Tevez Moves To Juventus, Now The Time To Get Excited About Higuain?

BBC Sport have revealed that Carlos Tevez is about to join Juventus for around £12 million. Both clubs have agreed a fee, and Tevez is expected to complete his medical on Wednesday.

So what does this mean for Arsenal and Higuain?

Well unless the Old Lady is going to start a Argentine double-duo of Tevez and Higuain, then the signs look positive.

£12 million for a striker of Carlos Tevez’s quality is a bargain in my eyes, as he is a player I really rate. Who knows what kind of wages he will be on but getting him for £12 million could show that Juventus (like they did with Van Persie) talked a good game but don’t have the funds people think they do.

This leaves the door firmly held open for Arsenal to sign Higuain, unless there’s another club that is going to gazump us last minute.

If there was any a club that could mess this up from this position, it’s Arsenal.

But let’s try and stay positive!


25 thoughts on “Tevez Moves To Juventus, Now The Time To Get Excited About Higuain?

    • Thats why Higuain wishes to leave Real Madrid, he want’s first team football. Man City have many players competing for the position. Still if like RVP he is offered 250 thousand pounds a week, anything is possible. No one seems to care about the fair play rules, particularly Money City.

        • Clearly City do care about FFP that’s why we haven’t signed Cavani and on top of that our outlay last season was one of the least in the league if you cared to follow the news properly, on top of that our revenue is going up an up.

          You know you would love Usmanov to be in control and start spending, just stop being bitter it’s pointless.

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    • I haven’t nor the fact that they have another 5 forwards already on their books. They are out for Higuain if Tevez is in…lets just hope money city or dirty chelski don’t come rushing in (not that i would think mourinho and higuain would ever work together again

  2. Hi, I am a CIty fan.

    Firstly if Higuain was to choose going to Serie A instead of Arsenal then let them have him any top player would want the challenge of the PL and to get to do that with a club like Arsenal would be a bonus.

    Secondly are you not worried more about City potentially hijacking Higuains move, as a CIty fan we clearly need to bring at least one in and a player of HIguains caliber being available would surely be worth going for.

    Just before I get any stick I am not suggesting to hijack it just that it would surely be a clear option.

    • Haha can’t lie soft spot for Arsenal on top of that I’m just not into controversy with opposing fans it’s pointless.

  3. Higuain!! Finally a world class striker! Hopefully if we don’t blow this up… Though a striking force make over about to be done, i’m still not convinced that not signing a proper DM would solve our problem. We need a Fellaini sort of force in midfield. I hope we hunt him down after sealing Higuain

  4. City is moving to a 4-2-3-1 under Pellegrini so having pure strikers is not at the top of their needs. They have two strikers for one position, will maybe need one more but not a top one that will need time. What they need is a CAM who can play on the wings to help Silva, Navas and Nasri. That is why they were in for Isco, who is perfect for what they are trying to become. They may go for a Jovetic who can play CAM, wings, or in a pinch striker. Tevez was a good player for this system because, like Jovetic, he can play CAM or pure striker, but he is a headcase that I don’t think Pellegrini wanted to deal with. They may make a move for Rooney, or go for a smaller player like Belhanda, who has shown scoring ability from a CAM position and can play on the wings. I just think Higuain is a good fit for what they need with thhe transition they are making.

    • I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them go after Aubemeyang, who would bring speed to the wings and can play striker.

  5. Almost all top clubs have their managers switched including Everton. It would be so embarrassing for Arsene not to win the Epl since he’ll be the only Old Pirate on deck.. This is your chance Professor to win the battle! Sign em all and lead your crew to victory!.. Get spoilt and seal it! Don’t be afraid, get Fellaini and who gives a f***!, ROONEY as well! Get them all!

    • Top teams changing managers not gonna be any advantage for Arsenal, as they have brought in top managers, still have top players and still bringing in new top players. Arsenal need to play as a team, take it game by game and hopefully at the end of the season we will be up there.

  6. Has it crossed any of my life gooners friends out there that a mole within might attempt to delay Higuain’s deal for a mega rich club to snatch him,saving our so called £70m,then explain to us all,that they tried but the player choosed to go elsewhere? Truth be told,Arsenal has done the scouting job for other teams over the last couple of seasons! Until this deal is done,I shall continue to remain restless.

  7. Higuain will be a great addition for Arsenal, he has a very good scoring record, He will adapt easy on EPL, hopefully we will sign him in the next two days. DM will be our next priority signing and the one who fits the bill is Bayern Leverkusen DM Lars Bender , he’s been playing very consistently for few seasons now and is what Arsenal lack at the moment. I have very high hopes for coming season. Camon you GOONERS.

  8. It’s becoming hard on our side if at all City can join us in chasing Hiquain then we have no space to breath definitely they will take him we’re finished wenger will do nothing let him go PSG we get someone who can scout and buy it’s annoying to hear that.

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