How Does The Whole Higuain Saga Make You Feel?

This must be one of the most protracted transfer sagas that ever was, well it seems like it anyway.

My first post regarding the Higuain rumours was on May 24th, and considering the fact that I am extremely slow, then by my reckoning the possibility of Gonzalo joining Arsenal has been floating around for over 4 weeks now.

So that’s over 31 days of wondering if the Argentine sharp-shooter will be arriving at The Emirates.

It’s got to the stage now where if he joins, it would just be a massive relief that all the rumours were true and we’ve managed to bring in a world-class striker to the club, who will improve our squad no end.

And then you have the unthinkable alternative. What if, by some cruel twist of fate, he doesn’t come to us and the deal falls through or even worse, we lose out to Juventus?

We all know that the only official confirmation will come from and in some ways, I wish I never knew about all this. The waiting is what is killing Arsenal fans, even making some of them fight between themselves to as whether he is coming or not.

And how did these rumours start so early? Do certain journalists have top secret contacts on the inside? Did they just put 2 and 2 together and manage to get something right? Is this deal even happening or are Higuain’s representatives trying to play Juventus off against Arsenal, now we have a massive war chest? Did I leave the gas on in the kitchen?

These are all questions we desperately want to know the answer too and it looks like the answers will never come.

A few days ago, it was a signed, sealed and delivered and we had agreed a £22 million fee and £130,000 per week deal. Now his bloody Dad comes along as says we, along with Juventus have tabled sizeable bids and now it’s up to Real Madrid to decide. F*cking hell, why can’t things ever be straight forward?

Will Juventus offer a better deal? No-one knows. Does Higuain want to join Arsenal? Is it true Real Madrid are holding out for closer to £25 million? Will we lose out because we’re not decisive in the transfer market anymore?

I know one thing, I just can’t take this anymore!


24 thoughts on “How Does The Whole Higuain Saga Make You Feel?

  1. I personally am really tire of hearing, the rumors about Higuin, if they are buying him let them buy him because the rumors about him is now monotonous

  2. I feel that we’re in for a big let down and that nothing actually will happen, because the transfer is being dragged out and as Arsenal are due to go on this far east trip we need to get all our new players to gel before the new season starts, but I can see we’re in for a big let down, in which case Wenger shouldn’t be offered a new contract, he should be sacked without hesitation.

  3. I agree, very boring now but typical Arsenal and of course the press do not help because they make half these things up. If it doesn’t happen in the next 7 days i do not think it will ever.

  4. i think this all saga is just in favour of madrid, almost every good player is 1st linked to arsenal whats behind all that may be the media has the hidden agenda abt it, do clubs use arsenal as a fulcrum to value their players???? otherwise me am used to roumers en i do not get excited b4 the deal is done, i also believe benteke is better than higuain juve wil be perfect for him.

  5. I know that AW is always been a very big fan of Higuain and Fellaini.If he doesnt buy them them now,i think we cannot dream of the title

  6. All Arsenal transfers are protracted sagas hadn`t you noticed? Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie even Henry (we won`t mention Bendtner). Maybe that`s one of the reasons we tend to fall between the stools at the last minute?
    Higuain? don`t hold your breath!

  7. we dont want to lose any trophy again so wenger bring world class plasyers with out looking money because you will take cups and return all the money we are also going to be happy as arsenal fans but if you continue looking the money even the Af A cup u cant and the big name arsenal have is not going to be anymore

  8. Have you or any of your readers worked in companies that deal with medium/large concracts? Some contracts take up to 2 years to organise, some you can do in several weeks, it depends on the complexity, and as this one is a complex one because you have 2 teams looking for a signature, you have the selling team with no manager and you have a father acting as agent all of these are not a good mix for quick solution. If it eases the pain I think you will find he will be here for a medical on Wed/Thurs with Fellani not far behind.

  9. You are spot on. It has got to the point where I can’t take this shit anymore.
    Im walking around like a nutter muttering to myself…. why is this taking so long….maybe we are not even after higuain….. maybe its all bullshit and arsenal are in spain trying to sign fabregas instead….. has or did wenger say he was after higuain? Because he was quick to mention the possible signing of sanogo and I can’t remember him saying he was trying to sign higuain. Saying ” I like him” doesn’t mean shit does it.
    Why hasn’t there been any kind of official statement from arsenal regarding higuain??? Or is it just me that hasn’t heard it ??
    Im well & truly f##ked up over this… its time to sue lol.

      The latest from is juventus have bulked at Madrid’s asking price for higuain…. and have now turned there attention on signing tevez instead… I hope this is true.

      • It is mate. Juve have agreed a deal with city and tevez. So maybe they have dropped out. My worry is that Real Madrid have appointed Ancelotti and who knows, he may want to keep him. We should know more by the weekend I would of thought. Fingers and toes crossed eh?

  10. So how have Manchester City snapped up Jesus Navas and Fernandinho already? How have Liverpool signed Iago Aspas and Luis Alberto? Saying the transfer window isn’t open is a joke.

    In fact, if you look on the BBC Football website there’s been loads of transfers already:

    Yes, Bob A, contracts can be complicated but Arsenal seem to be the only team that make it a lot harder than most.

    • I would on the face of it agree with you, but not knowing all the facts it is difficult to make a judgement. When we signed Cazorla last summer most people knew nothing about it until itn was
      announced we have no idea if they spent 3 weeks sorting it out.

  11. hmmmmm. We are busy blaming AW what abt arsenal press dat are feeding us with fake news? If only has the final say then why dnt we be patient and wait for d annoucement? Tired! tired!! Tired!!! Is what we say but i am not tired. Good things needs big protocol let’s be patient Higaiun will surely be ours.

  12. i dnt think higuain is worth that much. benteke would have bn better. am therefore not anxious to c him (higuain) sign.

  13. The press says its d announcement of carlo ancelloti dat is slowing d deal,so i pray to hear ancelloti signing,then i wil see wat excuses dey wil give again,bt am ready for dissapointment bcos arsenal is a fucked club

  14. May be you forgot about the Cesc saga which went for years. One month is really nothing. The only annoying thing is that someone said “he has joined”.

    The thing is, these can be media wars and tactics employed by Arsenal, Higuain and Real to get the best deal.

    Have you ever buy a house or business worth >50 million (wage included) and that asset is owned by more than one person?

  15. I dont know what your problem is? Transfers can take time, some not so much. What you are reacting to, is aimless, baseless internet and tabloid filler material. The actual transfer has not been discussed by any of the 2 clubs.

    You are whinging about something completely created by the media. I have not bothered to react to any of your increasingly desperate posts as you seem like an immature media fed baby.

    If you are going to keep posting stuff that appears on my newsnow feed please do try and up your game sunshine.

    Up the Arse!

  16. Jesus H Krist! Is Judith le Strange as fuck troll STILL infecting every Arsenal blog??? What a pathetically sad twat you must be!

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