Arsenal’s New Kit Launch Is Disappointing

Yesterday was the day the new Arsenal away kit was officially launched.

And although the kit itself looks nice, ultimately it was a disappointing spectacle. With rumours that the press were invited to the official launch then the assumption was that this would be the pefect opportunity to reveal an exciting new signing, specifically you know who.

As it turned out, it was a very nice PR exercise where the British core of the side (Jenkinson, Ramsey, Theo, Gibbs, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wilshere) all appeared looking very nice in the new strip and putting their arms around each other in an act of solidarity.

And maybe that’s how it will be next season with the “British core”. We’ll sell Sagna to Monaco or PSG and then give Jenkinson his chance, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. He has the right attitude and for me, is a fantastic player. At the start of last season when Sagna was out and Jenkinson was playing I thought he was excellent. Not to put too much pressure on him at this stage, but I think he’s top drawer. Gibbs is pretty much first choice left-back now and has been for a while.

Then in midfield, we will give Oxlade-Chamberlain a chance in his favoured position. A midfield of Arteta, Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain could work really well. Up top, we have Theo on the right and then Podolski and Giroud to complete the line-up.

So maybe the whole kit launch was about bringing in a new era for Arsenal, something similar to Manchester United’s Class of 92′ – putting in faith in the young British players to bring success.

Which means we wouldn’t need to anything stupid like spend any money.


27 thoughts on “Arsenal’s New Kit Launch Is Disappointing

  1. Get lost you idiot who are you there time for player’s yet and it’s nice to have a British core for once showing off the kit it is the English premiership league after all dnt need your crap posted on here

  2. You read in the paper all the time afc r buying this player that player but yet once again more bull shit.but yet the price go up and up

  3. Can I ask why there is a Manchester United banner, advertising their Asian tour at the top of this page? Not cool.

  4. As a arsenal fan I was disappointed in this British theme I see yesterday as the British p,ayers are the fringes that have lowered our standards to tottenhams level who cares about a British core I want a winning team British players are sub standard and expensive!!

  5. you gotta laugh at some people ignorance, especially BIG JT – yes arseal are “linked” with players in the “press” – but until arsenal come out and say they have signed anyone its all fabrication and made up BS to sell papers – not once have I heard an Arsenal representative come out and say “we have made a bid for Higuain” “we have enquired about Suarez” – people like to cuss Arsenal because it means they can hide behind their own teams failures but Arsenal are currently unbeaten in 11 games and had the best defensive record last season so there isnt any major work to be done, just one or two quality signings and boom – get back on the train!!

    • Finally someone in the comments section knows what they are talking about. People love to read the media speculation bullshit! One or two top signings and we will compete for every piece of silverware this season. Cheers mate.

  6. Gotta throw it out there why does everyone think that arteta is like God he should be the player left out of the team he can’t run can’t tackle and can hardly pass unless it’s backwards ox Wilshire and santi should b the midfield unless we get felliani

    • Arteta has consistently shown to be one of the most effective midfielders in the Premier League. There was graphic going around on Twitter about the EPL’s best performers in midfield in terms of passing, tackling, etc. and Arteta top the vast majority of categories. Ramsey and Carrick were the other significantly mentioned midfielders.

  7. I’v always bn a Wengerist in terms of financial mgt bt d prblm I hv wit him is decision makin. He choses 2 sign d right player @ d wrong tym. Assuming we had d Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla n Monreal reinforcements durin d 2011/2012 seasn wen d duo of d Dutch cunt n d Camerounian traitor was still wit us n King Henry coming on loan in January as well as Vermalaen n Szczesny still in top form, we woulda won d league dat year. We came 3rd wit only 9 points behind d top wit dat team n last seasn we came 4th wit 23 paoints behind d top. Now He rlly has 2 sign top top class players 4 immediate performance n nt 4 future nothing. We’v trailed on dat path 4 too long achieving nothin. PSG won d French ligue 1 4 d 1st tym since 1994, Man-City won d EPL 4 d 1st tym in 44 yrs, Chelsea won d EPL in 2005 4 d 1st tym in 50 yrs, Even Madrid won d Spanish La-Liga 4 d 1st tym afta 5 yrs (in 2012) all after spending Big. WENGER MUST SPEND BIG DIS SUMMER 4 US 2 BECOME CHAMPIONS OR MAKE SURE HE GETS D WORLD’S BEST CHEAP PLAYERS DAT CAN GUN US 2 VICTORY. COYG!!!

    • We couldn’t have purchased those players in that summer because we had to sell players before we could bring in replacements. That has been the theme at Arsenal for the last 8 seasons because of our financial situation.

  8. This post is shit,do you think you can use arteta wishere and chamberlin to win the epl? Or giroud as a top striker and think u’ll not find it difficult again? Just take a look and chelsea, who are having torres lukaku,ba, shurrle in their rank and still looking to add one more,man utd having RVP, chicharito, welbeck and rooney,mancity having aguero and dzeko and still wanting to add one or two infact i imagine who this writers are sometime,piling up #shit#…it’s beta arsenal

    • I’ve stated many times before that ideally, we need 3 new players; a central defender (just in case Mertesacker or Koscielny get injured) a midfielder (same for Wilshere) and a clinical finisher.

      Our midfield options as it stands include Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Diaby and Oxlade-Chamberlain – which is hardly the worst in the world. Then we have Rosicky and Cazorla who can play in there if needed.

  9. Pure dribble, we’ve officially shown off are awesome new kit and had a few of the guys do a bit of modelling, the reason only English players are there is because the foreign ones have gone home for a bit!

  10. Lets just hope wenger spends some money for once, I mean we have always had money there for transfers and wages, but we seem to buy average players and put them on 50k a week instead of buying a couple of top players and paying them a bit more….. Benteke would be perfect for us 20 mil on the nose 80k week happy days!!!

    • Exactly.

      Why have players like Gervinho, Bendtner, Santos, Denilson and Arshavin who contribute fuck all to the squad? Stop paying these jokers and bring in a quality player and pay him wages that would be going to Park and Chamakh.

      It’s a no brainer really.

  11. A British core wouldn’t be a bad idea, and I’d be on board with it. Not sure about Ramsey but Jenkinson is a class act. Just hope Jackie can keep himself fit!!

  12. I really don’t know what to think anymore about arsenal as a fan it frustrates me we haven’t signed anyone yet we might as well kiss goodbye to Stefan jovetic as he’s going to man city, the higuian saga is bull crap and ivans boasting we will spent money but all I see is speculation after speculation get kind of tiring after a while. This squad is not good enough and I fear we will miss out on champions league this year its all good we being linked with big name players but that’s it just links nothing concrete nothing solid what’s the point of giving arsenal fans false hope?


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