Stoke City Are A Complete Disgrace

In 2006, I wrote about About Diaby breaking his leg in a horribly late challenge by Dan Smith of Sunderland. That was a shocking tackle which no-one in the media cared about. I was incensed by how everyone glossed over the whole incident and was in total disbelief that the challenge only resulted in a yellow card.

The first paragraph stated:

“I’ve had time to think about the tackle by Dan Smith on Abou Diaby, who we now know is out for at least 9 months – a devastating time out for a young, promising player who really looked to have got into his stride at Arsenal.”

Unfortunately, not unlike the situation Aaron Ramsey finds himself in.

Then in 2008, I wrote about the horrific ‘tackle’ on Eduardo.

I should really just repeat what I said in the article about Eduardo. To me, the whole situation is a complete disgrace.

Arsene Wenger is completely right. A challenge like that is completely unacceptable.

I am absolutely furious. I am so angry that this has happened again and I am sick and tired of all the bollocks that is spewed out in the aftermath.

As per, the opposing manager comes out with the whole bullshit about how a player isn’t dirty, and it isn’t in his nature. They have the fucking nerve to criticise Arsene Wenger and his comments, despite the fact one of his players has broken his leg! Then, for good measure, you have all these fucking retards who feel sorry for Shawcross, because he fucking cried after making the challenge!

Awww, poor Shawcross, did you hurt your leg breaking Ramsey’s? Don’t make me sick.

I thought Phil Brown was a cunt but Pulis is on another level.

What a fucking joke.

I’ll stand by what I said when Martin Taylor broke Eduardo’s leg.

Teams believe that because we play football a certain way they think they can bully us out of games. Another way to put it is to kick us off the park. The “experts” say it’s not being dirty, but it’s just out-muscling Arsenal.

The fact of the matter is, there’s making a legitimate challenge and then there’s being reckless. Yes, he may not have had the intent to break his leg but the challenge was completely unnecessary and to fly in at that pace (enough to smash someone’s leg) is always going to risk serious injury to the recipient.

I don’t buy this accident bollocks. We all watch football, we all play football and something like Shawcross’s challenge was ridiculous. It infuriates me even more than these football pundits who come out with the classic “he was done by a bit of pace” remark. As if it was comparable to something like leaving the hot water on.

Footballers know what they’re doing, and if they didn’t then surely we would have broken legs every week. Football is a physical game and you know when something is reckless and late, or mistimed. Shawcross swung his leg with so much force that he managed to break Ramsey’s leg, despite the fact he was wearing shin pads.

And the challenge was high.

Before Ramsey got the ball it was played to him on the ground so unless Shawcross’s co-ordination is so bad that he imagined the ball was bouncing in mid-air then it was at the very least reckless. He followed through about a foot off the ground. If he didn’t intend to injure Ramsey he was certainly trying to clatter Ramsey after “winning” the ball.

I guess I’m not making much sense, as I am still devastated about a promising young player who is facing a major setback in his career. If you want more sense, just read my Eduardo article, I had a few days to compose before I wrote that one.

And I’m sure I’ll get slaughtered for labelling Shawcross, Pulis and Stoke City for being a disgrace. But you know what, I couldn’t give a flying fuck.

Aaron Ramsey, I hope you make a speedy recovery and our best wishes go out to you.

I’ll write about Arsenal’s courageous performance and the weekend’s football tomorrow, once I have calmed down.


14 thoughts on “Stoke City Are A Complete Disgrace

  1. it was a sickening tackle. So sickening that those w@nkers sky did not show a replay. Probably becausetheir golden boy shawcross shed a few tears. What he did is wholly unacceptable. He must take full responsibility for what he has done. If you fire a gun and it kills someone then you have committed murder , whether you cry or not is besides the point. Shawcross gave ramsey a double fracture after a completely irresponsible tackle. He should be banned for at least 10 games. Ramsey may lose his leg and may never play again.

    Yes I agree that he has shown some remorse. Bit that won’t fix ramseys leg

  2. if the same thing happens to rooney or gerrard,the serial divers, no fucking expert will say its just mistimed fucking bastards

  3. I think that shawcross should stop playing football and wrok as a servent for Ramsey doing everything for him untill he can play again. this is the fair thing to do.

  4. I think its time the protection goes up. If you break your opponent’s leg….you should be out for as long as the victim is out. This is ridiculous. Ryan Shaw Cross is English but you cant tell me that tackle was accidental.

    Song gets booked for being pulled by Delap, Ramsey gets fouled(floored) by FAYE, Fabregas gets kicked by Whitehead and Nasri gets bumbled by Wilkinson but the ref don make no positive call. It takes Ramsey leg break for the ref to see he is been far too lenient on Stoke.

    Players need more protection – a three game ban is NOT enough for a leg a break like that.Shawcross should be out for as long as RAMBO is out.

  5. Stop the “KICK ARSENAL” campaign before another talented youngster’s career is ended!

    Shawcross may not have intended to break the leg, but he definitely intended to execute his manager’s plan to hurt the opposition! We hear all the comments by the Boltons & Stokes about “how to play Arsenal”. Its only a time before another young player’s leg is broken! FA & Referees should stop this thuggery!

  6. well said! and i think you more than fair in writing this!
    after all its 3 in 5 years now and the how the fuck are we to responed?
    that fat cunt sam introduced this shit(rotational fouling) into the game against the arsenal, now every northern bastard is using the same tatic and its out of control, when will the ref’s see whats going on here?
    i really hope young ramsey is going to be ok, i counldn’t sleep last night because of this shit! sick of being treated like this every time my team takes the field! but my sleepless night dosen’t compare to to that young man’s leg, not in the slightest!
    you know what, i just wish now that we (the arsenal) would create a euro league with other big clubs of europe, so we can actually just play some football, without the threat of another 1 of our players having their leg broke!!!!!!
    and i sincerly wish that, pulis, fat sam, and every other nothern english manager who employ this tatic on our team(or any1 else) gets their legs broken!!!!!!!
    wink wink

  7. You make perfect sense to me. And you have every right to feel emotional. Something needs to be done to stop this before someone’s career is ended prematurely. Let’s just hope it isn’t young Ramsey.

  8. why is everyone saying its 3 leg breaks in 5 years??? its 3 leg breaks in 4 years

    abou diaby – may 2006
    eduardo – feb 2008
    ramsey – feb 2010

    pullis and the stoke fans are an absolute disgrace, pullis on MOD speaking like the challenge was more than exceptable even heard one stoke idiot on the radio saying that after the ramsey challenge that shawcross should be given protection.. Now lets reverse the situation now shall we and say ramsey broke shawcross leg in a horror tackle, how many stoke fans would be sticking up 4 ramsey??? Zero!!! At least we know what the S in stoke stands for, SCUM!!! A PROVEN FACT

  9. Whats done is done. it was horrible seeing another arsenal prospect going through that pain, still feeling really fucking gutted today. and as much as you lot are going to disagree with me, im not bothered. it wasnt a malicious tackle by any means. it was a 50-50 ball to be won. shawcross is a big lad, a lot bulkier than ramsey. yes maybe shawcross when in rather hard but i actually felt sorry for the guy when he was in tears leaving the pitch. that reaction said it all!! surely you can see that!!!? im not condoning the fact that it is a sickening feeling when you see a player like aaron ramsey on the floor howling with pain, but i stand by my word. It was not a blatant prupose fueled tackle by any means. and how can you say the stoke fans are SCUM mick the gunner?!! did you not hear 28,000 people on there feet clapping when ramsey was rushed off to hospital??!! im not saying you lot are wrong for what your thinking because i agree with some of the aspects your saying. i just think that a lot of you are making out that the tackle was purposely done and shawcross should never play again because that is just bollocks, sorry!!

  10. Did you not hear them screaming same old arsenal, always cheating?
    Did you not hear them screaming one leg, he’s only got one leg?
    Boo hoo hoo Shawcross cried, so did the guy who drunk drive and ran a kid over…
    Bloody pc do gooders make me sick!!!

  11. oh fuck off twat, what the fuck has drink driving got to do with this? get your head out your arse. if the fans were cheering that i didnt hear them, an atleast they had the decency to applaud when he was stretchered off! you wouldnt get that at the likes of spuds or chavs. im standing by my word. i didnt write anything on here to get in a pointless argument whose trying to give the billy big bollocks.

  12. It’s been proven Shawcross is a thug who shouldn’t be on the football pitch.

    He broke Francis Jeffer’s leg in a ridiculously over the top challenge, almost broke Adebayor’s ankle and now this.

    You’re right, this fucking cunt is a complete disgrace.

  13. Nate you narrow minded fuck wit it is the same thing. Oh I didn’t mean to hurt you boo hoo hoo. He did mean to hurt him Hes filth and deserves to have nightmares for years. So go eat your vegan salad and hug some trees!!
    You clearly are an arm chair pro evo player and haven’t actually ever kicked a ball!
    If someone done that to a team mate of mine they’d get some back.
    But poor Stoke and poor Shawcross 2 of there fans looked sad. Dick head


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