Final Table Prediction – Arsenal Finish 5th?!

With the race for the Champions League spots heating up after this weekends games, I thought I’d throw my 2 cents worth and try to predict the final table (well, the 3rd, 4th and 5th positions as that’s all we Arsenal fans actually care about!)

Below are the remaining fixtures for Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham with the predicted results and final positions:


Manchester United (H) 2-2 (Draw)
QPR (A) 1-2 (Win)
Wigan (H) 2-1 (Win)
Newcastle (A) 1-1 (Draw)

Final Total: 71 points


Swansea (H) 2-1 (Win)
Manchester United (A) 2-2 (Draw)
Tottenham (H) 2-2 (Draw)
Aston Villa (A) 1-2 (Win)
Everton (H) 2-0 (Win)

Final Total: 73 points


Wigan (A) 2-3 (Win)
Southampton (H) 3-0 (Win)
Chelsea (A) 2-2 (Draw)
Stoke (A) 1-1 (Draw)
Sunderland (H) 2-1 (Win)

Final Total: 72 points

To my horror, the results I predicted for the final games of the season would place Arsenal in 5th place at the end of the season:

Position | Team | Points | Goal Difference

3. Chelsea | 73 | 35
4. Tottenham | 72 | 22
5. Arsenal | 71 | 32

Missing out on the Champions League spot by a single point.

Hopefully I’m wrong somewhere and we do finish in the Top Four!

What are your final Premier League table predictions? 

Will Arsenal make the Top Four?


13 thoughts on “Final Table Prediction – Arsenal Finish 5th?!

  1. It seems that you like to predict results as 2-1, either way =)
    I personally think we might lose to United but should beat Newcastle…
    I also kind of believe that Sunderland won’t be pushovers for Tottenham and could snatch a draw

  2. Top four should not be considered a success, when a club of our stature should be aiming for the league and champions league. I can’t wait for the AGM at the end of this season. I;m hoping the fans who get to attend can really drill the board and manager on the critical issues that concern the arsenal community, such as why we have continued to sell our best players year on year, and why a club of our size is considered top four contenders. What was the point of investing in all these state of the art facilities if the team has continued to move backward in many respects.

  3. All you have basically done is is have all three teams draw 2 and wining the remaining games.
    Chelsea i think are more likely to drop more points than us with games against Utd and spurs. Not sure why you think chelsea wont lose between now and the end of the season?!?
    4th is where i think we will finish with spurs 3rd and chelsea 5th.
    You never know, city may just implode…….How satisfying would that be??

  4. If Arsenal fail to get 4th,Wenger,with the greatest of respect,better go.He has been given extratiem compared to other managers.
    Tactically he wants his players to dance and walk the ball into goal. This is despite the fact the gunners have ten players confronting them.
    Sunderland scored with their striker running at defenders.Arsene prefers to pass and pass ,dear me a thousand times.We all know what hapened.
    Try asking Messi,Ronaldo,the ugly bulldog,RVP to score with ten players in front.

  5. I don’t think Tottenham will win any of their last 3 matches,its safe 2 say Chelsea will win Tottenham while they will draw with stoke & Sunderland.Chelsea will win Swansea,Aston villa & Everton and draw with Man U & Tottenham.Arsenal on d oda hand will draw with Man U but win all their remaining 3 matches with QPR,Wigan & Newcastle.Arsenal will finish in d top 4!

  6. Largely agree, but I think that Chelsea might beat Spurs, United might beat Chelsea (okay, they’ve already won the title but I still don’t see Chelsea getting a result at Old Trafford) and we might beat Newcastle. As pointed out above, I’d also fancy the Di Canio effect to possibly get Sunderland a draw against Spurs. Then again, United might beat us and Wigan are no pushover at this time of year.

  7. I’m not confident over any of our last 4 games sadly.

    We’re hanging in there by our fingernails, but I expect no remorse from Man Utd even if they clinch the title tonight. I’d be surprised if we win, but might claim a draw.

    Redknapp would love to take points off Arsenal, as there’s still some bitterness evident. Despite QPR going down with a whimper, he’d take great delight in stopping Arsenal claiming a top 4 position.

    Wigan can’t be taken lightly, and Newcastle at St James Park is a tricky final day fixture, whilst I couldn’t see Chelsea or Spurs dropping points at home to Everton or Sunderland.

    After Man City’s implosion yesterday, if Spurs beat Wigan, they’ve as good as claimed one of the positions I fear.

    There’s hope in that Chelsea and Spurs face each other and Chelsea also have to face Man Utd at OT, but I fear we’ll drop points against Man Utd and Newcastle, and we’ll make hard work of QPR and Wigan. It’s going to be nail biting, just have to hope we can make one final push.

    Whatever happens, some serious business needs to be done this Summer *deja vu*

  8. A factor you have forgotten is the fact that Chelsea will have to play 4 times in eight days,it will undoubtedly have a massive impact on the whole situation plus the fact that Manure will probably have a massive hangover after having won the championship tonight.No team i can remember have ever played with the same swagger after they have secured their championship,it will be massive advantage Arsenal,united will be missing a lot of 50/50 tackles,for them it will be a glorified testimonial for us life or death.

  9. I think you are way off the mark!
    Expect 10 from 12 for Arsenal and the 4th spot will go to who ever wins between Chelsea and Spuds.


  10. it doesn’t matter how hard a games is, if the team wants it enough we can win all four of our last games, Bradford made it to the league cup final because they wanted it more than every team they played, u negative supporters either stand up and support your team or fuck off down to the dark side of north london


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