Should Arsenal Sell Cesc Fabregas?

It’s the same old story every summer.

Will he, won’t he? I’m sure every Arsenal fan is sick to death about the same old rigmarole every single year.

The major difference with Arsenal (and we always have to be different don’t we?) is that the player in question has behaved impeccably. Cesc Fabregas is a sensational footballer, one of the brightest talents in world football. Yet he has always said the right things, respected Arsenal and never – publicly at least – tried to force a move away from Arsenal.

And that leads to a very strange and unique situation – Arsenal fans actually want him to leave. With any other football club they would be desperate to keep on of their prize assets. But the Arsenal fans know that for the last 7 seasons, we have failed him.

Every time he has put on the Arsenal shirt he has given 110% and been consistently our best player, by a country mile. Yet season after season we have  brought in players which are not up to standard. What other Top Four team would capitulate in such spectacular fashion after being 4-0 against Newcastle United? What other top team would concede a last minute goal in such a ridiculous manner like Arsenal did against Birmingham City in the Carling Cup Final?

This Arsenal team has proved to lacking in key areas year after year.

And yet, despite being one of the best midfielders in football today, his market value is severely reduced because every man and his dog knows that he will only go to Barcelona. Ideally we could get Europe’s top clubs to bid for his talents but that will never be the case here, unless Manchester City decide to make things interesting, which is hugely unlikely.

So the figure touted is around £35/£40 million.

The argument for selling Fabregas would be to rebuild the side but we’d need a figure close to £65/£70 million to do that. And when you consider Cristiano Ronaldo was £80 million and Kaka, who has failed spectacularly at Real was around £55 million then you see how ridiculous £35 million for Cesc really is.

So this summer it will be a case of Arsenal keeping an unhappy Cesc and scraping fourth place in the league again next season.


4 thoughts on “Should Arsenal Sell Cesc Fabregas?

  1. Its time to let the young man go,trying to hold on to him will unsettle the club.sell and look for an experienced creative midfielder before the window wenger

  2. as much as it pains to see him go, I think that Arsenal selling for the sake of selling is unacceptable…financially we are doing better than the other big clubs in England,why do we need to sell our main star player and club captain?To me, the ball is in Arsenal’s court,not Barcelona’s. If they sticked to their stance like last season, Fabregas will get on with the job at hand, being Captain at Arsenal and giving 110% every single game. After the shambles that was last season, the last thing we need is our captain leaving, adding to the possibility of Nasri leaving and where does that leave us as title contenders??

    It really saddens me to always see season after season a protracted transfer saga where our big players leave (Henry, Overmars, Vieria, Petit and to a lesser extent Hleb and Flamini) and not one big signing coming in….as a supporter of Arsenal Football Club for the last 11 years, I have never been this disheartened and the ‘In Arsene We Trust’ phrase is beginning to wear off on my faith in the manager and the club

  3. it would be time to let him go… if barca offered an amount which represented his true value. Barca are taking the PISS! Cesc is worth at least £50 MILLION. He is the best midfielder in the league, he is the captain of a top side and is only 24. Why are we selling to barca? If cesc wants to go we sell to the highest bidder! David Villa cost them £35 million, ibrahimovich even more. If you want something, especially when other people also want it, you have to pay higher than you would normally like. If arsenal are going to negotiate with only one club then cesc’s price can not really rise.
    F@ck the gentlemans code. Cesc done alot for us but we made him who he is whilst paying him £100,000 a week. There should be no gentlemans agreement to sell him back to barca. Football (nowadays) is strictly business and if we have to sell our prize asset we will sell to the highest bidder to reinvest back into the club.

  4. The Bear has said very little about the prospects of possible signings and departures at Arsenal. Still very disappointed that most of his predicts for the last season has come to pass and would have preferred the very opposite.

    Should they – meaning Cesc, Nasri and Clichy – stay or should they go. One thing we all know for certain from our own personal experiences is that, the moment we become unsettled and start to entertain thoughts of pastures new, we will forever be uncomfortable in our present environment. Our commitment will always be judged as half hearted. Unsettled employees always prove disruptive and some even have been known to start a mini revolution. I am not saying by this that these lads are guilty of such.

    One would hope to club has sat these players down and calmly discuss their futures. If it’s their desire to go, Arsenal should seek to get the best deals for the club. Now that might mean the player not having their first choice as to the club/s they wish to move on to. End off. Arsenal should not waste further time playing hardball with the player. But, ask them to start packing their bags and wait to hear where there next destination is. Libya or wherever!
    Take the money, find a better replacement and move on. No player is irreplaceable today. There is a warm bench at “Real Mad” awaiting some blighter this season???


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