Will Next Season Be Arsene Wenger’s Last Hurrah?

We’re well into silly season and there are “rumours” that PSG (after appointing Laurent Blanc who was reportedly 7th choice to replace Carlo Ancelotti) have made a “moral agreement” with Arsene Wenger to join them in the summer of 2014.

Obviously the chance of this happening is unlikely but stranger things have happened. What if like Alex Ferguson, this season was Arsene’s last hurrah?

Last summer, there were rumours that Sir Alex was going to retire and the Manchester United board gave him Robin van Persie as a £68 million farewell present – one last chance to wrestle the title back from Manchester City.

So with our reported “war chest” and apparent financial strength in the transfer market, then this could be Arsene’s last big push to make all of the frugal spending over the last 8 seasons worthwhile.

Arsene Wenger has spent £9 million net over the last 8 seasons. And to keep delivering Champions League football on a consistent basis is, quick frankly, phenomenal. But sooner or later, Arsenal have to take off the restraints and just go for it.

If Arsenal do manage to bring in Gonzalo Higuain, Marouane Fellaini and a couple of other world class players, then we would have a squad that would mean business.

But we’d need more than that. When Alex Ferguson purchased Robin van Persie, he had a side that finished the previous season in second place, missing out on the title by goal difference. So Manchester United weren’t a million miles from having a title-winning squad.

But we will need to step up several levels to really compete.

If we seal the deal for Higuain, then we still need a couple of midfield reinforcements and another central defender. We need to be able to cope if our spine of Mertesacker, Koscielny and Cazorla get injured for any amount of time. Added to that, Arteta and Ramsey were over played and need resting now and then. At right back, if Sagna stays then Jenkinson is more than a worthy backup, but if he does leave then we would need to bring in another fullback. Left back is well covered with Gibbs and Monreal, and the wide attacking positions can be filled by Podolski, Theo and Gervinho so someone else in that position would be useful as well.

So by my reckoning, to really have a squad to compete we would need a new centre back, two midfielders and another winger. So that’s 4 players, not including the possible purchased of Higuain.

On the positive side, we’re only 6 days into the official transfer window and have another 8 weeks of it left to get business sorted out.

Will be bring in what we need to compete? I hope so.

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17 thoughts on “Will Next Season Be Arsene Wenger’s Last Hurrah?

  1. I really hope he does leave,it seems that he is messing about in the transfer window yet again.They have got a guy on free,never heard of him but thats typical wenger,when he goes for big players it doesnt happen for us,Higuain,suarez,rooneyn,fellaini,cesar,jovetic,…etc,etc,etc the list could go on.

    Its getting really dissappointing supporting the gunners who hasnt won a trophy in light years,even wigan have had a trophy.

    Please get shot of wenger and get a manager who will spend,so wenger when its not going your way in a game and your cracking up just think why you are coz its that you never get star players but donkeys that we never hear off.


  2. Hi Mike and all at AFC4Life another great post! I would think another 4 signings plus Higuain is asking too much of Monsieur Wenger. I do believe that the club are going to invest significantly this season by adding Higuain and either Fellaini or Bender + A GK. However Arsene will also add more promising talent such as Sanogo!
    Kevvy, Dev, Akhenda and Hokuspokus keep the faith if you are true Gunners! Saying things like Arsene is a C**T etc is not the Arsenal way! Arsenal are and have always been a class, well run football club with a tradition of winning major honours! Arsene has achieved the impossible by keeping the club competitive on a shoestring! The stadium is completed and paid for! New revenue streams are coming on line that will allow the club to buy and pay the wages of the best players! All of this achieved without massive debts endangering the clubs long term future!
    Thanks GoonerNW5

  3. Whether you like it or not Arsene is still the best manager ever in the history of Arsenal FC. Where was Arsenal before his arrival?! A gratefull gooner will never want him go just like that. Trophless? Is part of the ups and down in game.yet the prestige still remain. You can’t talk about top highly reckon with football clubs in the world without mentioning ARSENAL FC even financially. Lets keep the faith in him, he has done it before and he will surely repeat it. In Arsene we trust! Gunners 4life..

  4. For some reason, I think so, but unlike some of the previous commenters, I don’t want him to leave. To be honest, no other manager in the world would want to come into a situation where the board will use him as a scapegoat to cover up the fact that THERE’S NO REAL MONEY. If you guys remember, before the stadium, Wenger had no problem to spend, but why does he have a problem now? Simply because the board shifted its focus to financial gain instead of championship gain due to the stadium, and its pretty hard to go back when your pockets are full and Arsenal is still in the champions league. All that clamor before this season about our ‘transfer war chest’ was just to calm fans down and get us to look forward to the new season, only to realize that all the purchases we made had to be covered through big sales. Why do you think the board is so eager to offer the man a new contract? Who else would, no, could maintain this level of success with such little financial support in this day and age? Lets be honest, at this rate we’re acting like a Big boy Everton the way The boss hasn’t been able to get the players needed/wanted. But if you think that this is a bunch of rubbish l, do your research on the other sports teams Kroenke has a hand in and see how all of their performances on the field droppers due to the need to make money. Arsenal is his first project on which he actually has a manager good enough to make that not an issue…

    • Why you say there is no real money when the club say there is? Who are you to know there isn’t any money?

    • How can you say there is no real money? What about the money we have wasted on the wages of Squillachi, Bendtner, Denilson and Santos et al? The way Arshavin was left to rot instead of being sold was a disgrace. Without David Dein, Wenger / Arsenal is unable to be effective in the transfer market.

  5. When a manager becomes irresponsible he must go. George Graham was given the chop for that reason. Wenger is now running the club like Mr Bean. All things come to an end. Wenger needs to go. We need a younger board too. There is so little creativity and ideas in that board of old, old men.

  6. If we are to judge him on his 8 years successes, then we must also judge him on his 8 years of failures.

    – Failed youth experiment
    – Failed socialist wage structure
    – Failure to win trophies
    – Failed tactical nous in big games

    Surely, a recipe for change.

  7. Come on you Gooners, Arsene to go, never heard so much rubbish, he has Arsenal in his blood, he gets as frustrated as all Gooners do when we lose , he has built a stadium and British youth,which is now about to pay off , look at Chelski shit stadium , ageing team and how much have they spent compared to Arsene £9mlion, what did they win last year.

    Given the FFP we are about to run Europe for years to come, and you now say get rid of him , you buy a house and pay mortgage for 16 years, then you think it right I turn up and say, your wall paper is shit, you have to leave with nothing , then move so one else in.

    Your talking rubbish , all we need is Arsene right hand man back in David Dean, then we will be buying the likes of a Viera, PIrez, Cesc, and bring back the invincibles.

    Get a life you lot, what makes me laugh is nobody who is calling for Arsene to go has come up with a name to replace, ummm let me think Beneites lol


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