Am I The Only One Who Likes Jose Antonio Reyes?

Jose Antonio Reyes: Going To Be Huge This Season

The media have nothing better to do than make up stories when transfer news is lacking and another Arsenal player has been linked with Real Madrid, this time our number 9 Jose Antonio Reyes.

But he has publicly come out and said he’s staying at Arsenal.

But many Arsenal fans have said how good it would be for Reyes to leave.

Am I the only one who likes Jose Antonio Reyes?

Yes, I will admit that he has struggled at times but he always gives 110% for the team which counts for a lot.

The fact is that Reyes started his Arsenal career in fantastic form, scoring twice against Chelsea on his home debut in the FA Cup when Arsenal were 1-0 down to a Mutu goal.

And for the rest of our unbeaten league campaign he was in superb form.

Then at the start of the 2004/2005 season he kept up his impressive displays, with a Man of the Match performance against Manchester United in the Community Shield scoring a goal and helping Arsenal win 3-0 at the Millennium Stadium.

Then in the Premiership he was Arsenal’s MVP as he contributed numerous assists as well as scoring goals against Everton, Boro, Norwich, Blackburn, Fulham & Charton – all before October!

Not bad for a winger!

But then came the moment of Jose’s demise.

On October 24th 2004, Arsenal were 49 games unbeaten and avoiding defeat at Old Trafford would secure 50 games unbeaten in the top flight.

With Arsenal in such a rich vain of form United resorted to rough-house tactics in which Reyes was singled out for ‘special’ treatment. Roy Keane, Phil Neville, Heinze and Gary Neville all went in with particularly bad tackles and Jose Antonio Reyes has suffered ever since.

None of the free-flowing, confident football.

No more beating a man with skill and pace.

Reyes has just seemed to go off the boil for the last season and a half although he has shown glimpses of what he could do against Real Madrid last year.

People talk about unfulfilled potential but people forget the kid is only 22 years old – and should be allowed to have dips in form every now and then.

And remember even the great Thierry Henry was only struggling at Juventus at his age!

Most Arsenal fans would agree that Jose will relish the the Emirates Stadium with the much bigger pitch whichn will give him much more space.

Despite all the rumours of a move back to Spain over the last couple of seasons Arsene Wenger seems determined to make sure Reyes will be a hit at Arsenal.

And this season could be his year.


26 thoughts on “Am I The Only One Who Likes Jose Antonio Reyes?

  1. All true, but if the player wants to go back to spain because he likes it there, should we stand in his way?
    You say you like him, but then go on about his ‘demise’. and go on to say “None of the free-flowing, confident football.
    No more beating a man with skill and pace.
    Reyes has just seemed to go off the boil for the last season and a half”

    I couldn’t have put it better myself. do we want a player that has been off the boil for 18 months? what evidence is there to suggest he will come back to the boil?

  2. Lets hope you’re right, Reyes really showing what he can do consistently could be the difference between us having a decent season or another average one. I too have always liked Reyes and it’s obvious he’s one of the most talented and lets not forget experienced players we now have in the squad.
    However as much as I like him and would be disappointed if he departed, I don’t think I’d be completely gutted like I would if Cesc, Tel or Kolo left.

  3. spoton… i like the guy a lot, wud love to see him succeed at arsenal (he’s got so much potential, just needs sometime IMHO like RVP)
    think he’ll be world class in a year or two, and if he really wan’ts to leave, not less than $25M should satisfy me

  4. Not only you like Reyes, I like Reyes because he always make runs and endless treats against the opposition. He always give more than 100% and he also makes runs that TH even though TH can run faster than Reyes. I think someone is paying the news papers to unsettle ARSENAL. Meanhwile COLE can FCUK himself!!!

    Gunner for life

  5. I agree totally.

    Too many Gooners love to have punch bags in the team.

    It’s funny how everyone is prepared to believe a tabloid saying he wants to be in spain, but noone is prepared to believe it when he says the quotes don’t come from him and he’s happy to stay.

    He hasn’t gone completely off the boil in those 18 months, he’s just scored less. However, his assist record is fantastic, and he works hard at tracking back and helping in defence as well.

    His passes at crucial breaks are every bit as good as some of Dennis’, and his work rate is phenominal.

    If English refs would stop worrying about the media thinking it’s something to be proud of that the EPL is a butcher’s paradise, then we might actually see what the rest of the world refer to as “the beautiful game”, and players like Reyes will thrive.

    As an aside, if those who keep bleating about too many foreigners in the EPL took off their rose-tinted glasses, they might be able to figure out that English youth lack skill, and they lack skill precisely because it is discouraged by the hacker’s delight that constitutes the English game.

  6. I think we should play reyes at ashburton but play someone else in the away games. At home he will have the space to use his skill & pace plus teams wont be able to gang up on him as proved by his performance in madrid last season. In away games we should use a different system because the pitches will be smaller & teams will be able to stop us playing as demonstrated by our away games over the past year.

  7. Agree. Reyes is, and has always been, one of my Arsenal favourites. This charming man with his devastating pace, exploding left foot and fantastic work-rate. True, he appears to be a little unsettled and he hasn’t lived up to the £17 mill. price tag expectations (this is alledgely the main reason for his unease), but I really would hate it if he left. Certainly don’t want Baptista, but Robinho would be a nice addition, maybe in a Cole swap deal?
    Think Reyes wants to be a striker and i can’t forget his firts goal against Chelsea. A 20 yard screamer from his left foot. Have patience my friends, there’s an Arsenal great (well?) hidden in that 5 foot Andaluzian.

  8. reyes is quality….look and van persie..he is going to be big, and reyes is younger! and every time they play manu, he manages 2 nut-meg neville…js trust arsene on this one…he was so imp. in the champions league run…and as stated even henry had struggles

  9. He signed a 6 year contract with us… I think he’s going to have a massive season for the Arsenal this year. Im quite certain he led the league in assits last year, which for a side that doesnt cross into the box is some feat.

  10. I think Henry hasn’t helped Reyes, even though when the Spaniard first arrived Henry was loving him – remember that cheeky penalty he scored against Newcastle at Highbury? Once Henry scored it he ran straight to Reyes who was sitting on the bench.

    Nowadays though, he seems to push Reyes aside if he scores. How many times have we seen Reyes congratulate Henry for Titi to push Reyes out of the way?

    Something is up, and this started even before the whole Arrogones thing.

    I love Reyes, but the team is centred around Henry and I find it hard to see where Reyes fits in.

  11. Puskas – nice name, he was very good

    reyes has bags of skill but falls over to easy & i dont think he can play as well when henry is playin – dont no why

    but he can link up with RVP very well

    i think he would be better suited on the rite wing as he cud cut in & shoot with that left foot & there is no point in him crossing from the left as we cant header the ball

    RVP is lethal & is about 2 have a lethal season, unlucky last year, which means walcott could be brought into the wing.

    i also have a lot of faith in diaby but adebayor is a donkey, only there to hold the ball up 4 henry

    back to the point – reyes stop diving & i would be more than happy if u stay

  12. I think Reyes has worked hard during last season and even though he scored only 5 goals (2 vs Man City ,1vs Charlton ,1vsPortsmouth , 1 vs Boro) he had a great amount of assist . I think in the 7-0 win over Boro he had like 4-5 assists .
    And like some of you guys said the bigger pitch is going to be great news for Reyes . Last season in the Santiago Bernabeu he just teared Cicinho apart .Brilliant game …

  13. play 343 with:



    van persie

    gives henry more room
    takes pressure of walcott

    attack attack attack

    the bully boys cudnt cope with the pace, they wud get sooooo tired runnin in circles

    i like circles more than triangles & everybody hates squares.

  14. Jose is a great player but he is ruined by Tel… Tel comes over and stands to close to him takes the space that Jose would normally run into and attack teh full back from its a fact and either Tel plays more central or the pitch at Ashburton allows em both to attack down the left or we will never see Jose fulfill his potential in an Arsenal shirt. That said I also cant help thinking back to him getting kicked off the park by the mancs that not one of his team mates upped any of the mancs that kicked him noone kicked them back noone jumped in and pushed them around and thats sad… would never of happened if TA or Keown had been on the pitch or for that matter Rocky, Mickey T or Paul Davis…!

  15. Actually, Reyes will be turning 23 this September. When Thierry turned 22 in August 1999 he just began his first season with the Arsenal. Thierry scored 26 total goals in his age 22 season for the Arsenal. So you can quit the Jose at 22 comparison because he comes up REALLY short.

  16. sell cole 25m, reyes 15m, plus the 5m left from the 12m were allowed to spend. thats 45m.

    clichy, flamini to replace cole also have 16 yr old traore – impressed in DB testimonial

    walcott & rosicky can replace reyes.

    45m would get gallas/davis, Diarra & Appiah

    but if wlacott plays on the wing, we would prob need another striker, but maybe allidere, lupoli or bendtner will finally come good this year

    then all we would need

  17. Let’s be realistic for a minute, there’s no way that Arsenal will sell Reyes at this stage of the close season. This whole situation has been cooked up by Real Madrid and Marca to unsettle the player and show Real in a positive light. Very probably Jose would rather live in Madrid than London, this is hardly suprising and nothing very different to Cesc saying he’d like to play in Spain in the future. It’s hugely presumptuous to say things like “Reyes wants out”, complete conjecture. Why sign a five year contract extension if you want to go ?

    Arsene and Arsenal have shown plenty of times that they’re not in the business of keeping players who don’t want to stay. If Reyes really wanted out he would have gone last Summer before extending his contract, or at least before the World Cup. This sort of business doesn’t happen at this stage of pre-season. Reyes is a frustrating talent who has yet to really settle into the side, but has enormous potential and is far too important to the squad to sacrifice.

  18. I think Reyes Is a huge talent and will be a star very soon. He makes great runs but he never gets the chance with a lead pass because the midfield’s instinct is to find Henry. If they play the ball to Reyes more often, that will free more room for Henry as well. Too bad we don’t have defensive depth

  19. before our unbeaten season all the pundits were saying we wud struggle, mainly because we didn strenghten…

    walcott, diaby, adebayor have yet to establish themselves
    rosicky & this ghana boy in

    bergkamp – didn play much, was slow
    cambpell – injury prone, hardly played, mental case
    pires – inconsistent show off
    cole – prob best in world, but we already have him covered

    along with the new boys i mentioned, a few youth players are sure to come in this season, bendtner scoring in friendlies…

    last year was a bit poor but we still finished 4th and champs league final – that was with all our injuries, esp in defence & we stil had the 3rd best in league & broke the champs league record.

    u lot are not looking at the whole picture, our squad is lethal, steve bruce is wetting himself over the quality of mumba – he isnt good enuff 2 get into our first team.

    our first 11 is the best in the league & now 4 the first team ever is squad has actually got quality cover, this by spending little on transfers & financing the new stadium.

    AW should/will be the greatest arsenal legend ever…10 yrs service in a few months.

    these are very exciting times for us.

    this season will prove a very big surprise for all who doubt us

    ps 4 those who are regulars at the new stadium, roar ur hearts out – no more highbury library please

    make this staduim the most atmospheric in europe -its up 2 us, its in our hands

  20. goonerhopeful – ????

    crazy, most teams cant compete with us in the league – so…


    eboue, toure, senderos
    hleb, silva, fab
    van persie, henry, walcottt

  21. al is dillussional. u cant even count properly. ur formation is 333. That equals 9. Ok 9. Now go back to school and look at the male teachers.


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