More Gallas & Sagna – Dudu – Babel – Freddie

Well here’s a link to Will.I.Am Gallas’ official website with the interview which is causing so much attention.

I have to say that reading his official site there’s nothing really outrageous in the statements he’s actually made, and he has even acknowledged the costs of the new stadium for restricting Arsene’s ability to splash out big money. Although saying that it’s not Wengers style to spend £20/£30 million on a single player like the other top 4 would.

And on the recruiting front, reports have been saying that the signing of Bakary Sagna will be completed soon – so we could have another player by the end of the day. The article also says that Sagna can also play on the left which could be useful since Gael Clichy is our only recognised senior left-back. People have pointed out to already having Eboue and Hoyte but at centre back we already have Gallas (maybe), Djourou and Senderos to cover Kolo. Eboue will be missing but could be used as a winger with Sagna’s possible arrival – he’s been more effective than Hleb and Rosicky in the few games he’s played further up and Manu isn’t afraid to shoot either.

The Online Gooner has an interesting article on our new Signing Eduardo ‘Dudu’ da Silva which is well worth a read.

Another Arsenal target looks to have been snapped up by our rivals, as Liverpool look to buy Ryan Babel for around £13.5 million. I haven’t seen Babel in action much to be honest although I’ve heard he’s a decent player. Arsene should really target a few crap players and then let the likes of Chelsea, United and Real Madrid get them – that’ll teach them to go after our transfer targets.

Our old striker (no, not that one) has backed Fiorentina’s bid for Freddie. There has been a lot of speculation about Freddie leaving and he clearly wants to stay, but ultimately it’s Arsene’s decision.


15 thoughts on “More Gallas & Sagna – Dudu – Babel – Freddie

  1. Jens

    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

    Eboue Gilberto Fabregas Rosicky

    Du Du Van Persie

    When AFC Start


    Sagna Gallas Djourou Clichy

    Helb Gilberto Fabregas Rosicky

    Du Du Van Persie

    This Squad would not change, unless more recruitment to be done over the next few weeks(e.g. Anelka, Martins, Huntelaar,Youfrann, Briands) which all have been strongly link with us in the past week.

  2. How bout 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1 or 4-3-1-2


    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

    Fabregas Gilberto Rosicky

    Van Persie Ade Eduardo



    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

    Gilberto Fabregas Rosicky

    Van Persie Eduardo



    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

    Fabregas Gilberto Hleb


    Van Persie Eduardo


    Subs : Depending on formation
    Denilson for Gilberto
    Hleb for Rosicky for Cesc
    Diaby for Gilberto for Hleb for Rosicky
    Walcott for Eduardo for VanP for Ade

  3. looks like sagna is almost a done deal

    I dont like reading that we are after martins…im sure if we are gona sign another striker it wont be him

    as far as ljunberg…5.5m I will take it.Sadly freddy is no where near his form of 3/4 seasons back…and at age 30.might be a good time to let him go..

    still whish we can a sign a quality winger..simio might be my choice…

  4. How bout buying SWP from Chelski and sellinmg Freddie ? SWP could compete with Eboue for the right wing and Rosisky and Hleb compete for the right wing. Get martins and our strike force is GUARANTEED to score in every match…..oh and someone PLEASE shut up Galls and tell him put his energy into his performances instread o spouting sh* about things he donlt understand. Can’t buy class can ya, typical ex chelski scum….but a good defender nonetheless when he’s not injured.

  5. There’s no chance Chelsea would sell us SWP to make us stronger.

    Not sure about Martins though. Is Wenger obsessed with a left-footed strike force? I’d prefer Owen to be honest since he’s been off form for the last season or so and has something to prove to everyone – that’s what we need – hungry players!

    I agree with MJ, Gallas hasn’t got the right to talk about the squad until he’s done something for the club. How can he criticise? He hasn’t won anything with us and looks like instead of taking responsibility he’s making excuses about why we’re not winning things. He should take a good long look in the mirror and look at his own performances.

  6. SWP is too small and lightweight for me. We already have enough players like that. But yeah – Gallas is deluded. He’s a centreback who thinks he’s the Arsenal manager. You’re a footballer for fuck’s sake – a dumb ass – a hooligan – the person who would be a builder if you couldn’t kick a pig skin around, so shut up cunt!

  7. Some of the comments towards GAllas are a bit strong aren’t they?
    He’s just expressing concern. It worries me that some of the playersa are also questioning the clubs policy. Why would he make something like that up?
    He states also that the club are in debt and cites that as a reason for our transfer policy. He’s just being honest.

    The mainstream press have turned it into a wave of negativity so maybe he hasn’t been too smart but some of the comments towrds him are a bit OTT in my opinion.

    Also FFS Eboue isn’t a winger hes a defensive player FFS. #
    In defense of Hleb he isn’t a winger either his natural position is more central.

  8. flash – lauren was a winger when we bought him but he was converted…and many more but that is the most obvious comparison.

    lauren was strong, solid and reliable defensively and nothing special going forward so wenger used him at rb whereas eboue is anything but solid and reliable defensively but can be outstanding when raiding down the wing.

    it would make a lot of sense to move him forward and explain the possible signing of sagna.

  9. Gérard Bourgoin (Auxerre Vice-President), we announce the transfer of Sagna to Arsenal. Have you found an agreement with The Gunners?
    For the moment, Bakary has only Arsenal in his heart. He is very, very enamoured with this club. The position of the player has ultimately influenced our decision, although at the start we were not willing to lose him. The negotiations have just accelerated. Sagna asked us for permission to meet with the London leaders, but for our part: we are not in agreement with Arsenal. For the moment, nothing is final.

    Is the €11m you’re demanding blocking the finalisation of the transfer?
    I’ve been in football for 28 years. In that time, I have never spoken about figures. I’ve never revealed the wages of my players or the transfer fees – I’m not about to start now! Know only that our transfer demands were not accepted by Arsenal. The talks are very advanced. But Arsenal are a big club. As with all big clubs, the paperwork is complicated by the laws that add clauses to the contracts.

    Are you in London to negotiate the deal?
    No. I am abroad, but not in London. I stopped there last night, in transit, while returning from Africa. I must return there tomorrow (Wednesday) to take the plane. There is some brief news – Jean Fernandez (Auxerre manager) called me. He asked me what the odds were of keeping Sagna. I told him there was only a 20% chance of keeping his star…

  10. As simple as that. Even Huntelaar would own Martin’s arse. Martins probably would want more money than our highest paid player. And I’m pretty sure if he does good, he’ll soon be fishing for more money next season and he’ll fuck off to a club like Milan or Madrid.


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