Can Arsenal Win 12 Games In A Row?

Well that was a strange night in a strange Premier League season.

Not one team is putting a consistent run together to go clear at the top of the league. And even teams who have had poor runs in the this season are still in with a shout of their ambitions.

Liverpool, who have had a horrendous time this season are amazingly in fourth position. Teams like Spurs, Aston Villa and Manchester City have all flattered to deceive and instead of taking advantage of Liverpool’s problems they’ve probably thrown away their best chance of breaking into the Top Four.

I have no doubt that Liverpool will make fourth now.

So how about the three teams above them?

Well Chelsea lost at Everton and Manchester United dropped points at Aston Villa.

But to me, they still both look strong. United created a lot of chances with 10 men at Villa Park and could have nicked all 3 points. Chelsea are still a solid team and Everton do have the ability to step it up against the bigger sides (we can vouch for that).

I think we can all agree that for various reasons (injuries to Van Persie, inability to defend counter attacks, etc.) that Arsenal have not been in stunning form this season. We’ve look unconvincing in several games this season and stars such as Andrei Arshavin have lost their form and haven’t performed enough. Yet amazingly, despite our inconsistent form we’re only 6 points behind Chelsea, and 5 behind Manchester United.

Don’t get my wrong, it’s still a massive gap as far as I’m concerned and the chances of lifting the Premier League title come May in my opinion are slim. Because to do it I firmly believe we would have to win 10 of our final 12 games, and that is a massive ask.

Our final fixtures are:

Sunderland (Home)
Stoke (Away)
Burnley (Home)
Hull (Away)
West Ham United (Home)
Birmingham City (Away)
Wolverhampton Wanderers (Home)
Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
Wigan Athletic (Away)
Manchester City (Home)
Blackburn Rovers (Away)
Fulham (Home)

From our 12 remaining games, 6 are away and 6 are at home.

Looking at them on paper (well, on screen) they don’t look too difficult, in comparison to the fixtures Chelsea and Manchester United have left. Certainly, all of our home games are more than winnable but the away games could prove a lot trickier than they look.

Hull have recently beaten Manchester City and drawn against Chelsea at home, and you just know the Orange Phil Brown would love to take points from us. His record against us isn’t bad for a team tipped for relegation. Stoke is another problematic game – we lost there last season and we know about the FA Cup game last month.

Then the others against Birmingham City, Wigan Athletic and Blackburn Rovers will be fights, make no mistake about it. Whether we can withstand their physical tactics will decide how our season will pan out. They will try to bully us and the form of Nicklas Bendtner could determine where we end up in the league. He looked decent last night against Liverpool and our form of late proves that without a target man then we’re toothless. If Bendtner puts himself about and allows players like Rosicky, Arshavin and Nasri to play then we’ve got a chance. The fitness of Diaby is also important as he has the physical presence and has a knack of scoring important goals.

In my eyes, the only chance we have of pushing right to the end is if Bendtner stays fit for the rest of the season and starts every week. Having Arshavin or Eduardo as the central striker won’t do it. Defenders hate having to defend against someone who is good in the air. Bendtner isn’t exactly Alan Shearer but we need a different style of play to compliment our short passing game. We need to mix things up and make sure teams don’t use the same gameplan against us week after week (a la Manchester United and Chelsea).

Of course, we need to somehow find a way to make sure our defence doesn’t leak stupid goals. Can Arsene turn it around so we have a rock solid defence? If he can then we’ve got a chance.


11 thoughts on “Can Arsenal Win 12 Games In A Row?

  1. Tottenham, Birmingham and Stoke on the road are the scary ones. I think we end up tying two of the three, with possible the win coming at Stoke as revenge for the FA cup loss.

    But Man City at home will be tough also.

    Otherwise, I think we should be good for 21-22 points out of the other 8 games. If we can get 6 points out of the four I mention, that’s possible 28 points and gets us to 80. It will be tight, but we’ll need help from Everton, Liverpool and Man City to eat away at Chelski and ManURe.

  2. i think if we hit the form we had last season in this part of the season we can still win it !! .. cause i visited man utd and chelsea webs and they have tough and direct matches to come vs the big clubs and we only have spuds and city !! i still beleiveee !! come on arsenalll

  3. First up congrats for posting a blog today. Anyone else notice its gone a bit quite since a victory? Its so transparent.

    jrock you could well be right they have 2 games in hand which if won puts them only 2 points behind us! A genuine threat making our match against tehm so important.

    I feel we will fall short, for the same reasons Ive always said, Wenger is a runner up not a winner there is evidence of this throughout his entire Arsenal career not just teh lasyt 5 years. He doesnt have the balls for a fight and neither do his teams.

    Regardless I woudl just like to see this run in played with the kind freedom and creativity taht we saw early in the season. I have’nt enjoyed watching us play for a while now and the players don’t seem to be enkoying themselves either, and for me thats teh most important thing.

  4. lol, so everyone loves arsenal again now? pathetic, where was the support when we lost to man u and chelsea? sack wenger etc all i heard now everyone saying we can win the league! mugs!!
    i been sayin this all along…we would lose to man u and chelsea cause they r the only big teams!! they can afford to let us play our pretty football and then hit us on the counter attack! look..liverpool tried to do that in the 1st half but they didnt have a rooney or as much as i hate saying it a drogba up front!! jus shitty ngog! lol!
    since when did you have to win the big games to win the league?? its the shitty teams you have to beat!! remember? we have been top of the mini league top 4 tables before and finished 15points off the top!! its cause we fucked up against small teams!!! now its our turn to fuck up against big teams and beat all the rest!!
    anyway, the good news is there is 17 other teams in the league who we can beat!! the bad news is we WONT win the champions league 🙁 as we will prob come up against man u or chelsea and they will beat us!!

    go to the bbc website and use the ‘predictor’ league tool and predict the scores u think will happen for the remaining games…it updates the league for u and i think if u try predict with intelligence, footy knowledge, take into considereration the away games and how unpredictable the league is and in a non biased way….u will see the league will be so so close..the top 3 will be seperated by 1/2/3 points!! the way i had it… chelsea ended up 3rd!!! lol!
    so yeah let chelsea/the media etc think they have won the league as im telling u they wont!! i think it will be hard for us as we have tricky away days and have to play man citeh again – the only game(even tho at home) i think we will lose in the remaining league fixtures! the rest of the games we will win! maybe a cpl of draws tho! but i think chelsea/man u will lose 2/3 more games!!
    i beleive it will be us or man u who will win the league!

    everyone has short memories in football but before the chelsea/man u games we were the best team in england by far!! i kno the media has brainwashed u all to think we have been awful but consideing how many injuries (8/9/10 players out every week), missing our main striker van persie!! (think wot its like for liverpool without torres? imagine man u without rooney or chelsea without drogba all season!!) we have used our squad and we were the top scorers!! we have won games when not playing well, we have spanked teams when playing well! wot more can u want? imagine this…eduardo, theo, rosicky, bendtner, nasri or even almunia all come into some real top form?? omg..we would be unstoppable!!! wouldnt surprise me if we won every game 4-1!!
    anyway..up the arsenal!!! all u mugs, fake gooners, glory supporters, media sluts, wenger haters fuck off!! go support chelsea!!! they love fans like u!! and dont come running back when the arsenal way finally wins a trophy!! ur not welcome!!!

  5. Brilliant comment from the REAL GUNNER. Keep faith always, they are doing really well and for sur Manu and drogsea are the one under pressure, not arsenal. Let’s take the games one by one and we will lift that trophee. In arsenal I believe and if you do then keep faith…… Tchuss…..

  6. Real Gooner I think your in the wrong place for such a rant everyone here seems to be in agreement with the content of your argument. Im not even sure youve read the article or any of the other comments.

    However in light of all the nonsense that has filled the blogs over the last couple of weeks i can understand your anger and appreciate taht you feel like you need to make your point.

    Anyway teh whole sorry affair can be summed up with the following quote,

    “Its not the disapointment , I can handle the disapointment, its the hope that kils me”

  7. My Very optimistic predictions for the last 12 games of the season. Just seen Giggs is out for 4 weeks, Nani Suspended and Rio still out. Terry Gone, Chelski and Man u have to play some big teams along the way including liverpool.

    Chelsea Points
    Wolves (a) 3
    Man city (a) 0
    Portsmouth (h) 3
    West Ham (h) 3
    Blackburn (a) 3
    A. Villa (h) 1
    Man u (a) 1
    Bolton (h) 3
    Spurs (a) 1
    Stoke (h) 3
    Liverpool (a) 0
    Wigan (h) 3
    24 + 58 = 82

    Man u Points
    Everton (a) 1
    West Ham (h) 3
    Wolves (a) 3
    Fulham (h) 3
    Liverpool (h) 3
    Bolton (a) 3
    Chelsea (h) 1
    BlackBurn (a) 1
    Man City (a) 0
    Spurs (h) 1
    sunderland (a) 3
    Stoke (h) 3
    25 + 57 = 82

    Arsenal Points
    Sunderland (h) 3
    Stoke (a) 0
    Burnley (h) 3
    Hull (a) 3
    West Ham (h) 3
    Birmingham (a) 3
    Wolves (h) 3
    Spurs (a) 1
    Wigan (a) 3
    Man city (h) 3
    Blackburn (a) 3
    Fulham (h) 3
    31+52 = 83

  8. Well
    Here is my for Arsenal:

    Arsenal Points

    Sunderland (h) 3
    Stoke (a) 1
    Burnley (h) 3
    Hull (a) 3
    West Ham (h) 3
    Birmingham (a) 1
    Wolves (h) 3
    Spurs (a) 3
    Wigan (a) 3
    Man city (h) 3
    Blackburn (a) 3
    Fulham (h) 3

    32+52 = 84


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