World Exclusive: Arsenal To Sign No-one…

I haven’t been looking for Arsenal news recently because the season is over, and I know most (if not all) of this ‘transfer talk’ it is complete rubbish. The problem is now it seems to be getting worse and worse.

Franck Ribery has moved to Bayern Munich despite everyone thinking he was Arsenal bound. Well I didn’t for one minute.

And now we’re apparently going to scupper Liverpool’s bid to sign Malouda.

Well here’s the inside scoop – Arsenal won’t be getting him!

There’s so much crap flying around at the moment – we’re ‘apparently’ linked to Saviola, Richards, Malouda, Ribery, Babel, E’eto and god knows who else.

People are forgetting about who will be back next season.

Henry and Van Persie should be back and fully fit, so along with Adebayor and Bentdner we have enough cover up front. In midfield we have Gilberto, Fabregas, Denilson and Diaby who can play in the middle as well as Rosicky, Hleb, Freddie and Walcott who can play wide. Walcott will be big in the next campaign if he stays injury free and is obviously a major part of Wengers plans next season.

Why would Wenger buy Malouda or any other winger like Ribery when he doesn’t need them?

No doubt that Arsene will bring in new players over the summer, but they will be 17 year olds from Spain or South America who will be groomed for the future.

Wenger knows Arsenal are in huge debt and won’t be splashing out in the transfer market on players who ‘might’ improve the team to make the financial situation even worse. Any ‘super-super’ players Arsene has talked about will be snapped up by the likes of Chelski and Real Madrid who have a bottomless pit of money to spend.

It’s going to be a boring summer so just put your feet up.

Just come back and read this when the summer’s over and you’ll get what I mean.


40 thoughts on “World Exclusive: Arsenal To Sign No-one…

  1. oh goodie

    so 30 year old slowing henry will be back
    injury prone slow freddie will be back
    absolute embarassment wlacott will , for some reason, be huge
    pleb will continue to lose the ball
    ade will still not find that barn door to hit
    denilson will continue to be ateenager with little experience or bulk and strength
    eboue will still dive and forget what positional sense means

    damn, but i can hardly wait for the season to start

  2. Unfortunately i agree that we won’t be signing anybody of note this summer. However, if you think we don’t NEED to add to the squad, particularly on the wings, you are living in a dreamworld. One coul argue that none of the four ‘wide’ players you mentioned are wingers at all. Hleb isn’t really one, and he at times, is useless anyway. Rosicky is a fine players, but clearly not a winger either. Freddie hasn’t beaten a man in about 4 and a half years. Which leaves Walcott, a nervous teenager that has had a few games and is probably a forward. Whether you agree with that or not, its hardly going to inspire fear into the hearts of Europe’s greates clubs is it?

    Are we going to sign anybody? I don’t think so. CAN we sign anybody? maybe not. Do we NEED to sign anybody? Just watch one of last season’s THIRTEEN competetive defeats.

  3. Agree with Woodie but a bit harsh on Walcott and Denilson…they are only 18 give them a break mate? i hope your ready for criticism for coming out with a bold statement like this if we actually do sign a major player not a teenager that noone has heard off. I think we will sign a couple of players due to African Nations Cup and a winger as i think Freddie may leave as well as reyes being half way out the door already. but thats my opinion and your due yours.

  4. So we’re one week into the transfer window and because we haven’t signed anyone, we’re never going to!!!
    Woody – if you think you are an Arsenal fan then you are deluded – bugger off and support someone else – anyone who is willing to give a derogatory nickname to a player who plays in Arsenal’s colours is NOT an Arsenal fan.
    Wenger knows what he needs to complete the squad – a left-sided midfielder – and that’s about it.
    And stop bloody whinging, and enjoy possibly the finest young squad EVER assembled.

  5. As mjc has mentioned, we have some of the best young players around in the squad. We might not win the league next season but Arsene will certainly play Denilson and Walcott more so they get experience like Fabregas did – and look at him now.

    United took a few seasons to get back on track and we have to be patient. Wenger’s not going to waste money on big players unless they will make a difference! And the reality is that to be near United and Chelsea we would need 3 or 4 world class players, and do you think Arsenal will sign that many superstars?

    We might as well nuture the youth and give them some invaluable experience for the future!

  6. Real Madrid 400 million pounds in debt(and remember the havnt built a stadium).Roman not even trying to balance the books and what are Uefa and Fifa doing…………Zilch.Classacts that is our governing body.Blatter the most corrupt of corrupters and a stupid no good frenchman.No wonder nothing is being done against the ills.

  7. Your ‘World Exclusive’ is a world exclusive for B***ocks! You clearly know about as much about as Arsenal as Martin Jol! A winger is EXACTLY what we need, idiot! Rosicky & Hleb who were are ‘widemen’ last season ARE NOT WINGERS! Neither is Freddie, nor Walcott, nor anyone else on our books. We needed Ribery – we didn’t get him. I bet you 100% we’ll get either Malouda or Babel. If you’re so sure about your batty comments – make a pledge now that If we sign someone you’ll promise never to write another pointless comment again! There are far better Arsenal sites to read than this so I’m off to find them!

  8. arsenal need a player in midfield and up front cuz u could see what happend when henry got injuried and van persie we had none but adebayor and u could see were that got us nowere so we need someone like e’to up front and a player with past and skill so we can keep up with the likes ov chelsea and man utd cuz right about now asrenal are living in a dream land. and yes we do have a very good young squad but day will have dere time in the future arsenal need to play for today not for tomorro cuz the manger is puting a hole leep ov presure on them

  9. I’m a Man Utd fan and i’ll be completely honest, i can see Arsenal doing what we did last year.Coming back and taking the league by storm.
    People can moan all they like about thirteen defeats but do you really think you are that far behind us and Chelsea?
    You have lots of young player who have not had the level of consistency needed to compete week in week out in the premiership, but they’ll all be a year older and trust me, going out of the Champions league the way they did and losing the Carling Cup(when you should have won)will give them the motivation they need this year.
    Your only problem was scoring, and with Henry & Van Persie missing HUGE chunks of the season what would you expect?As for you not signing anyone, you have to sign 1 or 2 defenders as cover for Toure & Eboue when the African Nations Cup starts in January.

  10. Wrote a piece on my own blog about this today, at . The gist of that was that, whilst signings would be nice and useful, the most important growth will be organic. Personally, I think our nett outlay this summer will be very close to zero, or even positive, but we’ll sell Reyes, and a few bits and pieces, and maybe put together enough money to sign one player ready for the first team. We mustn’t lose Henry though- even our own players would start to see us as a small club.

  11. I have two things to say. First I think Ribery is a total gold digger. I thought he wanted to move to a bigger club to play Champions League football, and apparantly Bayern didn’t even qualify for the pre -stage, so it is obvious that he moved there for money.

    Now the other thing, we have a great squad that together could win the league, but unfortunately, we have one little problem: INJURIES EVERY MONTH THROUGHT THE SEASON. So we might need, no, NEED to buy some back-up players like at least 1 striker, and two wingers, because obviously rosicky or hleb, or any striker won’t get injured eventually at some point during the season.

  12. I totally agree.
    The one thing that has got me a small bit worried is that clubs like chelsea and liverpool and even man usa have been bought bye billion airs so they will proper compition next season.
    Personally i think we have the best squad as far as quality and ability go i cant belive that we finished forth again but at least we were ten points clear of the other lot “Spud’s” ha ha.
    We will be ok and who now’s maybe mr dein is at home wright now thinking to him self “what have i done” maybe he will come back but arsenal will be ok.
    I am getting a little bit sick of all the hoo har every time the season end’s,every time i read a article on the net about arsenal its all about who is leaveing Lol witch if you think about it is not what happens when we sighn a player.The mojority off this arsenal squad isquality all the way through and in almost every position but as for the florent maluda rumoure i hope it’s true because of the position he plays and as long as he is better than “pascal cygan every one will be a winner ….. hahaha.I am looking forward to next season because of a few things,
    The young guys we used were good,remeber some of them were only 17 years old and at the end of the day they got to play on the big stage andthat will stand them in good stead for next season.
    I have to say fair play to arsene wenger he just never gives in to any one “le professer” is a big time manager conistantly winning this man now’s what he is doing from the moment he took up his post as arsenal boss he has been a winner that has won well on the very biggest stage,every time i speak to a fan of a different club they rave about him he is arsenal football club his record speak’s for it’s self so dont be fooled winners win and losers end up hateing the winners Lol
    That’s me done on arsenal so next season when were playing in the champions league and battling it out for premiership and beating those lunatics “spurs” andto top it off have the king thierry henry back fully fit and pissed of will be out of this world.


  13. Woody u are a T.W.A.T

    Arsenal have the players to succeed, not once during the last campaign did arsenal have a full strength team, due to injuries. Arsenal will sign players and they wont just be under 21’s.

    Arsene got us where we are now and he will make us Champions of England and Europe in 07/08.

    Have faith in the Gooners. We will come good.

  14. Errrr some people here really need to look at the squad,
    we need at least two or three well istablished players

    One a defender

    Two a midfeilder

    Three a winger


    I want to see arsenal challenging for the PL
    next season not in two three or four seasons.

    Who knows i might have got hit by a bus by then or,
    caught the bird flu and died!




  15. that`s pathetic so you think that chelsea who with 10 ran us ragged are paranoid to go looking for players or is manu scared of us suddenly .the thing with wenger is he is paranoid and he makes me sick that arrogant fuckhead makes me sick.adebayor that motherfucker shit is what wenger looks to buy!!

  16. I think we definitely will make a big signing…

    I’m especially intrigued by the Malouda afair, seeing that 2 fan sites (If you can call Myles Palmer a fan) reported it before any mainstream sports site…

  17. It would be great if AW wins a trophy without signing anybody and it would vindicate him on his policy of blooding the young ones even though the team is crying out for more experience.
    If suddenly the young gunners start clicking everything would fall in place.
    However the odds of that happening are long and shd that were to happen,it would be back to square and the critics would have a field day.

  18. geesh ..slow down guys…
    what are all you suppose 2 be arsenal fans moaning about..?

    if u want alot of signing…go supports chelski

    we already signed a keeper

    major thing is is aswell Arsene is on holiday…and no big moves will be made till the spanish season finish..

  19. Distin & Ribery would have been great signings. We do need a defender, preferably with Senderos leaving. The idea of Djourou going out on loan is ridiculous. We need depth, and he looks a great player. He played plenty of games last year, so sending him out would be stupid unless we were going to buy 2 defenders.

    I can see Wenger signing Babel. Perhaps he then needs to sign a right winger too. Hleb is crap, just ask Jens. Ljungberg, as stated above, can’t go past anyone now, and Wenger fancies Walcott as a striker.

    Babel & Quaresma would be good. In fact if someone gave me the Arsenal manager’s job and some money out would go Hleb, Ljungberg, Reyes, Lehmann, Fabianski (isn’t even Poland’s No2!), Senderos, Eboue, and Denilson, Song & Walcott on loan. In would come Carson, Sagna, Quaresma, Reo-Coker, Babel and a centre half to compete with JD, WG and KT. I’d keep Flamini, and have Bendtner getting games too.

    Wholesale changes are what’s needed to make Arsenal competitive again.

  20. Wholesale changes is it ? Yes cause that always works straight away without time to gel as a unit. Yeah lets get rid of most of the young squad that has spent the last 2 years growing into a team and start afresh. Sound advice there

  21. all i am goin to say is that arsenal need experience players becuase when we had viera,pires,bergkamp etc we won titles and since they left we havent won anything the young guys are awesome but they need support they havin to much pressure put on them and besides the young players need experienced players to teach them and help them, look at henry and viera that is how they came to be and at the moment there is no one except henry and wenger to show them and who knes ehat will happen to arsenal if henry leaves. i hope he doesnt.

  22. Wow… woodie, you are an idiot!
    I just can’t wait for next season to prove how wrong you are when you see arsenal demolitioning teams and finishin in the title race! That is STILL with Henry and Cesc in the ranks and STILL with Arsene at the helm. I also think that the article is a bit off… think about it, wel need another winger, coz Freddies off, and probs another defender and striker coz of the A.C.N mid season. Right, so all in all, Woody, your a WANKER! and all you proper arsenal fans, have faith, Arsene knows what hes doing, and by next season we will all be laughin about this with a bit of silverware on the Emirates mantlepiece because the young guns will come good, you wait and see!

  23. So, another long summer of “expectaional signings” that won’t materialse??
    Really do not know if I can take another one of these summer breaks.
    My main worry as an Arsenal supporter is the goings on behind the scenes ever since the sad separture of David Dein. Many reports this morning are stating this possible decline and Henry has never been one to keep his thoughts to himself and said exactly the same.
    So where do we go from here?
    Any one else screaming out to the board to take Kroenke seriously for the club’s future?
    It is fair to say, however bias it appears, that Arsenal still remain as one Europes finest clubs and our squad is impressive in potential. We have finished 4th consecutively now with a below par team in comparison to the the other top 3 clubs. This does speak volumes, Arsene knows what he is doing so no real need to worry on that front. Only worry is ill Wenger stay for the future. In my opinion, Arsene will still be at the club in a decade, he currently is Arsenal and am sure that Dein will be back on the scene in the near future – sooner rather than later granted!!!
    So, lets all sit back, watch the others spend fruitlessly and let Arsene carry on with his work. A huge improvement will be noticed next season from our squad and considering we dominated every game we played this season, I ghonestly feel that we are strong outside contenders for some solid silverware.

  24. I actually see the problem… most of the people are just new Arsenal fans and they don’t really know about the history of the club … the people here who are blaming wenger for his doings at arsenal… keep in mind that wenger revolutionized Arsenal as soon as he came to this club … and since he came … Arsenal has become a bigger club! Why dont people realize that wenger makes big players an surely he would think for the best of Arsenal … look at Vieira, Henry and most recently … Cesc? They all are products of Henry … and y am I not mentioning Anelka? For God’s sake just dont blabber about somethings that you dont know of…

    As far as some gooners here are concerned… I would appreciate i you read somethings about the history of this club …

  25. another thing that I would like to point out … blaming that Arsenal is not signing anyone and all is just bullshit… as far as I know Arsenal was the first club this transfer to sign a new goal keeper as soon as the transfer market opened!

    Yes I am talking about Lukas Faibianski…guys … just give him a chance… and for the people who said he ain’t good … he is a goal keepr… and for those who think he’s not good … check out his videos on You Tube … he’d be amazing for Arsenal … especially after Lehman leaves…

  26. I think we have a great squad, we need to work up our defence, If you see we won most of the big games with the top3 while dropped points with the ones in the lower end of the table. I think Wenger will create 2 lineups with Diaby in it minus kleb with the games with the ones we dropped points last season. With the strikers back we should be fine. As for me no more signings….reduce the debt. in the bargain no pl next season maybe the one after. Lehman has to go immediately he never made the striker make the goal charged and left it open for a lob or tap in……hate him for that, love his antics…..

  27. arsenal should sing because theire will be chaleng from other club in the league ;.and the pafect one should be maoluda or babel after losing ribery for munichen.

  28. get rid of freddie alright but not hleb.

    he is a good good worker ok not all the time

    but im sure wenger will drill it into him

    plus hes the only player part form henry

    that can actually get around players!


  29. any time my mine bounce on arsenal talk, i feel very happy because no club ever found in england that play complete soccer as wiger boys. but my main probs is our stiking force, we need to sign at least one stiker somebody like haruna konne or samuel E’eto
    wenger should please do some thing very fast about it, the season is almost at our door step and we have not yet make a move, what’s the problem.

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