John Terry Is A Complete Disgrace

What a joke John Terry is.

Wayne Bridge has made an official statement saying that he doesn’t want to be chosen for the England team, in the wake of all the sordid allegations that John Terry cheated with his ex-girlfriend.

John Terry should be the one making a statement and stepping down.

Now to me, a lot of people are having a go at Wayne Bridge, saying he’s been crap anyway this season and players like Warnock and Baines are more worthy of a place in the squad.

But to me, that’s not the point.

Regardless of whether Bridge is off form or not, John Terry should have done the honourable thing and made himself unavailable. But to be honest, we all know John Terry doesn’t know what honourable actually means.

This is the guy that cheated on his team-mates girlfriend, despite the fact both relationships in question had children involved. Then, if that wasn’t enough, he desperately tried to cover it up by getting an injunction in court.

Then, once he was stripped of his England captaincy, he turned around and said he’ll try and win the captaincy back.

Is this guy even on the same planet?

But on a positive note, he can give you a guided tour of Chelsea’s training ground for just £10k.

The fact is John Terry is someone who does what he wants when he wants. He lives in this bubble where the light shines out of his arse and everyone around him is praising him 24/7. So it’s no surprise he did what he did – he thinks he’s untouchable.

And you know the saddest thing of all? It’s the fact that Bridge obviously felt that everyone was supporting Terry over the whole saga. Even everyone at Chelsea is supporting Terry – as if it was him who had been wronged! Football is truly a different world where the best players are treated differently to everyone else.

It’s like a popularity contest, and Terry still has support even though he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

But the England squad is full of Terry’s mates, like the cheating Ashley Cole, bar brawling Steven Gerrard, drugs cheat Rio Ferdinand and toilet seat stealing Glen Johnson.

What a disgrace.

Pity Ireland didn’t make the World Cup – I’d support them instead.


49 thoughts on “John Terry Is A Complete Disgrace

  1. Yes, what Terry did isnt right but you cant expect for him to make himself unavalible for his country. I think Wayne Bridge is being a bit of a coward for taking himself out of the running for representing his country at a World Cup. Representing your country is a huge honor and lots of people will be let down because of him. Personal problems shoud’nt stop you from representing your country.

  2. Totally agree with the comments made in this article. Bridge shouldn’t have to lose out because of that excuse for a human being.

    The fact he has had to make the ultimate professional sacrifice for the good of the England team, rather than carry on an be ‘divisive’ force, shows Bridge as someone capable of seeing the bigger picture and acting for the greater good- unlike that self-absorbed, egotistical prick Terry!!

    He should be acknowledged and rewarded!

  3. Wayne Bridge dumped his girlfriend and his child and headed for the riches of Man City, six months previous.How could he have any claims on what his ex and Terry get up to as two consenting adults.The only person with any concerns is John’s wife Toni.So please can you ,get real.

  4. What a load of old crap…

    Bridges “girlfriend” had more dickends than weekends. Her reputation as a bit of an open all hours girl should have had the alarm bells ringing from day one with Bridge. If it wasnt JT it would have been someone else.

    JT done him a favour. If he cant see that then more fool him.

  5. Wayne Bridge should be applauded. At least he can see the bigger picture and realises that with him and Terry in the same squad, it’s only going to cause problems.

    He shouldn’t have been put in this position in the first place.

    The only thing I find more disgusting than the retarded England players supporting John Terry are the moronic fans who support him.

    For me, Terry had two options. The first was step down, but that was never going to happen as he only cares about himself. The second was to issue a public apology and give Bridge that olive branch he needed to get back into the setup.

    Wayne Bridge would have been an outcast in the England squad so he did the sensible thing. Sad for his career though as he would have been definitely in the squad. He’s the only England left back with any International experience.

    tt, awesome post 😀

  6. Relic, are you a Chelsea and John Terry fan perchance?

    The way you talk about cheating on your wife in such a blaze manner is quite amazing. Unless I’m the only one with family values here?

  7. Liam Says:

    February 25th, 2010 at 5:31 pm
    Wayne Bridge dumped his girlfriend and his child and headed for the riches of Man City, six months previous.How could he have any claims on what his ex and Terry get up to as two consenting adults.The only person with any concerns is John’s wife Toni.So please can you ,get real.

    Thats not the point mate. It is not as if JT wasnt doing anything behind his back while they were still in a rship????

    How long does it take him (JT) to be closer to the woman before he can bed her or even kiss her?? i bet it would take longer than 6 montths????

  8. All those people who say Bridge is a coward because he has made himself unavailable for selection do not know what they are talking about!!

    Can you imagine having to spend a whole month(possibly) in the same company as the c**t that was once your mate and then shagged yr missus behind your back! I know I could,nt do it cos I would end up belting the c**t!! Why should wayne bridge have to feel like a laughing stock in front of the whole england squad?? Most of the england squad are bell-ends anyway and would proberbly side with terry. I think wayne bridge has done what he feels is best for himself and for england and it cannot of been an easy decision to walk away from a world cup. fair play to the lad
    Im not particualy bothered about england at the world cup to be honest as I find it very hard to get behind a total pack of wankers!!

  9. The really funny thing about all this is how it’s exposed terry for the average CB he is. For all their talk of “captain fantastic” look how this has affected him. Yesterday he let one of the worlds very best strikers go free in the box (fortunate to say the least eto’o missed his kick) and hes been pretty poor in general since the whole thing dropped.
    Contrast that with the equally despicable ashley cole who actually plays better when faced with this sort of adversity (self-inflicted as it is).

  10. Daz – couldnt agree more.

    Surely it’s TERRY who should be dropping out of the squad seeing as it’s him who f-ed up. On top of that he’s not going to play well in the WC now because he’ll let it all affect him as he’s showing now.
    Hes not even a particularly good defender anyway.

  11. wayne Bridge is a complete moron for this decision. He’s ready to throw away a good opportunity to be a world champ because his team mate poked his former mistress. He’s a stupid cunt, and if I were a close friend, I will catigate him forever. Twenty years from now, if England wins the world cup, he will be remembered as the biggest cunt who backed away from glory because of a stupd ho.

  12. Totally agree with you! Terry is a disgrace and public thanking everyone for supporting him after the game at Chelsea is a bloody joke! SUpporting him for what? Not being able to keep his c*ck in his pants! I think Bridge has done the right thing not playing as Terry would never dream of stepping down and if I was Bridge I would be looking for the first possibility of kicking Terry up in the air! High up in the air!

  13. I bumped into the old Press Officer for Chelsea the other night who now has her own company doing PR for a number of the players. She was a tad p1ssed and let slip a few things she shouldnt of! Thought I’d give you a lowdown of the next months News Of the World headlines:

    He is now desperately trying to pay off an underage girl he’s been boning (along with literally countless others), is also £12 million in gambling debt (hence taking cash for tours,selling his Wembley box, remortgaging his houses, dad dealing coke, Mum thieving etc), he has already borrowed 1 million from Abramovich and has absolutely no money. There was a story a couple of weeks ago in all the papers back about how JT was in court as a credit card company were trying to get some money back from a guy who had gone bankrupt and had apparently paid 40k for JTs honeymoon. He was one of JTs bookmakers who made millions from him which is why he paid for his honeymoon. JT has also had to pay Vanessa £500,000 up front and another 100k a year for the next 5 years. Young Vanessa bless her wide mouthed fanny has also been fcuking Ashley Cole whilst JT has also been having a bit of Hilario’s wife. Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole are getting divorced, he doesn’t really give a sh1t about the new allegations as everyone knows she fcuks about as well and had a fling with Will I Am (and shagged him in an LA nightclub toilet).

  14. I am ashamed as an England fan how many people are not coming out and fully slaughtering JT (and the fucking BBC). As a Dagenham boy I am sad about it but the man has shown himself to be amongst the lowest of the low. People say “yeah but were they together at the time?” They have a child together and were having some difficulties. JT and WB were friends so JT knew exactly what he was doing when he went round there and comforted her with his cock. I honestly think most people are thinking that JTs loss to the team would be greater than WBs. That view is shortsighted because I think the longer JT is there the whole team spirit will crumble over time. Hes a good centre half but representing England is more than that. Or at least it should be.

  15. Sorry Gooner, but I don’t believe anything of what you’ve written, but i will happily come back in a month if even one of those allegations are true, will you do the same if their not and apologise for the libellous and slanderous comments posted??

    Look, I hate John Terry and he really is despicable for what he did. Losing the captaincy is the least he deserves, and for Wayne Bridge to feel compelled to omit himself is understandable completely. Self preservation is important to every individual and if he needs to do this then he obviously needs to do this. I too am ashamed and embarrassed by the ‘public support’ for a man who cheats on his wife, and obviosuly has no regard for his children. Why can we not see him as a person rather than a footballer. A cheat is a cheat is a cheat, and they should not be supported. He made his decision, and mind the pun, but he made his bed, he should lie in it.

  16. Ofcourse not, tt. But in my job i dont have the chance to represent my country at a world cup. if i had the chance to do that, i sure as hell wouldnt pass it up becuase of personal problems. Beef between terry and bridge at the world cup wont be on players’ minds, they all just want to win the tournament.

    Yes, what john terry is unacceptable and i do hate the guy. But i would never ever expect him to take himself out of the world cup

  17. One of the posts above is likely to get this website in a lot of trouble. This is meant to be a discussion forum, not a slander house.

  18. Nice one gooner.

    If any of it’s true (except the gambling stuff and Cheryl sleeping around which everyone knows about anyway) then I’ll wack 50 quid to your favourite charity. I’ll come back on the day it hits the tabloids and we’ll sort it out.

    It’s interesting how Abramovich has protected Terry and paid lots of his legal fees through this but slapped a massive fine on Cashley. I guess even Terry isn’t stupid enough to go for an Oligarch’s missus.

  19. Hold on a sec.

    When i play football – i would personally risk serious injury for my teammates, ive even got into fights on the pitch sticking up for my teammates and the whole point of being a team is you have to work together to acheive greatness and trust and respect are big parts of this – i would expect the same from my teammates. Thats what smells like team spirit.

    I dont know were the idea comes from that a teammate can fuck my baby mum and i should just be happy with it. even if she is a hoe or not, my team mate should have more respect.

    from a football point of veiw john terrys actions have distabalised the squad not bridges.

    Gooner – i cant understand why a £150,000 a week player, sells his box and charges for tours of chelsea but that explains a lot (if true)

  20. This guy knows his shit!!

    “wayne Bridge is a complete moron for this decision. He’s ready to throw away a good opportunity to be a world champ because his team mate poked his former mistress. He’s a stupid cunt, and if I were a close friend, I will catigate him forever. Twenty years from now, if England wins the world cup, he will be remembered as the biggest cunt who backed away from glory because of a stupd ho.”

  21. Capello needs to show some authority and remove Terry from the squad once and for all.

    How can he be respected if the players have more power than the manager? Capello has shown himself as a weak manager with out the balls to make a strong decision.

  22. John Terry is scum. No morals, no standards, no spine. Forget what anyone else has or hasn’t done. We’re just talking about Terry and his own actions. He is responsible for them. He can’t even see he’s in the wrong, so some decisions need to be taken by other people, if they have any spine themselves. He won’t take responsibility himself.

    Matt – can’t you see this isn’t just a personal issue. This is a team mate crossing the line and thoroughly shitting in the nest. As tt said – tell me that if Terry went behind your back, porked your misses, got her pregnant…that you would then embrace him as your captain as you turn out for your country, because all his Chelsea team mates are falling in behind him. WTF? Where’s your own pride and self worrth? He may as well f**k you himself. If was any sort of man he’s stand aside, if the England camp had guts he’d be punished and Bridge not penalised.

    nigel – you’re an idiot. If you look at Arsenal’s Reserves, U-18s and loan players they will make up half the England side in a few years. Wilshere, Gibbs, Bartley, Ayling, Afobe, Lansbury….defense rests.

  23. we all agree JT is a waste of space but as an england fan we will need him, as we do cashly. after the world cup they can both slip into obscurity or possibly even a coma.

    as for saying you would support ireland, WTF are you on? one mans disgrace makes you jump ship? would you start wearing a skull cap if fabregas done the same thing? what did you do when big tony got put in jail for drink driving? we don’t need fans like you pal.

  24. Gooner,please tell me what you say is true.

    That would be the funniest thing ever and i will be making sure i cop a news of the world

  25. Matt, it appears to me that Bridge, is intelligent enough to realise the personal problems are too much to present to the world again. He knows it will screw up the team effort and eventually everyone will say he shouldn’t have been there anyway blah blah. He I’m sure does not want more of this dysentery poured over the heads of his family
    Well done Bridge. I’m in a similar situation. I say, let the shit stick together and then sink together.

  26. Chris

    You’re missing the point.

    I too can’t really be bothered to support this England team. Not just due to Terry but because the vast majority of them are moronic thugs and there’s only about 3 brain cells between the entire squad.

    I may just support Fabregas (Spain)…

  27. I have hated this England team for years now.Terriballs,Cashley,Lampoon,ROONEY and Capello!!
    Oh my God!!
    And I was there in ’66!!
    How can they compare with Sir Alf,Bobby Moore,The Charltons,Nobby,Geoff Hurst and Georgie Eastham(the only Gooner in the squad).
    Spain vs. Brasil final will be great for World football.
    Engerland ousted in semis by Fabregas last minute goal in extra time!

  28. how can you not support England as an englishman? Okay we’ve got some guys I don’t like in the squad and some with questionable morals but instead of the minority look at the majority. David James – great guy, Matthew Upson – top man, guys like Lennon, Walcott, wright-phillips, Barry, Crouch (even!) are top blokes. Lampard held himself with dignity when going through a divorce IMHO and Rooney’s ONE indiscretion was as a 17yo (albeit with a granny). so by all means hate Terry (I also think he should be kicked out of the squad) but you should support the national team.

  29. Hey man, the Irish wouldn’t support us at the WC or at anything. They’d just try to blow up some of our innocent citizens.
    So don’t support them cos they hate us believe I have lived there and they hate us man.

  30. BoloxToTheIrish – i cannot speak for all Irish people but i dont think that the hatred is as strong as it once was. And if you ever studied history you may conceed that there was reasons for this hatred.
    Having said that i will be cheering against England at the world cup this year, the team from what i see, are a bunch of cunts.

  31. I think this whole saga shows how pointless International football actually is.

    Does anyone actually care? England always disappoint and given the choice I’d support my club over England every day of the week.

    Every one of the England team have disgraced themselves in some way, so balls to them.

  32. They said a gentleman would not shit at his doorstep and John Terry did exactly the opposite, he snare Wayne Bridge’s girl. Well takes two hands to clap so both are bloody hardup case. My advice to John Terry and all those millionaires footballers is do not ever get married because you fellows cannot control your equipment between your thighs and splatter every females you fancy. Just stay single and no scandal or problems will come looking. You are really stupid to get married because girls by the thousand will be pleading for more from you and deep down your heart you people know you cannot be a one woman man at this very virile stage of your life. Stop be idiots !

  33. Galway – Nice town, bit posh for my liking but hey… Anyhow, if you want to talk about history, have a look at the 1st Normans to come to Ireland… Brought there by an Irish king who was exiled for kidnapping another king’s wife. He hired some mercenary Norman knights, (who had just invaded England, by the way, so not English, but French) who had such an easy time getting his kingdom back they thought they’d have a go and were quite successful themselves. So all started by an Irishman, and a Nobleman at that. And before you wheel out the old Cromwell was a murderer nonsense, he made the rules quite plain 1st – raise arms against me and you will die.
    So sorry for being anti-Irish, cos I have some dear Irish friends, but there is a definite anti-English sentiment which is felt by all Irishpeople I have met.

  34. John Terry knows the cost of everything (guided tour of club/wembly box/crappy sun column/) and the value of nothing – His pursuit of wads of cash knows no bounds – This monosyllabic chav is devoid of any class,integrity or dignity – a horrible and unpleasent little man.

  35. bolox – I was talking about more recent history but why not lets just leave it at that, its history.
    there is an anti-english sentiment over here but it is changing and is no where near what it was like 20 years ago!
    just as a helpful hint – do not suggest to any irish person that cromwell was anything other than a murdering bastard. I wasnt there at Drogheda but i am pretty sure thath 2000 odd women and children he killed when his forces stormed the city didnt raise arms against him?


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