Thoughts on Cazorla, Rooney, Suarez & Higuain

Arsenal fans know more than most about the “transfer rumours” going around and how the vast majority of them are basically made up. We’ve had links to Fernando Torres, Gareth Barry, Lars Bender, Marouane Fellaini, Gonzalo Higuain, Luis Suarez, Ashley Williams and Wayne Rooney. From all of those names on the list, we’ve only actually made 2 official bids.

Transfer Targets & Deals Reviewed:

So the reports of Athletico Madrid having “wrapped up” a deal for Santi Cazorla aren’t hugely surprising. He’s had a decent season at Arsenal and there’s been so many players linked to transfers it’s just par for the course. Also, reports are saying that Athletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo calling the Cazorla news “inventions”.

Not impossible but hugely unlikely.

Likelihood Rating: 1/10

Then we have Wayne Rooney. He has been trying to wangle his way out of Old Trafford for a couple of months now and news has come out of Chelsea’s bid for the striker, which was understood to be £10 million plus either Juan Mata or David Luiz. The offer is surprising in the sense that both Mata and Luiz in my eyes are top drawer players – but obviously they aren’t in Jose Mourinho’s long term plans.

Edit: The latest suggests that Chelsea actually offered a £20 million straight cash offer.

The most likely suitors would have been Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Monaco, Bayern, Chelsea and Arsenal but Real and Barca have already spent big money, PSG and Monaco have also spent big on Cavani and Falcao, and Bayern don’t seem to the interested. So Chelsea looks the most likely destination.

No doubt that Chelsea will step up their offer for Rooney in the next few days but will Arsenal throw their hat into the ring? I highly doubt it.

Likelihood Rating: 2/10

Now to the man of the moment, the player that divides opinion more than anyone else could, Luis Suarez.

We might as well call him Marmite because people are either strongly against him coming to Arsenal or would welcome him with open arms. We know his problems, and we know what he brings to the team. A very talented player who has Joey Barton tendencies.

It looks like we’re going to follow up our initial £30 million bid to either £35 million or £40 million, depending on which newspapers you believe. It’s even possible we don’t follow up our interest and look somewhere else. Any additional bid at the moment is just hearsay and we won’t know until we hear something concrete from either club.

Do I think we’ll get Suarez? Stranger things have happened.

Likelihood Rating: 6/10

And finally to the forgotten man, Gonzalo Higuain.

Who knows what happened to bringing the Argentine to Arsenal – some reports suggest we had the deal in the bag, while others suggest we merely made enquiries but didn’t want to pay Real Madrid’s valuation.

Of late, things have got extremely quiet and the deal looks to be completely dead. So unless a major turn around happens I can’t see this happening. Which is a shame really as I really thought he would fit in really well at Arsenal and give us that extra leap in quality we badly need.

Likelihood Rating: 2/10


18 thoughts on “Thoughts on Cazorla, Rooney, Suarez & Higuain

    • Give 1 week the same news re-cycling…i’m tired…arsenal should just wake up…if they strengthen top 4 this time will be difficult,other top side are busy!

  1. Arsenal will forgetted totaly by our fans this season evry one change managers changing players,we did nt change manager we did nt buy any player but we hv link to a whold quality player in europ stil no one is finalise say the fact am tired of board&wenger policy,hw long ar we going to b like this….

  2. its the same as every other year of late. big promises when season tickets need to be bought and then just loads of stories but no action.
    to have been real contenders next year all the big players should have been in by now.
    I have lost interest now as the disappointment every day is to much , I have just accepted the fact that some things never change

  3. Does wenger and the bord realy need changes? As for me and some arsenal fans out there, we are tired of reading transfer news for noting sake. Why cant we sign a singel quality player.

  4. Wenger is too rigid in his policies…that’s why he is not winning trophies…look at fergie he knows when to change to keep man u ambitious & challenging 4 trophies

  5. Plz wenga am afan of Arsenal damu,so am tired of ua rumours when r u going 2 get best players.dnt eva sale cazola and am totaly confused with ua rumours also u hv made me ill.

  6. This is all about MONEY! Ain’t it?.. We all know all the players mentioned are no doubt superb players and would definitely fit and also guarantee success if not a trophy next season.. So why not splash the money and strengthen the squad and stop F***ing around!!.. With all respect Arsene, we’ve been patient long enough. Though it ain’t our business to care what financial situation our beloved club’s in but we still hang in there and stood by it in bad times.. From what we here, we’re financially stable now. We even have a £70M kitty to spend which i feel is quite enough to bring in a couple of the players mentioned… So I wonder, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?!!!

  7. I think d problem arsene and d entire club is having is dat of `no vision and ambition for d club’ but mind u d players dat arsene is to sign are to trek from their respective clubs and destinations e.g Higuain from madrid in spain to london in uk and this will take a very long time and process. so stay calm


  9. Higuain/Rooney, Fellaini and Julio Cesar… I’m sure with those three plus the squad we have, we sure gonna nail it this time!

  10. We don’t need Rooney, Suarez or Higuain – Giroud scored a hat trick today! He’s the man to fire us to the title!*

    * There maybe some sarcasm in that message.


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