Response To Higuain Deal Sums Up Feeling Amongst Arsenal Fans

I posted an article this afternoon which with the title “Gonzalo Higuain Move On The Rocks”, where I disputed the validity of the Higuain to Arsenal move.

I cited the fact that certain websites “claim” that deals have been done and dusted for certain players already this summer, including Gonzalo Higuain, Marouane Fellaini, David Villa, Ashley Williams and Yaya Sanogo without any actually happening.

The only websites I check for transfer deals are Arseblog, BBC Football and the Official Arsenal website when it comes to having deals confirmed.

Even reputable sites get things wrong, like when the Telegraph confirmed that Arsenal had signed a kit deal with Adidas for example.

The vast majority of the media are playing guessing games, putting two and two together and getting five.

The response to the article, despite having made several half-decent points, was unsurprising and I knew what would happen. The claims of “hit whoring” and similar accusations were banded about, despite the fact that my Arsenal blog is one of the very few out there with no advertising and makes no money from hits. Actually, the more hits I get the more money it costs me but that’s by the by.

Anyway, to the main point – the anger at even the suggestion that the deal for Higuain deal might not happen shows the pressure Arsenal are under to please the fans this season, and make a serious bid for the title next season. Summer after summer we’ve had signings like Sebastian Squillaci, Gervinho and Andre Santos it’s clear Arsenal fans are growingly frustrated and need some top quality recruitments.

But would Arsenal fans be happy with just Higuain? We need 4/5 top class players to really compete at the top and bringing in the Argentine striker would need to be the start.

For me, we need central defensive reinforcements, more strength in midfield and another playmaker to take the burden off Cazorla, who badly needed a rest last season.


60 thoughts on “Response To Higuain Deal Sums Up Feeling Amongst Arsenal Fans

  1. I think you will find the frustration with your article is in fact that you claim that you put in your title that you knew information which the rest of us are not privy to in your title, yet there was no substance to this in the article itself!!

    • That’s exactly it. The original title was completely misleading. As I said in the previous article, he can be as pessimistic as he wants, we all go through it. But that title was nothing more than to generate page views. He shouldn’t be surprised by the number of people that called him on it. It wasn’t about whether or not the deal would go through. I, for one, won’t get my hopes up until he’s pictured at the Emirates, but the author is pretending like his headline wasn’t misleading, when we all know that it was.

  2. I agree with this article, we are desperate for some high quality signings and I hope Arsenal will listen. However, the title of the previous article implied some knowledge that the deal was in trouble. Adding a question mark may have solved that.

  3. Don’t get too down, everyone has an opinion and every site has been guilty of posting a controversial title to garner hits. You’re not as guilty as many of the professional sites out there.

    It does look like Higuain is going to join now, but like you I’ll be waiting for official confirmation. Unfortunately though, it looks like this is probably the only real signing we’re going to make. The moves for Rooney that the newspapers are claiming just seem too far fetched. A forward line of Walcott, Higuain and Podolski would be mouth-watering and Giroud is a decent backup. We do need to get rid of Chamakh, and Gervinho looks like he’ll probably be staying as backup for Theo and Poldi.

  4. Its quite true the rags and bloggers write anything to sell a paper or have a hit mostly with a tiny clue and wing and pray if you tell the internet set they don’t want to know happy in world of make believe however arsenal are a very good team as it stands any c f with quick feet will score goals with amount of chances created more players are needed to cover cup games but don’t rubbish what arsenal have that is only going to get better

  5. I ‘ll advise you to always cross check your source of information before publishing, you saw how agressive people were bombarding you with curses, i know that if some of those who responded to that publication this afternoon lay hand on you, they ‘ll tore you into shreds. As i wrote earlier in the day we need just four signing and we are good to go, we already ‘ve Higuian, next Fellani, Rooney and a goalkeeper Begovic or Adler.

  6. Gooners are angry because you claimed that the deal was in trouble without any proof . You are a sorry piece of s&&&.

  7. I think arsenal need more than just Gonzalo higuain, we need 3 world class players to get back amongst the big boys.

  8. Although I don’t agree with the the original wording of the article, I do agree that there is no clear proof to actually say that Higuain is joining us. It is not the first time that we have been linked to quality players that have never come to anything.
    I don’t read or believe any of these type of transfer rumours. I wait for the official confirmation the Arsenal site or the BBC.
    I remember the DM quoting RVP father and wife when they both siad that RVP loves Arsenal too much to leave to play for another English club when we all know that he had already had a deal with Man Utd. Don’t believe any of it!

  9. LadyArse earlier released a blog saying Napoli have joined the race with a much higer bid for Higuain. What is the real story?? It was also reported Arsenal reps have flown to Spain to sew up the deal. We want facts!! Where is the mole?

  10. Go to newsnow arsenal
    Right click on Arsenal for life
    Select hide articles
    Problem solved. One less crap hitwhoring blog to be bothered by.

  11. There are no facts just gossips. I was in Madrid last week and there was no mention of Higuain joing Arsenal.
    If you look at the Italian football gossips sites, they are all saying that Higuain is going to join Juventus. Hopefully, he will join us but he could also join any of five big clubs that are interested in buying him

  12. Not too sure why people get too excited about Fellaini, his best season at Everton was last season and he was playing behind the striker. I think there are better out and out defensive midfielders out there, who would cost even less, sure they don’t have premier league experience but so does Higuain. Apart from height, what else can Fellaini contribute? Sure he will contribute in set plays but what else? Was watching Brazil vs Italy and Luiz Gustavo’s passing looks very neat, he has the height, has decent pace, can tackle and sits in front of the back 4. Sure he pulled down Mario for a penalty that was given as a goal but overall had a decent game and was great for Bayern every time he played, and wouldn’t cost £23m, just saying.

  13. Having podolski, gervinho, and giroud off the bench at 60 minutes would be bad ass. We are actually starting to have deep quality. If we have a good summer I think we’ll compete for the title.

  14. Look we need to get some new blood in and get back to our old ways of winning titles. Dont shoot the messenger he gets a lot of things bang on I’m the same as all other arsenal fans I will be happy when I see any new signings in our shirt.

  15. I am sick and tired off getting ripped off by all these type of comments to create confusion for all Gunners. You claim to be a Arsenal supporter but all you have done is to treat us like sh-t in the same way all the vast media have done for many years. We need to stick together and not to cause division by writing such crap just to wind us up. You are very sad and have no right to call yourself a gunner. This is the last time I will visit your site. Are you Tottenham in disguise?

  16. Well it does go to show you just how badly arsenal fans want higuain.
    There was alot of frustration, anguish & anger with your headlines but fair play to you for coming back with this. (Fingers crossed) arsenal will make at least 3 top signings.

  17. Everything is getting us confuse about the summer transfer news we ar very good in making enquarys of top players but very hard 2 sign one, after all dis rumours of top player the next thing for wenga is to sign 10 million pounds player. But then lets keep our fingers cross nd watch what wil happen this time.

  18. You have been writing since 2006! I have been a Gunner since 1970.
    What where you thinkig of when you wrote the original article? You must of known of the outcome.
    I think it would be a good time for you to stop writing articles on the Arsenal. Not really your thing!

  19. Am much relif naw!Naw is the time we talk and play 4 trophys wenger u did great dis tyme but we need more 3 players like fellaini,rooney and steven juvetic at the emirate.once more I welcome Higuain to ther emirat

  20. It’s Internet talk,
    Every1 knows it average gossip
    Which we all secretly love but hate at the same time
    Arsenal for life regarding the players we buy an sell,
    With wenger an the club is memories il have forever
    It’s the game of football I love..

    At the end of the day fuck all bloggers I read through bad habit N take everything with a pinch of salt

    Proper Gunner

  21. Well said; We’ve seen how Wenger and the board have handled transfers the past years, skipping over potential big names for youth investments and fringe players, but now we have the war chest. Sure, Usmanov is pushing for garbage past-their-prime want-aways like Rooney and Nani, but honestly Wenger is prudent enough to know what we need to contend for the silverware in the next 3-4 years. We need a DM beast, a boost to the back line and I think we’ll be title contenders no problem. Just remember… Victoria Concordia Crescit!!!

  22. I see that everybody is goin on over Gonzalo. Why cant Arsenal make a bid for Torres. I know he would make a perfect fit for us and get him for much cheaper.

  23. It is not a matter of being anxious for top transfers, it is a matter of Arsenal havng set expectations with that 70m claim.

    I cannot see anything bad about your article except for the inadequate title.

  24. Leave the lad alone. He only wrote the truth. We all know that Higuain will not join the arse. He is using us to get a better deal with Juventus. He is also waiting to see if Napoli will sell Cavani to City. This will also leave him open to a move to Napoli.
    So much fuss and crying like little girls just because this guy has the courage to write the truth.
    Do any of you have any proof to actually confirm Higuain ill be joining us????

    To the writer, please continue to write the truth and do not let the crying thugs get to you. Well done, excellent story. I have been a gunner for 50 years and I am sorry to see so many fellow gunners getting so upset over a simple story by another fellow gunner. Shame on you all

  25. Steve, Higuain is coming. Juve have not got the funds to pay Madrid without selling significant players.

    To the author, keep on writing – having an opinion and expressing it is your right.

    • Well said, I agree.
      Hopefully you are correct that Juventus do not have the funds. I also think that they ahve more chance of getting Jovetic in a swap/cash deal with Fiorentina

      • I do hope they keep their paws off Higuain, he is special and will do well for us. Jovetic looks average to me but I am only basing my judgement on stats so I could be wrong.

        One thing I regret is not signing Wanyama and sending him on loan to Everton so we can secure the Fellaini deal by providing a suitable replacement for a year – this lad will go far.

        • Yes, I also think that he will make a big difference for us. We do need a couple of quality signings this time. COYG

  26. I’ve no idea how you think we need 4/5 world class players I actually believe we have a pretty good squad and if we get 3 top players we can definitely challenge for top honors and plus carzola needs a rest we need a top quality midfielder what is jack Wiltshire the one place we are not short is creativity why don’t ye stop being so negative like most arsenal fans and get behind the club we have come true a very tough few years financially and we are now going to bear the fruits so come on you gooners.

  27. I think your forgetting arsenal bought 3 new players last season who all done well for there first season in england it takes months to get used to how we play from there old style , and the end of the season they all bonded well and the new boys finally fit in how we play and that explains how we got more points in our last 10 games then any other premier leauge club even the champs man-u so no we dont need 4 or 5 new quality signings if we play how we did late on last season for the lasr 4th we could challenge for the title with the team we got 2 or maybe 3 players will guarenteeeee us glory !!

    • Totally agree – you get no time in the EPL and it takes a while to sharpen up.

      Cazorla did a WONDERFUL job last year

      Podolski and Giroud had a decent season, there will be improvement this season although I see Giroud as a Dzeko – a chunky super sub to wreck havoc in defenses.

  28. You wrote an article with a misleading tag line and git rightly slaughtered for it, don’t try to blame some bullshit about Arsenal fans being under pressure !

  29. Good evening,
    The article was fine, I cant believe the reaction from some followers. Get a grip, by the author publishing this article it’s as if a minority believe this will in some way contribute to the transfer happening or not!
    Currently I agreed with you, at the moment there is no deal, and don’t be surprised fellow gooners if there isn’t and never was a deal. Either way I look forward to next season.

  30. The arsenal medical staff are all on holiday till the end of June so no deals can be finialised till then. Look at articals away from the Higuain story which talk about the money we have to spend coming from the 2 highest share holders. Instead of just reading the articals read the comments and every now and again you get people commenting that have inside source in the emirates saying that the word in Higuain is big. I know that there is no official confirmation but with all these factors you have to say it is very very likely. Also wenger was massively criticised last season and mid way through a large percentage of arsenal fans wanted him out I think with his contracted running out and him so desperately wanting champions league victory I feel he is actually going to pull his finger out.

  31. You are so dumb that you still don’t get where you goofed ! Ur title “hitting d rocks” meant we had no chance of signing higuain!! Don’t try and twist words by saying gunners are frustrated. We only made u realise that your title was raising false alarm and very grevious for a blogger

  32. The ONLY totally reliable source for any transfers,sales,promotions or whatever is,always was and always will be!
    The rest is BS and hyperbole, either media inspired or self-indulgent dimwit generated rumour-mongering or yellow journalism…….tweaking gullible gooners’ tails, as usual.
    Grow up and enjoy the summer……AFC know what they’re doing…..unlike you naive fans.

  33. If your first misleading headline article was shit – then this is even worse! Trying to blame the club and the fans for your own mistakes is such a pussy move that I cannot believe you are a supporter of the amazing Arsenal FC… So we need at least 5 players to compete for honors? A striker (Higuain), a defensive midfielder (Fellaini/Wanyama) and a goalkeeper (Cesar) will do the job just fine you pessimistic bitch! We only need a defender if one of the current leaves, and we can use both The Ox and King Poldi on the left or even Cazorla…

  34. You need to be more strategic with your headline. Stop bringing your personal frustrations to your articles. Thanks for your efforts but there is no need to if your readers end up more annoyed at Wenger, the Club and your good self.

  35. Well put son. Higuain, Fellaini etc would be a super additions to Arsenal, in fact, any club – only that gunners’ fans are only dreaming again. Dreaming because it’s been a kool 8 years of such empty rumblings about star signings – as Arsenal’s power-men pile-up dead-wood summer, after summer after summer! Ironically, the same thick-skinned men have been ruthlessly auctioning off the club’s star players, summer after summer. Top quality like Higuain, Fellaini etc will NOT join Arsenal while Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger & Co are in charge! These leeches are not thru with sucking dry the club’s coffers and will not free-up any funds to sign the caliber of players fans are dreaming about again. It is even possible these men are praying that Spurs sale Bale, in which case Arsenal would be safe in “their” fourth position without buying!!! A leopard will NOT change its spots after 8 years! How can it be that a club that escaped ”by the skin of their teeth” to finish fourth have not signed a single proven player by the end of June 2013? What will happen again is fans will wake-up on 1st September 2013 to the news that Wenger has signed another “Squillaci”, “Andre Santos” and “Park Chu Young”‘!! Difficult to do but hopefully one day Arsenal fans get “crazy” – and stay away from the ‘trophy-free zone’ (Emirates stadium) so that the leeches can watch a soccer match – on their own (without fans). Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger & Co are so shameless, only drastic action (turning heat on them) will shake them out of dellusion. Meanwhile, the gang continues fleecing and foolling Arsenal FC fans. Jeeeeeeez!!!!!!

    • If you clearly don’t know about arsenal football club then don’t post anything! Arsenal has been run like a business for the last 7 years due to the stadium debts that are finally coming to a close in 2014. Arsenal have always worked towards the FFP rules meaning you can’t spend over your revenue which basically all of the other teams in the premier league do. We will be financially better off then so many clubs was this FFP rule is firmially in place and our stadium is completely paid off for and our puma kit deal goes through. This 70mil war chest is just the start! If you look at the German league most of the clubs there are run pretty much exactly like arsenal, Dortmund being a prime example. Pretty much all of there teams are in manageable debt, you cannot say the same about the premier league other than arsenal! Just you wait. Because I’ve actually done my research rather than just going off my own opinion like so many of you idiots that post on here I know the rise of arsenal is about to come!
      Oh and p.s
      We’ve managed to stay cosistantly in the top flight of arguably the best league in the world and being rock bottom of the transfer spending league for the last 10 seasons meaning we have spent the least now combine that with some money to finally fuel a great team. It’s going to be punishing you mark my words!

  36. “reputable sites………like the Telegraph”…hahahahahahahaha

    You blew any possible credibility at that point mate

  37. i say well done and fair play to you sir, people need to realise we have had a bit of money for a while.. i truely do not believe we will get any of the forementioned players higuain rooney fellani… a leopard doesnt change his spots.. expect french young and not good enough… i hope im wrong, but have hoped that the last 3 or 4 summers.. i will still be behind the team! cut me i bleed red n white.

  38. Higuain is joining us. That’s from v reliable source. But whilst he’s good, he’s not the answer on his own, nor is he the class of RVP…… Will need at least 3 other signings to be competitive – Rooney n Felaini would be great with Santa and Jack…. Need a new right back too…

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