Why Arsenal Should Stop Their Pursuit of Suarez Now

If you follow me on Twitter then you will probably know that I am currently on holiday in Toronto, Canada. I’ve been here since Sunday and having a wonderful time with the wife. We’ve already seen the CN Tower, Casa Loma, The Hockey Hall of Fame, China Town, Kensington Market and had a Peameal Bacon Sandwich at the World’s Best Food Market (according to National Geographic). And later today we’ll be catching a Blue Jays Baseball game at the Rogers Centre. They have a player called Jose Reyes funnily enough. So for the last few days at least, I’ve managed to get away from all of the stressful, and on the whole, monotonous Arsenal “transfer news”, or the lack of it.

So I’ve only recently found out that a) Higuain has moved to Napoli and b) we’ve put in a bid of £40 million (plus £1) for Luis Suarez.

On top of that, another reported “transfer target” we’ve had this summer, Stevan Jovetic, has moved to Manchester City. The only available striker left, it seems, is the infamous Luis Suarez.

But Arsenal should pull out now. If Liverpool don’t want to accept the £40 million bid then, excuse my French, fuck them.

£40 million for a player who wants to leave your club, is banned for the first month of the season and has major attitude problems is one hell of an offer.

If they don’t want it then Arsenal should drop their interest and personally, I would rather start the season without him and without having spent a penny.

First of all, he has his well-publicised problems. Banned for racism, banned for biting and he’s a cheating diver. People ask me if I’d rather start next season with no signings. My answer is a categorical yes. Yes, yes and once again yes. Can I be any clearer?

I’ve supported Arsenal for my whole life. I love Arsenal. When I watch Arsenal there’s nothing like it. And I feel pride when I see players wearing the red and white of Arsenal. And I’m proud that Arsenal is a football club with morals and class. Luis Suarez has none of those things.

Let’s say he did join Arsenal. Would my opinion of him change? No. He still a cheat and a person will poor morals. He’s a player who is the definition of mercenary. He doesn’t care about Liverpool, despite the fact he was supported by the club 110% during all of his troubles. Loyalty? He doesn’t know the meaning of the world.

I am not one of those football fans who will blindly support their player if they do something wrong. I loved Bobby, but I’ll admit he dived at times. Tony Adams had problems but he realised his mistakes and did something good and has helped others in similar situations. Suarez however, has completely overstepped the mark on several occasions and has shown no remorse whatsoever. We all know those Liverpool fans who make the lamest excuses for his indiscretions, freeze frame the incidents and come up with conspiracy theories – I will never be one of those supporters.

I will always call it how I see it. I love Arsenal and while my support will always be there, I am not blind to the rights and wrongs. If I see a player who doesn’t put in the effort I’ll call them on it. If they are holding the club to ransom I’ll also say so. We all know about Adebayor, Nasri and Van Persie. So if a player is a cheat and guilty of racism and biting then that’s a fact I can’t ignore.

The most important thing is the club. It’s a cliche but no one person is bigger than the football club and Suarez is no different. You never know, he might sign for us, learn the error of his ways and score 40 goals for us and help us lift the Premier League title. And he might be extremely loyal and stay with us for 10 years. Then again, he might play for us for one year, then try and manufacture a move away next summer.

So take my advice Arsene, stop your pursuit of Suarez now and go after someone else.


48 thoughts on “Why Arsenal Should Stop Their Pursuit of Suarez Now

  1. you are an idiot, why is £40m a hell of an offer for liverpool? they don’t want to sell suarez. the aim of the game is to give them enough money to compensate their loss

  2. Fuck you too you cockney prick. And get your facts straight Luis Suarez was not banned for racism, got that tosser, read the report, he was found guilty of abuse.

    Whinger is trying to get him on the cheap and Liverpool don’t want to sell. End of.

    • Real Red needs to get another brain-cell, the moronic one he has is about to explode from loneliness.

      But it must be hard for Liverpool fans – all those Glory years in the 70’s & 80’s when they were a big club. And now? Not even a Europa Cup side.

      What are Arsenal smoking? Check out the £55m spent on Downing & Carroll. They must be on Crack for breakfast there!

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. If we want to get back to where we once were, we got to get the mind set right. Cant defend the indefensible no matter how much we love the club. Being bias and tit for tat gibberish from Liverpool fans is not good – it’s a show. It’s so easy to admit your follies as a football fan following your beloved club – it shows character. Kenny was an embarrassment when he kicked off at Wenger on the touch line – say it, it’s easy. Could you see him reacting like that if was a-less-mild-mannered-man than Wenger like Steve Bruce? Suarez’s antics ruined the image of the club (albeit briefly) and any Liverpool fan that says they would like to keep him in light of his current antics don’t understand nor appreciate the foundations and philosophies that Shanks laid down for the club in the 60s. Okay we lose out on goals but we’l have to be more patient like we were during the January transfer window and it turned out great with two fantastic buys. Our fanbase is huge all over the world and the most tweeted and sorry to say it lads, bigger in that respect than the Gunners and any other premier league side, but I think the Asians know the club more than we do when you hear fellow fans being bias and talking complete and utter drivel. Lock&Load – YNWA

  3. this man is dreaming Wenger should sign Suarez even if he kill’s people we want him at Arsenal this man should not carry his own personal issues and join to Arsenal football club

  4. You are idiot mate, what a garbage!Suarez is one of the best strikers in PL but he’s not saint, so what? We all know footballers are not a saint except you!.

  5. As a Liverpool fan that probably isn’t too welcome on here I thought I’d have my say, agree with most of you Gooners on the Suarez situation and then sit back wait for the abuse! Suarez as we all know is a player capable of game-turning skill, fantastic technical ability and a single-minded ruthlessness of pure South American origin. Unfortunately all that comes wrapped in a package that is capable of antics that aren’t welcome in any sporting arena, ancient Roman coliseums notwithstanding!

    Suarez could well turn your side into a team that is capable of challenging Man City and Chelsea for the title, please note the absence of Man Utd irrelevant of presence of the sick-bay ranger that is RVP, but I digress. Alternatively Suarez could also leave you relying on the ok but not good enough Giroud and Podolski as he sits in the stands serving another suspension for yet another indiscretion.

    My question to you is this…

    Do you REALLY want to spend £50m on a player that will ‘guarantee’ you nothing?

    Personally, if Arsene Wenger decided that £50m would be worth a punt on Suarez I would grab his hand off……. and laugh all the way to the bank.

    And before you tell me that Arsenal will be laughing loudest come may 2014 perm any one of three…

    Bob Hope, no hope and envelope!!!!!!


  6. Man u ar right let wenger stop his pursuit for the bad man Suarez.let him go for Rooney the player is tired of man united and he is more better t
    han Suarez.

  7. Don’t matter what you say if you’s want him pay £50 to £55 million and if you don’t, you don’t get him ! Simple really, but I know you’s chat s**t every summer your owners fill yous with a load of bull and yous believe it ! Kronkee or whoever you are keep robbing them fans buy putting them season tickets up and filling them gullible gone rs with loads of it that yous are serious about buying big players ! When yous guna smell the coffee?

    • So you are an Arsenall supporter ! Arsenal will buy Suarez he is a fantastic player. Incomparison to most people from Liverpool, he is an angel. Thats why Suarez lives near Manchester.

      • Arsenal will buy Suarez ONLY if arsenal have got £55 to £60 million ! And if not you are wasting your time commenting !
        But I doubt that very much as you’s didn’t even have the £32 million to by higuain , your owners are kidding you’s because they haven’t bought any 1 , why do you keep believing them ?

  8. Excuse my French but go fuck yourselves, the player is under contract whether he wants to leave or not.

    Besides the Arse are not serious, they are a selling club a feeder to the manchester clubs. Never paid above 15 mill for anyone.

  9. I absolutely agree – £40 M is enough for Suarez, if Liverpool are asking for substantially more then let them keep him.

    He comes with a lot of baggage and will likely miss more than his current ban in the coming season due to other indiscretions.

    He is a proven goal scorer but he isn’t the only one but he is quite unique in the way he attracts criticism and bans I can’t think of any other 40M footballer who has bitten an opponent – at least wack him and take a punch in return

  10. We really don’t care about your holiday with your wife. No one does. And as for Suarez, we want him. We need goals next season. He’s our best option. We don’t want to be stuck with misfiring strikers again.

  11. @A Real Red, Piss off you northern Tosser,Arsenal missed out on Europe because of the behaviour of the Liverpool thugs against Juventus. From being an Arsenal supporter since the early 60’s I always remember the first riot we ever had at Highbury were Liverpool supporters. Many Juventus supporters died because of the behaviour of Liverpool supporters. Why should we feel sorry for Liverpool. They represent everything bad in English football. And you are a typical Liverpool tosser full of vile hatred…. go back to the gutter you crawled out of.

      Didn’t you get your nuts this morning ?
      Or are you that angry your Missis is scared of you?
      Either way this is a social media website , not a anger management site?
      Chill out from a gunner.

      • You are no Arsenal supporter, you are just another tosser, I do not need pricks like you, to lecture me on my opinion.

        • WHY ?
          You angry beast!
          Your Missus is hiding in the closet shielding your children , because they are petrified of you !
          Must of been bullied as a child I think!

          • I completely agree with Jordan Gooner, obviousy the tragety, at Heysel Stadium hit a raw nerve with Liverpool fans . because of this English teams were banned from Europe for 5 years. Its amazing how Liverpool fans are always aggressive and drunk before games. you are a bunch of thugs and inspite of the reported death threats on Suarez he will join Arsenal.

  12. and go after whom exactly??? There isn’t any other world class striker available?? If there is, please enlighten me! Just like all the silly gooners who are trying to be all high and mighty, saying how Suarez is a cheat etc …as soon as Suarez starts banging in the goals!! You will be writing blogs saying how he is our greatest ever player and that you don’t care about all his controversies! When we win something you will be saying, we couldn’t have done without the genious of Suarez and his amazing work rate and goals! Thats the way footy fans are tho, so fickle!! …look the Arsenal have tried to win things, in the right way! in a responsible way without cheating or getting dirty! but due to the cheating of clubs such as chelsea/citeh we haven’t won anything!! The last time we won things we had cheats, dirty players and controversial players on and off the pitch! Adams, Vieria, Anelka, Keown!!! and the rest! oh but Suarez is a racist? lol! Anyone who tells me that Adams or keown didnt have ago at black players and say racist comments when they were playing is a liar! It’s only because Evra made a song and dance about it and Ferguson stepped in, in the biggest rival in footy!! I’m not saying racism is acceptable and anyone who is a racist needs to read up on some science! but it does go on and that probably won’t ever stop! im sure ginger or fat players also get abuse! but nobody moans about that do they?? and what about John Terry??? That guy is proper scum!! 10 times worse than Suarez!!! but you ask any chelsea mug who their fav player is…TERRY!! ask all the scousers too and apart from Stevie G (who also dives!) they will say Suarez!! ask Real Madrid they will say Ronaldo!! the king of the divers!!! i bet you wouldnt say no to him would you? lol you’re are right in saying Suarez isnt worth more than £40mil but we need him so lets just pay whatever!! Also any player what gets so wound up by chelsea and ends up biting their players is def welcome at the arsenal for me! innocent ivanovic?? lol yeah right! he is the one who elbowed someone in the face when the ref werent looking! deserves what he got!! im sure he hates chelsea and man utd! so he is welcome! i hope he does cheat and win us games against the dirty clubs like chelsea and citeh and spurs and united!! id love it!

  13. I see your point, but like it or not Suarez is in the top 5 best attackers in the world. Since losing Van Persie you don’t have that edge he would give in attack.

    As a Liverpool fan I am dying to keep him because I know how important he is for our push and I know he would be well and a far be your best player.

    We are supposed to be trying to catch up to you and giving you our best player, to become your best player would be suicide.

  14. Have morales really got a place in football any more? When a Billionaire Russian can just buy any team he wants and plow multi-millions into them to buy titles surely not. Is there a single one of you on here who can, hand on heart, say they have never delivered an abusive chant at a ground? If there are then you must be saints cos I know I have. Football, whether we like it or not, is a business. To be successful we need to spend big money to buy big time players even if they are little scum bags. Would you have said no to Maradona or George Best joining us in their pomp? Both had questionable morales.

  15. I don’t know all this fuss about suarez from you gooners
    Maybe those who want him now are the same who booed and abused him last season at the emirates
    last news are >>EXPRESS – Friday Transfer News: Arsenal told clock ticking for Suarez
    and>>>Luis Suarez is not for sale, insists Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre despite Arsenal interest in striker
    So to have a slight chance to have him , just fork 50/55 M and maybe you will see him in a gooner shirt

  16. Real g.
    I am a liverpool fan but I think your comment is spot on and also very humorous ! Haha just wish there were more fans with your brains on these sites well done!

  17. ok here is my views on this matter as an arsenal fan I think any player with Suarez’s ability would be welcomed at our club!!! do I agree with the price kinda!!! as for saurez’s attitude towards other players well he is hot headed and does not respect the game, Which is a fact!!!! I feel that the 50 million would be better spent making improvements else where after all not one player alone can win you the PL title, We need to get support for our existing strike force maybe some one like lowendowski or Pato who would not break the bank and still leave vast sums available we definitely need some midfielders players like Bernard who arsene can rotate with santi defensive midfielders are a must fellaini and couipe so that arteta is rotered back into his normal position Ashley Williams is definitely needed you only have to look at our recent injury list to work that one out!!! …………………..so the question is this 50-55 million on suarez or a group of players that would make arsenal a team that is able to keep up the pressure even on rotation!!!!!!

  18. My sentiments exactly. I’m a lifelong Liverpool fan and i want the slippery snake to go and much as you want him to stay he’s an embarrassment – fuck his goals. I was the first to attack Kenny (A childhood hero) when he had a go at Wenger on the touch line, no class or respect. My mates, who are all Liverpool fans couldn’t get there head around my anger over the issue – hellooooo. I was the first to slag Suarez out for diving and for all his other misdemeanour’s and our pathetic stance on the whole torrid affair – what a show.

    One of my mates is an Arsenal fan and he despised Suarez with a passion and rightly so – he’l be buying the T-shirt next; bias or what – wrong, wrong, wrong. And what about all this shit that Suarez doesn’t owe Liverpool anything least of all his loyalty – how vile in light of his crimes.

    According to most football fans and journo’s, loyalty isn’t an important issue in football any more and Suarez is only looking out for his own interests. Are these the kind of principles that we should be instilling in children who grow up to be football stars of the future influencing the next generation and so on and so forth. I know who’s death bed I’d rather be laying in when the light goes out for Steven Gerrard and the gutter-snipe Suarez

    • I think any player with a total disregard for the rules of the game should be struck off I mean Tyson lost his ability to fight in the ring for biting some one and that’s a violent sport football is no where near that violence level and still the same kinda of incident happens and all the sports man gets is a ban and a slap on the wrist!!!

  19. Why should drop the pursuit of Suarea? Haven’t arsenal being selling players to other primier leaguea clubs? You’ve base your point on is behaviour. But remember, maturity has to do with age and upbring. This guy at 26 is still a small boy. He grew up in terible environment where you have to fight in order to survife, not like you who happen to have things at your back and call. Give him a chance he will grow with time. Remembe ELHAJI DEUOFF the spitting cobra at bolton some years back, he was worst than SUARES.

    • mate I grew up with nothing and in a really nasty part of the uk mates getting killed etc and yet I don’t go around biting people I work hard for this life I have!!! suarez earns millions and millions you cannot blame his child hood for his behaviour that’s an excuse!!!!!

  20. Honestly 40m for him? dats a far way good offer for sm1 lyk him..wenger i knw u can do better tinz wiv 40m… they ar better strikers in the world not a big name big problem dude… cum to fink of it ow much did we sale nasri,rvp who owed us more then loyalti

  21. As a pool fan, I hear what you’re saying and I agree. Lot of money here for a great player with some risk in so far as he might want to leave next year for Madrid and start sulking and/or do something completely stupid and get a 20 game ban.

    Enjoy Toronto, great city, go to Wonderland if you’ve time and like rollercoasters. And don’t pay full price for Blue Jays tickets, touts have them cheaper outside the stadium, front st or else the southside hotdog cart area.

  22. Why is everybody suddenly seeing Suarez as the messiah? Good as he may be, @ £50m I think he’s being way over valued, especially when he’s carrying so much ‘baggage’. Those who think he is the one to win us the much expected trophy must realize that he will miss nothing less than 10 EPL games next season. 10 games? Yes, the first 6 games plus @ least 4 more due to cards (yellows/red), injury, as well as other indiscretions. This simply means Arsenal will be fighting for @ least 30 points without him, & you tell me he’s the one to win us the trophy?
    I beg to disagree. LFC should take the £40m or we forget about him. IMO our best bet was Higuain & since we’ve lost him, too bad.

  23. At the end of the day wenger will still use his old soldier,so let stop fooling our self.sarez a good player but what can he do when u have a bad defense and a woeful midfield.so the logic is these get a good player in all the department.remember the doutmond team with attitude of a super star without a super star

  24. 40 mill is not enough money to land the best epl striker.. I m a childhood Liverpool fan but u have to accept it that u have to offer +50 mill for a player who gives everything for whichever club he plays or whichever match he plays.. + he has 3 yrs left on his contract… I respect arsenal and their fans but please don’t say we’r asking more..

  25. last week you were moaning about lack of signings,now arsenal bid 40m for the Real player of the year and guess what,your moaning again,suarez has his problems but he also scored 30 goals last year playing with downing and henderson,he is capable of more goals than that with cazorla,wilshere,walcott,podolski around him.
    i wonder if suarez joins scores 40 goals and arsenal win the league,would your stance change?.


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