Is Gonzalo Higuain What Arsenal Need?

Some reports are saying that the deal for Gonzalo Higuain could be wrapped up before the end of the day. It would be awesome if that happened and while I’m optimistic that I’ll log on to later on today and we’ll see the news we’ve all been waiting for, I fear that it might be after the weekend before we hear anything official. But you never know.

Yesterday there were rumours that the deal was a 3 year contract, and then 3 years was the time we were going to pay the fee, so at the moment the whole situation is a bit foggy to say the least. And there were rumours that he flew out to London last night, but again there are disputes about that.

But once the deal is completed, we’ll have our answers.

So the next big question is:

Is Gonzalo Higuain the man to fire Arsenal to trophies?

With the whole Higuain deal taking weeks to resolve, there are more questions than answers. Yes, we are going to break the record for a single transfer fee and yes, it seems that we are going to break our wage record as well. But since this has been going on for “weeks” now, how come another team hasn’t tried to come in a poach him from under our noses.

£22 million is a lot of money to us, but not for like likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea. There’s no doubt that on paper at least, his record is impressive but how come no other team put their ring into the hat? Surely, after working with Higuain last season, Mourinho would think that he is a better option than Fernando Torres?

Pellegrini has also managed the Argentine so how come he didn’t think he was worth bringing to The Etihad? The only other “interest” was from Juventus which I still think is dubious as they’ve got Tevez for £12 million which is more like the kind of fee they can afford, nothing like £22 million plus fee that Higuain would demand.

It just surprises me that when it was clear that Higuain was set for leaving Madrid, no other teams seriously considered him. When Suarez turned around and gave two fingers up at Liverpool, he was linked to PSG, Real Madrid and even teams like Manchester City and Arsenal. With Higuain, there was none of this paper talk.

It could be because that a deal in principle was agreed with Arsenal all this time, but you’d think the press would spice up the story with other bidders to sell more newspapers and get more hits on their websites.

It would not have been beyond the realms of possibilty to make up a story that other clubs were in for Higuain and that’s why the deal with Arsenal was stalling or taking so long.

Maybe I’m doubting Higuain unfairly at the moment because this transfer has become tedious and quite frankly, boring. The longer the “saga” has dragged on the more tired Arsenal fans have become at the deal not happening. If there were no rumours and Arsenal brought in Higuain out of the blue then there would be an explosion of excitement amongst the Arsenal faithful.

But the way things are, if and when the deal actually happens then we’ll all just probably be relieved.


21 thoughts on “Is Gonzalo Higuain What Arsenal Need?

  1. It is quite clear to me, anyway, that the ;author’ of this site is either;
    a) a 9 year old girl who is scared of her own shadow, or;
    b) a spud on a wind up.

    The amount of hand wringing, ‘end of the world’ sensationlist bollox that is spewed by this sorry excuse for an Arsenal blog is hilarious.

    I look forward to reading increasingly desperate and panic stricken blogs before finally, you explode into flames and disapear long before the transfer window has closed.

    Good work, please keep it up. 🙂

  2. Yes of course. I cant believe thats a genuine question. He is the most prolific goal machine we have signed in years. Who was Van Persie when we signed him every football fan knows Higuain. It is without question the best signing we have made in years. And if it does come off credit to Wenger.

  3. Looks like the author knows sweet FA about Higuain.. How does he play, will he fit into the system, etc etc – nothing about it. NOTHING. He scores goals – WOW.. thanks for letting us know.. we have seen that stats 100 times already. What a deep analisys… all the author is concerned about is were other clubs interested? This is not what headline is about. Sorry, no more clicks from me mate.

  4. Because no other team is competing for higuain makes him not good? Nobody was in for santi carzola same time last year too.

  5. Higuaini is a tested goal getter and has proved his worth in La Liga.If u look at number of games he played and goals scored he scored it jst goes to show how prolific he is.Suarez and Higuaini I d go for the Hig bcoz Suarez is a suspensions customer

  6. Have you considered that Higuain might have opted for Arsenal primarily because he know for certain that he’ll be the main man. I’d figure a player who’s been at Real for most of his career would no longer be enticed by money. Higuain would have had his eyes set on a team which would appreciate his talents to their fullest, something he did not have at Real. Finally, why would Higuain ever want to play for Mourinho again? This is the same man who rated him below Benzima.

  7. the author of this site should know that not all teams can afford 25 million and arsenal was able to beat juventus,napoli who were all intrested in signing the player

  8. I had the pleasure of going to a Real Madrid home game (what an experience) last year against Sporting Gijon and other than Ronaldo, Higuain was the most impressive forward on show and scored a good equalising goal when RM were struggling 0-1 having given a penalty away.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that he is the best signing we could make up front. The main question for me, is what becomes of Giroud ? I thought he was shaping up nicely last season and a lot of his hard work went unappreciated. Perhaps he could forge a great relationship with Higuain winning lots of knock downs that Higuain would put away unlike most of Arsenal’s players last season.
    All we need then is Fellaini to protect the back four and Cesar in goal and we will be very hard to beat – come on Mr Wenger make it happen.

  9. Arsenal is not yet there,even with signing of RM man is not enough for us to be sure of winning titles.Let wenger bring Felanni,and brasil keeper we be rest assure we are going to win something.

  10. Ja,ja, jaaa! AW has blown the whistle and the game has got to start. Whether u like or not, Higuin is the man. U cant compare Higuin to Charmac or Giroud. Unless things will be as it was for Torres, I believe next year will be for Arsenal fans. AW should sort out his cards nicely for the remaining players. U bring in Fellain and Micah- the game is over

  11. What I believe is that Wenger is a master of recruiting talents. Let us give him enough time. He managed to use lower priced players for sometimes and beat teams like Liver, Totternham and others.What if he uses the like of Higuin, Fellain, Carzola, Arteta, Gibs,and his company, It is wonderful

  12. bad luck for us that Spanish newspapers are talking about we are not gonna take him…
    well done Wenger!!!!!! fck….


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