Henry Leaves Arsenal Fans Va Va Fuming…

What the hell is going on with Thierry Henry?

AC Milan registered their interest in Henry and what does the Arsenal captain say? He says he’s flattered! Even Milan boss Carlo Ancelotti admits it would be difficult to get Henry anyway but does Thierry help the situation?

Hell he does.

All these ambigious comments about his future at Arsenal are just ridiculous!

He is ‘flattered’ about interest from AC Milan as well as it being ‘great to hear’. And he has also come out and said that ‘for now, I am an Arsenal player’.

For now? Brilliant.

Even the Barcelona ‘transfer’ was not denied by Henry – it was his agent who came out and said he is going nowhere.

But seriously, how hard is it for Henry to just come out and say he’s staying at Arsenal?

He is commenting on things he shouldn’t be, including David Dein’s departure from the club and how he is ‘so devastated’ about it. We know that Dein’s son Darren is close to Henry and all this nonsense is obviously some kind of plan to give the impression the club is in turmoil without the messiah that is David Dein.

Thierry talks about speculation never stopping but that is complete b*llocks.

How often do you hear about Ronaldinho leaving Barcelona? And Kaka from AC Milan for that matter?

All these vague comments about his future just lead to more speculation – including Bobby saying he should move to Spain and Rosicky coming out saying he hopes Henry stays. And of course the yearly story of E’eto saying how great it would be to play alongside Henry at Barcelona.

Henry professed his love for Arsenal when he signed the contract extension last season, but it’s pretty obvious the guy just loves himself.

P.S. Is it just me or does next seasons old-style away kit remind you of when our old captain Patrick Vieira was modelling our redcurrent strip? Looking at those photographs you can’t help think that the retro-kit has a curse against our captains and Henry might not be in it next season!


32 thoughts on “Henry Leaves Arsenal Fans Va Va Fuming…

  1. I think it is all part of the plan to get funds for Le Prof to buy the players he wants….it looks like it is ‘if you dont buy players then im off’ thereby forcing the board to make funds available…i dont think Henry is going anywhere…keep the faith boys…it will all come good in the end

  2. the guy is completely in love with himself and himself only, his behaviour has been a disgrace and it is time we got shot of him. i think he has lost most fans already even if he did come out and say something positive now. personally i can not stand the sight of him anymore and the quicker he goes the better, even if we will be worse off, (which we will).

  3. and if i see we are buying this one or that one to keep henry or someone else is pleading with henry to stay i will shot someone!!!! makes me sick.

  4. i hope he goes to milan, and also for ronaldinho to join him…
    that would make AC milan the best team in the world… a dreaM team… an untouchable team

  5. If henry wants to leave please go now we would not stop loving you, we played most of last seasons without him anyway. the only person we can not afford to lose is the manager

  6. In fact, Henry did not say “For now, I am an Arsenal player”, he said “En attendant, je suis toujours un joueur d’Arsenal” which the hacks have translated as “For now, I am an Arsenal player.”

    Google translation has it is “While waiting, I am always an Arsenal player.” which sounds a lot more positive, doesn’t it?

  7. Why are fans so gullible, believing all the silly season stories?
    To quote from a few “absolute certainties” from the last few seasons.
    Thierry has just completed his first season with Barcelona, Steve Gerard signed for Chelsea and Arsene Wenger has been manager 3 or 4 times.

  8. unfortunately we will never get 40m for him, if that was on offer there is not an arsenal fan in the world who would not sell him.

  9. mjc, you telling me 40m for a thirty year old who is past his prime would not be a great deal, for 40m we could get torres and huntelaar and probably throw in babbel as well for good measure.

  10. lol!! dan, i like the way u said, .. that guy’s completely in love with himself.

    actually, all he needs to do, i think, is to tell the fans, and that’s enuf…. dont bother about the press, they’re just rubbish, especially from PAIN (minus the ‘S” in front)

  11. I feel Thierry’s beheviour over the last month is not representative of an Arsenal captain even if he is in his own way trying to put pressure on the board to release funds for some experienced players. Of course we need him and the one fact everyone is missing is that he is under contract and Arsene will i know expect him to be there next season. After that who knows Bedntner and Van Persie might be scoring goals for fun and we are flying high at the top of the league, what will happen then .Thierry’s departure might not be so relevant.

  12. It’s weird, Arsenal’s record scoring player of all time is generating so much disgust and contempt. Though I’ve been elated at times he’s an Arsenal player, it’s long since I really liked the guy. He’s clearly not captain material. If anything, he’s making his team mates insecure, what with his sulking and tantrums.
    He is not irreplaceable. For his fee and his wages, Arsenal could a long way to remedy some off the ills in the current squad. I’ve come to suspect that the “we” he uses when talking about things Arsenal is more like a pluralis majestatis.
    He might stay at Arsenal, but only because he’s come to the realisation he’s too old to become a real legend in Spain or Italy.

  13. Is it me or Thierry is sitting nearest the direction of the Way Out signs in the new away kit pictures ?

    Seriously, we should pay no attention to the media for the next 6-8 weeks, how often do they get AFC incoming signings correct ? I personally believe TH14’s Captaincy is unfinished business, he has not collected a trophy as Captain, unlike PV. My other half is French and has read all the French media and apart from the hogwash in France Football (which had no quotes whatsoever) TH14 has not said anything overtly negative. I do believe however the Club Captain should restrict his comments to playing matters and not boardroom politics.

    What I would like to truly understand is the DD situation, I am fascinated that AW was obviously pro-stadium and DD supposedly not, was there a rift of some kind ? Also after the immediate fallout, it has been deathly quiet, with a meeting planned on neutral ground (apparently). This issue has far more bearing on the mid-long term future and whether AW prolongs his stay. This for me is the most crucial issue, because I look around the UK, and even Europe and cannot think of a single Manager / Coach I would like to have instead of AW. His future is key to the development of this Team and attracting new talent, and I fear we are blighted in the transfer market without DD doing the small print.

  14. Spot on.

    Henry loves himself and has to be the centre to attention, so it’s obvious he would play up to the press and keep his name in the tabloids. Remember when he was rested (or declared injured by Wenger, I can’t remember) against Spurs at home last season? When Adebayor scored Henry couldn’t help be in the limelight. All the press was all about Henry.

    But it’s also obvious he’s supporting the Deins and trying to get him back in. But Henry is so egotistical that he doesn’t even care about the fans and what they think!

    Get rid of him and swap him for Kaka or Ronaldinho instead.

  15. i believe there’s such a thing as loyalty. sadly this is ture of most players today. arsenal is a great club, and has been great for many of the players. even TH was transformed, now a popular ‘superstar’. No doubt he’s a great playa. However, it doesnt mean a great club like arsenal will never go thru’ hard times, like now. .. but it’s exactly right now when loyalty is called for. ESPECIALLY from a club’s CAPTAIN. so, all the ‘funny’ statements he made so far do not show that to us. He’s great player, we need him … but the clube and deserving fans dont need all the confusing statements. nevertheless, i think if arsenal needs to get better players, we should do it – to improve the team. … just my thoughts.

  16. Andy Says:

    June 13th, 2007 at 9:37 pm
    I think it is all part of the plan to get funds for Le Prof to buy the players he wants….it looks like it is ‘if you dont buy players then im off’ thereby forcing the board to make funds available…i dont think Henry is going anywhere…keep the faith boys…it will all come good in the end


  17. What is wrong with you lot. You’ve got the bloody nerve to talk about loyalty, when you all want our all-time goalscorer to up and leave just because some scumbag journalist paraphrased one snippet of an interview to make it sound like he was thinking about leaving. Get a fricking life.

  18. andy’s got it bang on. TH is just pressuring the board to spend some cash and keep us competitive. He ain’t going anywhere. ask yourselves if he really wanted to go why did he sign the new contract when he could’ve gone then. nothings majorly changed.

  19. Just a bit harsh guys, your talking about the man who played a big
    part in arsenal and what it is today.

    Altought he should just come out and say
    that hes not going anywere until his three year contract is up.
    that would end all this crap once and for all.

    Are the papers in love with arsenal these days?
    they never stop talking about them….

    I grantee that all this will work out henry will stay
    we`ll make a couple of signings and then win the trebile!


  20. Chill guys… Saying “being flattered” is just being polite and giving respect to the other party. It would be PR-unsavvy if he should say. “get lost man I have enough” I believe his “for now” comments reflect his distrust of the board (hinted by his talk about Dein). It would look bad on him if he says he will forever be an Arsenal player but later shipped or forced out elsewhere. (think Vieira and Dein)

  21. Henri is not doing himself any favours with his non-commital response. Maybe it is just the case of being “lost in the translation” HOPEFULLY.
    However, AW is the the key to Arsenal’s future. He is now into building his third team and perhaps the very future of the club in building the new stadium. One could appreciate his ambition to create the ARSEANL PROJECT- financially independent and strong. My hope is that he stays for the next ten years, then whoever takes over will inherit a club of winners and financially on equal footing with the likes of MU, Barca , Real. Arsene, please stay- i know you love Arsenal more.

  22. Sell him, he´s treating us like shit!

    Injury prone, arrogant towards some of his team-mates (b-y sure Reyes loved London, but Henry treated him like shit), got to give him some credit thou he finally realised that RvPs freekicks are better!

    It´s f-g sad but he doesn´t care about us, same shit as it was with Vieira every summer, clean the house, he´s over the hill!

  23. ever fell in love like crazy with a beauty and always keep you hanging by a thread? is this what’s happpening?

  24. lost in translation!!! the guy speaks great english and knows what he is saying, stop blaming the journalists, rosicky managed to get point accross without too much problem yesterday!!!! if henry wants to make a point to the boss and the board then there is a way of doing it, quietly, dragging the club through the papers everyday (for the second year in a row) is not on.

  25. Spot on article.

    And I agree with you dan. Henry isn’t stupid and he could clear things up quite clearly but he doesn’t want to. No respect for the club that made him who he is, no respect to the manager and no respect to the fans.

    Not sure about the Dein theory though. I’ve just got a feeling Henry wants out and trying to engineer a move to Spain!

  26. i think henry will not leave arsenal and he is doin all this because hes tired of all the speculations and all the rumours linkin him to other clubs s[ basically i think hes sort of playing with the media and the fans and that by not saying wether hes leaving or not, its this or hes just seeking attention.

  27. To be honest, after hearing the news of Henry’s departure to Barcelona, was he a great captain for Arsenal ? The answer is, no not really.
    Loved his goals and the unpredictable, but Viera was a bigger loss for me. Henry hardly played at the end of last season and he was not a great team captain. Too sulky for that.
    The difference with these players is, we are all Arsenal until the day we die. The same for supporters of other clubs. So no matter what players like Henry say about supporting Arsenal while wearing a Barcelona shirt, we are the only ones who will support this club forever.
    And now it’s time for Edelman and Hill-Wood to start spending big and competing with Man Utd and Chelsea. No more excuses, get the cheque book out. I’m sick of hearing the excuses about the cost of the Emirates etc.


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