Online Poll: Do You Want Luis Suarez at Arsenal?

There’s been a lot of opinion on the possibility of Arsenal signing Luis Suarez. When I first heard about the £30 million bid, my initial thoughts were that I didn’t want him at Arsenal and one of the reasons was because he is overrated. Added to the fact he is a racist who likes to eat other human beings, it would not be a good fit for us, in my opinion.

But now it seems Arsenal might increase their bid for him and test Liverpool’s resolve.

There is a definite split between Arsenal fans as to whether they want the Liverpool striker at The Emirates. Without trying to sound like Jeremy Clarkson, “some say” he’s exactly what we need – while others say he has no place at our club.

So I thought I would do a very simple poll to gauge supporter opinion – simply, do you want Luis Suarez at Arsenal?

I thought about having more than two answers but there are no other conditions really – if we take him then he will have the same attitude he’s had when he was at Liverpool and Ajax. Throughout his footballing career he hasn’t shown that he is capable of changing. He deliberately hand-balled a goal-bound shot in the World Cup, dives and cheats as well as being extremely outspoken. Whatever you think about Liverpool, they have supported Luis Suarez through his racist displays (even wearing Suarez t-shirts to show support) and through his other misdemeanours. Yet, he has constantly said he wants to leave Liverpool. And if he wasn’t content about saying he wants to “move abroad” because the media are persecuting him, he’s now turned around and said he would actually be open to a move to Arsenal.

You all know what I think about him. He’s a racist, cheat, diver and bites people. I don’t care how talented you are I don’t want to see him in an Arsenal shirt. As Arseblog pointed out, we’ve had players who have had problems before but those players have usually grown up with the club and shown remorse for their actions. We’ve never forked out £35 million plus for a player with a lot of problems.

So Luis Suarez – do you want him at Arsenal?

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33 thoughts on “Online Poll: Do You Want Luis Suarez at Arsenal?

    • Every club has bad players but it depend on the manager aptitude with them that will determine their negative moreaver change of environment can result to good behavior and wenger is good in handling players nd suareze is goal machine they should sign him

  1. Overrated???? Really?? He’s a shit of the highest order but he is certainly not overrated. I think he was the player of the year last year – to score the amount of goals he did while missing so many games with a pretty crap Liverpool team behind him was very impressive. The whole bitey-racist thing means I’m not overly keen on him to become a Gooner but there is no doubt that in footballing terms he would improve us immensely.

    • There’s no doubt that his attitude is something most Arsenal fans should not be comfortable with.

      In regards to being overrated, if you read the original article I actually sourced information to show that his shot to goal ratio was one of the worst in the Premier League (behind average players like Crouch, Le Fondre and Walters) and he scores so many goals because he’s greedy and takes about 20 shots per game, usually from ridiculous angles.

      For a team like Arsenal who pass the ball around and create space, having someone that shots on site is against the whole ethos Arsene Wenger has utilised since he joined the club.

    • I don’t support racism, cannibalism or disrespect to one’s club. Having said that lets face it, who is the “baddest” Arsenal player? The rudest? The meanest? the one opposition players fear the most not cos of skill but pure terror? None. Its high time we had a real “rude boy” in our ranks someone to make other teams think twice. Vieria used to rub vicks-vapour-rub on his shirt, one Martin Kewon look was enough to paralyse you. Roy Keane simply the meanest leg breaking invective filled player. Even Barca seen the need for the occasional leg breaking cave man like Puyol plus skillful divers in the team. Arsenal is suffering from too much emotional intelligence. Jack, Theo, Santi, Arteta, Verm et al will not become trouble makers just like Suarez will remain a disrespectful cheating, racist, cannibal that can score many goals from the few matches he will play each season. I once remarked that Arsenal were only marginally inferior to Man U last season forget the points gap, just 9 extra goals spread evenly across 9 of our draws/losses would have propelled us 16 extra points and one point ahead of Man U.Yes we need our very own disrespectful cheating racist cannibal!!!

  2. stop being stupid… we want to win titles this year … the players recognize that and wenger is going to do his utmost to achieve that.. suarez is a fantastic player.. no one is perfect n we all do things, but people can change.. suarez wants trophies n with wenger’s guidance he will be terrific .. just give him a chance thats all im saying

  3. Suarez is a top dog and prolofic in nature. He is exactly who we need at Arsenal Football Club at this time to rule England and Europe. Pls Arsene Wenger, get him at all cost.

  4. At time of writing, 58% of fans have voted for Suarez to come to Arsenal.

    Have our standards dropped that much?

    We want a racist twat who gets banned for long periods and bites opposing players in our team? Seriously, if we’re going to blow £40 million on a player then SURELY there must be better alternatives!!

    The world has truly gone mad.

  5. ithink Luiz is agood and quality striker those small isues can be handled if sat down with him and talk to him hes mature ithink he can change on his wayz.

  6. Hello, You write like a judge, relax man, just accept that it can be good for the team a player of that level and certainly his attitude will improve. regards

    • I appreciate your optimism but he has proven to have big problems at Ajax and now Liverpool. He’s had more than enough chances to change but hasn’t, he’s like Joey Barton.

      I would like to see the reaction of Arsenal fans when he racially abuses another player or bites someone.

      Hopefully, we wouldn’t blindly support the player and look like a bunch of idiots like Liverpool did.

  7. He should come whatever what he does sometimes it is acceptable he save his country to secure a chance for semi finals even though he got a red card that only can not prevent him from playing for arsenal. late him come by today thanks gunners

  8. It’s funny Arsenal are being linked with Suarez, Rooney and the possible return of Fabregas, if we only supposedly have £70m where is all the extra money coming from because we still have deadbeats on our books in the form of Bendtner, Chamakh and Gervinho because Wenger threw so much money to entice them to Arsenal and obviously they wouldn’t want to lower their wages. So I would love to know how we are going to pay somewhere in the area of £150k-200k per week for these players, is Kroenke going to put his hand in his pocket at long last and supply the extra cash, no of course he won’t.

  9. we have been mourning about lack of ambition, lack of world class quality to push us to the next hurdle, Suarez kept Liverpool in the top tier last season, Should he maintain the same form with the players at arsenal, the club and suarez will reach new heights. So if we seriously want to compete, this biting, diving, annoying human being is probably our best bet.

  10. I am appalled that there is such a level of support for Suarez. While I do advocate the concept of forgive and forget, Suarez is a habitual offender and walking time bomb who has shown contempt for his current club in wanting to leave given their support for him through his difficult times. How loyal do you think he will be towards us when he is in an Arsenal shirt? If we only stay in the annual 3rd or 4th place battle, do you imagine he will stay? To think that there are fans who continue to persecute RvP for having left ( Read David Ornstein at ) and yet display such clamour for a known cheat and self-declared ‘ me first ‘, simply baffles me.

  11. Guy,have u watch balotteli recently with AC and Italy,spectacular,they foul against him most of the time both in club and national team but he never complain or fight anyone.Most of us even on this platform are even worst than suarez.please let us give this guy a chance if he really wish to play for us and believe me he will be a change person here.

  12. i hate reading some of yall comments obviously no offense but some of you people dont know what it is like to play football at all.. when your playing soccer/football believe me sometimes you do and say stuff in the moment of things… a person annoys you or tackles you badly you call them a name or say or do something disrespectful…
    what suarez did before is wrong EVERYONE KNOWS THAT but we need winners and the best talent in our team to be able to win.. we are keeping all of our good players this year and i honestly believe if we get suarez and 2 or 1 more player we can dominate.. jjust remember that we completely dominated the second leg of champions league against the champions bayern.. we hav potential to dominate again shut the f*** up and let us fulfil those potential with good signings this year

  13. I think there is quite a lot of support for Suarez because this is the first season we have bidded on anyone over 25 mil. This is one of the best strikers we could potentially buy since Henry and RVP and even those players wasn’t really well known back when we signed them. I know hes a racist, a cheat and a loose cannon but I’m willing to look past that for the time being just so players like chamakh and gervinho dont really get a look in.Giroud done well but hes not exactly prolific or a game changer. Don’t forget Suarez carried Liverpool all last season and he might have a poor goals to shots ratio but hes still scored 30 goals in all competitions.

  14. Someone above said he did well to score so many with such a crap Liverpool team. …..a team who only scored one less than yourselves. I bet that gap was huge until we bought Sturridge and Coutinho. What was crap was out defence and keeper. We created approximately 100 more chances than any other team last season. Stats show that if every shot which hit the woodwork last season had gone in from every team ourselves and Spurs would have finished above Arsenal. If Arsenal sign Suarez it would strengthen you considerably but the 40m you give us would be used to buy top class players. Be careful what you wish for.

  15. I’m a Liverpool fan and I’ve just seen this article. Lived with 2 gunners last year who constantly told me that although he was an incredible footballer they wouldn’t have him in the team because he’s a liability and, well, because he’s a horrible human being. It’s nice to know how much can be forgiven for a few goals. Just remember what you’re going to be sacrificing; your club’s name and reputation. Arsene (as much as i like hime) wont be able to control him any more then us or Ajax did. You just have to accept that at some point you would lose him for a game or ten.

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  17. I am a Liverpool fun, sincerely I do not think Liverpool would sell a a star player to rivals in premier league. Secondly, if we are to sell then it will be out of England

  18. I am a Liverpool fun, sincerely I do not think Liverpool would sell a star player to rivals in premier league. Secondly, if we are to sell then it will be out of England.

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