Does Tony Adams Make Some Valid Points?

The biggest news today is the views of former captain Tony Adams. In a nutshell, he said he was disappointed that he was snubbed by Arsenal after applying for the role of Chairman, and is quoted as saying Arsenal are “miles away” from winning a trophy.

He told The Sun:

“Look, I would make the tea for Arsenal Football Club, but I thought I ticked all the right boxes for the board.

“I don’t need the money, I would put the good of the club first in every case and I could mediate well within the club.”

There’s no doubt he loves Arsenal, but Tony Adams has divided Arsenal fans on more than one occasion since his retirement in August 2002.

He wasn’t present at the last game at Highbury when all of the Arsenal legends were present to wave goodbye to the stadium, and he’s been absent from other historic days in Arsenal’s history since.

Some people say it’s because of work commitments, while others say he has a problem with the current Arsenal setup.

It’s hard to say what the current relationship is between Arsenal and Tony Adams. Some people believe that Arsene is a control freak and won’t allow previous players to come and “help” the club, because he want’s all of the credit for how Arsenal perform under the managers tutelage. There was the famous season where Martin Keown apparently gave players like Senderos, Flamini and Toure specific defensive drills and tutoring which helped us have one of the best defensive records in the Champions League and managed to get us to the final against Barcelona. Reportedly, Arsene’s nose was bend out of shape when people would give Keown the credit.

On the other side of the coin, some people believe Tony Adam’s has distanced himself from the club and hasn’t been happy at how Arsenal is being run, hence his absence from certain Arsenal events.

You can accuse Tony Adams of many things, but not being honest is not one of them. He is someone who will speak his mind, and he probably would say things which are in the best interests of the club – but that is part of the problem. Tony Adams wouldn’t be someone who would “toe the line”. He would say it how it is and that wouldn’t necessarily be to Arsene Wenger’s taste. So appointing him as Chairman would be counter-productuve.

And to the comments about Arsenal being “miles away” from winning the title.

“It’s time that Arsenal won something again, even the FA Cup or League Cup. But I can’t see it, to be honest.

“They are still not good enough in certain areas of the team. And they are miles off the title.”

That may be the case, and with 8 seasons of ending up empty handed this would play on the minds of those frustrated Arsenal fans who are paying the highest ticket prices in the country and have nothing to show for it.

But we can’t be certain about what our title chances are until the transfer window is firmly closed shut and we know which players have joined Arsenal before analysing the potential of the squad. At the moment, the signs are positive so it is too early to see how many miles away we are from the Premier League title.

At the end of the day, you either see Tony Adams as one of the greatest players ever to wear an Arsenal shirt, whose views are more valid than any other fan who comments on the club, or a player who was fantastic for Arsenal but has done little else in the game since, and someone whose track record in football since retiring from the game is not good enough to be advising a massive club like Arsenal.


9 thoughts on “Does Tony Adams Make Some Valid Points?

  1. To tell the truth (as Tony does now)I find his h.olier than thou pronouncements a little tiresome.He knows his defending very well ,as evidenced by his analysis of why vermaelen and mertesacker couldn’t defend as a unit,but he doesn’t seem to be too emotionally involved in his-our- club.What makes him more qualified to be a board member than,say,Bob Wilson or Frank mclintock

  2. Tony makes some good points , not sure chair is the right person as he is too publicly outspoken against the board etc. That should be behind closed doors as we are The Arsenal.
    Give him a place on the board!!

    Pretty sure Stevie was an ex-player and he is assistant manager.

    Press like to drum up stories about the Arsenal


  3. You may not like what he says, but he’s right.

    Unless we recruit a crop of new blood like Higuain, Rooney, Fellaini, Cesar and a top CB, and they all seemlessly gel into Arsene’s system, we are no way close to a League title. We’ve progressively slipped further behind the title winners for several years, and AW has a habit of looking at the levels of the season past when the top teams will make improvements.

    Just look at how far (points-wise) behind the title winners we’ve finished in recent years. Consider that Chelsea and City will be beefing up considerably under new managers as well and we really need to make some heavyweight additions to our squad to be any chance at all. Not bargain buys and kids with potential.

    • Why do we need a top CB when we have Mert and Kos who have formed a top CB pairing. We just need a cheap CB to partner Verm.

      • I disagree. When we field sub-standard players against better teams, we come unstuck. The likes of Djourou, Santos, Squillaci, Denilson, Chamakh are just not good enough. They fail when they’re called upon to perform in key games.

        I’ve got real concerns about Vermaelen as well. I think his leap has been severely affected by his injuries. Last season he only won around 51% of aerial contests – that’s not the TV5 we saw in his first season. The fact he is trying to compensate in other ways is leading to his poorer/inconsistent displays.

  4. Stop confusing us by supporting this stupidTony Adams who think being AFC player and so said legend could make him so special that he can be glorified and given special treatment. met tell him his time has gone,. ha has to stop thinking dreams that he is better than Wenger. Foolish! Which can’t he ask to help his national team which make shame more than AFC. England is always beaten, if he think is so special and have vaccine why not helping the team. I don’t know what is wrong with this English man! Tonny apply for coaching Junior lions if you think your Doctor Football.
    Loh! My friends what could happen if retired CEOs in the companies could be treated the way Tony want to be at AFC. That’s why I say this many is stupid and confused need to be forgiven. ignore him for what he say against Le prof AW, he is doing this because AW is not a Briton. We all know how racialism some Britons are!

  5. Yes he does – but your still a fucking pussy, plastic fan! What the hell do we need Wayne Rooney for? You should stop writing this shit soon because your articles are worth nothing and your opinions are even worse… Go support Spuds son of a bitch!

  6. We are not that far away from winning trophies. Higuain and a DM would ensure we finish 3rd or 4th. Then add Cesar to compete with Szez, another cheap young defender to play with Verm as back-up for Mert and Kos and maybe another top play like a winger/AM/SS and we will compete for trophies.

  7. As with all things today, extremes are in favour. You can’t make a point without hyperbole.

    Arsenal are not “Miles off” a title. Stoke are Miles off the title. Arsenal finished the season unbeaten as the best team in the league for the last 1/4. That isn’t miles off the title, that is title winning form, even if they don’t pick up a single player this summer.

    But people are focusing on a lot of these comments whereas he did make a number of other comments that were kinder on the team and Wenger in the same interview. I am sure Tony is just anxious (like most Arsenal fans) and wants to be sure hat that we do sign one or two stars to make sure that we are strong enough to really compete in all competitions again.

    I am equally certain that Wenger knows this and will sign a few players this year. For on thing, it isn’t fair on the players. Ramsey should not have had to play out of position on the right wing. And Sagna/Wilshere should not have had to be rushed back after injury, and Podolski should not have had to wait until the season end to have surgery. With a little more depth, these players would not have to face abuse from the fans for understandably playing below par.


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