I Don’t Want Luis Suarez at Arsenal – He’s Vastly Overrated

As it becomes clear that Arsenal’s “bid” for Luis Suarez is a tactic to get the Gonzalo Higuain deal going, there is still a slight (and I mean slight) chance of Arsene being interested in him.

The problem is that he racially abused Patrice Evra a couple of seasons ago, and decided to “eat” Branislav Ivanovic last year. He is a serial diver and cheat, and for a club like Arsenal that has class, then buying him would be a nightmare.

And, this may be a controversial opinion, but I just don’t rate him at all.

He scored a lot of goals in Holland (but so did Meteja Kezman and Dirk Kuyt) and in England he scores goals but his record of 51 goals in 96 games is good but not world class.

And seeing him play, to me he is just frustrating. Luis Suarez constantly tries to take on players on the byline, sometimes manages to wriggle through and then he will shoot from the most ridiculous angle, which is finished by hitting the side netting. Sure he has the technically ability, but he’s just greedy.

And he is wasteful. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen him miss chance after chance. Yes, he scores some wonderful goals but he isn’t as clinical as people think. In fact, in terms of converting chances, he is actually the 23rd most clinical player in the Premier League, for players who have scored 5 or more goals last season.

That is shockingly poor.

This could be explained by his greedy play and not passing the ball, combined with the fact he likes to shoot from angles you wouldn’t even try if you were playing Fifa. If we’re using the Football Game analogy, then Luis Suarez thinks he’s playing Sensible Soccer.

When you consider players such as Le Fondre, Fletcher, Crouch, Lambert, Sturridge and Walters are more “clinical” than him, then it becomes clear how “effective” Suarez is in front of goal.

People will argue that “at least he gets into the positions to score” but I would argue Andy Cole was the same. It doesn’t change the fact that he still missed loads of chances though.

He does the tricks and flicks that please the fans and make nice YouTube compilations, but if we’re looking for a player to drastically improve Arsenal, then he is not our man.

£30 million? Please don’t even pretend to waste our money on Suarez, Arsene.


164 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Luis Suarez at Arsenal – He’s Vastly Overrated

        • It was the mention of Lambert, Crouch and Fletcher that did me!

          Arsenal 4 Life Blog
          stopped writing about Arsenal since July 08 2013

          • So you choose to ignore the facts? Being a deluded Liverpool fan, and having being managed by Rafa “facts” Benitez, that’s surprising.

  1. What alternative do you suggest? I believe the technical crew knew all your observation. And for a Arsene to have been ready to splash 30M BP, that is something.

    • Haha are you serious?

      He only made that bid to try and fool moronic Arsenal fans into thinking he’s actually prepared to spend that money knowing full well Liverpool would never accept!

      Its like my team bidding £50mil for Ronaldo, we only bid it as we know it will be rebuffed straight away and it looks like we’re able to spend serious money when really we had no intention to in the first place.

      Looks like its worked!

  2. I must say that if you think he is overrated then you obviously dont watch too much football. Last season he made 44 appearances for Liverpool scoring 30 goals and providing 11 assists. That, sir, is world class!. However, I’ll be shocked if we do go for him because of your points about his non football skills of diving, biting, racially abusing and cheating.

  3. Ok, character wise not the best but technically a fantastic player if he can be harnessed he would be an excellent signing

  4. Mate, if you don’t rate a player who by all accounts, and according to all experts, is among he top 5 in the world, there is no helping you. Even an idiot can see that him and Bale are in a class all their own. He backs up his flicks and tricks, as you call it, by leading the league in scoring for most of the season. And, I suggest you have a look at his assist rate before going on too much about him being only a greedy player that doesn’t pass. Wen you have a player that scores like RVP and sets up like Cazorla, surely you should be able to appreciate it.

  5. Luis Suarez:

    Total career club games:327

    Liverpool games:96

    Uruguay games:69

    VASTLY OVERRATED????………………..LOL.

  6. This must be one of the funniest & most ridiculous blogs ever….The internet allows folk that need to be locked up in crazy asylums to publish whatever they want….Its hell of an entertainment.LMAO….I can stop LOL at this nonsense…hahahahaha

  7. Who cares what u want. Suarez a tireless and combative top striker. I love to see him in Gunners squad, but I don’t think it would ever happen. Arsenal wont meet Liverpool’s valuation.

  8. so he cheats? but did fabregas not always dive to win free kicks, then move the ball 5 yards from where supposedly fouls was?? but your ok with that! He’s not world class, he’s successfully nutmeg numerous world class defenders including the lion of england john terry, made him look like a kid in the play ground!

  9. Hmmm…. Not very well thought out. Despite Suarez’s failures he is still a better player than anyone at arsenal.

    I realise the bid was an attempt to hurry Real, but your opinion of suarez has something to be desired. He may miss a lot of chances, but he also creates a lot by himself. Also its very seldom that Suarez is marked out of the game, he always seems to get teh better of an opponent several times in a match. on teh greedy aspect, is that not exactly what Arsenal need, insetad of pass, pass, pass? Whether he scores or not, he is a major distraction for the whole defence.

    There is no chance of Arsenal getting him anyway – Liverpool wont sell too Arsenal and Suarez wants away from the British media.

  10. lets be honest, when playing he is a delight to watch the most exciting player in the league. in the games he doesnt score, he creates which makes his overall contribution a lot more efficient. if you were to watch all the games over the past two seasons instead of the match of the day highlights then im sure you would struggle to find a game where luis did not do something spectacular .. bet your terd at fifa aswell

  11. Luis Suarez? No thanks.

    He’s a biter, diver, shirt-puller and that other thing. 30 goals or not, the man has too much baggage and is a time bomb about to go off. I would rather not see him in the EPL let alone in an Arsenal shirt.


  13. Luis Suarez is better than every single Arsenal player! Like it or not, he’s one of the best players in the world!

  14. The guy can change the game for any team on his own, he’s very gifted technicallly, he scores and he creates, one of the best players currently playing in the world at the minute. You’re mad to call him overrated.

  15. Suarez is the rare player who can manufacture goal scoring opportunities out of virtually nothing. If a team allows him to get the ball anywhere in the final third, there is a high likelihood he will at least manage to get a shot off. On a team like Arsenal, who will provide him better service more often, he could score over 35 goals in one season.

  16. In his 327 career club games, Luis Suarez has either scored or assisted in a goal in 259 of those games, yet he is VASTLY OVERRATED………………nurse the screens!!!!!

    Named player of the Copa America and Uruguay’s top scorer too, not a bad player is he……………….LOL.

  17. As a Liverpool fan, I was going to comment how bad this article is and how you have no clue about football.

    Little point now seeing as both Liverpool and Arsenal fans have already expressed what a complete idiot you truly are.

  18. biting is serious yeah, paid the price of it. diving is common but im sure you would have bale (the most booked player for diving).sure eduardo got in shit for diving but was loved by arsenal . am i also wrong to assume no player in the prem has ever pulled a shirt in their life. check your reasons mate and compare them to 30 goals. i know what id have all day

    • Eduardo did not dive. Please lets stick to the facts and we all know what Suarez is. The only reason Pool fans love Suarez is because he’s in a red shirt but in reality is he really the sort of person you would really want in your team? The man has a manner more suited to the stone age.

      • so what was eduardos then, there was certainly no contact. pot calling the kettle here. mate liverpool fans acknowledge that suarez is no saint but on the pitch hes a star, maradonna will go down as one of the greatest but he is noturious for the handball, messi has done it, ronaldo and bale dive, di canio was racist. many players dive, fight and cheat but for some reason you give suarez the full barrel. not saying its right what he does but lets be honest when was the last time you went oh i dont want bale, he dives. be realistic here, you just dont like him coz ur narrow minded and even if he didnt do all that you probably wouldnt like him

      • Suarez stays on his feet more often then he’s given credit for. Have a look at Craig Bellamy’s book to back this up. Gets kicked around the place a lot and stays on his feet.

  19. Suarez is a scumbag. He is a racist, cheating player who causes controversy everywhere he plays. He has picked up a combined ban of 18 games in 2 seasons. He will never change. I do not want him at Arsenal.

  20. tbh though id rather have giroud aswell upfront. hahahahahaha or gervinho lmao. much better players obv. jog on ye divvy

  21. Uh Oh, get your tin hat at the ready, the candle bearers are out in force moaning and whining about how the world is against them. Again. Oh how the mighty have fallen. But yes Suarez is pony, as was proved at the confederations cup.

  22. I think Luis Suarez is a rubbish footballer, over rated, no good & it’s all just tricks… Arsenal or any other teams, especially Chelsea should not waste their money on this cheat racist South American weirdo, He should stay at Liverpool & let the scousers watch his greed & show off tricks & his goals from angles you would not think it’s possible! he is just a lucky player, that’s all & he should not be chased by any team, not from Spain or here in the UK. Adel – A Liverpool Fan 🙂

  23. You my friend are an absolute idiot. One of the top 5 strikers in the world. So consistent.
    And I love the way people say he’s a diver. Considering he stays on his feet more than most. Just have a look at what Craig Bellamy said about him in his book to back that up.
    He’s worth at least 60m if you want him. But even if you did cough it up, he wouldn’t go to you. No chance of silverware. And he wants to leave England.

    • He is worth 30-40 mill. 60 mill? Who would pay that for a player who racially abuses other players, bites players and picks up lengthy bans.

    • You my friend, are deluded.

      Top 5 strikers in the world? Messi, C.Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Cavani and Falcao are lightyears ahead of Suarez and I’d take them over the diving cheat any day of the week.

      I can name even more strikers that are better than Suarez if you like?

      • Other than Messi and Ronaldo, none of the others you name are better than Suarez.

        Also, you haven’t got a chance in signing any of those stirkers, so what’s your point?

      • Cavani? Suarez keeps him on the bench for Uruguay so that argument holds no water. Top scorer of all time for Uruguay at 25. Suarez is better than all but Messi and Ronaldo on that list dear.

      • Ronaldo’s not a striker. Drogba, Higuiain, and Benzema are no where near him. Aguero, and van Persie are close but Suarez’ is better. That leaves Messi, Falcao, Cavani, Ibra and Suarez in the top 5. And diving? You clearly just jump on the bandwagon, considering he stays on his feet more than most. Have a look at Craig Bellamy’s book. The lad gets kicked from pillar to post. In fact, name the last time you saw him dive.

      • Suarez was better in the league than Aguero last season, his goals per game/minute versus RVP was far better (and RVP is almost in retirement), plus he’s better than Higuain and Benzema, and he’s better than Drogba was at his best; and Drogba is nowhere near his best. 😀

  24. Do not understand where is the transfer rumours taking us. Every possible striker is linked with Arsenal. Higuain rumoured signing does not seem to be settling our way after todays rumours Or it is all in smoke.

    Or are we going to sign only the unknown players hoping they will become stars and will bring more money to Arsenal.

    After having so much of Warchest we haven’t bought any one till now.
    Hoping to see some really good signings.

  25. Fully agree. Season b4 last he had worst chance conversion of any player in the league, and the talk was about how poor he was. Fast forward 12 months & he’s meant to be best in the league ??? I think not lol

    • Even with poor chance conversion two seasons ago, he was still one of the best players in the league that season.

      Last season he was even better and was one of the top 3 players of the premier league.

      You Sir, clearly do not have one jot of a clue!

  26. This is so stupid.

    Vastly overrated? 51 goals in 96 games is not world class?! That’s more than one every two games!!

    His country’s top scorer at the age of 26, and this is a country that’s won world cups and Copa America’s and produced some great players.

  27. Arsenal need to realise that they are a club in decline, selling all their best players, slowly being usurped by Spurs. They’re trying to play hard ball in this transfer window but at the end I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t end up with Suarez, Rooney or Higuain for the sake of a few stingey million

  28. Suarez is one of the Top 5 players in the world? I knew Liverpool fans were deluded but this takes the biscuit.

    First of all, Liverpool fans think they’re going to win the title every season, despite the fact they haven’t won it since 1990. Yet they go on about being a bigger club than Manchester United.


    Now they think he’s one of the top five players in the world?! Jesus H Christ! Are you for real?!

    Ibrahimovic, Messi, Ronaldo, Cavani, Falcao, Iniesta, Xavi, Van Persie, Dani Alves.. in fact in the 2012 Ballon d’Or he didn’t even make the 25 player shortlist!

    Fucking hell, this is what the Sky Sports generation has produced – idiotic fans who think football only exists in the Premier League.

    • Spot on mate.

      The hype surrounding Suarez is pathetic. Are people referring to the so called “experts” from the BBC and Sky Sports, who are all former Liverpool players? I’m talking about Hansen, Lawrenson, Souness, Redknapp…. I suppose we should all have believed them when the said Liverpool were genuine title contenders!! 😀

      • I know right because Arsenal are definitely genuine title contenders, what are they averaging? a trophy a season? The ‘Take over Spurs in the table’ trophy doesn’t count by the way.

        • Maybe ‘finish below everton in the league table’ trophy counts..but i m gutted because liverfool won that trophy…that must have made u really proud innit mate??

      • Wow, Suarez is far better than any of you players; so what does that say about the hype surrounding your team?

        Ah, sorry, there is no hype over your team ‘cos everyone knows you’re shit!

        As crap as we are in the league, at least we’ve been winning trophies recently.

      • Great argument.

        Suarez wouldn’t fit into our style of play, is a racist, gets banned for long periods, do I need to go on?

      • What a great argument. Kevin Philips and Darren Bent were one of the top scorers in the league at one point, so are you saying we should have signed them?


        • Arsenal will not sign Phillips or Bent because your old idiot Wenger is able to attract to the club only kids.


    • Stereotyping? That’s funny. We don’t think we’re going to win the league each season. We’re realistic about our goals. People choose to look at the 5% of our fan base that think the league is a realistic goal. And considering the majority of pundits who have played the game, and definitely know more than you, think he’s up around the top 5, I think you should stop talking.

  29. I’ve always seen Suarez as a stronger *less* selfish version of Van Persie. He took a while to get going in this league but last year proved himself to be a world class goalscorer. As a footballer he’d be a great signing for Arsenal but he brings a lot of baggage and frankly £30m is a lot for someone like that.

  30. I’m an Arsenal fan of 30 years and Luis Suarez is better than any player we have at the moment, and thats a fact, his career goals and assists speak for themselves. Its a shame Wenger will not pay Liverpool what he is worth because he is world class. I cannot see Wenger paying out as much as people.think this summer he is too tight, we will end up with another Giroud

    • Question to you.

      We are one of the main clubs in the ‘kick it out’ racism campaign so how can we sign a proven racist? That would make us hypocrites.

          • He has been banned cuz it’s FA, stupd FA. Can you provide direct evidence that he is a racist?

          • Robert, you must be the only retard for trying to justify the fact that Suarez is a racist just like Terry is. We do not want theses players ruining our great club.

      • Wrong son!!!…………………..Luis Suarez was found not guilty of being ‘racist’, engage your brain before opening your mouth tool.

        • Suarez was found guilty by the FA.
          Terry was found guilty by the FA.
          Terry was found innocent by the police/law.
          Suarez’ case did not go that far as there was no evidence to go by. If it had gone that far, Suarez would’ve been found innocent as there was no foundation behind it.
          If Terry was innocent after calling Anton a “black cunt” on camera, then Suarez would’ve gotten away with it with no evidence.

      • The name Suarez called Evra Messi calls black players it all the time. Black players have already come out and said it and I bet you wouldn’t say no to Messi in your team. The whole article is hateful biased garbage. When Suarez plays for your team you love him because he always gives 100% and never gives up along with his world class ability and 30 goals he scored last season.

        • In this country that word is deemed racist. He was told to stop using it but didn’t. I am pretty sure that you do not refer to black people that way and if you did you would be sacked from your place of work.

  31. What a total and utter tard you’ve just made yourself look with this diaster of an article. To quote an old saying “Tis better to remain quiet and have people assume you to be a fool than to open one’s mouth and confirm to the world that you are”

  32. ‘I knew Liverpool fans were deluded but this takes the biscuit.’

    You clearly haven’t read the article…it screams ‘Arsenal are too good for one of the best players in the league’

    • A player that has a record of biting players, diving and cheating on a regular basis.

      Yeah, I’m sorry we don’t want to take someone like that off your hands!

  33. honestly I have never heard such total tosh, so he is greedy, doesn’t pass, cheats, eats people, etc, and yet loads of arsenal fans would love him at the emirates also he has not had a red card in the epl or tried to break someone’s legs which we see plenty of week in week out

  34. This isn’t about Liverpool fans or Arsenal fans, this is about Luis Suarez being one of the best players in the world. He’s proved it at club and international level. The Confederations Cup? Don’t even go there. People are talking about him as if he should be scoring like Messi. He’s not even an out and out striker and he’s getting 30 goals a season and scoring for fun for Uruguay. He is playing in the toughest league in the world, La Liga is a joke, he would have double the amount of goals over there. He creates so many chances, his touch is the best I’ve ever seen in the Premiership, and that’s including Bergkamp and Zola and all of the other greats. He runs the show at Liverpool, it’s not Stevie G anymore. Yes he is crazy, he bit Ivanovic and he was racist towards Evra but in fairness it was in retaliation, it’s easy to bring up the black card, but Patrice was racist to him first. He no longer dives like he used to, he gets back up and takes some kicking from defenders as he is so hard to mark. Brendan snapped him out of that. He nutmegs defenders every week, where that would be a once in a blue moon thing a few years ago. If he goes it will be for minimum £50 million. Arsenal fans saying he’s overrated is a ridiculous comment, Rooney, the other player linked with the club, is the most overrated player of the past few years. Not taking anything away from his skill but British players are overrated by the media. If you don’t like him then don’t, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he is a world class player that would be an amazing signing for any club, why would all of the top teams in the world be after him if he was so rubbish? Come on guys, get a grip!

  35. I’m noticing that most of the “reasoned arguments” are from fans who think Suarez is overrated, and the more “visceral” crap is coming from people who are being extremely defensive about Suarez.

    But then again, Liverpool are the club that defended Suarez to the hilt after his racist acts and ended up looking like complete idiots.

    Just an observation.

  36. Come on u won’t talk of Rooney that way coz he is british. Talking of goals suarez was the second top goal scorer after he was banned at the end of the season. Rooney is home but he has never been the top scorer all those years don’t just talk shit about football u know nafin abt it bitch

  37. Another observation (I seem to be full of these today) is the fact that despite being a racist, biting other players, a diver and a cheat, Liverpool fans are still defensive about Suarez after he’s stated numerous times that he would like to leave Liverpool.

    Seriously, you couldn’t make it up.

    At least Arsenal fans are sensible and recognise arseholes when they seem them. I’m talking about players like Adebayor, Nasri, Van Persie – we don’t blindly defend them like Liverpool fans would.

    • Agreed.

      I am a gooner and if Jack racially abused a player I would want him to be sold or leave regardless of his talent but Liverpool fans seem to be able to excuse Suarez’s racism because he is a good player.

      • Very easy to say it now. If it happened you would back him to the hills. Don’t even attempt to act all high and mighty. Luis has a quick fuse. He retaliates in the wrong ways. We admit that. But as long as he wears our shirt, we’ll back him. It’s what true supporters do.

        • Like Glen Johnson said, “he was average at the best of times”, thats why. Now i understand why Arsenal fans are among the most stupid in England.

  38. Ha. I love to Gooners on here claiming they would never want a player like Suarez at their club, yet adored the wife beater that was Paul Merson. !!! Absolute Hypocrites.

    Oh and Ps anyone claiming Suarez is a Racist, even Evra himself the man who was SUPPOSEDLY abused stated afterwards that Suarez is NOT A RACIST. But keep running with that one ….tardinho’s.

  39. He has a bad attitude. But Suarez is overrated? OMG!!!
    I’m feeling sorry for entering this page. I won’t repeat the mistake again.

  40. As an Arsenal fan I don’t like Suarez much either but can’t fault his ability. Your statistical analysis is full of more holes than a moth eaten doily.


  41. A club that has class!! It wasn’t so long ago that Robert Pires was diving all around the pitch, or Patrick Viera was spitting on opponents, an alcoholic Tony Adams was sent to prison, Andre Santos charged with dangerous driving, Graham Stack was charged with rape in 2004, van Persie was arrested and remanded for rape (subsequently released without charge), Craig Eastmond arrested for indecent exposure in 2010, Jack Wilshere arrested for GBH, Nicklas Bendtner arrested for fighting & drink driving (whilst out on loan, but still your player)!! There’s more if you want me to continue? Those in glass houses etc etc……..


    • “Lied to” ? As far as I’m aware the club haven’t made a comment in regards to transfer targets, as is the standard practise for AFC. For all we know, Wenger has no desire to sign higuain and has other targets. Either way, he’ll sign some good players.

  43. Just read the comments. It is really weird how a lot of people have convinced themselves that Suarez is not a racist, never racially abused Evra and is 100% innocent. I do not like Suarez and I can accept it when people admit Suarez was racist but believes he deserves another chance and will change but I cannot accept it when people say he wasn’t racist and even have the cheek to blame it on Evra (the victim).

    If Suarez was innocent why did he apologise (saying his own behaviour was unacceptable and it will never happen again) in a formal statement? Why did he accept the 8 match ban? Why did Liverpool not appeal the ban but also chose to accept the ban?

    Suarez did not sound innocent to me and I think Liverpool knew that Suarez racially abused Evra but had to try and stick by their player and protect their own club.

  44. “A team like Arsenal that has class” you’re clearly forgetting Patrick Keown and Ray Parlour in Ruud Nistelrooy’s face in 2003-04? that was pure class wasn’t it. (This is coming from a Liverpool fan.)
    Please explain to me then, if 51 goals in 96 games isn’t that good, why did you adore RVP when he only had 96 in 194 huh?
    Don’t blame you if you don’t want him because of his behaviour etc. but the rest of the evidence for your argument is “shockingly poor”.

  45. A lot of people are also pointing to the fact how Suarez was not charged by the police so he must be innocent. Terry wasn’t charged either. It is very hard to prove in court that Suarez racially abused Evra. Suarez’s laywers, solicitors etc. just like Terry’s can twist the events that took place to make their client seem innocent. There are many cases where the blatantly guilty cannot be found guilty. Just because someone is found guilty/not guilty it does not particularly mean they are guilty/not guilty.

  46. Having watched Suarez about five times live last season his work rate is fantastic. He is constantly on the move even when the play is at the other end. He has definitely got some issues but if Arsenal can get £24m for Nasri your supposed offer for Luis is like walking into a Ferrari garage with a £1000 and then being surprised when you are politely ushered out 🙂

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