Finally, This Whole Nasri Saga Is Almost Over

At last, the Samir Nasri saga is almost over.

Almost as frustrating the Cesc Fabregas transfer to Barcelona, Nasri’s refusal to sign a new contract has alienated himself from the Arsenal fans, and finally, it looks like his move to Manchester City will be completed soon.

His strange behaviour on Twitter, which started on Monday where he stated:

“I heard what the fans were singing about me on saturday and it is really disrespectful because i’m still a arsenal player.” 

He then congratulated Cesc on his move to Barca, which was fair enough:

“Congratulation to my mate i will miss you world class player and top men.” 

But then yesterday things got a little hairy, and it was speculated that Nasri had declared his disgust at the Arsenal fans and his move to Manchester City on his Facebook page. Again using Twitter, Nasri tweeted:

“Just to make things clear i dont have a facebook so i never said i was leaving with bitterness the guy who said that use a fake account.”

In what has been one of the more strange transfer stories of the summer, Nasri should probably use Twitter and social media as much as Joey Barton.

Now it looks like he’s finally going, I’m not sure how to end this post. Obviously, I wished Cesc all the best for what he had done for the club, and even gave a touching tribute to The Unachievable’s, but how do I feel about Samir Nasri?

Unlike most Arsenal supporters I suspect, I never really read much into his refusal to sign a new deal. Over the years I’ve learnt to pretty much ignore all transfer speculation involving Arsenal because about 90% of it is completely made up. I find it quite hilarious how many players we’re linked with over the summer and January transfer windows and how many Arsenal fans actually believe the hype. We should all know how Arsene does (and doesn’t) spend his money by now.

Anyway, back to Samir. Coming from Marseille and being a right-footed winger who mainly played on the left, obvious comparisons were made to Bobby. His form over his first two seasons wasn’t anything special (a la Bobby) and it was last season when he really came into his own. In Cesc’s absence, he relished the central role and his performances were far more consistent. He scored some really beautiful goals, including that wonder goal against FC Porto in the Champions League.

And with Cesc’s homecoming more and more likely, Nasri would have been the perfect candidate to replace him. So in a sense it’s a really shame it has come to this.

His antics off the pitch should not take away from the fact that Arsenal are losing a talented and important player. That is why it is imperative that Arsene spends money on quality and brings in experience to the club. We have lost Fabregas and soon Nasri, and at least some of that needs to be invested back into the team.

I wouldn’t begrudge Arsene if he kept most of it but if he doesn’t bring in at least one creative player who will help our season then that would be unforgivable.

Don’t ruin this early season optimism I have Arsene!


8 thoughts on “Finally, This Whole Nasri Saga Is Almost Over

  1. Fair blog until I got to the last sentence with the word optimism in.Two games in and I have seen nothing to give me optimism,in fact quite the opposite,we have been appalling and as I heard a fan say yesterday quite possibly the worst Arsenal team in 25/30 years….

  2. Firstly, if it is almost over, it means it isn’t over yet. Secondly, Yozza, whomever you were listening to yesterday doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. As a gooner for over 50 years I can assure you this team may not be as good as those of the past ten years or so, but is easily better than most teams before that.

    Optimistic, oh yes. My future is red and rosy.

  3. i’ve been a supporter for the last 25 years and this is the first season for about ten years that i have felt that we are going to struggle, as for the midfield role give it to arshavin let him play where he plays for russia. He gets the assists and he can score also he won’t be heavily relied on to do defencive duties.

  4. @DC…yes you had probably got your scarf ready for the Champions league Final and the FA cup final let alone the open top bus parade to celebrate us winning the league last season…..Delusional like our Manager,you probably will come back with”judge us in May”,seem to remember AW saying that,I did,we won f..k all,just like we won’t this season!What a load of rubbish this team is better than most,you are obviously suffering from Dementia,did you not watch the Arsenal win at Anfield in 1989,did you not watch Arsenal in numerous cup finals in the 1970s…if you think this side will anything you are obviously watching a different side to me….

  5. You better get over this “Nasri saga” quick. Coz the next one will just be round the corner. Two seasons running players have been tempted away … of course City want them … that’s why they’ll all be first team regulars … perish the thought that there’s an attempt to destabilize Arsenal. Such a ridiculous suggestion. Anyhow I say we go get Joey B, play him against City so that they end up with half their team banned or suspended … gotta be worth opening the wallet for. Nice to see Arsenal winning 1 – 0 once again btw. Tough for Wenger tho – his “supporters” will be fed up with him for not winning in style and his detractors will cite a game that we did nt play particularly well in and might have lost.

  6. @Gerardo. The thing about not playing well and winning is that it is assuming that the team underperformed compared to what they usually produce. What I saw was a team that probably played close to its maximum ability but was just poor.

  7. @YOZZA

    Okay, I was with you until you said the worst team in 25/30 years, that is complete rubbish! The 80’s and 90’s had very turbulent seasons so can’t agree with you there.


    He seems like he’s lost his spark though, not sure what’s up with him. Maybe a positional change might kick start his Arsenal career, who knows.


    You mean like Abebayor, and Toure…

  8. YOZZA,
    1) you say “did you not watch the Arsenal win at Anfield in 1989,did you not watch Arsenal in numerous cup finals in the 1970s” but clearly you didn’t see the team in the 70s-80s. If you had, you’d understand that this squad would have to get a fair bit worse to get that poor.
    2) “Optimism” doesn’t mean winning silverware (which does show you as a new supporter).


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