1 Game Down, 11 More To Go

Arsenal (2) – (0) Sunderland
Bendtner (27′), Fabregas (90′)
The Emirates Stadium, London

Before yesterday’s game, Sunderland were 19th in the Premier League form table, only above Portsmouth. Their last league win was actually against us in November and since then they have only picked up 5 points. So this game should have been straight forward, considering we were playing at The Emirates.

But Sunderland had a couple of decent chances and while the game could have been 20 nil to Arsenal it could have just as easily been a draw.

But you know what? I couldn’t care less.

Because Arsenal had 12 league games remaining and to stand any chance to nicking the title they need to win them all.

And the bottom line is we’ve won the first. We’ve passed the first hurdle.

The are a few points I will make though:

Eboue is far, far more effective going forward, and should start more games going into the run in. Whether it’s on the right side of an attacking three or at right back, it doesn’t matter. He has the skill and pace to beat players and considering we don’t really care about defending then we might as well try and be as effective as possible going forward.

Bendtner’s form is paramount to whether we win anything this season. We don’t have Van Persie and we know playing Arshavin or Eduardo as the target man doesn’t work. Bendtner didn’t have his shooting boots on yesterday but hopefully that will come with more starts – his goal yesterday would have done him the world of good.

Almunia actually had a good game yesterday. The fact is we can’t bring anyone else in now so let’s hope he can stay consistent over the remaining 11 games.

And that’s pretty much it now. We play Stoke next weekend and they haven’t lost in 2010. They will be a hell of a test for our team but getting a win is all that matters. I don’t care if we get battered for 90 minutes and nick a last minute winner.

It’s all about the 3 points.


6 thoughts on “1 Game Down, 11 More To Go

  1. I love the last statement……cause its sooo true…hopefully it’ll be like the fulham game ealier this season. 2 clean sheets now hopefully we can make it 3 come next week

  2. Hopefully gallas, or even campbell, will be back soon too. silvestre was at fault for both of sunderlands major chances. he could have cost us dearly. only bad finishing saved us. silvestre is just not up to the task.

  3. wayne, can’t agree mate, was crapping myself when i saw his name on the team sheet, but thought he played well.
    the problem was ramsey giving the ball away, & he will learn from it.
    thought we started nervy but eventually did ok.
    as the auther says, it’s all about 3 points.

  4. Definately agree about Eboue. I think he could be a fantastic, powerful player for us. I was at the Wigan game last year and was quite distressed to hear the boos and see him go off in tears. Since then tho he has really won us fans over and now seems to have a special bond with us as a result. He comes over to us whenever he can now. A bit like with Gallas I have great respect for those who can turn a negative situation into a positive 1. New contracts for Willy and Eboue please. Up the Arsenal!

  5. Like others on here, I’m slightly concerned about Gallas and Campbell’s absence, lets hope one of the two returns for Stoke away. Oddly enough, I’d rather Campbell over Gallas for that game.

  6. GunnerX: Campball was not quite fit enough, but with a week off he should be ready for Stoke next week.

    I actually know what you mean, Campball and Vermelen are better no nonsense defenders. But Gallas compliments either one of them as he has more pace to bail the other two out.

    I actually would love to see Campball and Gallas next to each other as they would have the power/experience and pace.

    Although Tomas Vermealen is also great.


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