Real Madrid Want £37 Million for Gonzalo Higuain?

According to the Daily Mail, and other newspapers, Real Madrid want £37 million for their Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain.

Which would explain why talks seem to have stalled, and why it seems that we’re going after Luis Suarez. There’s also rumours that we’re “in the chase” for Wayne Rooney, although it looks like he is Chelsea-bound.

Back to Higuain, there’s no doubt he is a top quality striker but £37 million for him is well out of Arsenal’s comfort zone. The problem is, the transfer market is hugely inflated – Edinson Cavani went to PSG for £55 million and Radamel Falcao to Monaco to £50 million. They are top strikers and if you compare Higuain to those two players, around £37 million is probably about right.

But Arsenal have never spent anywhere that amount before. Our transfer fee record is at £15 million while other top European teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Monaco, Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City have spent massive amounts before and are much more comfortable paying that amount of money for a player.

So that is why we would never pay £37 million for Higuain.

So our attention turns to Luis Suarez. He has his (well reported) problems but is Premier League ready. While I am still pretty uneasy at the prospect of him joining, the £40 million mark makes more sense for his services.

Will we get to the start of the 2013/2014 season having signed no-one?

Many Arsenal fans believe that we won’t land any big players this summer and then Arsene Wenger can “claim” we were after top quality players but the selling clubs were being unreasonable.

With the possibility of Marouane Fellaini and Cesc Fabregas joining Arsenal non-existent, it looks like all the “transfer rumours” surrounding our club are about to dry up.

Arsene Wenger famously said yesterday:

“We work hard but we are not close to signing anybody.”



18 thoughts on “Real Madrid Want £37 Million for Gonzalo Higuain?

  1. If Higuain is worth £37M and Cavani is worth £55M, what on earth is Suarez (who is better than both of them) worth?

    • Suarez’s attitude and actions means that he is worth LESS then either of those players as he poses a greater risk, say he joins Arsenal and the half way through the season decides he’s hungry again? he the gets banned for 10 games and at the end of the season announces he wants to leave arsenal and go to Madrid, do you think we would get more then the money we paid out for him for? No! Suarez is too much of a risk for us at even 30m. both he and Rooney will probably end up at oil teams. We probably only bid for him to force Madrid’s hand as they are playing games with us regarding the Higuain situation

      • Say Higuian joins and suffers a career ending injury in his first game? Every transfer is a risk look at Cisse for Liverpool, was touted as an excellent signing, two leg breaks later off you trot lad and never lived up to his billing. Suarez may have a few on field problems but he’s still a better player than both of the above mentioned and has already proven himself in the Prem so for that alone I would say he is worth more.

  2. Nothing will be done while Wenger is strolling around the far east .. Never been the same since dein left and that muppet gazidis took over. Chelsea, city and utd will step in and fill there boots. All is not lost tho ..We still have a new signing in diaby the next vieira he is close to a come bk .

  3. We wasn’t after higuain anyway. This is all hype.
    My guess is that higuain will end up at Napoli.
    As for arsene wengers latest comments ….
    “We are not close to signing any player’s at the moment”
    My advice to the fans is stop killing yourself’s with all this stress.

  4. If the market rate is 37 mil pay it but noone and i repeat noone should hold Arsenal to ransom just because they themselfes have splashed all sorts of cash around the place.

  5. How on earth would i pay £37m for an unproven EPL striker?? A striker who has never lead the line for all season? What bigger risk would we expect? He might hit the ground running in the epl, he might also hit the ground falling.. I never realy liked the higuain idea.. And yes suarez is a better player/striker/all round player than falcao,cavani,higuian,benzema.. And spending even £50m on him is a money well spent, my only problem is it shouldnt hinder us from makin other signings,, imagine theo,cazorla,suarez all behind giroud(thats if suarez dosnt lead the line) mouthwatering. But hey! If man city(careless spenders) could pay £27m for jovetic, then for madrid, higuain is worth £37m(not saying we should pay that much for him though).


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