Two of Arsenal’s “Possible” Starting Elevens for 2013/2014

With all the rumours going around about who we might sign, silly season has gone into overdrive. With only a handful of “facts” being made public, and most of the other news pure hearsay, I have come up with two possible starting elevens for next season; Rumour Mill Starting XI and Realistic Starting XI (sorry I couldn’t come up with more exciting names).

Rumour Mill Starting XI

If we believed everything we’ve been hearing since the end of the season, we would have one formidable starting eleven:


Bench: Szczesny, Vermaelen, Arteta, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud, Podolski.

We haven’t been linked with any defenders which is strange, considering we need defensive cover with the departure of Djourou and Santos surplus to requirements. There are rumous about Sagna moving to big-spending Monaco or PSG, so it could be the season for Jenkinson to shine.

Fellaini is a player that there have been rumours about for a while, and with our rejected bid for Lars Bender, it’s possible we follow that up with an improved bid. We’ve already bid for Suarez, and with TLTDTEW most people had that one all sewn up. And we all know about the rumours about wantaway Rooney.

Overall, if we did purchase all of our “linked” players, then we really would have a team that could compete for the Premier League title. Of course though, this is all fantasy football.

Realistic Starting XI

However, after getting being brought down to reality in recent days, then below is our most realistic starting eleven for next season:


Bench: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Ramsey, Wilshere, Giroud, Podolski.

If we’re being realistic, we’re either going to bring in no-one or just a couple of decent signings. At this early stage of the transfer window, and call me optimistic, I would put money on Higuain and Fellaini being those deals. While they may not happen, I see them as being far more realistic than Rooney, Suarez and Bender arriving.

They may not be the exact signings in the end, but I’m sure Arsene knows that we need another central defender, midfielder and striker.

Djourou has moved to Germany on loan so cover in that position is vital, especially with the news that Vermaelen has picked up a small injury. We need another body in midfield as we can’t rely on Wilshere maintaining his fitness for a full season. And then upfront, we could do with a lethal striker who takes the chances we create.

And this could be the season where Oxlade-Chamberlain makes the step up and becomes a regular starter for us. He certainly has the talent and ability, and it seems like Arsene is ready to give him a real chance.

If you think about it, if we brought The Ox into the starting eleven it would be like a new signing!


28 thoughts on “Two of Arsenal’s “Possible” Starting Elevens for 2013/2014

  1. The first team sheet is absolute rubbish, no one is expecting him to sign all of them. Everyone with a brain is expectign him to sign a CDM and a goal scorer and maybe a CB / keeper. The second team sheet is a lot more realistic however I dont understand what you are doing have Wilshere on the bench. Wilshere = Best player, most wanting player in our team and a future captain.

  2. The reason I’ve put Wilshere on the bench was because I when I was doing the line up I was going for the one which would include players making the most appearances. I’m not convinced that Wilshere can complete a full season yet. Fully fit he’d been in the first eleven every time.

  3. We will have the same shite squad as this year as Wenger is like Scrooge!! Once injuries kick in, we’ve had it!

  4. You don’t even have Chamberlain on the first bench set. AW will sign two, maybe three at most top, top quality players to augment the squad. Plus, keep in mind his statements about building the shell of the future England team.

    GK: New player/Szczesny /Fabianski
    RB: Sagna/Jenkinson
    CB: Mertesacker/Koscielny/Vermaelen/Miquel
    LB: Gibbs/Monreal
    CM (2 of): New player/Arteta/Wilshere/Ramsey/Aneke
    RM: Walcott/Chamberlain
    AM: Cazorla/Rosicky
    LM: Podolski/(Cazorla/Chamberlain/Gibbs)
    CF: New player/Giroud/Podolski

  5. well my realistic first eleven for next season and please comment

    jenkinson merte koschielny gibbs

    barry arteta

    walkott cazorla

  6. What do u think about barry signing? I prefer mathew flamini instead of barry atless arsenal wil hav him for free

  7. Good players will never come to Arsenal,because we have a manager with no backbone,and he will not pay the going rate,if you want a top team like the,
    MAN:UTD—MAN:CITY—CHELSEA—ETC: you have to splash the cash,and he will never do that, Wenger thinks a million pounds is a lot of money,it is, but not in football,the likes of ROONEY,SUAREZ,HIGUAIN,ETC: would never come to
    Arsenal, it’s all BULL S..T, it’s just put about to make us Arsenal supporters think Wengers’s trying. It hurts me to say this because I am an Arsenal supporter,but as I see it when the window closes,we will have got rid of some of the rubbish,signed, about five young kids,that might make it in five years time,and two or three players,that are well past their sell by date,like always.
    All the money he has’t spent out of the £70,000,000,for new players,will go to the Director’s and Shareholders,shareout at the end of the season.

  8. Don’t expect marque signings,otherwise you don’t know arsenal. Wenger please leave arsenal for the sake of already hurted fans.

  9. To me, the second sheet is somehow okay but its nt.

    Here is our next season‘s squad
    Vanderwiel mertes. Kos. gibbs
    Gustavo wilshere
    Walcott cazorla

    With this squad, am prety much sure that we can win atleast an f.a cup and charity for the first season before champions league upper season


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