.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to paying my tribute to the Great Man on saturday. Can’t wait !

  8. His hatrick against Leicester in 97-98 campaign, had to be his biggest career highlight, but his goal against Barnsely away, later on in that year (a carbon copy of the goal he score against the same team, in the Highbury fixture) was one that stood out for me, because from then on, we knew we were destined to win the league…
    But there’s so many, many more to choose from!


  9. Bergkamps hatrick against Leicester has to be up as there as one of the greatest moments in an Arsenal shirt, along with the wonder goal against Newcastle…..

    However, the goal he scored in the 1998 world cup against Argentina was something Magical… and stuffing it in those Argies B**stards faces in extra time was even more sweeter…..

    Bergkamp is a God…. Magic with a football, and ill miss him so much…..

    Maradona?? Pele??? There’s only ONE Dennis Bergkamp

  10. Everything that man has done for Arsenal Football Club is what I will remember him by. And the fact that he has been the best professional we have ever had. A shining example to any person in any profession. He has helped drag our team into an era where we are watching the best football ever played by Arsenal. He is the greatest player to ever play for us and he will be solely missed by everyone. Ashburton Grove is honoured to be hosting his testimonial and I think everyone going to it is just so excited to be able to thank Dennis for all his time at Arsenal. I could go on, but words do not do him justice.

  11. Dennis Bergkamp has got to be for me the best player I have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt.
    His footballing brain was on another level, and I really mean this when I say that Arsenal will miss him more than when Adams retired and Vieira was sold to Juventus.

    The guy is a legend and I personally feel they should retire the number 10 shirt as no other player is good enought to wear that shirt again.

    Best moments “That Goal” at Newcastle and the goal that got us into Europe against Bolton.

  12. My favourite is when he was the Captain of the day and Lead come back against Middlesborough in our Unbeaten season. Also his Goal against Argentina in the world cup.

  13. Does no-one remember the FA Cup goal against Sunderland. Taking 3 players out with a quality turn (something id only ever seen done on Pro Evo), and then curling the ball into the top corner before celebrating the “shhhhhhhhhh” hand across the mouth technique. It summed up everything about his unbelievable skills. Legend!

  14. All the goals mentioned were fantastic – but I’d like to add the one scored at Birmingham a couple of season ago. Henry released him 2/3 up the pitch, the defenders couldn’t catch him as he ran towards the Gooner end, and then instead of putting it either side of the goalie, or even taking it round him, he faked him to the ground and chipped it over him. He was captain that day too. Without doubt the best player I’ve ever seen – in any shirt.

  15. wut i like about db10 is his assist rather than his goals.. his pass ability & vision fool every defensive brain in the world of football.

  16. Good call my_g, that pass to Paddy at Stamford Bridge in Feb 2004, one of the best I’ve seen. Or teeing up Cole for that header v. Boro December 2001.

  17. Wow! That took ages to read! Erm i would have to go for arsenal 7 everton 0 match. the reason i say this is because i loved chanting DB’S name all through the match and along with every Arsenal fan praying he get’s another year! I think i’ll even be chanting that on saturday what do you guy’s think 1 more year????

  18. Does anyone remember the goal against spurs in the 3-1 win at Highbury?

    Last minute of the game, Wright crossed and Dennis took sublime first touch before lashing it in… the reason this is my fave moment is his celebration. On a wet and windy evening game he slid on his knees fists clenched and screaming, it showed his understanding of the importance of playing spurs and thus his passion and love for the club.

    DB10… legend is just the half of it. Missed but never forgotten.

  19. For me, it’s gotta be the assist for Freddy in that victory against Juve in 2001. He held the ball up for literally 10 seconds while support arrived, twisting, faking, then a scoop over the defender’s head. Playground skills on the biggest stage – he truly has set the standards for the youngster we now have coming through.

  20. Well over a hundred goals and I only counted 5 that I would classify as an easy finish/tap in.

    Henry is the most effective player I have ever seen but Dennis’ vision, touch and eye for the spectacular was second to none… truely a Rolls Royce of a footballer.

    Van Basten was quoted a few years back as saying, ‘If Ryan giggs is worth £20million Dennis Bergkamp is worth £100million’.

    How true.

    Bruce Rioch deserved huge credit for getting him and from there Dennis and Arsene can be credited with launching the club into new exciting era we are in now. Chelski wont last…. Arsenal new stadium and all are THE team of the futrure.

  21. Many will without doubt recall the sublime hatrick against Leicester and his fantastic goal against Newcastle. Some may even mention a goal scored not wearing an Arsenal shirt, WC 98 against the Argies.

    For me, one of the best and favourite goals of DB10’s is the one against Sunderland in the FA Cup in January 1997. Sweet dragback and quick feet which eluded 3 mackem defenders before he curled a right foot shot into the top right corner of the goal in typical Bergkamp style.

    Dennis, I tip my hat to you and wish you all the very best for the future.

  22. I agree with hus. the celebration against the spuds still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. What a man. Although what about his Champions league goals – some absolute belters amongst that lot.

    A man who deserves the word legend, A Gooner til he dies

    Cheers DB10

  23. the goal i remember was against spurs. i dont recall the season but i think the game was at highbury. he took a freekick (outside the box) which came straight back to him off the wall, and he just hit it with the other foot into the net.

    it was brilliant.

    only Dennis could have done that.

    gonna miss u DB10.

    thanks for the memories.

  24. legend!! but lets not get carried away just cos he is retiring – henry is better than he ever was. although that goal he scored against newcastle was simply genius. a great servant to the club & i think its a disgrace the way he was treated in his last couple of years regarding his contract.

    wenger is not a man for sentiment or sympathy regardless of loyality

    henry u have been warned

  25. for me DB10 the best player i have ever see the man is just world class he is not henry pele or maradona.not just the goal he scored but the passing it’s so unreal.and here it’s where DB10 become GOD for me that most people seem to forget
    1 a last minute goal to get us going far in CL
    2 after halttime lead the team out and scored the goal and beat middlesborough to save arsenal unbeaten season,the man have save arsenal so many time, so DB10 got to be the best player ever to player football.the legend’ll live BIG THANK DB10

  26. what r u on about???!! the last min goal was the winner against fc thun in the group stage, which we breezed through!!!

    henry is better. full stop.

    judging by ur english, ur either dutch or drunk. both would affect ur judgement….clown


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