5 Massive Reasons Why Rooney, Fellaini & Higuain Won’t Join Arsenal

I’ve mentioned previously that Arsenal fans won’t know who we’ve signed (generally) until it actually happens. Who knew Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud were going to join last summer? And we knew about Lukas Podolski early but once the deal was virtually done.

So that’s one reason why the recent rumours of Rooney, Fellaini at al won’t come to fruition. If we were going to get them it would have been signed, sealed and delivered a long time ago. Arsenal are generally well know for their high level of secrecy when it comes to transfers so the first we would have heard of it would have been once they had officially joined.

Another reason is that we know newspapers, agents and other related sources simply put out these rumours to engineer a move away from their clubs. There’s no doubt Rooney, Fellaini, Higuain and Jovetic are trying to make sure that they won’t be playing at their current clubs next season, but it won’t be for us either. Linking them to Arsenal is an easy story (especially with their new found “war chest”) and this is all designed to put all of the other clubs on alert that they are available for a price. It would be predictable to see 2 or 3 of the aforementioned players to join Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea or any other big clubs with money to spend.

Then we have the issue of our wage structure.

Theo Walcott was famously made our highest paid player as recently as January, after signing a new deal worth £100,000 per week. Our two best players that have departed over the last few seasons were Cesc Fabregas (who was reported to be on £80,000 per week and then £110,000 a week) and Robin van Persie, who was apparently on £90,000 per week.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and even Totteham Hotspur are paying more on individual player salaries per week. Despite the claims from Ivan Gazidis that we are capable of paying wages of over £200,000 per week, it is hugely unlikely we will do that with Arsene in charge. His philosophy is to reward young players with improved deals and bringing someone in on £200,000 a week (double what Theo is on) would, to Arsene anyway, cause problems in the dressing room.

Then we have our “appeal” to players.

It would be fair to say that of the 4 clubs in the Premier League playing in the Champions League next season (if we qualify) we are the least likely to win any honours, and (as mentioned) we have our wage structure.

In a modern game where money and trophies are king, we are distinctly second best.

Chelsea under Ranieri and Manchester City under Mancini show that players are willing to join a club that aren’t favourites to win the major trophies but happy to pocket obscene amounts of money in their weekly pay packet. Last season the Manchester City players couldn’t care less about winning anything, hence why they were so far behind Manchester United in the title race and lost to Wigan in the FA Cup final.

And finally, the biggest reason why these players won’t join Arsenal.

When it comes to the transfer market, Arsenal are notoriously tight-fisted when it comes to negotiating deals and “attempting” to buy players. This, coupled with the fact that once these failed bids become public (and other teams know we’re after specific players) then we don’t just lose out on the player, they end up joining one of our rivals.

We all remember the “derisory” bid we put in for Gary Cahill only 2 summers ago. We offered £6 million, Bolton publicly turned it down (as well as call us out in the process) and he ended up joining Chelsea for wait for it… £7 million. Granted it was in the January Transfer Window but you can’t deny that one or two more million on the £6 million we refused to increase our bid on wouldn’t have secured his signature?

Then we had a bid turned down by Valencia for Juan Mata, only for Chelsea to yet again purchase a player we were interested in.

We also had a bid rejected for Phil Jagielka by cash-strapped Everton in 2011 as well.

There are reports that we are unwilling to increase a bid for Fellaini (although I don’t believe we’re actually in for him anyway) and regardless of whether it is true or not, it’s clear that another big club (that will have more money than us) will come along and sign him up.

We are far too indecisive in the transfer market to bring one of these big name players. We are given a multitude of reasons why these deals are taking their time (with Rooney, Fellaini and Higuain in particular) but the fact of the matter is it’s taking time because they’re not coming.

Arsenal aren’t stupid – they know what the players are worth and how much the selling club want. If we really wanted these players we would have paid the asking price (or negotiated and agreed a fee in private) and had the deals done and dusted. But it seems we’re haggling over a few million, playing hardball and are destined to miss out on them once again (that’s even if we are in for them in the first place).


47 thoughts on “5 Massive Reasons Why Rooney, Fellaini & Higuain Won’t Join Arsenal

    • Guy pls tell them this truth bcos it has turn to our (arsenal)epidemic disease that does not have a cure.i’m tired of it

  1. unless AW stops this “penny wise and pound foolish attitude” we will end up with more chamakhs, parks and squillacis. What a waste of money and time they have been, all of which could have been spent on someone useful…Spend some money…Atleast the fans shouldnt renew their tickets unless they see some solid signings this season, else it will be another year of how we are punching above our weight…how we have been in the CL for 16 yrs and how this is all for our own good(long term good that is)

    • Why don’t you support the Spu*s then … it’s sickening to see how dumb people are in doing the Maths and to be able to JUSTIFY money spend on a player.
      Yes there are big names, so was Torres before he went to Chelsky !
      You want AW spend 30M or more on one player that becomes a flop like Torres ?
      Think, think again !

      • hahahaha…typical AKB, arent you? .I have supported this club for 16 years(since i first started watching premier league) and dont need guidance about whom to support. I am asking for proper signings, not big name signings.Every year we have been short of 1/2 class players who could have delivered us bucketloads of trophies, but AW has
        not spent that extra 1-2 million to land us proper players and went for cheap ones.Hence no trophies for the last 8 years….Hope you are happy with that..Not every 30mill player is a flop like Torres. Its a manager who can bring out the best in a player.So the problem is partly with chelsea too.

  2. Oh boy, you’re a cheer germ aren’t you. Bet you take uppers every day. Glad I don’t share any of my waking hours with one so very positive about his club!!

  3. Though I can’t knock the logic behind this piece, there seems to be a shift in the mindset of the board and wenger this time out; only time will tell and we’ll see in another few weeks.

    • Once silly season starts then people tend to get carried away. The number of players we’ve been linked with already is ridiculous and it’s not even July yet.

      I am not saying we won’t sign any players, just that I would be extremely surprised if they were “superstars” as Arsene has never purchased a massive name. The biggest player we’ve bought in the last 20 years was Dennis Bergkamp and he was a Bruce Rioch/David Dein signing.

  4. The article fits for Fellaini, but that one we wouldn’t want to have for 25M, that money can buy us two other solid internationals in same position, there are lots of options (and AW knows that). Rooney, it’s a plain stupid media hype, used perfectly by AW as a smokescreen to disguise from other potential signings.
    Higuian, well, he will come to Arsenal, wait and see.

  5. This is a post with an aura of negativity,even though u have stated some true facts I still refuse to swallow all u have said hook,line and sinker…U might be saying this not just to get too disapointed when nothing eventually happens @ the end of the trasnfer period,If u wanna support this club,support with maximum optimism….

    • Possibly, but we’ve had 8 seasons without a trophy so after a while it is hard to buy the “spin” that we can genuinely compete.

      By the same token, I still believe that under the circumstances we’ve been under financially over the last 7/8 years, no-one could have done a better job than Arsene Wenger. I have no doubt that if we had anyone else managing the club over the last 8 seasons, we would have missed out on a Champions League spot in that time.

      And not all of my posts are negative, only the other day I predicted (somewhat optimistically) that we would finish 2nd next season 🙂


  7. Wenger also refused to pay the£10 million for Samba or £8Million for Scottie Parker, who would have become a real liability from this season and as for Cahill I think he did rather well waiting for Mertasaker You gotta visit the swings as well as the roundabouts.

  8. It’s so annoying and repulsive that I read this post in the first place. How many times has Arsenal ever announced ever being in pursuit of a player before? Get real. You don’t just go about reacting or posting stuff that has no official backing as facts. Bet you got yourself 5 massive reasons to deArsenalize yourself. The club won’t miss you as they don’t even know you at all in the “first place”.

  9. You say Arsenal are known for their secrecy then u mention about 4 transfers that didn’t go through but we knew about? I think the secrecy part is myth to be honest. Whenever we signed or tried to sign a relatively known player there was no secrecy in it, Arshavin,Nasri, podolski, giroud even chamakh had been Rumours before becoming official. The secrecy part only occurs when we go for unknown players because basically no one cares. For example Koscielny turned out great but do you really think there was some journo trying to break a story of Arsenal buying a center back from France’s ligue 2?

  10. Hugain is our main target, others is jus a publicity stunt. We cannot compete wit other big clubs financially bt we can buy players who can truly help d arsenal cause nt rebels lik nasir,toure,adabayor e.t.c

      • Juventus might be a big club in Italy but have you read all the players the been linked with. They are all strikers and most have been linked with Arsenal jovetic, huiguain plus they haven’t got the money that Arsenal have to out bid us.

  11. Everybody is entitle to his or her opinor and that is yours. AW is not a fool he knows it that he must win something next season. There is enough money now to enter into contract with those players u mentioned. Watch it by the time transfer window open fully on July 1st atleast 2 of d mentioned players will be joining Arsenal.

  12. Well said. We will remain trophyless, if arsene and d board keep waitin 4 d crumbs 4rm d transfer market. Mata, hazard, were once linked with arsenal but our idea of keepin a stupid wage bill under check made us end up with idiots like; andre-santos, chamakh, gervinho, park and king bendtner. Wenger wake up, cos futbal has gone past d age of developin ur own talents. Take a cue 4rm Chelsea, dy av won d ucl, epl, fa cup, and europa since d last tym we smelt a trophy bcos they bcame big spenders. Wenger, wake up!

  13. prof should nt spend stupidily atlist get some useful players b among d trophy contendance in place of right fullback. point man.defensive midfielder. defender we need trophies papa winger d prof pls

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  15. Your articles are depressing and I have developed a strong dislike for your website. Its seems as though you like to suck the optimism out of our fans when he have reason to be hopeful. I have reason to believe that the author of this article may be a Spuds fan.

    • As I’ve already mentioned in a previous reply, a couple of days ago I predicted (optimistically) that Arsenal would finish second in the league next season.

      I am optimistic but realise that agents and footballers all have hidden agendas and one respected journalist talked about the “rule of three” when it comes to transfer speculation. You have one football club that is genuinely interested in purchasing the player, another club that the player actually wants to join and then another which is pure fiction, designed to create a bidding war. And with the Higuain rumours, it seems to be the same story here.

      As for the last comment, I will not dignify that with a response.

  16. A lot of dillusional Arsenal fans out there.

    We’ve got 8 seasons without winning anything! Has that completely slipped your mind?

    A lot of AKB’s are in complete denial.

  17. I can see all points of view,but you carn’t get away from the truth,and the truth is
    the clubs above us in the Premier Division, all splash the cash,and keep their
    supporters happy,the reason for this is,the owners of these clubs aren’t bothered
    about making big profits,it’s their play thing, unlike Arsenal,and Arsene Wenger
    who’s top priority is making money,and keeping owners and shareholders happy
    and F..K THE SUPPORTERS, and that seems to be their attitude. One day they will realise, for a big club like Arsenal 4th position is “FAILURE NOT SUCCESS”
    and also remember, the most important thing about a football club is,

    • True, we are not the owners or shareholders. Why the hell should we care to put money into their pockets. What we want is to put money into the transfer funds to buy the proven winners to make our team better. We’re not in the red like Chelsea or City. So why the stupid wage structure and “buy kids” or “has-been” policy?

    • The true function of the Arsenal supporters are to make the shareholders richer by paying exorbitant amount for season tickets watching sub-standard performances week in week out. They don’t give a shit about us.

  18. Well, I think the writer hit the mark there with this article. The truth hurts ain’t it? Arsenal is now a selling club and we’re here to make up the numbers for the CL spots. But now, we don’t even have stars worth selling > 20mil for.

    They keep talking about this “war chest” thingie but that don’t mean crap because either they aren’t willing to bid for the real value for these stars or they won’t come to us. The wage structure is pointless. We gotta pay these stars what they’re worth. For instance Rooney won’t come over for 200grand/week when he’s getting 250grand playing for the Champions right now. He’ll be stuck in mediocrity and earning less. Let’s face it, Arsenal is never gonna win the EPL with a squad like this.

    It pains me to see Arsenal waste money buying a bus load of kids and has-beens every year. It pains me to see our league target gets downgraded from league winners once to top two,, to top 4 (CL sopt). What’s next? Top 6 (Europa)? What’s after that? Mid table mediocrity? Don’t get our ass relegated?

    The problem is Wenger and the Board. Period. Those sticking to our wage policy and sub-standard purchases are living in denial.

    Seriously, could you blame our stars who left us for greener pastures? They were winning nothing and getting peanuts.!!!! In the modern world of football, there is a dollar value for “class”. And even if we do have potentials within our ranks, we need to surround them with class and proven winners so that potential could be realized. The squad does not have a winner’s mentality. The only kick we get nowadays are occasionally doing over our big rivals once in a while.

    So the real question is what is our ambition? Move up to Premiership contenders or descend to mid table mediocrity? Because the current way of doing things is definitely dragging us down.

    • I hope Arsenal bosses are not planning to build second Titanic and even if they want to build one it will require money…….

      • Haha…!!!! Titanic. Good one. Well, the way we’re going, we’ll go off the top 4 in a few years and to mid table for a few more years till a billionaire comes in to buy out the owners.

        If we’re gonna go down the sugar daddy route, might as well an Arab sugar daddy. They’ve got billions to spare. Local tycoons, Russians and Asian ones don’t have deep enough pockets. American ones would just slap you with more debt and think only of profit maximization.

        It’s a tough choice. Persevere with the current setup and we’ll definitely slide down.

        To my opinion, the best way is like Barcelona or RM. No single or group of billionaire owners. The fans own it. In our case, the fans worldwide should own limited shares of the club, run by the Board elected by us, the fans.

    • Thank you for making some good points.

      The big question is what’s the answer? We already pay the highest ticket prices in the country (and I’m sure the UK), we’ve got our new stadium and yet we can’t compete financially. Do we sell our soul to the devil and let an oil tycoon come in and use us as our play thing?

      I’m not sure what the answer is.

      The money in football is obscene and on the resources Arsene has at his disposal, for me he has done miracles. The argument is that we could end up like Leeds United.

  19. Arsenal is a business first, football club second.

    We pay the highest prices in the country, have one of the highest wage bills in the country, yet never seriously challenge for honours. We don’t spend not because it will put the future of the club in doubt, but because we’re lining the pockets of all the shareholders.


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