Who Are Arsenal Actually Going To Sign This Summer?

We’ve been linked with so many players this summer and in the end, only put in 2 official bids. £18.5 million for Lars Bender of Bayer Leverkusen and £30 million for Luis Suarez of Liverpool. The rest, are just paper talk and hearsay.

As well as the players mentioned, we’ve also been “linked” with Gonzalo Higuain, Stevan Jovetic, Julio Cesar, Wayne Rooney, Marouane Fellaini, Fernando Torres, Gareth Barry and Ashley Williams. But despite all of the rumours, we have yet to sign anyone.

Mikel Arteta has come out and said he believes that the time is now for Arsenal to spend big and create a squad that can really compete at the highest level and win trophies. He also said that the Arsenal dressing room a great place to be right now, as there is an excitement going around as to who Arsenal will bring in.

Oxlade-Chamberlain has also been positive about any possible signings, adding it adds competition for places and creates a stronger group of players overall.

So if the fans were excited about new arrivals, then so are the players it seems.

But who will we sign?

Arsenal are notoriously secretive about their transfer dealings and despite the season finishing over 2 months ago, we only know of 2 official bids that we have made.

With the media obviously making up stories and linking us with anyone who is available, who are we actually going to sign?

Who do you think Arsenal are chasing and who do you think will actually be an Arsenal player before the start of next season?

Answers on a postcard!


16 thoughts on “Who Are Arsenal Actually Going To Sign This Summer?

  1. Arsenal should sign Higuain immediately even if it takes £30m.
    However, I suspect fans will be left frustrated once again at the lack of ambition showed by the club, especially after practically bragging about signing big names

  2. I understand the excitement but I dont think anything will happen until the team are back in the UK and we will see our new signings in the Emirates Cup: everyone gets linked with us and because we have £££ to burn, prices have been raised I imagine………….and thats all it is, my imagination cos NO ONE knows……….apart from AW and I trust him 100% to know how to spend the £££ he has at his disposal. They will be AFC type players, which surprises me about the bitey racist chap………maybe we all have him wrong…..but what a footballer

  3. wenger not going to sign anyone ,he doesn`t want the status quo to change ,if he spends big he will be expected to deliver ,but by not spending he will justify not winning on financial fair play,whilst at the same time signing a big fat contract for himself

  4. It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t sign anybody I am starting to believe what another blog said that he (AW) keeps changing his mind and is trying to penny pinch all the time. If other clubs start messing us (AFC) around it’s only what we deserve after all the times we have messed others around, but we dod not buy anybody, unless we have a fantastic start to the season, the attendance will drop off very quickly and dramatically.

  5. Messi, Ronaldo, Bale and Van Persie will return.

    Well its as about as believable as some of the rubbish many are buying into!

  6. what is going on with Arsene, is he out of his crappy mind…. I surely believe that he is going to wait until the start of the season expecting another 8-0 to make some signings… this mate is driving me crazy… HE IS NOT BIGGER THAN THE CLUB…. ARSENAL 4 LIFE……

  7. haha arsenal can’t sign any player, wenger is a stoppid man he is always talk nonsense, we are tired with this stoppid rummours .

  8. all this is a stopped rummours wenger is a stoppid man , arsenal can’t sign any player untill wenger leave ur club if not we’ll always buy Giroud , sonogo and ather nonsense.

  9. The answer is absolutely nobody as per usual, we shall have another frustrating season of no trophies and at the end another top name will leave. I say the only person who will need to leave if this comes to pass is Wenger, he is guilty of watching arsenals stock drop so low it’s like last months veg rotting away on a high street stall. And it’s without argument form any of those “In Arsene We Trust” luvvies who make the skin crawl. No silverware this season then no job for Wengers.. sack him!.. afford him no inch of respect, he had thrown that away across eight seasons


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