Arsenal Are Incapable of Signing Any “Decent” Players Anymore

My first post about Higuain possibly joining Arsenal was on 24th May 2013. Considering I am slow on the uptake that means the rumours started at least 7 weeks ago. Or over 49 days ago. Or 1,185 hours ago. You get the message.

Clearly, the deal isn’t happening now. Not even Arsenal, who have a record of f*cking up transfer deals would take this long on a successful transfer. Like Cahill, Jagielka, Mata and others before them, we have yet again failed to capture a quality signing.

We’ve been linked with so many names this summer it’s unreal. More than Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid combined. If you believed the media, they would tell you we’ve been “linked” with Fernando Torres, Gareth Barry, Wayne Rooney, Lars Bender, Gonzalo Higuain, Luis Suarez, Ashley Williams, Julio Cesar and Marouane Fellaini. And I’m sure I’ve missed off a few names from that list.

And of those “linked” players it seems as if we’ve genuinely been interested in at least a couple of them. But reports of not wanting to pay the release clause fee (Fellaini) or the asking price (Williams) or just simply putting in low offers that will never be accepted (Suarez) are all to common.

I don’t think there’s a club in the world that has used so many excuses not to successfully sign a player.

But I think there is a bigger problem we face.

We cannot sign anyone of top class quality anymore. It’s just not possible.

The main reason is we don’t appeal to players who have ambition at the highest level, and are merely a stepping stone for players from “lesser” clubs. Look at the signings we have made over the last few seasons, they include Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud, Gervinho, Laurent Koscielny, Per Mertesacker, Nacho Monreal, Santi Cazorla and Mikel Arteta. While they are very good players, and some have done outstandingly well for us, they are not players of the very highest calibre. They are very good players, but not players you would find in the Premier League’s team of the season.

Just look at the clubs we purchased those players from. They include FC Koln, Montpellier, Lille, Lorient, Werder Bremen, Malaga and Everton. For those players, joining Arsenal is definitely a step up. However, if you’re already at Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City (like Higuain, Torres, Suarez and Barry) then why would you join Arsenal? Is it really a step up? And in all honesty, in a sport which is dominated by money then why would they even consider taking a pay cut?

Most footballers now are mercenaries, who would rather see out their contract (Malouda for example) than move on and play somewhere else for less money. Gone are the days of Ray Parlour who famously didn’t even read his contracts and just asked where to sign.

When we won trophies we were an attractive team to join. We already had world class players like Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, Tony Adams and David Seaman, and over the years brought in players of the calibre of Marc Overmars, Thierry Henry, Davor Suker, Nwankwo Kanu, Robert Pires, Sylvain Wiltord, Jose Antonio Reyes and Sol Campbell. And we also managed to attract young talent such as Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie who would develop into world class footballers.

But since our 8 year slump that’s all stalled. We attract decent players who are on the second tier of quality and do very well, but aren’t from the top shelf. If we were going to use the shopping analogy, we’ve been buying our groceries from Tesco, not Waitrose. If we were an action movie it would be starring Steven Seagal, not The Rock.

But how can we turn this all around? For the first time in a while, we seem to have a solution to stop this vicious circle of mediocrity. We have a “war chest” and at last, some financial clout in the transfer market.

The big question is though, are we ever going to actually use it?


152 thoughts on “Arsenal Are Incapable of Signing Any “Decent” Players Anymore

  1. I get annoyed now when I see fellow gooners speculating on the new players they would like at the Emirates. Very much like toddlers talking excitedly about all the expensive presents they want for Christmas, but forgetting that their dad’s a child-eating, duplicitous scrooge. Absolutely pointless and an an insult to the writer and the reader.

    As many of you have pointed out, we will most probably reach the end of the transfer window and the only players coming in will be a collection of freebies, has-beens and a great player from the past but now as useful as a chocolate teapot. In the last category, we have had Campbell and Henry. We even had
    Silvestre. Is this is the height of our aspirations? winning the Arsene Wenger Cup (4th place) every year by a whisker?

    Arsenal FC have an excellent business model, which is why Stan Kroenke has invested heavily to get the shares, knowing that he will not have to invest heavily to get the players because fourth place every year is enough to return a handsome profit. Which other company would hand out a million pound bonus to its chairman for another year of failure? which other club with any pretensions to any ambition would retain a manager with 8 years of failure? The winners are the employees of this great club, the losers are We, for having retained our
    optimism to the point of idiocy, optimism to the point of recklessness.

    Increasing numbers of gooners are now disillusioned, but there are others not fully in grasp of reality or sanity, who think we are going to win the league this year. Based on what???? We have a manager in charge whose primary motive is to preserve as much of the club’s money as possible, is tactically naive, has fallen way behind in terms of modern coaching methods and has lost his touch for unearthing gems. On that point, he has a massive camp of players that other clubs don’t want to go near – Santos, Chamakh, Squillaci, Bendtner etc.

    Wenger has been good for us. But, he has been past his shelf life for a long time now. Yes, at the end of this transfer window and we have signed a freebie teenager and AW has unveiled Frank McLintock as our start defender(because he was a great player at Arsenal and will not fail Arsenal with his wealth of experience), he will once more say that there are not the players out there.

    How much longer will it take for all gooners to realise that AW is a liar? This is the same man the week before the 8-2 drubbing by ManUre said that he is happy with the players we have and not interested in buying any one. He may even say that he tried to sign Messi (forgetting to mention that he offered a
    tenner, four goats and his old Citroen Dyane), he will mention that he tried to get Suarez(probably with an offer that the mad scousers are still laughing at) and finally that he tried to get Higuain(odd because the RM president has stated that they have not received an offer from us).

    Arsenal have been and will always be my only club, so Wenger and Gazidis, please leave its management to someone remotely competent.

    • You are so true what a blog. If onely everyone realised these a d the points you make. I will just write a small something first off all wengers success came of the back of George Graham I can prove these but it will take a lot off writing. 2ND off all all our board room members are all oaps whith no intention of wining anything just making money the proof is with the last guy they got on the board he is some sort of banker?

      • I don’t agree with you there pal. I think if you take a hard look at Arsenal, and what exactly has happened in Arsene Wengers reign as Arsenal manager, you can’t help but admire the brilliance of himself and the board that is so happily backing him. I honestly think it is secretly the greatest period Arsenal have ever had, and we will only know it years down the line.While I am equally frustrated with certain results and the lack of a trophy, I am confident that Arsenal will never be a Nottingham Forest or Leeds United, lavished with history, but languishing in lower divisions, but rather the polar opposite (Which is a comfort no Liverpool fan could say).

        At face value, we mustn’t forget who Arsene is as an individual. He has a degree in economics, a business orientated mind as well as a love for football and how to translate his understanding of the game through his players and onto the field. While the pessimists and rival fans condemn his signings and laugh at his nearly decade long trophy drought, when the dust settles, and what has been sat behind the curtain for so many years (and probably will a few years longer) is unveiled, many people will argue he has done more for Arsenal than Fergie ever did for United.

        I think to start, lets have a look at our closest competitors for trophies and European leagues every season. They all have one thing in common, that is a short term advantage that in 100 years won’t mean fuck all. Their owners. Right now they are spending money like it’s going out of fashion, making massive financial losses, but wiping it out by getting their nodding donkeys to suck oil out of their respective desert or Russian tundra. Good thing the planet has an infinite supply of that shit, or in 80 years or so those companies could be in big trouble hey? What is the manager of Chelsea going to do in 2100 when Roman Abromoviches’ grandson can’t fork out the money for a ticket, let alone their next ready made superstar? There is only one team with the world wide presence of Manchester United, whose merchandising and branding will see them through the financial crunches of the future or a tight pocketed new owner. They have the African, Asian and the Americas spending hundreds of millions on towels, shirts, water bottles and other useless bric a brac every year, outnumbering the other English clubs at least 10 – 1 from my observations.

        Arsene Wenger has seen this, and has been exceptional in his execution of securing the next most obvious niche ahead of any of his rivals. Building a self sustaining business that can create inhouse finance to become a major spending force. You try building a billion pound financial empire while still needing to reach extremely high expectations of your fans. Then you can call Arsene a liar and say his time is up. He has had to have responsibility that Ferguson or Mourinho have never had to care about in their careers, yet he still has stats that, while aren’t as good, are in the same class (while doing it with a bunch of kids on the cheap might I add). Arsenal has a portfolio that includes property, massive endorsements, stocks and the most revenue generated from tickets in the country. The only problem is, the money coming in is still being used to pay back loans. If you have ever analysed a long term mortgage, you will know that you end up paying more in interest than the initial loan you took. Our stadium cost, from what I understand, in the region of 200-250 million pounds. The full repayment however, and I stand to be corrected, is probably in the region of half a billion pounds. Over 10 years that is 50 million a season. Yet we can still spend what we can on players, wages and bonuses. In 2 – 4 years, in what I hope will be the second wind of Arsene Wenger on the field, can you imagine what he will be able to produce with a 130 million a season budget, while Chelsea and City are cursing their shortsightedness at being unable to play in Europe after the UEFA fair play rules are fully implemented? How will they attract the big players without European football? Their owners are so worried about trophies and looking fucking spectacular and wealthy, they haven’t stopped to look at how they have actually just anal fucked their fans with a baseball bat. I guess when there is fan anarchy and no European football or high wages at these clubs, then Arsenal is going to look mighty attractive to the next generation of superstars. When the other clubs finally do sort their shit out (They inevitably will), we will be the best team in the land. Then players will want to come to us as we are the best as well as pay (Like what Man U or Real are now).Then fans like you will be rejoicing, saying you knew it all along, silently deleting these posts from every dirty recess of the internet.

        Don’t believe me, if you must, but here are a few little trinkets I have found about Arsenal recently:

        – We have spent a basic net total of 1 million pounds on transfers in the last 10 years.
        – Arsene Wenger was voted the 3rd best manager of the 21st Century on football statistics alone.
        – Arsenal have the 2nd biggest stadium in England, and the most expensive tickets.
        – We have managed to secure the most lucrative endorsement in football with Emirates (Who are obviously not so short sighted in the respect they know their logo will be on the biggest team in the world in 5 years).
        – Everyone wants to flippen buy shares or own the club and are bitching at the top because they want to make money in the long run, which is fair enough to be honest. It just shouldn’t be public.

        So yeah… I have no conclusion to this, as it has not yet happened. I look forward to one day writing to everyone about how fantastic our 8-2 thrashing of a bitter rival was. To quote something, “Those who dared to fail greatly are the ones who achieve greatly.”

        • Just to let you know the money that was generated from our old stadium that was bulit in flats property etc they never disclosed how much they made they made enough to pay for the stadium. AFC football club will never disclose where there money goes because the share holders take it. Arsenal are onely there to make money I love my team but I see whats goi g on and ive given. Answer me these question why does a club like arsenal who make profit season in season out sell there best players then we cant even compete for silverware that is the truth. So we after loads of players but signed none if we these rich why not pay real Madrid what they want no because we are a bunch off tight arses who onely want to make money and if we are not careful spurs and Liverpool stand a better chance then us just sign some decent players whats wrong with you all

          • ” many people will argue he has done more for Arsenal than Fergie ever did for United”

            Are you high on various drugs ?
            1st : Stop takeing drugs cause they are clearly fucking you up.
            2nd : If you think that ppl will look back att 10 years of Wenger comeing fourth and thinking he has done more for his club than SAF has done in Man U its laughable that you even claim to have any affection of any kind to football or Arsenal.

            Your a complete bellend.

    • Well this is Arsene’s big chance to change all that and bring in some truly world class players who will help us compete at the highest level.

      As usual, it’s a case of us “not being a million miles away” from being title contenders but we never make the step up and sign those 2/3 top players we desperately need.

  2. You are right. Footballers are mercenary these days. As a Gooner since 67 it all feels a bit depressing.

    I wouldn’t call Cazorla anything other than outstanding however and I think AW will buy a couple of top players in the close season. In truth, for all of the gossip very few people actually know what is going on behind the scenes. We would have a squad of about 900 players if we believed all that is printed.

    Let’s all stop moaning for once and be positive about 2013/14 season

    • Unless Wenger has come out and said he wants these players how can we point the finger at him for not delivering them.

      I agree we are in desperate need of top quality players at the club and we need to stop buying second tier dross, but, to suggest we have missed out on players we probably are not chasing anyway is crazy and the supporters should stop believing the rubbish the media pump out in the hope they get lucky with a story that proves to be true.

      Is Arsen the right man to take the club forward, that’s for a seperate debate, but I won’t blame him for rumours that have no validity nor source!

      The club have always been very secretive in its dealings so why should we be suprised now.
      It is frustrating not knowing, but it’s only to ensure that not every Tom, Dick or Harry jumps on the bandwagon and pushes the price up.

      • we have not signed anyone yet and I remember last transfer window Wenger promised to buy and at the end bought noone. 8 years without a trophy is not a joke for a big club like Arsenal.

  3. Marc Overmars (bought after horrendous injuries from a selling club in Ajax), Thierry Henry, (failure in Italy) Davor Suker, (past his sell by date) Nwankwo Kanu, (heart problems) Robert Pires, (Marseilles) Sylvain Wiltord (Bourdeux), Jose Antonio Reyes (Sevilla for top money)and Sol Campbell.(on a free from Tottenham.) So where are the megastars, then? Arsenal have NEVER bought top dollar from the tier 1 clubs – Man U, Barca, Real etc..

    • Quite right. I don’t know where this myth that our transfer policy has changed has come from. And it’s worth pointing out that our biggest transfers (Wiltord, Reyes and Arshavin) have been our biggest disappointments. Also, just to say that if the author thinks that Santi Cazorla is not a player of the highest calibre, then he’s either blind or knows nothing about football. We only picked him up cheaply because of Malaga’s financial problems.

      • “just to say that if the author thinks that Santi Cazorla is not a player of the highest calibre, then he’s either blind or knows nothing about football”
        I can name 10 players on Cazorlas position that is better than him… so no hes not a worldclass player.

        He is just below the higest calibre of stars, but still a wonderfull player. Arsenals best now, and further on.

  4. It’s the constant lies coming from the board and Wenger. Year after year we hear the same old bullshit. We have 70m to spend. We had 70m 4 years ago with player sales.

    Arguing over a few million quid when we’ve cleared almost a 3rd of the wage bill this season is just beyond a joke.

    I wrote a blog 2 years saying its time for Wenger to go, and got slated for it. All the time Wenger is in charge, we’ll just be challenging for top 4 I’m afraid.

    Imagine if we did sign a few of those players mentioned.

    What cracks me up is some idiots actually believed half of those.

    We have a brilliant PR team who can twist the media into thinking we’ll buy these players when in fact it’s all to get out fans to pay for more for the season ticket

    Silent stan, you’re a c**t, what exactly have you done for our club?

    • But in the past, they’ve still managed to attract players such as Luis Suarez, Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina who are all excellent players (well, in the case of Torres and Reina used to be).

    • Your argument falls when you put Liverpool in the joke section… Liverpool have more history than Arsenal, and thats the only thing both clubs live on now.

      So your failed attempt to mook Liverpool just shows how little you know about football.

  5. Rubbish post. How many of those former signings had a name before coming to Arsenal? People like you should go support ‘money bag’ clubs and leave us alone.

    • What have you won in eight years now if you were buying quality? O trophies in 8 years and this year wont be any different.

    • wat exactly is wrong wit u…..hv u jst started supprting arsenal????? because i dont understand how u keep on assumin everything is fine with a team like ours…..”keep doin things the same way and your epect diff results????” i think you shd grow up.

      we lost fabregas and nasri with wilshere injured but still wenger insisted on playing his team and if the 8-2 embarassment hadnt gone down, we were goin to keep that exact squad.
      You send we the frustrated fans away to other teams but u shd knw that no world class player will ever chose arsenal over chelsea, man-u, man-city even spurs at times………mata, hazard, van persie, joe hart etc name the rest. i do love arsenal but they are taking our love for the club for granted!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thierry Henry had already won the World Cup, Sol Campbell was one of the best defenders in the league, and Wiltord and Pires were established internationals too. Reyes was one of the top prospects from Spain, hence why we paid so much for him. And then there was Arshavin who I forgot to mention. Podolski and Mertesacker a experience German internationals.

  6. As long as we have wenger the board and the blind fans, we will sign no one decent and will win nothing.mark these words…AW will continue to sign 15 yr olds from west africa or french ligue 2 and continue to harp about financial prudence and getting the top 4.The cycle is coming to an end when we will end up like the current liverpool squad….a team full of average players and fans still deluded about grand days to come…Welcome to the circus that arsenal has become….till AW is here we are moving backwards at a pace that is frightening….:(sad but true…

  7. hello gooners. i see great disappointment in this site and honestly i am part of this group as well. for sure when this transfer market opened i had a lot of faith that this summer would bring some quality players in the squat and challenge for the title as all the top three teams change their manager and thats create an opportunity for us. as the days goes by i am full of worries that this is going to be another summer like all the others (i really hope that it wont be) because i see the players that we are linked with either change clubs (villa) or decide to stay at their teams (grenier). now we are out to a business trip in Asia so i dont see any signing happening until we come back so more world class players will be unavailable for the transfer market. honestly bidding £30 for suarez is not impressive at all (actually it makes as look stupid) and even more worries me that we are going to waste some money as well this summer. i really hope that this summer will be active for as because we have a great opportunity to get the title but the team we have now is not able to do it (unfortunately).
    P.S i wish Wilshere to be fit this year and help us because we need him

  8. @mark ne positive? Seriously? The way things are going,i’ve nt seen any sign of positivity, it’s jst same old story. Am jst surprised that people still believe in wenger. Sometimes i wonder if this man has the fans under some kind of spell. If not, why the hell do fans still believe in this proffesional liar? We’ve been constantly lied to, year after year by this same man. I believe by August 31 wenger Will give us d same old speech “we searched the market for top top players bt none was available, bt we were able to sign one of d best prospect in europe(yaya sonogo), and i believe in this team and its quality……blah blah blah”, it’s impossible to think that we won’t lose d wenger trophy to spurs dis season, cos last season was a miracle and i still think they deserved it better than we do!

  9. You are right. Most footballers now are mercenaries, who would rather see out their contract just as (Flamini ) did. I Knew right from the start that we wont sign Higuain. I know we will sign players but not a top quality,.. We will rather go for players from the lower league,.. or maybe raid players from QPR

  10. i tink the problm is frm the coach because we have blamed the managment of arsenal enough,they fooled dem self,they promise us good players witout even making any sighning,even if the management is nt makin any sighning the coach still stick wit dem to show dt he is benefiting somtin,if the coach is hungry for success wit the way the managmnt is doing he will step down,i believe wenger era is gone,we need another coach dt is hungry 4 success,imaging i can nt comeout 2 the public and talk abt my club anymore because we are bosting wit past glory,infact 2 be honest am ashamed 2 tel my frends dat am an arsenal fan because they will make jest of me,i knw wht am saying can never change the situation because i undstnd dat our coach is a very sturbborn man,and i wish i have his number

  11. I have to start my comment by saying I am not “In Arsene We Trust” type of fan and haven’t been for a few seasons. I would like the manager to go cap in hand to the board and try to demand the money for top tier footballers. I am not unrealistic, i do not expect that we can compete for the very highest quality “world class” players but we should be looking to only bring in players who will improve us, not squad class players, as in reality we have a vast number of those already. I also believe that with whatever money we have, which seems to change by the second, we should not overly deliberate but purchase who we need and get them in. Unfortunately this is the same as every season for the past 4 or 5, both summer and in the January window.
    The team is crying out for a ‘Fellaini’ so why quibble, just pay the money, it is a fair going rate. Just because we let players go under their actual value, RVP and CF being perfect examples of this, other clubs hold out for the going rate.
    The same principle could be said for Williams, Abate possibly Suarez, if we are honestly looking to sign them then just pay yhr money and get them in. Any other youngsters with promise can then be added throughout the next 6 weeks.
    Unfortunately we have seem it all before, so if AW and the board want us to trust them then they need to show us that they believe in Arsenal. It’s not a matter of giving the fans “what they want” but showing us they understand what Arsenal need..

  12. This blog is a spud piss take, anyone taking it seriously needs urgent medical assistance!!! Seek help Now dooffusses! 🙂

  13. I agree there will be no success as far as Wenger is there with his nonsense philosophy of “up grading young talents” which helped him gain cheap pupularity. Surey he is waiting until big name players are all snathed and finaly collect people like Benouyu,chamaki,sanatos and etc and next year kill time looking for Clubs to take loan instead of lokking for top players. 30,000,000 for Swarez tranfere!!! Sad to say. Wenger only pretending. He would have been shocked if Liverpolsay buy for 30.5 million. By the way Arsenal Supporters In England don’t have role in money made by Arsen Wenger. Please discuss on that line.

  14. Last summer’s signings were superb. Giroud had a good first season for his level of experience, Podolski is an established Germany international, and Cazorla is one of the best players in the league – way more than decent.

    And let’s not forget that the last “top drawer” signing we made, in the sense that everyone wanted him, was Arshavin.

    It’s not all about who spends the most money. Or rather, spending freely only works when you’re able to make multiple marquee signings like Chelsea and City can, so that the failures don’t matter so much.

    I’m excited about Sanogo and please we’ve tied Bellerin down. Looking forward to more good news of that sort over the summer.

  15. my fellow gooner all ur story about (Wenger) the proffesional liar is true lets just be prayerful bcos arsene nd the management of the club are no want trophy enough i knw that their primary aim is to make profit.

  16. I believe we Arsenal Supporters ourselves have a lot of problems and one of the problem is that we have allowed the selfish manager, Board etc to fool us all the time. They are enriching themselves and we as supporters are hurt. All what supporters want are the trophies but nothing else. What can brig the trophies is good outstanding players but the board and the manager always fool us we have this millions and that millions and at the end nothing happens.
    Secondly Arsenal ticket is the highest of all. I believe that all Arsenal supporters should stop watching the games till they change their transfer policies and bring in players that have ambition to win trophies but if not that, even this season we are going to see the old sheet. Therefore if we don’t act, let don’t complain. Action speaks louder than voice. A word for a while is quiet sufficient.

  17. wenger and the board have fool the fan alot. our england fans are not doing enough to let them know this.can all these happen in any other top four club? england fans it is time to take the bull by the and the board are not bigger than the fans.wenger go go go go go goooo.

  18. Why are we not like Dortmund? They sold Gonze and have acquired Man… some funny names. They sell yes but atleast invest the sales money in some decent replacement like Marco Raus. Signing few quality players does not mean that Arsenal will run bankrupt in my opinion and our friends so keen to let Wenger and the board off the hook are misplaced! How comes Bayern are able to spend on good players yet they don’t use oil money? If this Summer passes without us going serious on transfers despite constant assurances from the board that there is sufficient funds to invest in the playing staff, it would be prudent for the board and Wenger to leave our great club!

  19. Honestly some of you loons on here must have only started supporting Arsenal when they were winning regularly under WENGER. Its clear you are gutted because you wish you could simply change and support the chavs or Oil city instead.

    Seeing as none of you actually go to the games and just watch AFC on TV, then why dont you just jump ship and support other teams?

    You wont be missed, like this pathetic infantile blog, which is designed for hysterical 7 year old girls.

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