I F*cking Love Nicklas Bendtner!

Hull City (1) – (2) Arsenal
Arshavin (14′), Bendtner (90+3′)
Kingston Communications Stadium, Hull

I only caught the first half, a bit of the second and the highlights last night, but what a fucking massive result. I’ve said constantly over the last few weeks that I couldn’t care less how we perform, as long as we nick the 3 points.

And Arsenal did that yesterday.

I’ve also said that the form of Bendtner is paramount to whether we win anything this season, and how massive was his injury time goal?

I fucking love it.

I love that we got one over on that idiot Phil Brown, I love that we nicked the 3 points and I love that we won the game despite not being at the top of our game. In the end, that’s a characteristic of champions.

Arshavin scored a lovely goal after 14 minutes, darting passed 2 defenders (slightly fortunately) and finished off the move with aplomb, lashing the ball into the corner with the outside of his boot.

The Hull got lucky, winning a penalty despite the move being offside.

Campbell made contact, and Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink went down. When Sol touched him the ball was actually behind the Dutch striker so a red card would have been very harsh. But obviously that didn’t stop Phil Sunbed moaning that Campbell should have been sent off, because of that tackle in the second half.

Campbell won the ball you Orange twat.

I was amazed that Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen actually backed up Sol Campbell in their post-match analysis on MOTD, both on his yellow card for the penalty and the great tackle in the second half.

There’s hope for Setanta and Sky Sports yet. Maybe.

I notice no-one mentioned that George Boateng should have been sent off for his first ‘eye poke’ on Bendtner, which is surely ‘raising your hands’ and should be a straight red. His second yellow card was also possibly a  straight red, after studding Bacary Sagna high up on his knee.

In the second half with Hull down to 10 men, Arsenal found it hard to get that second and decisive goal. Arshavin and Bendtner had golden opportunities to seal the game after good work from Walcott, and as the full time whistle crept closer and closer you feared that we might drop a vital two points.

But from a good 40 yards out, Denilson pinged a shot which Myhill parried, and like a lightening bolt Nicklas Bendtner scored the rebound.

What a huge goal for Arsenal.

And great praise has to go to Bendtner.

After missing a couple of decent chances, it takes special character to be switched on right until the end. In the 93rd minute, he had the awareness to anticipate the rebound and get in front of the defence and score the winner. Great dedication and thanks to his attitude and application we’re still right in this title race.

When you take everything into account, it was a stunning goal.

The magnitude, the pressure and the finish were all massive.

But we all know the big Dane doesn’t lack confidence, and what a good job he doesn’t! The bottom line is that when required, Bendtner has delivered.

4 down, 8 to go. Next cup tie: West Ham United.


20 thoughts on “I F*cking Love Nicklas Bendtner!

  1. @Goonerful, sorry to be picky but Cup tournament games are “cup ties” while League fixtures are called League fixtures.

  2. @00.

    A league fixture can still be a cup tie but a cup tie is never a league fixture.

    You can have tie fixtures (rare) or league cup (popular). Cup fixtures is ok but tie league is not used at all really.

    Now a cup league is sometimes used when comparing clubs achievements. Fixture tie is void as is fixture cup. League tie is more likely to be worn than mentioned unless playing in Europe.

  3. @willow

    What about Derby games? Do Derby have to play in each one?

    What about Phil Brown’s lovely *GOLDEN* tie? Is it in a league of its own?

  4. Bendtner may be a cocky prick, but he’s OUR cocky prick and at this point in time I’d physically fight in defence of him.

  5. Nikki being cocky is what helps him I think, if he wasn’t the way he was he never would have bounced back after Burnley. Plus Edu is short on confidence right now and you can tell, misses can’t keep our big Dane down. That’s what I have always loved about Nikki. YAY FOR BEING A COCKY PRETTY BOY!! LOL

  6. @ 00

    I don’t think it’s not about what can or cannot be technically referred to as a “tie”, I’m pretty the referrence was about the old cliche of “every game being a cup tie” from now on. Therefore our next league game is our next proverbial cup tie!

  7. instead of b52 if you had another more talented stricker we should not wait the extra time to score the winning goal it should have been scored earlier. what a wastefull striker. losses to many good passes and always complecate a pass. never do easy pass.

  8. I think this is great, posts like this:

    A month ago you would never has seen this type of post in any shape or form (I’m not singling out this Blog by the way).
    The boy was being lambasted from all corners of the emirates just a very short time ago, It worries me the actual level of football knowledge of some Arsenal supporters, as they all seem to have forgotten how well he was playing before he got injured @ the start of the season.
    Don’t get me wrong he’s not the most talented forward we have ever had @ the club & could do with improving his finishing.
    But the boy has a lot of balls & mussel + he’s the only asset we have in the air in a forward position @ the club, & he’s a real team player too something we have been missing in spades for a lot of years now @ my club, so come-on get on the boy ALL OF YOU please!!!

  9. By the way Phil “why do I not like Orange” Brown has been sacked!!!

    It’s good to know that Arsenal provided the final nail in the coffin!

  10. Hi Lee, thanks for your post.

    Actually, on February 21st I wrote:

    “Bendtner’s form is paramount to whether we win anything this season. We don’t have Van Persie and we know playing Arshavin or Eduardo as the target man doesn’t work. Bendtner didn’t have his shooting boots on yesterday but hopefully that will come with more starts – his goal yesterday would have done him the world of good.”

    Article [click here]

    And on the 11th February:

    “Then the others against Birmingham City, Wigan Athletic and Blackburn Rovers will be fights, make no mistake about it. Whether we can withstand their physical tactics will decide how our season will pan out. They will try to bully us and the form of Nicklas Bendtner could determine where we end up in the league. He looked decent last night against Liverpool and our form of late proves that without a target man then we’re toothless. If Bendtner puts himself about and allows players like Rosicky, Arshavin and Nasri to play then we’ve got a chance. The fitness of Diaby is also important as he has the physical presence and has a knack of scoring important goals.

    “In my eyes, the only chance we have of pushing right to the end is if Bendtner stays fit for the rest of the season and starts every week.”

    Article [click here]

    I haven’t knocked Bendtner or his performances since he’s come back from injury. He’s vital to whether we win anything, I said it back then and I say it now. And as I thought, he’s delivered.

  11. Seems I owe you an apology & you obviously DON’T fall into the less then knowledgeable category of gooners that are around, I’ll read you’re blog more in future, cos you have to love the Bendtner ……….


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