Gonzalo Higuain Move On The Rocks


It seems like a done deal that Arsenal have signed Gonzalo Higuain. If reports are to be believed, then we have smashed our transfer record of £16 million (previously set by Andrei Arshavin, or Jose Antonio Reyes) by a mile, apparently agreeing a £22 million fee with Real Madrid for the Argentine’s services.

We’ve also in the process made him our highest paid player, comfortably beating Theo Walcott’s wage of £100,000 per week, after reportedly offering to pay Higuain £130,000 a week.

There is no doubt that Higuain is a fantastic player. His goalscoring record is excellent and he is only 25 years old. It would make sense for Arsene to buy him, which makes it easy for the media to put two and two together. His age, his ability and goalscoring talents are all excellent attributes to have and something which Arsenal badly need.

On top of that, he has experience of winning things, having won La Liga 3 times and the Copa del Rey.

And his arrival would be that perfect marquee signing everyone wants. It would signal our intentions for the coming season and tell other players we might want to sign that we mean business.

But how much of a done deal is it?

Maybe I’m just being pessimistic because over the last few years we’ve brought in players like Gervinho, Sebastian Squillaci, Marouane Chamakh and Andre Santos who are signings we’ve spent half-decent money on (either through transfer fees or wages) and in the past we’ve been linked with big name players (and some cases the “deal has been done”) yet they were just hot air and rumours.

I mean, if you visit one particular website (I’m not going to mention it here and you will all know which one I am talking about) in the past we’ve had “done deals” for players such as Stevan Jovetic, Yohan Cabaye, Ashley Williams, Wayne Rooney, David Villa, Marouane Fellaini, Julio Cesar and Yaya Sanogo if stories are to believed.

And the problem now is even the reputable “sources” can get things wrong, especially during silly season.

I would love it if Higuain joined us. He’s not in the A List category (a la Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, etc.) but he is comfortably in the next tier of excellent players, in the same league as Tevez, Mata and Van Persie. He is definitely a player that would make a massive impact with us next season.

When will it be confirmed? Is there any real substance to the story? Surely only Higuain’s representatives, Arsenal and Real Madrid know at this stage?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


94 thoughts on “Gonzalo Higuain Move On The Rocks

  1. Your title is way to strong. Watch what the Marca Spanish reporter says on YouTube also the English reporter. On the rocks how can it be on the rocks unless you know something the other people in the buisness don’t. Yes he may not sign but on the rocks meaning you know something we all don’t and it don’t look like its going to happen. What strong link do you have for its on the rocks.

  2. What a misleading headline. Done strictly for page views, no doubt. Be pessimistic all you want but don’t put a headline up pretending to be in the know when you know sweet F.A. I’ve had it with internet Gooners.

    • Dont read them then if youre going to cry about an article someone has written. The headline did end with probably!

      • There was no probably in the headline. So it’s okay to put out stuff and headline it with any ol’ rubbish just to get attention?? Get a life – and some real news.

  3. How can you say the move is on the rocks when the article is about whether the rumours are true or not? On the rocks means it was close to happening but now it no longer is. Misleading headline purely for page views and I won’t be coming back here anytime soon

  4. We gooners wouldn’t take any excuses if we fail to sign Higuian, Signing Higiuan ‘ll bring tempretures down among the arsenal fans all over the world. If its money our C E Ivan told the whole world last time that we can compete with any team at transfer market. I am also waiting ernestly to hear the signing of Rooney, Alisher our second in command has spoken of his admiration of Rooney.

    • Joseph, Alisher is not second in command. He is only a shareholder (no job on the board). And most supporters don’t want rooney. Rooney is ‘dressing room cancer’ like Adebayor.

  5. Wow, obviously gooners absolutely want to see Higuain at Arsenal. I am no different.
    While his article has an absolutely misleading headline, it has a point. Of course as of current reports the move is very much on but I urge caution. I have been a gooner for 13 years and I have been frustrated countless times before when it comes to transfers. Mata, Cahill, Jagielka, Schwarzer, Eto’o are all players that were reportedly on the verge of signing. In fact with Mata, he admitted that he had agreed with Valencia that he’d be moving to Arsenal and even waited next to the phone for Wenger’s call. A call that never came and instead we settled for Gervinho. My point is while we can be optimistic, let’s practice some caution. I’ll celebrate when Arsenal.com make the announcement.

  6. Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Van Bommel, Yaya Toure, Mata & Hazard – what they all have in common in relation to AFC?

  7. The signing of Higuain by should by now be a forgotten conclusion but beause of feet dragging and lack of intent by Arsene Wenger and his cohorts and especially the so-called chief executive who always think that money in the bank is going to win trophy for Arsenal, going by the news filtering around in some of these newspapers I would like to believe that Higuain will become Arsenal’s point man next season except they are deceiving us that Arsenal is ready to spend and so also the entire Arsenal board and the coaching crew must realise that other clubs are not sleeping on their oars.

    Another problem is that Arsene Wenger’s body language is not saying anything in respect of any signings because by now there should have been one or two players already signed, it should not be a fire-brigade issue and this made me a bit pessimistic about any signing this season, I want to believe that Wenger believe that the present crops of players will be able to deliver next season which I doubt very much not that I am calling their professional ability into question but because of the competitiveness of Premier League.

    Most of the players signed last term and some of them who has been around for sometime are good while some of them has been sublime and especially Mr Theo Walcott since Arsenal was either forced or conned into signing him or 100k a week by the press how many goals has he scored. I want to believe that Arsene is not ready to bury any of the Arsenal supporters this year so, fingers crossed we are waiting for his action in the transfer market so that Arsenal Football Club doesn’t become a laughing stock in the committee of clubs.

    We are waiting.

  8. You made some good points because for sure there had been strong rumour of this nature in the past but nothing good comes out at the end of it. But your headline is misleading since you have not stated here how the deal is ROCKED.

    • Does noone think that the people that put hundreds of comments about something as petty as a title are the ones that need to grow up? It may be annoying but threats to cut someones balls off over the title of an article is worse than writing the title in the first place. Logic

  9. I think that we as arsenal fans are just waiting for it to be confirmed and when articles like this come up we need to check it out. Personally I believe the deal will be done next week. Then hopefully I won’t have to be checking out these websites 5 times a day

  10. Most people wold have him over Ibrahimovic any days, far more prolific and hard working! Ridiculous to put Ibra in that top category, nowhere near!!

  11. arsenal have not been spending much and still remaim on top. And now they have decided to spend to bring big names and creativity into the club, I think era of trophy drought is over. But one thing, I don,t trust the prof.

    • Higuain will happen! I live in Spain and have close contacts with the media! Wenger is in Madrid with other Arsenal officials as we speak! The only major stalling block is Madrid will not sell until a new manager is appointed, which should be 1st July (due to tax reasons)! Relax Arsenal fans he’s your man!

      • But players & clubs can still sign a pre-contract agreement, have a medical, etc. None of that has happened has it?

  12. Even if he signs he will play out of position and asked to track back & pass more rather than score goals

  13. pls lets all gooners come to one mind and pray Gonzalo Higuain deal not get to whatever Rocks this man head is into blog to the societies, cus he don’t no the value of what he said……# u think u r casting vote, mad man that behave like normal human being!!!, gooners pls check out of this idiot.

  14. Title a bit misleading but bloggers need to generate hits I guess. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, author – emotions run high for us at this time of year as you well know!

    Who knows how much of this deal is true? The amount of coverage is at the level where something is clearly in the works, but we’ve lost these before. Hopefully in the next week we will get the outcome we Gooners want, most of which will be Wenger learning from previous failures to close these deals and actually pulling this one off.

    We are at that familiar place where a couple of quality signings will put us back in competition for the top slots. Hope it happens now the financial restrictions seem to have relaxed a little.

  15. Arsenal Dream XI starting line up formation: 4-4-2 like the invincibles

    Rooney Higuain
    Cazorla Wilshere Fellaini Walcott
    Gibbs Ogbonna Koscienly Richards

    Now i know this team is to good to be true but this is a true dream team. Champions league trophy here we come. This could be the invincibles. We need stronger players. Higuain taking the henry role as rooney take bergkamp role. Cazorla takes on pires role wilshere gets his gilberto role but more wilshere stylish fellaini the new viera and walcott ljungberg. Gibbs the new ashley cole, koscienly the new campbell but more bosscienly. Same with ogbonna the new toure, richards being like the new lauren and patricio trying his best to be like lehmann. Sell players like chamakh, bendtner, diaby, park chu young, santos, squalici, djoroue, sagna, giroud, gervinho, arteta and maybe rocisky? I know the last 5 names was hard but we have to give the youngsters a chance to play and get better. Play chamberlain alot more this season. Buy croatian kid and maybe grenier if rocisky leaves. Give coquelin a chance. Sanago has to play. Play podolski, monreal, mertesaker, jenkinson and szezcny to so they can get playing time. And then we can beat any team in the world! Substitute: szezcny, mertesaker, jenkinson/monreal, grenier/rocisky, coquelin, ramsay, ox, podolski and sanago. Croatian kid can be 4th choice or outloaned and miquel the same. Put in youngsters from the academy in games when the best players doesnt have to play!

  16. every now and then we are on site tracking when the deal will be a done one. Wenger don’t fuck up this time around

  17. you are stupid what a messed up title, go get a life, loser. You are a disgrace to bloggers all over the world.

  18. You fucking pessimistic plastic fan – go cry somewhere else with your lying headline! You are probably just a Spuds fan in disguise, who is crying about us getting such a world class player, when you get Leandro Damiao from Corintihas.. Go suck it and troll some other fans on the Internet you retard!

  19. Take your head out of your backside before writing an article

    Francois Gallardo spreading lies’ with the opening paragraph reading

    Francois Gallardo has been attempting to clinch his familiarity by throwing himself into so supposed ridiculous deals and spreading lies through the media.

    Previous claims by Gallardo are said to be:
    ?Bale signed by Real Madrid for €90m
    ?John Terry to hand in transfer request and join AS Valencia [last summer]
    ?Pep Guardiola signs pre-deal to be next manager of Manchester City
    ?Victor Valdes to join Guardiola at City

    The bid is said to have been submitted and even though it might not be the €40m as mentioned above it is said to be ‘substantial’ because, you know, £22m isn’t.

    You are now free to believe what you like regarding the validity of Napoli’s interest now that you know the source.

  20. why always only talking ? when it comes to be realty?A.Wenger
    IF all of what you have said through talk sports are well done I,m sure that Gunner,s is the winner,s of both premiere league and champions league.especial by signing , Gonzalo Higuain,, Wayne Rooney, Marouane Fellaini,and don’t focus only striker but also defender Ashley Williams
    Good luck for gunner’s
    From Jimma ,Ethiopia

  21. When Arsenal got Walcott to sign a new contract this year that to me single out a change in club policy , the club is in a strong position and its only going to get better , Wenger is a great manager , who else could have kept this club in the champions league year after year with what he had to work with , we paid off the new stadium near enough have a good team and most of the dead wood gone or going so time to press on and it will happen , 8 years without a trophy , we did come close a few times , just needed a signing or two in the jan window at times to push on , but lack of money stop that plus how can you take on man city or Chelsea with buying players , if the owners of those clubs pull out , both clubs will be in deep shit , man u are in debt too , Arsenal thanks to wenger are not , don’t matter if our owner pulls out as the club is healthy , next few weeks will tell , those players will signed and we will be up there this year , spurs had their best season last year and the were still 2nd best and cant push on just like Liverpool because they failed to invest in a new stadium , so sit tight

  22. After getting tons of pageviews out of the completely made-up “Higuain to Arsenal” nonsense we now move into the completely made-up “Higuin deal falls through” phase. Hooray!

  23. That is the most inaccurate, hit whoring title I’ve seen in ages. I hope the next person to click on this website puts it on the NewsNow “ignore” list like I have done…..a semi competent article ruined by an appalling headline.

  24. Well since we all have been duped but this useless fucking headline, just block Arsenal4Life on the newsnow feed, problem solved!!!

    As for the writer of the site, stay by your fucking day job, leave sports writing to those who really know!


  25. Agreed with anomynous 4.11pm. “Total lame ass”. Also im sure youve had many a dubious articles written and rewritten, yet your pointing fingers! wehhh.

  26. Dear Arsenal 4 Life blog – OK, you racked up my download with your misleading headline but I am now making a point of blocking your posts “4 life” (see what I did there!). Everyone else taken in by this misleading headline should do the same. In that way other bloggers will behave in a more responsible manner if they stand to lose a significant number of downloads by using cheap misleading headlines…

  27. Its true we r always market the best stars bring them to limelight then live other clubs to buy them no wonder if argentinian doesn’t kam to the gunners! Waiting till the last minute. Arsenal fan . Kenyan

  28. The Silly Season is a good time for filtering out the bullshit from the news stream. You’re post is just as speculative as any tabloid papers. Even more than articles from The Guardian, Indiependent, Gunnerblog etc., that you are trying to create opposition to. All you spawn is horsecrap. Nothing analytical or newsworthy. Therefore I’m blocking you’re feed in NewsNow.just as everybody else does. Anyabody can create a blog, but it takes brain to keep one running… Good luck!

  29. Leave the lad alone. He only wrote the truth. We all know that Higuain will not join the arse. He is using us to get a better deal with Juventus. He is also waiting to see if Napoli will sell Cavani to City. This will also leave him open to a move to Napoli.
    So much fuss and crying like little girls just because this guy has the courage to write the truth.
    Do any of you have any proof to actually confirm Higuain ill be joining us????

    To the writer, please continue to write the truth and do not let the crying thugs get to you. Well done, excellent story. I have been a gunner for 50 years and I am sorry to see so many fellow gunners getting so upset over a simple story by another fellow gunner. Shame on you all

  30. Arsenal already have Sanogo, proof? Auxere making a statement saying that they were rather unhappy with the 250,000 compensation fee Arsenal paid them for his services.

  31. What is it with some of these replies can no fucker write or talk properly , trying to talk all this plastic gangster chav shit especially this wankers comment ….Anonymous on June 22, 2013 at 3:31 pm said:
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    Reply ?

    Your cunt think your fucking hard leaving comments like that you mug, can’t cut off your balls because they are in your dads mouth you mug

  32. Its quite true many rumours are going round of a done deal,but its best for everyone if they wait to get the official report on the arsenal website. I just hope we make a quality marquee signing this time round under Wenger


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