£30 Million Bid for Suarez Rejected – Arsenal The Laughing Stock of Transfer Market!

With all of the rumours surrounding Gonzalo Higuain, Arsenal have pretty much stunned me by offering Liverpool £30 million for wantaway striker Luis Suarez which was instantly rejected.

This brings up a few questions:

  • Are Arsenal “trying” to buy Suarez because the Higuain deal is dead?
  • Are we putting in a fake bid for Suarez so Real Madrid won’t ask for more money?
  • Has Arsene (and this is hugely unlikely I know) got the idea that he needs two world class strikers?
  • Or, and this is probably the most likely – Are Arsenal completely useless when trying to buy top players and they’re trying to get these players less than their market value?

If Arsenal are putting in a bid of £30 million for a player, they clearly do have a warchest at their disposal. So this could mean that we were genuinely interested in players such as Wayne Rooney, Gonzalo Higuain and Luis Suarez, but the fact is we’re penny-pinchers and don’t want to pay the money that is required.

Essentially, it’s been so long since we’ve bought a top player that we’re trying to get them “on the cheap”.

As Arsenal fans grow increasingly frustrated with TLTDTEW, this latest rejected bid won’t do much to help the situation. With an already rejected bid for Lars Bender, it seems as if Arsenal are being made into a laughing stock in the transfer market.


29 thoughts on “£30 Million Bid for Suarez Rejected – Arsenal The Laughing Stock of Transfer Market!

  1. I think Arsenal may have bid to get Real to bid and therefore let Higuain go.

    Although if Arsenal really after Luis, WHY he has said time and time again he want out of the country. I don’t think Liverpool will EVER EVER let him goto another Premiership team. He signed a contract extension last summer and has always said he still happy at LFC.

  2. Im from Liverpool ( Knotty ash ) a Liverpool fan,and I think it’s are club that needs to be worried.Where selling are high earners ( Class players ) for B TEAM PLAYERS ( Low wages ) Then where selling players like Shelvey to Swansea for £5 million & Spearing to Blackburn for £1.5 million.Yet we get charged £15 million for garbage players like back pass Allen ;-( Use won’t get Suarez because he’s going to Madrid,probably for less than use wanted him for ( £30 million ) Because are club is being run into the ground by idiots like Ian ayre John Henry & a lap dog in Rodgers ;-( Aston Villa here we come ;-(

      • I live in L14 7PR Jon,and I am from lpool.But I’m disgusted the way my club is being run,sell before you buy bollocks.Then it’s Players from SERIE B & LA LIGA B for a pittance on low wages ;-( Are MD is a F*CKING IDIOT ( Ian ayre ) Who couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag ;-( And Henry are owner will just pocket all the sponsorship cash that’s just come in.And I do believe where the new Aston Villa ;-(

  3. The fact you even put 1% faith in this story being true invalidates your argument as you must be a complete muppet.

    A total paper talk non story, run by 1 website and then picked up as truth.

    Silly season has claimed another victim!

    • Personally, the only website I look at for Arsenal news are the BBC website and Arsenal.com. I’d believe anything on the BBC website before all the other crap rumour mongers like Sky Sports, Goal.com, Caught Offside and other other bullshitters.

      Nice name by the way.

    • Now there is a lesson in good quality English!!! If you’re going to post on an English site, at least learn how to speak and write the language!! Not to mention the fact that you clearly do not know your arse from your elbow.

  4. The only laughing stock I see are childish gullible Arsenal supporters and bloggers who believe anything they read. Stop being such crybabies and be proud of the cub you support.

    • You are right, i hate all the bloggers who needed more visits on their blog. Nonesense, they gat no news for fans

    • John you’ve really made my day with your comments. Before now i thought all the arsenal fans are headline freak, without even making proper enquiries about the rumour they heard or read in the news paper. And as an arsenal fan it always pain me when i see them help in spreading the rumours and criticizing the club at the same time. I think if they are fed up of been an arsenal fan they should just leave and join another club instead.

    • Says the guy who visits these websites, and THEN leaves a comment. Well done John, well done.

      You’ve really shown us there.

  5. I think you’ve got something wrong here,it is “Arsenal being made into a laughing stock” i’m sad to inform you this happened quite a while back.This will go on until either Arsene returns to being a coach/if not then leave,a real football transfer team is in place and Silent Stan gets hit by a slamming door vacating the boardroom for the last time.

  6. Liverpool don’t know a good deal if it smacked em in the face. Carroll £30m (you must be joking) Suarez £30m with all his baggage is double his valuation. Robin van Persie was sold for a shadow of that and is a much better player. Take the money Liverpool, it will be your last chance before Suarez plots his next scandalous act in the Premiership.

    • You seriously can’t be older than 5yrs old writing a comment like that you clueless idiot! Van persie left for 22mil which will rise to 24 and he olny had 12 months left to run on his contact, was 29 years old and isn’t even close to the quality of player Suarez is, so tell me how that is a fraction of the cost of 30mil? Suarez is in the top 5 players in the world he’s in his prime and got 4years contact so anythin less than £50million is a disgrace

  7. I’ve also heard, Arsenal’s 100 million Cristiano Ronaldo bid got rejected along with 150 million Messi bid. Is that true ?

  8. Van persie left on the cheap cause he was running down his contract Suarez only signed new deal last summer putting Liverpool in much stronger position than arsenal if Cavani worth 63 mill and bale 60 mill Suarez has to b in that bracket as he out scores Cavani at international level and bale at domestic level. Arsenal have no chance getting Suarez but can c them getting higuain and Rooney.

    • I totally agree david but the fact is we went through exactly the same situation with Cesc.Every Arsenal fan thought he was worth at least 50 mil put ended up being sold way below that and he had a contract to 2016 running.The fact is,the player wants to leave and Pool know they will have to sell,the sooner we approach 2 september the worse it will get for Pool having a disenchanted player in the squad and the lower the price will be.

  9. Even BBC’s chief football writer is running the story, and they don’t even use “about” when quoting the figure.

    Remember RVP had a rape claim against him around the time he joined us. I personally would prefer not to have Suarez, just like I was glad to avoid Demba Ba faceplanting every time he scored a goal.

    Let’s be honest here, all the signs are out that Wenger and Gazidis were not joking when they said they intended to spend some money.

    • I think it’s more likely that Arsenal are putting in “bids” they know will fail so they can say “well, we did try and bring in players”.

  10. Wenger knows full well that Suarez wouldn’t come to us (his problem’s with the media, after all and that’ll be worse at Arsenal, if anything). Therefore, IF there is interest (and I’ve seen nothing concrete to prove that this is any more than made up silly season tittle-tattle) it’s purely to get the transfer market moving with relation to Suarez and, by extension, Higuain. Even if our bid is know to be disingenuous (and low-balling the valuation is a must in this scenario, as we don’t actually want Liverpool to accept the bid) then, even so, it may encoutrage other bidders, not just Madrid. If clubs start moving for Suarez then Madrid will be forced to act, thus freeing up Higuain. It all seems very plausible, although most stories made up by tabloid journalist are. With my conspiracy theory cap firmly on, I wouldn’t be amazed to discover that, if it is true, then Liverpool are complicit, as they want rid of a troublemaker and don’t want to be forced to accept a REALLY low bid on 31/08.

  11. I know it’s just one of those transfer rumours cos i can see arsenal signing Luis Suarez. But come to think of it- is he the kind of player we really need? The answer is “NO”. I think the positions that need strengthening is the defensive part of our midfield and an outright striker. Not a “false striker” like suarez.

    • First and foremost I love Arsenal and always will, I must say all the rumors regarding Gonzalo Higuain now the Luis Suarez bid thats been rejected personally I believe this to be rubbish paper talk I though would welcome such a talent to the team I truly believe Wenger could bring the best out in Suarez and teach him some discipline. All in all it has to be said if we do not end buying any real top class players their will be a lot of unhappy supporters out their but I will continue to love and support my team all the way. I firmly believe we will add at least one top class edition to our team this coming season just stop moaning try to be positive most of all have some faith and we shall see what comes our way in the coming weeks.

  12. These superstar this and superstar that stories will die down when wenger have signed another 4 year contract,all these stories are a smokescreen for Wenger getting another contract.

  13. Fake bids so they can say they tried to compete in the transfer market. Rsenal know they’re not going to get these players. Jovetic, higuain, Suarez, Bernard, all propaganda. Already signed our striker, a freebie from France! Oh well at least we “tried”


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