The Arsenal Unachievable’s – The End Of An Era

What a sad day for Arsenal.

On Monday Arsenal officially lost their captain Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, and yesterday even worse news, we lost our charismatic and popular utility man Emmanuel Eboue to Galatasaray.

This summer we’ve also lost Denilson to Sao Paulo and Carlos Vela to Real Sociedad to year long loans, and it looks like Bendtner is on his way out. And we also know about Samir Nasri and his infamous Tweets.

The end of an era?

Arsene Wenger is now onto his next generation Arsenal team and will they be able to achieve as much as the last set of players?

And don’t forget we’ve had other Arsenal legends leave during that time as well, including Jose Antonio Reyes, Julio Baptista, Mikael Silvestre, Amaury Bischoff, Mathieu Flamini, Jeremie Aliadiere and Philippe Senderos. They all will be truly missed.

Just like when the last member of The Invincibles left Arsenal, I am deeply upset same fate has befallen The Unachievable’s.

But players come and go, and Arsenal must stay strong. And remember we have managed to keep hold of the best player from all of those mentioned above, the man who will lead this next Arsenal side to unprecedented glory. That’s right, we still have Manuel Almunia.


4 thoughts on “The Arsenal Unachievable’s – The End Of An Era

  1. It’s embarrassing that the team u put up there would have beaten Udinese easily and they one we put out last night barely managed to do that.

  2. One of the problems at our beloved club is that Wenger seems beyond accountability. Some people see him as a ‘Guru’ and support him whatever. That defies pragmatic reality. He has been our greatest manager ever and I love what he HAS done for us, but I do not like what he IS DOING for us. He’s playing ‘backs aginst the wall Hero, when we should be leading from the front. There is lots of generalised nonsense about player prices and wages. What do Cahill, Samba, Mata, Hazard, Jadson etc earn at their respective clubs…not as much as they would earn here. Plus their transfer fees are easily within our reach. There is so much bollocks put around about how difficult things are to get players. NEEDS MUST. WE need players…absolute fact. Whoever denies that does not care about this club. We were lucky against Udinese, looked powder puff against Newcastle. What is happening here at the ‘Pampers Stadium’ is criminal.

  3. Don’t know why you include Gilberto, Toure and Clichy who are all Invincibles. In my opinion and this is pure speculation, I don’t think we have had the transfer money claimed and we are covering up, as if we don’t qualify for the Champions League group stages we stand to miss out on over £20 million in revenue. What I don’t understand if it is true is how we can allow Barcelona to pay only 50% upfront on such a deal, is this not handing them another advantage??? Wenger needs to be released from his detailed involvement in the transfer dealings and just tell the board his list of priorities and let them get on with it, so he can concentrate on our defensive weaknesses.


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