What’s Going On With Portsmouth?

I’ve heard lots of things regarding Portsmouth and the effect it will have on the Premier League season.

From what I understand (which is probably wrong) is that if Portsmouth end up being “wound up” then they will cease to exist and all the games they have played this season in the Premier League will become null and void.

And this directly effects the title race.

Manchester United and Arsenal have both played Portsmouth twice, so will lose 6 points, and a hat full for goals in the process. Chelsea however, have only played Portsmouth once meaning they will only lose 3 points.

Currently Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal have 11 games remaining but while that wouldn’t change for United or Arsenal, Chelsea will have their remaining games cut down to 10. Which essentially means that Chelsea are one game less away from keeping their advantage, and both Manchester United and Arsenal will have to play an extra game more.

So effectively Chelsea gain 3 points while we have a game remaining to make up that 3 point deficit.

So Chelsea gain a slight advantage because they have one less game to play while we have an extra game to make up 3 lost points. So any slip up will be costly for us.

Anyway, I’ve setup up an ‘Arsenal Title Charge’ graphic which you can see to the right. Once you see it blacked out then we’ve blown it.

Fortunately, with the win over Sunderland, our challenge is ‘still alive’.

We’ve got 11 cup games until the end of the season.


3 thoughts on “What’s Going On With Portsmouth?

  1. You show all the sensitivty and disregard for the plight of Pompey fans as that of a fourteen year old.
    ‘Arsenal Title Charge’ graphic indeed.

  2. Who cares about Portsmouth?

    They did a Chelsea, had a sugar daddy who bought them success (The FA Cup) and then he got bored and did a runner.

    Harry Redknapp ruined the club with his overspending and completely fucked over Pompy. What does he do at Spurs? He spends a shit load of money.

    Everyone calls him a wheeler dealer but he’s got to have one of the highest transfer outgoings in football.


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