Is Luis Suarez Who Arsenal Need?

So we know Arsenal have put in a second bid for Luis Suarez. £40 million and £1 to be exact. The whole point of this bid was to trigger a release clause in Suarez’s contract, which apparently allows him to speak to us – and reportedly, he wants to talk to us.

But Liverpool are saying that our bid is nowhere near their valuation of the player. Rogers, is comparing Suarez’s value to the price Napoli got for Edinson Cavani, which was £55 million.

The big question is Suarez worth anywhere near that?

And more importantly, can we afford to spend that much on a single player? If we have this war chest everyone’s talking about (which is reportedly in the region of £70 million) then that doesn’t leave us with much left to strengthen other areas of the pitch where we need more numbers, such as in central defence and midfield.

If (and that’s a big if) we get Suarez that will cost us about £50 million. Clearly he’s our main (and possibly only) target so will we put all our eggs in one basket? Is Arsene Wenger that confident he’s the only missing piece we need to compete at the very top?

Still, even now, the Suarez affair leaves more questions than answers.


11 thoughts on “Is Luis Suarez Who Arsenal Need?

  1. At this point, I’m thinking we ought to just write a check and snipe Soldado out from under the Spurs, thow down bids on Kondogbia, Ceasar & a solid winger and call it a day. If Real wants him, they have the funds to get him and if we wait much longer, we’ll be holding a bag of cash and nobody worth spending it on or we’ll trump Real get Suarez and not have enough cash for any more reinforcements. I was really hoping we could get Higuain…I don’t see Suarez as being worth 1 1/2 to 2 of him.

  2. Yes. Arsenal needs a good quality player in front after who can play wit high spirit and help team to win the game. Suarez is ideal payer for this. Sure can win the game. Last year Arsenal was good team but no math winner after RVP left. We need a match winner like Suarez.

    But still i think Suarez in unrealistic target for Arsenal.

  3. I Will Admire Buying Suarez Cos He’s Such A Fantastic Player, He Does Not Like To Lose Game, He Like To Score And Never Get Tired, He Can Take On All Defender And Score Goals, Thats What We Need Now, He’s Completely Good, But I Want Asene Wenger To Work On His Attitude First, So That He Can Become A Better Person, Also I Wont Want Him To Play Against Liverpool At Anfield If We Sign Him, Cos We Know What Liverpool Did To Tores And It Affect Him Phycologically Till Today, So Let Give Them The Respect. Even If He Should Play At Emirate Against Them He Should Not Start, And We Will Be Very Happy And Them Too.

  4. personally i think hes worth it first his a tested player in EPL he can perform he never likes loosing,has alot of quality skills and could fit in arsenal squad, i know Arsen can help him out of his part of life prob he has shown his a fighter that is what we do not have lastly as fans our hearts have cried for a long time we badly need happiness and success,pliz everyone u better be behind Suarez

  5. Definitely in order for Arsenal to get back to titles it needs top class players that it does not have now like Suarez and….. not only one.


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