I Am Just Sick And Tired Of These Ridiculous And Amateurish Mistakes

FC Porto (2) – (1) Arsenal
Campbell (18′)
Estadio do Dragao

For Sol Campbell this was his return to Champions League football since the heartbreaking final in 2006, where he marked with his last game for Arsenal with a headed goal. He scored a valuable goal tonight and just like in Paris we lost this game 2-1.

Football’s a funny old game isn’t it?

But co-incidences and irony aside, this was a poor night for Arsenal.

At a time when Arsenal find themselves just about back in the title race and supposed to be showing determination, solidarity and spirit to kick on for the last part of the season they were a collective shambles.

Almunia was injured (Arsene’s code for dropping a goalkeeper) and started with Fabianski. Unfortunately, whenever Almunia has played poorly and given Fabianski a chance (and there’s been a lot) the young Polish keeper hasn’t stepped up. He looks terrified and you couldn’t even say that he’s completely inexperienced. He’s made over 30 appearances now.

Vito Mannone is the best goalkeeper we have at the football club. And that’s saying something about the dire situation Arsenal are in.

The two goals Arsenal conceded were so shambolic they are something you would see on a second rate Christmas bloopers compilation DVD but unfortunately for Arsenal fans there was nothing funny about the ridiculous and quite frankly amateurish mistakes we seem to be making lately.

We’ve debated why Arsene doesn’t teach defence but do we actually have a goalkeeping coach?

The sheer ridiculousness of the mistakes Arsenal make these days are just depressing now.

I would compare the mistakes to ones made in Sunday league football but that would be a huge insult to Sunday league football.

Against Manchester United, terrible defending made Nani look like Ronaldo. The fact is he is an average player and we made him look world class. Against Chelsea, more shocking mistakes gave Chelsea an easy victory.

And tonight? Well you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw the game.

Their first goal was a cross from the wide right and for some reason he wasn’t set, and despite the fact the ball was just going across the goal Fabianski amazingly managed to turn the ball into his own net.

This is basic level stuff, and I have no idea what our goalkeepers do in training. Probably overhead kicks and heading.

Similar stuff to the Nani/Almunia goal against Manchester United a few weeks ago, so it’s good to know Fabianski is learning from Arsenal’s number one.

And the second goal was just as farcical.

The ball was running back to the goalkeeper with no threat from any Porto player, Sol clipped the ball and instead of kicking it, Fabianski picked it up.

Now, you can debate whether it was Campbell’s or Fabianski’s fault for conceding the indirect freekick in the penalty area, but what happened afterwards was even more farcical. Instead of holding up play (we even do this in my local Sunday league games) they literally handed Porto the ball, and stood off as they rolled the ball into the net.

In a Champions League game of this magnitude and could very well shape our season, we do not one, but two stupid things!

I can’t explain what the hell is going on with Arsenal at the moment.

Arsene can moan about rules and the freekick but the sad and sobering truth is Arsenal are a shambles. We’re not ruthless enough to kick the ball away or waste time nevermind win enough games to win the league.

Are Arsenal’s players just over pampered kids who don’t understand football?

Teams and players that have experienced success know what it takes to grind out a result or get a slight advantage here and there, but none of our players seem to have a clue.

Remember the Thierry Henry days when we were the team that would punish teams with quick freekicks and nice little tricks? That used to be us.

But nowadays we’re seeing the same ridiculous mistakes time and time again from our players, and I’m just sick and tired of it.


18 thoughts on “I Am Just Sick And Tired Of These Ridiculous And Amateurish Mistakes

  1. You know what, I just realised the whole problem. We have a bunch of kids. And kids make mistakes and misbehave and you give them an inch they take a mile. That’s what is happening. Pampered? I believe so!

  2. Not a truer word said DJ.

    And where is that muppet yesterday that was blogging”If Fabianski has a good game should we replace him with Almunia?” I don’t know how many more games Fabianski has to throw away b4 we realise we have to thow him away.

  3. This team is not having any seriousness to win the games at all. Local football players will stop the game while opp team gets a freekick close to penalty area. And this professionals football players didn’t stop the game even after getting a freekick inside area. What is this ???????????

    Arsenal manager doesn’t want to win anything…
    Arsenal FC doesn’t want to win anything…
    And now players also don’t want to win anything ?????????

    Only fans want to win…….. How its possible ??

    First of all Wenger and his players should understand one thing. Football is not all about playing a top class game. Football or any other game is all about winning it.

  4. I feel dirty saying this, but Wenger has got to go.

    He was a genius until 2005, but he seems to have lost the plot since. Every year we’re getting worse, every year he fails to learn from his mistakes and this squad is now as bad as Rioch’s squad.

  5. I’ve said all season. Fabianski is crap. We are in the situation where we have 2 goals keepers who can’t help but make mistakes. I hope wenger sells them both in the summer. And none of this ‘oh he’s one for the future’ shit. They are costing us matches, points and competitions now. Why not try for some like buffon or akinfeev and have Szczesny as number 2. there are players is this squad who are tainting the first team every time they play. Clichy, Nasri, Eduardo, Vela, Silvestre, Traore, and the dreadful denilson should all be sold.

  6. What a carry on! Your analysis fully reflects my take on our performance on the match. I was one of those advocating the replacement of Almunia with Fabienski due to a continuing spate of costly mistakes. To my horror this lad is just as bad if not worse.

    Why are some commentatoors blaming Sol for the second Porto’s goal? Did anyone hear himask the goalie to catch the ball? Even if this was the case, as a proffessional Fabienski should never have been tempted! We often use the back passed to distribute the ball this should not surprise a keeper.

    It was a let down to the manager and the fans.

  7. Yes! Its time to clean up in the team! Well paid boys who does NOT deliever.
    Fabianski..hehe..never seen him do anything!
    We dont see the game as Wenger does..” I have faith in the kids”..good words but..

  8. We played without Almunia, Gallas, Song and Arshavin. 4 first choice players. We have come home with an away goal and need only a 1-0 win at home to qualify. We will batter Porto at Emirates. Mr Victor (above) says our squad is now as bad as Rioch’s and Wenger has to go . . . You have no idea what bad times in football are mate. Have another cup of Horlicks . . . Up the Arsenal

  9. Has anyone seen a ref take the ball out of the opposing teams hands after a backpass (or foul for that matter) quickly giving it to the opposition? It is all very irregular. A series of very unfortunate events.

  10. Porto are woeful and I’m sure Arsenal will knock them out.

    But then we’ll get spanked by a big team again.

    All so predictable.

  11. A buch of kids? Since when is a 35 year old Sol Campell a kid? He is simply totally out of match form and isn’t as sharp as Gallas would be in a similar situation. We aslo exposed Vermalens weakness – pace and positioning. He has will to go forward, a good drive and he is a warrior, but he has no pace and doesn’t mark tight enough. The only defender that actaully defende well agains Porto was Sagna. Solid, quick and never really got beaten by the winger, and that with little to no help fro Rosicky (which is not his job anyway). Clichy, Vermaelen were useless in defence all night, Campbell was the only one clearing and was in the right position, tho he lacks pace, for which he made up by being in the right position and reading the play well. Fabianski, well what to say, looks like a 4th choice keeper for a low division team. Nervy, shaky, and seems really low on confidence. Good shot-stopper, but dreadful positioning and can’t seem to keep a clear head. Denilson – a better performance due to lack of batteling players playing for Porto. Still way to many misplased passes and general refuse to track back after losing the ball. Diaby was on and off, but seemed scared to take a shot. Fabregas was taken out as Porto tried to kill him on the pitch. Tight marked, but still managed to make a lot of great runs that were really never picked up by anyone else than Rosicky. Talking about Rosicky, was good in the first half, very lively, great assist and got a great shot in that forced a great save from Porto keeper. Neat passing and pace from Tomas. Totally invisible in the second. Nasri – huge dissapointment this whole season. Saw a lot of the ball but never produced anything other that what Adebaoyr did – get the ball, hold it off, take a couple of spins while standing and play back in support, pretty useless. Worked hard and ran alot, all to no result. Bendtner was active and strong, but as usual very poor finishing. Overall – as usual massive posession, 50-70 passes before they lose it or actually finish on goal and shameful defending…And the only thing done to imrpove that is buying weak and avarage striker from france and refusing to give a 2 year deal to out best defender.

  12. Colin Victor – Wenger has got to go? We have got worse since 2005? You are a muppet and a glory boy!

    Since 2005 we have got to the final of the champs league and almost won it! Almost won the league the following year until Eduardo broke his leg and we drew 9 in a row as Adebayor went walkabout and didnt score once! Moved stadium which secures our long term future as a big club without a billionaire, qualified for the champs league every year spending less money than about 15 other prem league clubs each summer like birmingham, villa, man utd, stoke, sunderland, spurs etc. Without wenger, we could be looking at midtable obscurity, with him, we are so close to being amazing. Stop being a glory boy and get behind the team!!

    I do agree that we need a stopper though – cant develop a goaly at the top level – need proven class. Let’s go buy buffon for 10 million and get a good 6 years out of him

  13. Waiting for Szscesky… so dont buy Buffon for 10…
    We must hope for a defender or Fab. to do it… We need a striker!
    A Drogba or a Rooney..

  14. We here at Arsenal play the most entertaining brand of football. With a star-studded cast that needs no further introduction, Ladies & gentlemen, may we present…

    The Royal Circus of Ashburton!

    Fabianski = Charlie Chaplin (Self explanatory).
    Sagna= Count Dracula (hopeless against the Cross).
    Van Persie = Bubble Boy (remember him?).
    Rosicky = Gingerbread man (also self explanatory).
    Denilson = Frodo.(Everyone has to save his ass).
    Nasri = Sam (I’ll save you Mr. Frodo.. NOOOooo…).
    Almunia = Homer Simpson (Must catch ball.. must catch ball.. ooo.. Ouch!).
    Silvestre = Rain Man (He’s really a genius deep down inside).
    Clichy = The Nightcrawler (Pooof! Where’d he go?)
    Song = Juggernaut (Nothing derogatory implied.. almost).
    Diaby = Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (obvious).
    Eboue = Dr. Dolittle (As name suggests. Funny nonetheless).
    Fabregas = Mighty Mouse (Here I come to save the day!)
    Arshavin = Bugs Bunny (Appears sluggish, but you’ll never catch him.. oh & he’s very glib).
    Gallas = Oscar the crouch.
    Vermaelen = T2.
    Walcott= Forrest Gump (Run forrest, run).
    Wenger = Master Yoda.

  15. Wenger can’t coach defence end of story. Nothing to do with money. Arsenal have conceded more goals this season than Stoke, Fulham, Aston Villa, Sp*rs and Birmingham. Even shit-for-bust Portsmouth have only let in 12 more than Arsenal. If you can’t coach defence you win fuck all, and Wenger can’t coach defence. How many more times do we have to see the same embarrassing mistakes on the pitch before this clueless manager does something about it on the training ground? When is he going to get his fucking head out of the sand and dump shit like Fabianski, Almunia, Clichy and Denilson – let them go for nothing, we’d save £10m on wages for these chumps.

  16. Fabianski – I thought without his hair in his eyes he might improve but he’s like a rabbit in the headlights.

    Campbell – played well I thought although he shouldn’t be suing Portsmouth. He’ll get his cash but the fucking plumber hasn’t been paid. Disgraceful.

    Nasri – still flatters to deceive. Can’t work him out at all.

    Denilson – was he playing?

    Diaby is getting a slagging in some places but he was extremely disciplined I thought staying back against his instincts later in the game when instructed.

    Clichy – seems to be injured. He is currently regularly outpaced by opponents he should able to recover against. His crossing is crap anyway so just leave him in our own half if he is playing through pain.

    The ref – I’m not normally a rumour monger but you have to wonder especially considering Porto’s recent history of match rigging. No need to mention the goal but how teams persistently get away with rotational fouling on Cesc is beyond me. The ref in the Bayern Munich game was cack as well but at least he did the traditional thing and supported the bigger team. He still gets my vote for stuffing Chelsea out last year. Our ref was nowhere near as witty!

  17. Although we are short in the keeper dept, Almunia is much superior to Fabianski who is a liability. His lack of judgement on both goals was extraordinary- a level of error I have not seen from an EPL goalie for as long as I can remember.
    Talking of Mannone as being the best keeper at the club is nonsense- but his record is far better than that of Fabianski .Talk of Buffon is ridiculous- his wages are way out of our league and Akinfeev is prone to mistakes as well.
    Campbell played well and is the best defender we have on crosses – no way was the goal his fault. Yes we are carrying players- Clichy is being carried,Walcott is being carried and a few others are grossly out of form- but Fabianski has let the team down every time he has played in a big game- only a fool would play him again in a game that matters.


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