Why Arsenal Should Sell Cesc Fabregas

Middlesbrough (1) – (1) Arsenal
Adebayor (17′)
The Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough

It’s becoming a season of disappointments, and today’s game at The Riverside was no exception.

After the spineless showing at Porto, Arsene Wenger amazing went for the same trio in midfield with Denilson, Diaby and Song who had shockingly bad games in midweek. And today wasn’t any different.

They were terrible.

Throughout the game, all I kept thinking that Cesc deserves much better. As the little Spaniard stroked the ball around, held up the ball and made things happen it’s completely obvious that he isn’t just on another level to his midfield team mates, but this guy is on a different planet.

It’s a far cry from when Fabregas first started out in the first team, when he learnt his trade alongside Vieira, Gilberto, Bergkamp, Henry, Pires and the others. And these bunch of players weren’t just world class, they were more importantly winners.

This current side are only interested in the big games.

Away games at Fulham, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Stoke and Manchester City have shown that Arsenal just can’t be bothered performing in the less glamorous matches.

The only players in the squad who you can say are world class and consistently play well are Fabregas, Sagna and possibly Gallas – although he seems to have struggled a bit since losing the captaincy and disillusioned at the attitude of the young squad. A lot of people will point to injuries to key players like Nasri, Rosicky and Eduardo but the fact is the depth and strength of the squad is down to the manager.

It’s so hard to watch Arsenal when Fabregas is playing because in terms of ability, temperament, dedication and loyalty he is miles ahead of any of his team mates.

And it’s his loyalty and attitude ever since he’s been at Arsenal that makes you want Fabregas to be a huge success with us. But looking at the current set-up that seems light years away.

Can you blame him if he moved on? I wouldn’t, and I’d wish him all the best for the future.

How much longer can Cesc put up with playing in a team of average players?

There is no balance, and even worse there’s no fight. Last season Flamini set the tempo with his energetic running but today it was lethargic, like it has been for most of the season. Without the ball, we just don’t close down like we used to and with it only Fabregas could use it intelligently. Diaby on several occasions in the first half could have played in Van Persie and Adebayor for simple chances but both times decided to shoot from positions where scoring would have been a miracle.

Adebayor’s fury at Diaby’s inability to play him in said it all.

And Song passing the ball in-between Fabregas and Van Persie in the second half from only 5 yards away (and giving away possession) just summed his performance up.

Arsenal scored after 17 minutes from a Fabregas corner and some Arsenal type defending let Adebayor score from 4 yards out with a free header.

As you expected, this sparked a Boro response and 12 minutes later it was Aliadiere who equalised with a diving header after some amateurish and naive defending from Clichy.

You would expect Arsenal to step up a gear, but it was Middlesbrough who looked more likely to score the winner.

Last season we were fantastic until the depth of the squad was exposed in April, but this season it’s already happened and it’s not even Christmas.


36 thoughts on “Why Arsenal Should Sell Cesc Fabregas

  1. Couldnt agree with you more. Such a lack of invention and heart in midfield it would be a miracle if Cesc stayed with us next season. The fact that Wengers best option to remedy the piss poor creativity in midfiled, was to replace diaby with Bendtner says it all.

    this midfield is incredibly lame.

    Im hoping Wenger puts his hands up and says sorry, I messed up, and will rebuild NOW for next season.

    There was once a captain who gave his all in Midfield. This influence passed on to those colleagues around him who fought hard from stamford bridge to riverside stadium. Arsenal sold him premature to Italian clubs and from there he carried on that winning title mentality and contributing winning serie A title after another.

    Now Arsene has put that weight on a 21 year old.

  2. I see exactly what your saying. Fact is none of our midfield today are anywhere near cescs levels of quality. If we don’t invest and soon, I reckon its only a matter of time before he’s off.

  3. PLEASE PLEEASE NO more .. Arse dix are NOT back in the race .. you were NEVER in the race No shut the f££k and beg for 4th you french biatches !!!!

  4. if he does buy, it will be some young kids again. Its time to put your hand in your pocket Arsenal and fork out the big bucks for some DECENT midfielders. Oh, and a class striker wouldn’t be bad either.

  5. Its so sad looking at this side. I was watching the DVD on the 49 games unbeaten run today and its unbelievable how far standards have fallen. I cannot comprehend how Wenger could have allowed this to happen. I feel so sad.

  6. Unfortunately I am sorry to say that I no longer trust Wenger as a person simply because he has shown that he’s not a man of his word when it comes to his comments about the team.

    1. I think Fans should vote with their pocket and stop going to games.
    Money is the only thing this board and Arsene seem to understand, hence the truth is that so long as people continue going to games , the board keeps making money and Arsene would continue in his ways.

    2. I really wish we lose the Champions league place this season..so that the board and Wenger would be exposed for their failure at maintaining standard in the club. The board is satisfied with just qualifying for CL … hence truth is that nothing would be done so long as the team continues to qualify for the CL.

    3.Wenger himself already shows that he’s not about winning otherwise he would have done something about it since…

  7. I’m glad we drew today, because win would have kept up my minuscule hopes of actually winning the league alive. Arsenal fans live on hope, and with a win Wenger would have spun it round making us all think that we were in the title race.

    It’s so depressing seeing the team like it is. Wins against Chelsea and United hide how bad our current squad actually is and 4th spot is definitely under threat, not because Villa or City are betting better but because our standards have dropped significantly.

    I wouldn’t be unhappy if we finished 5th either, because then it would FORCE the board and manager to actually do something. Because as mentioned, as long as we keep getting that 4th spot then the board couldn’t care less. It’s all about getting the revenue in, and they know Arsenal fans will keep paying to watch them whatever the standards.

  8. wenger please go.
    this is not the time to gamble with young player. this is league, not a training area for the school boy playing. i believe, if arsene stay in this club. arsenal will not play in the cham league and will be as leed united in the 3 years later. so, arsene please go

  9. We used to be good to watch but could not get the final finish. Now we are not even good to watch.

    I realise that teams go through bad spells but this side is getting weaker and weaker each year. Thing is it will go on like this. Wenger won’t change. He has had a good few years to get this right, but every move he makes just brings us further down the table. His ridiculous statements about still fighting and chasing the title are becoming absurd.

    To me the relationship between Arsenal and Wenger is like a bad marriage. Nobody wants to end it, so it will go on indefinitely. Maybe Real Madrid will go for him at the end of the season. If he thinks it has got stale for him, maybe he will walk.

  10. “I feel this is a team that needs encouragement at the moment. This was a better defensive performance and this was a game that we might have lost at the start of the season.”

    I read this quote on the NoTW website. Did Wenger really say this?? What the hell does it mean?

  11. Devastated. Last year there was so much potential. I dont think we need a striker with Eduardo back, but our midfield lack the creativity of Hleb and stamina of Flamini. Who do we buy?

  12. no need to call for arsene to leave numb nuts ,weve changed a hole team in the last couple of years not that im happy with that but the manager has kept us in the top four ,if we did slip out of there this season i think he knows what we need,yeah were all disapointed but change the manager and who do you think could replace him ,or would you like to see manager like rande ramos come in and do nothing for this club ,back what we got arsene probably had more expectations of this team they showed what they can do ,but he cant play the football for them but he aint going to start putting his players down in public i cant see him enjoying these games

  13. Why Arsenal should sell Febergas? The same reason you should become a SPURS supporter. That’s exactly what so called fans like you are, spineless and lacking in conviction to support the team through thick and thin. Spuds foerever…run at the first sight of danger. Replace …replace that is your motto. GO. And stop writing shit about Arsenal if you are not upto it. Write about your new club…Spuds.

  14. You will no doubt get some ‘Wenger Knows’ head in the sand die-hards like Cookie above jump up and down with rage, but you are telling it exactly like it is.
    The Eboue booing was not really getting at the player so much as at a manager who has allowed a great club to slip into decline. If as so many are trying to say that it was just a hooligan minority, then they should have been at the match as I was. It was every one around me and they were venting their frustration that has built up over the last couple of years of watching a potentially great team deteriorate by letting key players such as Flamini go, not addressing the obvious defensive shortcomings and continuing to use sub-standard players like Eboue.
    The move to the great stadium was supposedly to give us the financial clout to match the other top teams. 60000 fans have been buying for every match the most expensive tickets in the world, to watch ever worsening football and we are glibly assured that the money is building up nicely in the bank account.
    You used to have to get onto the website the day tickets went on sale to be sure of getting to see any match. Now tickets are generally available almost up to the kick-off. If Arsenal as a business cannot see the warning signs then we are all in deep trouble. If fans stop going then the whole Emirates project could come tumbling down like a pack of cards. I have to sadly admit that I travelled from West Sussex last Saturday to the Wigan game with little expectation and the terrible performance confirmed my worst fears. I tuned in to watch the Porto game and again got just what I was expecting (what an awful thing to have to say), a completely gutless display.
    In 50 years of supporting Arsenal I have seen great teams and some not so great, but I have never seen so many players seemingly only going through the motions just to pick up their obscene wage packet at the end of the week. However the out of step with the times situation of the ridiculous money footballers are earning is a potential time-bomb not just for Arsenal but for the whole game.
    In theses times of Credit Crunch hardship, Arsenal are playing a dangerous game; surely someone up there can see this !!??

  15. i still dont think we should lose wenger at any cost ,maybe the money aint there to pay these players what they want week in week out if we payed flamini what he wanted it could of started something a lot bigger off. he had one real good season and i would of liked to see him stay but the other players would want a little more ,id like these players to stay for the club not the money i dont think wenger thought he would lose him and fleb the little prick thought he was to good for the club but i suppose barcelona players like him so they come off the pitch to a warm bench

  16. Charlie, why do you read his article if you are gonna come up with such a childish comment. The man is allowed to criticize his team, it shows he cares. Anyway here are my thoughts about this team.
    First off, there is no reason to replace Wenger because there are no good replacements available. Second I suspect there is another reason besides his stuborness as to why Wenger is not buying and that is because of a lack of funds. Well not really lack of funds but they are being conservative because of the debt ridden up by the club is huge. Since that emergency board meeting took place, I am sure they would have come to the conclusion of spending big in either Jan or next summer as the youth policy is not working. Keep your chin up gooners.

  17. well said drew thats how i feel lets hope the board have come up with something good. but i would like to know if these fans who are suggesting that wenger should go ,who they have in mind it will take some manager to keep this team in the top four

  18. I agree that things need to change but what the fuck is wrong with some of you? “I’m glad we drew today”, “I really wish we lose the Champions league place this season”, I thought you’re meant to be Arsenal supporters? Just because we’re not winning you’re here saying you hope we lose? I’ll always look forward to the next game as well as hoping that improvements are made at the club. The most important thing for me is always the next game, just because we may not win it doesn’t mean I stop caring about it. Football is a game, so the first thing to do for me is to look forward to the next game, and unlike you I want my side to do well.

  19. Look, normally I agree with your blogs. This time, I think your (justifiable) frustration goes to far – wishing Arsenal ill. Cesc has been with us for 5 yrs now, since he was 16. What? Now he’s too good for Arsenal and Wenger? I guess he taught himself all that he now knows, then?

    Truth is, most gooners went along with the pundits in vilifying Wenger for his repeated use of Hleb (dribbling too much) and Flamini (giving up dangerous free-kicks) until their final season. We were even more severe in our criticism of Gilberto…until he got injured and our unbeaten run unraveled. Clearly, we’ve got some cheek suggesting that we see things clearer than Wenger. We moan about Diaby, Song and Denilson now, but – mark my words – those lads have what it takes and we’ll be cheering them sooner than we think.

    Some more truth is that in the history of football, Barcelona and AC Milan have always been bigger clubs than Arsenal. So when it comes to prestige and wages Arsenal can’t compete with them. Wenger tried everything possible to keep both Hleb and Flamini. Prestige and cash were against us. There is nothing more to be said about that.

    If we want to go on and embarrass ourselves further, lets admit that Wenger tried to bring in Yaya Toure, Kalou, Alonso and some Russians…but they were clearly not interested. The only player that jumped to move to Arsenal was Nasri (whom many of us are slagging) and Silvestre. Personally, I find such talk very embarrassing so I suggest we forget it and move on.

    Look, the team started terribly this season. During the last 4 games though, I think we will all agree that the performances are more even. Not perfect, but more even. I think Djourou has really done well, Denilson improved, and Robin van Persie finally is scoring regularly. Sure, if we’d won Saturday, we might only be 6pts from the top, which is very achievable. If we can win 2 of the next 3 matches and start January 6 pts from the top, I’d say we can win it. If we are out of the race by then. I think the idea that we stop supporting is wrong. To say we’re only interested in Arsenal when they win is a bit fickle.

  20. I think the point here is that many Arsenal fans know that things have to get worse before they can get better. It’s clear that over the last few seasons Arsenal are comfortable and content about just being the 4th best team in England.

    Should a great club like Arsenal just settle for that? Look what happened to Newcastle. They were a team of nearly men and they’re just a complete joke now.

    How bad does it need to get before things change?

    If Arsenal slip to 5th this season (which looks possible now with Villa taking advantage of our inconsistency in the league) then the men at the top HAVE to do something to change things.

  21. Wenger’s Immortals – I know you are responding to “Fabregas’ Dad” and I’ll leave you two to have your exchange, but with you comparing Arsenal to Newcastle under Kevin Keegan, I cant help but send you some encouragement. Things are bad mate, but not anywhere near that bad.

    Sure Arsenal are 5th now, but we are there coz we have played some of our worst football ever. Aston Villa are 4th and Hull 6th because they have been played the best football those clubs have ever seen in decades. There is no way they can go the distance on that. Come FA cup…

    In other words. Arsenal are playing well within their capacity and can only improve. The other wheel is waiting to drop off Aston Villa and Hull’s season. So, while you worry and wonder keep that in mind. I see us 3rd again under normal circumstances and 4th at worst. Never 5th.

  22. I understand what you’re saying Kensai, but it would be foolish and naive to think that Arsenal can’t play any worse. We’ve lost 5 league games already this season, and the problem is people assume that we won’t lose anymore. That assumption is wrong. You have to compete in this league – nothing is handed to you on a plate.

    I don’t get what you mean when you say ‘Arsenal are playing well within their capacity’ as if that’s a good thing. Surely that should set alarm bells ringing if the team isn’t even up for playing to their maximum!

  23. Perhaps it would have been better for me to say that ‘Arsenal are playing well BELOW their capacity’ instead. I think its just a question of semantics. The point Im trying to get across is that can play better overall. I cannot see Aston Villa or Hull playing any better than they are now.

    Dont get me wrong. I agree with you entirely that our form has been bad. Actually, I’d say its been inconsistent. The difference between us is that I see more consistency (improvements) since the loss to Man City in the performance of the key players like Djourou, Denilson, Nasri and even Song. You dont see any. Bendtner, Eboue and to a certain extent Clichy, are still playing below whats expected at Arsenal, so we are not firing on all cylinders, but I see signs that the patient (Arsenal) is recovering.

    Anyway, I wasnt trying to convince you of what I believe – that Arsenal are playing well enough to be just 6pts from the top come January, and viable title contenders. What I was trying to convince you of is that we wont finish 5th. If you do the math, you will find that on current form Liverpool are on course for the 88pt total that won the PL last season. Arsenal, on current form, are in line to amass 67pts – enough to win 4th place last season. So, if things stay the same at Arsenal, we will come 4th at worst. Coming 5th wont happen.

  24. wat’s wrong i we drew or lost a few matches??
    why u guys r soo unfaithful to arsenal??
    i have full confidence in Arsene’s side..
    they just need a bit more time..
    so..those of u who think dat ARsenl isn’t gud enough..just fcuk off!!


  25. I hear what you’re saying Kensai, but it’s wrong to think we have a divine right to 4th place. What makes you so sure that we don’t hit an even worse run of form over the Christmas period (which in all honesty is our worst time of the season going on the trends of recent seasons).

    With such a young squad, our form and performances are based on confidence and we just don’t have any. And as we’ve show after wins against Manchester United and Chelsea in the following matches we’ve been pathetic.

    That does not fill me with confidence when this team only want to win the big games. There’s only 3 other teams we can play in the Top 4 so we can’t rely on that to secure 4th position!

  26. Wenger’s Immortals – True. Arsenal dont have a divine right to a top4 finish. But as to how sure I am that Arsenal wont play even worse over Christmas…I think I can confidently say that they wont. I dont think we will collect all 9pts, but I do think we will keep up.

    Why do I say so? Well, while Im NOT as clever as Arsene, I do believe in analyzing football by using the numbers.

    When you look at our results you’ll notice 3 very clear stages in our season so far. Up until our game against spurs we’d taken 19/27 possible points. Not sensational by Arsenal standards, but decent nonetheless. If that form from those first 9 had continued, we’d now have 38pts after 17 games (which is what table-top Liverpool have after their17 games).

    The 5 matches that followed the shock draw to spurs were a complete disaster. Van Persie and Cesc got suspensions, Adebayor and Walcott got injured, and Gallas went off the deep end. We only managed 4/15 possible points, winning 1 and losing 3…with back-to-back losses.

    I think with the change of skipper after the Man City loss performance has improved considerably. Its not where it can be (in terms of the full potential of the team), but its perhaps equal to the performances we gave in our first 9 games this season that returned 19/24 possible points.

    If you haven’t been able to notice the difference on the field since Cesc became the skipper (and I’ll admit its not a massive change…yet) then take a look at the table on the skysports website. In the last 6 matches Liverpool have amassed the most points (12). Even with the two losses to Villa and City, Arsenal have a respectable 10pts. In the last 3 matches we have done better than Liverpool and Chelsea. That is an improvement.


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