So What Is Happening With The Higuain Deal? Should We Be Worried?

At least Wimbledon has given us Arsenal fans a distraction from (the lack of) possible transfer dealings we may be involved in. I suppose Andy Murray is British now then?

Anyway, now that’s over, the longest transfer deal that ever was (or TLTDTEW for short) is still bumbling on. Some reports are saying that Real Madrid are “digging their heels in” over the transfer fee, others are reporting that we’ve agreed a £23 million deal for him, with others claiming that Higuain has flow out to London to complete the transfer.

But most of those reports are a few days old now, and nothing has been heard since.

Sid Lowe, the man in the know is Spain, has said that a deal could have happened by Thursday. But that day has come and gone.

So what is actually going on?

Was a deal finalised weeks ago when all the rumours started and we’re just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s? Are Arsenal being tight-fisted once again and trying to get Higuain as cheap as possible? Are Real Madrid being b*stards and trying to squeeze a few more million from us?

Or worst, is the deal dead in the water?

The more TLTDTEW drags on, the more worried Arsenal fans are getting. Maybe, a deal will be made official on Monday. Or maybe we’ll be waiting around for “news” again.

We’ve heard from everyone apart from the most important people involved in the deal. We’ve heard from Higuain’s father, brother, grandmother and even his dog, but nothing from him, Arsenal or Real Madrid (which I suppose isn’t surprising).

There have been fake pictures of Higuain at London airports, reports of Higuain training with Real Madrid – I’ve never heard and seen so much about a deal that hasn’t been completed yet.

Despite all the varying reports and news about Higuain coming to Arsenal, for some strange reason I had geared myself up for some big news to come out on Friday, but it never came. Maybe I should cut myself off from the world and save myself the pain and suffering.


104 thoughts on “So What Is Happening With The Higuain Deal? Should We Be Worried?

  1. Andy Murray has always been British. Why are people mentioning this?
    I think we will get Higuan, I am more concerned we get a dominant midfielder.

  2. It’s not Real Madrid it’s arsenal who are being cheap! Which big club struggles to meet the valuation that the club have set, man city dnt, Chelsea dnt, Utd dnt, Barca dnt. Only arsenal because the truth is, Hasidism told the fans a lie about signing big names and spending money, they fed the press with nonsense about being interested in players I.e higuain hoping that the fans will take notice and renew their season tickets early. It’s a trick and a ploy. Real Madrid want £25m if arsenal are serious, they will pay if not then they won’t get him, period. When teams want players from arsenal, we dnt lower the price for the selling club so why should they!! Arsenal should put up or shut up!!

    • Man City have baulked at Cavani’s price tag. All clubs do at some stage. City haven’t in the past (with their unlimited funds) but even they now do.

      The transfer window is nowhere near done, the season is a long way away and if a better deal can be done by delaying a bit then so be it… This whole ‘let’s just pay an extra few million and get the deal done’ is insanity. No sustainable business does that. If the club is interested in Higuian, then they should negotiate hard for the best price if they think there is room to move.

      The truth is, none of us know what is happening but there is no way the club is going to pay more than they have to in order to make some impatient kid happy who doesn’t want to wait for Christmas to unwrap his presents.

    • I do believe you are right
      The only signing was free. Going down
      The same path as previous year’s not
      Willing to spend.and hope the young players have improved .

  3. I won’t be surprise if arsenal did not sign higuain coz we are fund of going to market for window shopping ,we price good thing that we can’t afford to buy .bullshit!!!

    • Afraid we’ve got our ‘big name’ – Sanogo. He’ll be touted as a big name now due to his exploits at the U-21 WC.

      AW simply won’t spend, he low-balls with bids that are way below selling club valuations and are basically unacceptable. They are like decoy offers that have to be refused, no chance of anything actually being spent. The only reason we got Sanogo is pretty much the same as with anyone – they’re free/cheap and no-one else is bidding for them.

      Gazidis is a corporate bullshitter that spins rubbish to sound good. His word is worth absolutely nothing. We’ve had years of ‘time to win silverware now’,’ultimately we’re accountable to the fans’, ‘loads of money available for transfers this summer’ and not a single thing to show for it in years. Except record ticket prices and the sale of our best players with no replacement.

      There’s no brilliant fiscal strategy behind any of this either. AW prefers to buy potential and chronically overpays for it. (i.e. millions blown on wages for Arshavin, Denilson, Park, Squillaci, Diaby, Djourou, Chamakh, Bendtner). He’s also gouged more out of the club for himself than any player in the club’s history. It just kills him to pay the going price for anything.

      I bet his wife has banned him from going shopping with her. He’d be an absolute nightmare.

    • bang on mate
      why squabble over 2.5m extra when you’ve got 70m to spend
      Wenger should change his surname to scrooge or even Wanker

      • Show some respect, the fact that you’d be willing to fritter away 2.5million more just because we have 70million is why people like you aren’t in the big man’s chair. Negotiating is part of transfers – we should pay a fair price for him and if Real have changed the goal posts at the last minute, don’t go blaming Wenger. I’m sick of you people calling the most successful manager in our history a wanker. He’s going after a top striker, you should be pleased that he’s targeting a top name instead of chiming on with the same old rhetoric

        • While I do have respect for AW, his prior successes should not give him life tenure as manager. The problem is that neither he nor Gazidis are accountable to anyone for the results on the pitch. The crusty old Board just count pennies.

          The many millions that have been wasted on the wages of hopefuls could have been invested in proven quality to bring us success. No serious corporate head or management team would last 8 years virtually unchanged without meeting their targets.

          Regarding Higuain, you have no idea if Real are moving the posts or not. In any case, it’s exactly what AW did to Utd last year at the 11th hour to squeeze 2mil extra out of them for RVP. Karma perhaps.

          It all comes down to whether the Arsenal Board genuinely want to try and win silverware, or just appear to. The fans are certainly paying for it.

        • Of course it’s logical not to waste the club’s resources but £2.5M is chicken feed compared to what we have wasted over the past few years. Park, Bendtner, Santos, Squillaci, Djourou, Fabianski, Gervinho, Chamakh, Arshavin, Diaby… have cost us 10s of millions. If the real problem is that we won’t go to £25M. There’s nothing new there. We’ve never paid the market rate for a player and prefer to waste money on cheap overpaid bench warmers that we can never get rid of. … and to put this in perspective, it’s Rooney’s salary for 3 months (yes the Rooney that we’re continually linked with). This is the economics of a mad house not a well run club.

  4. No, We only show other clubs good things for them to buy and later wenger will say, I should have sign Him.. I wont be surprised if Chelsea signs Higuain. The same thing Happend with Mata, Harzard and Cahill..

  5. There has not been any official statement from arsenal regarding higuain.
    These rumours might as well have been for messi, Ronaldo and bale lol
    So until arsenal make an announcement forget about higuain.

  6. To be frank am sick n tired of all this snail movement,why can,t arsenal be strieghtfoward in thire dealings ?

    • Everyone seems to forget that its the press, not arsenal releasing “rumours” about potential players. Everyone critises but how do you know afc have even bid for Higuain… you don’t its just rumours.

      Apart from Man City, what other top team has already bought a list of star players? I think you’l find not many at all!

      The media simply target arsenal all the time for some reason. Sit back and chill, if nothing has happened by the end of August, then fine, go mad, slate who you want… but until then, shut the f**k up!!

      • Chelsea have bought 2 already,shitty have two,spuds have one.all of them proven players!even loserpool have 4!which other big club r you talking about?apart frm man u,but again they did sign a player from peneroil cant remember the name?even the so called small clubs have signed,villa,Swansea,stoke,norwich1its only arsenal,as usual waiting for freebies who r going to warm our bench getting paid

  7. Wenger will also regret loosing on higuain as he recently regret the case of mata and bale because of few million pounds

  8. Arsen Wenger is not a person to rely.N those bunch of old men in the club, who buck him have their own interest n that is “MAKING MONEY”.They do bring in players for free n sell them. I.e Charmack now they have brought a kid called are suffering but thanks for their loyality.we do live in hope.We know that arsenal cant buy Higuain,Rooney or Suarez.Wenger plz go or use money to get money.

  9. If we don’t sign the hig after all of this, then its dark days a head for us gunners, feels like we are being mugged off again, drag drag drag, the last time this happen, we signed an average player in Gervh-in-then-gone?, but at least the Hig is worth waiting for, if its all true….we stand and not so hold our breathes….

  10. arsenal club is a biz centre.those greed only want to entice fans to renew ticket fee.Mr top 4.tankGod they bought sanogo -the hotest striker

  11. Can’t believe everybody moaning about all the speculation it happens every year at Arsenal all we can do is wait and hope. I would love to see Higuain, Fellani and even Caesar come but all this talk is just making this worse lets just wait and see and hope we finally spend some money. Come on Mr Wenger buy somebody

  12. I’ve never seen a club that loves secrecy in their affairs like Arsenal fc at the end of the day they end up messy,confused & under-achieving on the pitch,in transfers,they can’t even keep their happy players wagewise…what a borin’ club!!

  13. wenger has sold out to the yanks ,his new contract is the modern day equivalent of 30 pieces of sliver ,there will be no marque signings just more players being loaned out or sold to lower wage bill to increase profits

  14. Spanish news channel TV5, the newspapers Marca and Sur say that Real Madrid are holding out for more money believing that Arsenal need a striker more than Real need money. They all say, however that the deal is likely to happen.
    Great news for Arsenal. Spanish newspapers tend to report news not speculate on it. Some report that UK newspapers say Suarez might go to Arsenal. No speculation here.

    • From the Real perspective, how does this not amount to smart business? Supply and demand. It’s exactly how Wenger works himself.

  15. arsenal haven’t sign a striker, it’s no news…. There’s still enough time to do transfer dealings, even, there’s every possibilities that the deal could be announce officially anytime this week that is if we’re going to buy him… Chelsea needs a striker as much as we do, yet they haven’t gotten any, madrid also have been linked Wit lewandowski, suarez, cavani, rooney, yet they haven’t gotten any of these guys just incase they loose the hig to us… I think any good thing is worth waiting for… If the hig is going to be the last puzzle in our attackin department to mount a trophy challenge next season, i’ll say he’s worth the fuss and d waiting…

  16. Am kayode, thank God this club is not in my country Nigeria wenger would have been delt with. We arsenal fans in Nigeria, we are loosing fans every year due to lack of silver ware, good footballers. If aresen wenger miss out on higuian then God is going to deal with him cause we fans we are tired of this stigma.

  17. Can’t believe it dt a moron somewhere calls Arsenal a boring Club. It took 50 yrs for some clubs to play in d premiership and others 40 yrs to win their 1st major trophy. What would u call these clubs then? Mind what you write fowl

  18. maybe we should approach Wenger’s managerial styles sociologicaly! does he suffer from `fearing to spent life-style disease’ or he values irrational_informal approaches to issues, the test of time is ever hardest to mark!

  19. Higuin’s deal would be finalized as soon as possible, jst trying to tie up some loose knots. Fear not fellow Gunners for Higuin, Fellaini, Micah Richards etc would soon be with u

  20. I can`t imagine Wenger and co getting any kind of thrill from keeping the Arsenal supporters in suspense so I can only assume we`ve hit a stumbling block. From all acccounts Higuain is happy with personal terms so it comes down to the clubs. It`s possible Real have asked for more and that Wenger has dug his heels in causing an impasse. Should an alternative striker become available Wenger could walk away from the negotiations so he must stay tight lipped. My guess is he`ll give them what they`re asking but he`s not going to make it easy.

  21. arsenal fans should relax and see what is going to happen before renewing our season ticket. if the board says they just want to make money, then we should also tell them we want trophies. i fear this summer is just going to be about higuain because he is not the only world class we need. we need someone in the mid field like alonso, in the center defense like subotic, and a cesar. but if we don’t get this players or their kind, it is going to be another disappointing season where we struggle for 4th place. i just hope we get lucky like we have in the last two years.

    • Do you know any thing about Arsenal the chance to buy your season tickets is over if you’d not bought them by now you can’t.

  22. Gud day 2 u all guners, evry1 deserv dia opinion as it is nomal 2 react either+ or-. As 4 me I strongly bliv dat on dis coming 2esday, hig shal b officialy unveiled nd a host of top players dat u ve neva heard of even in d most bizzare rumours come dese few wiks. Next season wil b an extremely exciting season with d top 6 clubs battling it out. I wil b a gunner even in d grave!

  23. If arsenal are making a £30mil bid for suarez
    Whats that telling us about higuain?
    Yep it was all a load of bull.

  24. Although we cannot fight d inevitable come sep 1st. It is stil of unequald certainty dat AFC must reinforce dis suma with my dream players dat i wud lov 2 av at AFC. wanyama, lewandowski/higuain, micah richards, Ashley williams(a player dat interests wenger more bcos he frustrates van judas during man u- swansea game ) julio Ceasar,and possibly suarez. Let us leave d master schemer alone nd fold our arms nd watch wile praying 4 God’s total control nd rememba morinol is bak nd we nid 2 tak our reveng on him. Wot du u think gunars?

  25. The longer it goes on ,I doubt whether Hiquain could be heading to Arsenal.The latest is Cavani has been sold to PSG. This would mean one top class striker less on the mart.Believe me eevry top club will be looking for Hiquain if he aint gone to Arsenal.
    Btw,wenger may mss out if he refuses to top up a few million. His assessment of the market value may put of RM who could sell him to another team willing to pay a few million more.

  26. You can forget about higuain….
    What with arsenal bidding £30mil for suarez.
    Not that they will get him for that.
    My point being is we are obviously not after higuain at £25mil.

    • Nonsense, you got this from “CaughtOffside” and that is the worst ever place to go for “news”. They produce only crap to get hits. If you want to know what NEVER going to happen, then of course this is the place for you.

  27. I watched an interview with wenger on you tube in it he stresses the importance of a club and fans sticking together and without that we have ‘no chance’. How hypocritcal and unbelievably ignorant then that the biard have banged on about a warchest of £70 million and today on 8th july wr have made one signing who i think was a FREE! The board and AW are doing a fantastic job of keeping the fans happy and the club together so far….. f@!ckin w@nkas the lot of them!

  28. Higuain is in Madrid and is training by himself to stay fit for the pre-season. they also said that the people around him denied that he has undergone medical at Arsenal but the deal is still open and his father DID met Arsenal and agreed a contract. They said that IF the deal is not complete by the end of next week Higuain will have to meet Ancelotti on the 15th as the Real’s pre-season starts.
    So let’s wait and see how the story turns out. I agree that we do not pay 30M just because these fuckers at RM feel they have to increase prize knowing we’d prefer to have him for pre-season. Hope some idiots stop here (and elsewhere) to blame always AW or the board for no matter what, there’s nothing much else to do and to wait – there was a bid (since RM has not denied this) and the bid wasn’t rejected (yet) – so what the hell some people trash about ?
    Just wait, keep your mouth shut, and open it when the transfer window is closed and AW has not signed. Before that all is uttering rubbish only.

  29. Huge-Gain??
    This whole Huge-Gain saga is just getting out of hand ….. be it Arsenal [Wenger] or Real-ity MadShit!!
    Honestly nobody knows ….. not even the media!
    Its just media fodder trashing around messy laundry and ….. well marketing ploy!! and putting the fans and supporters in quite a quandary!! Argh!!!
    Its left to be basically seen if this Huge-Gain [is any gain to Arsenal]
    OR JUST A ‘side distraction’ by #*!?

  30. Hallo,

    What’s all the noise about? Oh it’s Andy Murray.

    Still nothing happening at de Arsenal as yet!

    Oh well! Nothing to work oneself up about.

    Lovely weather, plenty of honey back to me den.

  31. I’d cheer on anyone who plays that Scottish turd Murray. Pity he won yesterday, I hate him with a vengeance. As for transfers, have you all renewed your season tickets? You have!, excellent news, now all those silly transfer rumours can be put to be and a few teenagers signed 🙂
    I’m an Arsenal fan, but I do feel we are being treated like mugs. Get Silent Stan out now, bring the Russian in and get Dein back ASAP!

    • You are a rude classless twat with the mental agility of a plastic spoon. Shame on you kid. Arsenal were founded by Scottish players. Spoilt little shits like you should be banned.

      • Phil, what is wrong being a proud Englishman? Perhaps you have forgotten this turd saying “I’d cheer any team on that plays England”. Well what goes around comes around. What makes me sick is all you people jumping on the bandwagon, suddenly being big tennis fans, you are just a bunch of glory hunters. I’m surprised you aren’t a Man Utd fan, or did you start supporting Arsenal when Wenger won his first double?
        I think you need to get with the plan before coming on here telling me how to behave. You are the mindless little sheep following the crowd. You pathetic little child.

          • Wow 65 going on 5!
            Sorry if not everyone in the world follows the herd and likes Murray. I know this must truly upset you….I mean all those people in the world you must have such low opinions of!.
            I find Murray a rude, arrogant, obnoxious little brat. I guess that means I do have a little more respect for him and his opinions than I do for yours!

  32. Everyone seems to forget that its the press, not arsenal releasing “rumours” about potential players. Everyone critises but how do you know afc have even bid for Higuain… you don’t its just rumours.

    Apart from Man City, what other top team has already bought a list of star players? I think you’l find not many at all!

    The media simply target arsenal all the time for some reason. Sit back and chill, if nothing has happened by the end of August, then fine, go mad, slate who you want… but until then, shut the f**k up!!

    • August season starts then can’t you rember 1st 6 games last season if you are an arsenal fan you should the excuse was the players need time to gel so how do you solve that problem you do your business early get everyone playing together on the Asian tour we should of been the 1st out of the blocks when all the other 3 changed mangers they’ve all brought accept Man U but they are champions and tbh they have a huge good squad

  33. See if u arsenal fans from london are comfortable with 8yrs without a trophy we in nigeria we are not infact we are enbarrased. Weger is not going to buy Higuain we all know that or did he bought mata, sahinn, ribbery and the rest? If he can collect 22m from man utd for van persie a 29yrs with just one year left in his contract then y can he he pay 25m for a 25yrs higuain. It just a matter of time before he come up to tell us that higuain deal is dead just like others. Pls just beg him not to sell any valluable player this transfer window.

  34. Sanogo is not what we want so don’t just mention that we are bigger than that. It will be very annoying if any of the new manager will be grant champion comes may 2014 and Wenger will still be great in trophhyless.

  35. It’s all a gamble. Business is a stand off. A bit of poker. Arsenal could benefit from waiting and get their man a couple of million cheaper. But they also run the risk of another club failing to get their target and look to sign Higuin instead, and suddenly arsenal are involved in an auction. What they will lose on the swings they will gain on the roundabouts. In my opinion you won’t be in a one horse race to sign a world class player for long. He is every bit as good as van Persie and only for he was in the final year of his contract he sold for 23m. Really if he had longer on his contract we would have easily got more for him. I think it’s good business if we get Higuin for 25m

  36. My best guess is that Real are trying to squeeze a few more mil out of Arsenal, and we, being our usual penny-pinching selves, are refusing to budge. This is a deal Arsene Wenger cannot possibly back out of, so he`d better cough up. If we miss out on Higuain, having reached agreemant with the player, with ostensibly no competition for his signatue, Arsene , Gazidis , Law etc., should face the sack.

  37. am a prophet here. Arsenal wil buy higuain, rooney, suarez, felani, williams, fabregas and ceaser. We wil win all 4 trophies available. Just watchout. Nigerian fan dnt worry.

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