Could Manchester City Steal Higuain From Arsenal?

As the Carlos Tevez move to Juventus got me excited about Higuain and perceived increase in chances of him joining Arsenal (and my subsequent post), the first comment from the man know as “Dave” brought me down to earth.

It didn’t even occur to me for a second that Manchester City could be in the running for Higuain now. One thing we don’t need is a club like City flashing their millions around. Cash is king in football and if they offered the Argentine striker £250,000 a week, could he seriously turn it down?

We of course could promise more regular football but is that enough? We’ve already seen Clichy, Nasri, Adebayor and Toure tempted away by the lure of money from City and they would just love it if they trumped us yet again.

And of course, we cannot forget the Pellegrini factor. He has managed in Spain before, and more importantly managed Gonzalo Higuain at Real Madrid. So he has previous and knows the player well. And even worse, in Higuain’s 7 year spell at Real Madrid (and countless managers in that time), guess who was in charge in his most productive season? You guessed it, Pellegrini.

In the 2009-2010 season, Higuain scored 29 goals in all competitions. The closest to that was in the 2011-2012 season, when Real were managed by Jose Mourinho and he notched up 26 goals.

If newspapers and websites are putting two and two together, then so can we. And unlike most of the rumours and hearsay, then this one could have a bit of substance.


38 thoughts on “Could Manchester City Steal Higuain From Arsenal?

  1. This is a concern if Arsenal want to buy this guy they need to seal the deal asap before City start running out of options like Cavani etc.

      • In my opinion arsenal are just talk. We have money to spend on players…. We will win a trophy….. Are team is good enough…..
        Several teams have already signed players. Man city did not muck about. Buying navas and ferdandinho very quickly. The whole world knows we want higuain and Fellini and can easily throw a spanner in the works. I wouldn’t be surprised if we signed neither.

      • More class than…. the other money grabbing scum who up and left for City for the cash I guess…. Hopefully he’s not far wrong and Higuain wants to play for a club with soul…

        • Mate. Get real. Money always talks and class has got fcuk all to do with it. Lets hope shitty don’t come in for him coz if they do, he’s gone

  2. Noooo man… don’t go jinking it… f##k sakes you got me all paranoid now.
    Well if thats the case then city would want cazorla and monreal as well.

  3. It’s not all that bad, at least we’ll get to see him play in the premiership and as long as we finish above Spurs.

    Does anybody know when the Rooney deal will be finalised; as I’ve already paid for his name on my new Gooooooner’s shirt; did have Eboue

    In Wenger we trust; come on you Red boys

  4. Anyway his as shit as rooney they wouldn’t be able to handle it in the London clubs and pubs so I wouldn’t sign them.

  5. City would not need to offer Higuain anymore wages than what Arsenal would to get the player. think about it, City are serious title contenders and will challenege on all fronts now they have a decent manager.also Pellegrini got him playing his best football and they already have Aguero, Zabaleta and a lot of other Spanish speakers in the team to help him settle like Silva, Navas, Yaya, Fernandinho, Garcia etc and the coaching staff, manager and top brass Txiki & Soriano

    Only thing that might swing it for us is he would walk into our team where at City he would be competing with Aguero and Dzeko

    • I am not one to give a crap about Arsenal rumors when it comes to the transfer window.

      However I am, for the first time, very confident that Higuain will sign for us and not Man City.

  6. He would choose Arsenal over City all day long because of the competition (the lack of it). With no offence to Giroud, Aguero is an absolute animal and there’s no chance he’ll let his fellow Argie take the glory away from him! Wenger knows he needs to land Higuain or else everyone will be calling for his head!

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  8. Higuain is done & dusted. I wont say he’s bought a house in london or any shit like that, but a Wenger handshake was a bond with him – and that handshake has happened!

  9. God. Can’t sleep again. Another J. Mata? We like wasting too much time. Juventus couldn’t compete with us and they exchange wit Man shitty? Then go for Wayne.

  10. they will try
    but higuain needs a time to play, if he needs only money he an get in real Madrid
    so why is he coming team need more then 4 world class strikers and week play other siting bench like dzeko
    the side of city they have targets like suarez for tavez
    lawenduwisk for dzeko
    and they are already have aguero
    but if they lose those targets we will get a lot of trapal
    so we have to hary our targets early

  11. Man City need attacking midfielders and wingers if they’re planning on going to 4-2-3-1, not a 3rd striker. There are much better places for them to spend their money than on Higuain. Their only backup wingers are Milner and Sinclair and their backup CAM’s are their starting wingers. They want Isco or a player like him who can play all the positions in the 3 attacking midfield spots. At least that’s how I see it.

  12. calm down real Madrid have a press show with carlos at 1300 Wednesday I guess he may be asked about it or we will find out more after then but he can not play out left up front or on the right he likes to cut in from right but I see giroud getting benched and if they go after rooney he will go left and santi cam theo right goals in that lot

  13. I’m confident we will seal him, now that Ancelotti has the job lets get this finalised! If we wait another couple weeks and City start struggling with Cavani or whoever else they may be after then we could be in trouble.

    If they swoop in now then it really does set a precedent, if it hadn’t already been set!

  14. a tug of war for tevez real Madrid and city will fight it out and would ibra come to prem as I could see city trying psg out for him

  15. Fuck you faggot! Higuain will be announced around Friday so you should stop crying and support your team instead of making these gay ass headlines all the time… We all know that the only thing you want is attention – so just cut it out and leave the transfer news to professionals! I don’t need your shitty rumors when I have Arsenal Media Watch…

  16. Guyz calm down…. everything is speculations…. if Higuain was going to Man city, trust me they wouldnt have to get rid of tevez to sign him. They would sign him first and then get rid of Tevi. Pellegrini has nothing to do with it…after all man city cant even sign isco regardless of Pellegrini’s connection. Higuain has a point to prove… and no offense to Giroud but Higuain banging in goals at Arsenal wud keep him on course for the world cup. Who doesnt want to be a “god” in a big club?

  17. Man city are desperate for a striker now coz of tevez and balotelli departures , there is still a twist in this tale , oo btw a bid I imminent !!!! Hahahahahahahah

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