Trying To Make Sense of The Luis Suarez “Bid”

The only “fact” we’ve had so far from this story is the £30 million bid that was rejected by Liverpool. I’m still not 100% sure what the reason for the bid was – whether it was to “hurry along” the Higuain deal (which according to Florentino Perez was never on the table in the first place) or the possibility that we were actually interested in signing him.

The problem is, either one of those explanations make no sense. The idea that we would bid on an player that Real Madrid were interested in to push through another deal seems preposterous. The idea it would “panic” Real Madrid into selling Higuain for a lower price so they could have cash for the Suarez deal is ridiculous. This is a team that spent £80 million on Cristiano Ronaldo so they obviously have the means to raise funds if required. And if anything, bidding on a Real Madrid “target” would more than likely piss them off rather than help matters.

Higuain is reportedly “confused” at Arsenal’s bid for Suarez and the big question is that how can Arsenal haggle over a couple of million for Higuain and then offer Liverpool £30 million?

You can only speculate (which is what everyone else seems to be doing) that we didn’t want to pay Real Madrid their valuation of Higuain and we decided to go for Suarez instead.

But that doesn’t make sense either.

So if we weren’t playing games with Real Madrid then Arsene Wenger could actually be interested in bringing Suarez to Arsenal. But with a club that Arsene himself has labelled as having “class”, why would we even entertain the idea of bringing in a player with major temperament problems, been found guilty of racism on the football field and has not once, but twice bitten another footballer. Then there is the fact that he dives and cheats at every opportunity. Of course we had players like Bobby who used to “fall easily” now and then but he wasn’t as hated as Suarez is. Surely, Suarez is not even worth the risk?

We’ve had problematic players in the past such as Ashley Cole, Emmanuel Adebayor, Samir Nasri and Nicklas Bendtner, and the first thing Arsene has tried to do is get rid of them.

The bid of £30 million does have the smell of Arsenal trying to get a deal. As I’ve said before (apparently controversially) I think he is overrated. He is a good player but nowhere near being in the Top 5 forwards in the world like some Liverpool-biased pundits claim he is. Ronaldo, Messi, Falcao, Ibrahimovic, Aguero, Van Persie… there’s 6 already. With his problems, Suarez’s market value is probably around the £32 million mark. He is a player who can easily get himself banned for long periods and has shown that already at Ajax and now Liverpool. Without his taste for human flesh and the inability to avoid confrontation, then he would be worth around £45 million.

People will compare the £24 million we got for Van Persie who was in the last year of his contract, to Suarez who has 3 years left on his current deal to run. The fact is though, Suarez has publicly declared numerous times that he wants to leave and that compromises his market value. Look at Cesc Fabregas when he joined Barcelona – he was worth double what we got for him at the time and we majorly lost out.

Anyway, the only thing I know about the whole Luis Suarez affari is that it seems to make no sense whatsoever!


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  1. Since Arsenal last won a trophy, Liverpool have won the European Cup, UEFA Super Cup, FA Cup and League Cup………… well as going to another European Cup and FA Cup final, going to Arsenal means not winning any trophies!. Birmingham, Swansea and Wigan have all won a trophy since Arsenal’s last, Why would Luis Suarez want any of that????

    • Since Liverpool last won the league Arsenal have won the premiership four times. Who the hell cares about the League Cup?

      • So if nobody cares about the league cup and you cant even win that then what does that say about Arsenal? In nearly a DECADE years what have you got to look back on? A ttrophy is a trophy , you play to WIN every trophy you play for. The bottom line is shown in the facts. Your trophy cabinet in the last 8 years is bare which suggests that you are incapable of winning anything. Or are the stats lying? Birmingham, Swansea and Wigan have won something more recently than you.

        • Unfortunately I think you just lost your own argument.

          You mention Liverpool, Birmingham and Wigan Athletic. But Arsenal have put their long term future (4th spot) ahead of the “smaller” trophies. During Arsene’s reign he’s only won the Premier League or FA Cup, and gone for the Champions League.

          Liverpool have won the FA Cup and League Cup but missed out on Champions League football for a while now. Birmingham City won the League Cup but got relegated and Wigan did the same with the FA Cup.

          As much as it pains me to say it, I’d rather be trophy-less if it meant we were in the Champions League regularly and our long term future looked healthy.

          • Then long may you remain trophy-less.. at least that much is up to you. Champion’s league however is not. It almost eluded you last season and will surely elude you this time around. I will sure like to see your argument by then.

      • Exactly!!!!…………………….typical Arsenal fan and that’s why you never get to finals……………..deluded!!!.

  2. in my eyes the only sense that making this bid has is to convince people to buy their season ticket. they bid high in order to make people believe that they will spend money this summer but safe enough because they know that liverpool will never accept this offer as they want the player to leave abroad.

  3. Another smokescreen. To divert you attention away from the true target. Always happens every transfer window. Everything will be clear once we sign someone or when the transfer windown closes. We will most likely sign one of the top players we wanted the last transfer window, or someone linked with us before the window opened.

  4. It maybe a way of hurrying the process along, so if Real Madrid start to negotiate for Suarez then they will look to let Higuain leave but not necessarily cheaper then their asking price.

    Given the choice out of both players I would opt for Suarez for his PL experience but Higuain for his quality and value for money and of course no baggage.

    The unpredictability of Suarez is probably too much for the club to deal with so Higuain would top the poll for me!
    But he would need time to settle in like most plyers…

  5. Just what is Wenger upto?,If he has the money why doesnt he pay the price for higuain,felliani,abate,krul,suarez.
    Even if this means exceeding the £70 million budget.Thats what you got to do to compete in the football world,hes bought cheap over the years and hasnt paid off for him.

  6. Slightly better than your “suarez is overrated” post. But, you still don’t have a clue. Of your 6 “better players than suarez”, 3 could easily be had by R. Madrid. Why is it, in your opinion, that they are more interested in Suarez? Ibra was a massive flop in La Liga (and is old), Augero scored under 15 goals last year, and Van Percie is old. Next your going to say that Fellaini is a better forward.

    • Ibrahimovic was hardly a flop at Barcelona was he? In 45 games he scored 21 goals and made 13 assists, which was obviously his first (and only) season in Spanish football. Surely if he stayed he would have improved on this. He also won La Liga, 2 Supercopa’s, The Super Cup and The World Club Cup. I would hardly deem that a “massive flop” as you put it.

      Aguero is an excellent player but a lot of Manchester City players under-performed under Mancini’s management in his last season. Van Persie is old? Very good.

      Not sure where you got that idea about Fellaini.

      • Sell after 1 season for less than half the price you bought him for = flop (as everyone daily reminds liverpool fans). I was just wondering where the author would go once he’s exhausted his Van Percie and Ibra examples of top 5 forwards. Giroud? Fellaini? Etoo? This is all soo boring. The last world class player Arsenal bought – instead of developed – was Henry. And yet every summer there are all these pronouncements of the these world beaters moving to the Emirates. Mate, you’ll be lucky if you manage to sign Higuain…let alone someone od the calibre of Suarez. And, as for previous posts, I’d be careful with the champions league over trophies. The last two seasons it’s be more to do with Tottenham’s ineptitude than Arsenal having top 4 pedigree.

        • I don’t think we’ll get Higuain or Suarez, the press are just linking us to every “available” player under the sun as we have a “war chest”.

          Regarding Champions League football, this season was particularly telling as we’ve had the worst Arsenal squad since Arsene took over and Tottenham have the best squad they’ve had in 20 years, yet we still finished above them.

          • I like Arsenal and their supporters and rather hate Tottenham and their supporters, but I do think this year more than in the past Tottenham bottled a rather sure thing. Arsenal has to be very careful with this – we’re not as in the past but at least we have e CL – philosophy, as when you don’t have the CL then you have nothing. This is actually a much deeper and more interesting debate between LFC that is founded on the principle of “winning trophies” and Arsenal which are a (maybe the) model “franchise”. I respect Arsenal’s business model, but you can’t look back 20 years later and say with much satisfaction “at least we qualified for 10 consecutive CL’s”.

          • I certainly agree that people never look back at a club history and will think “wow, they qualified for the Champions League in 17 straight seasons”.

            As Arsenal fans, we just hope that once the stadium is “paid off” and we’re more adventurous in the transfer market, then things might change.

            In all honesty, if this season we spent big and still didn’t win anything then we would still be happy as at least we gave it a shot. It seems like every season we’re just fighting for 4th spot. We need to make that extra step up.

            Credit to Liverpool, at least they have made some signings and shown some intent.

  7. IMO

    You gooners have already agreed a deal for Higuain and RM have asked you to bid for Luis as to agree a price so they can pay less
    It will likely dag out a bit longer but Higuain will be a gooner and Luis will be at Real
    Make sense??

  8. I wil b happy with either suarez or higuain. 4d idiot who said arsenal is in ucl cos of totts ineptitute, go on moaning man,its in ur blood stream.if nt 4afc ineptitude 4d past 8yrs wud totts av cum closer 2 4th?ansa d damn question.i just pray u dont die of cardiac arrest cos arsenal is in d top 4 again as against ur wish u moron

    • No need for name calling. I promise you, Arsenal will not make top four this season. Hope u will still b alive when that happens.


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