David Bren… Brendan Rogers Really Has No Idea Does He?

As the Luis Suarez saga drags on, Liverpool can’t help but come out and make themselves look more and more stupid as the days go on. And yesterday, Brendan Rogers really did show that he really has no idea when it comes to “having class” as he calls it.

Not content with looking like an A Class idiot on the Channel 5 “documentary” Being Liverpool, he has now come out and amazingly said Arsenal are lacking class.

His exact words on the matter were:

“I’ve got to say I’ve always associated Arsenal as a club with class and so there was a wee bit of a game there. For us, it’s about moving on and doing our own work. There will come a point where they understand our position.

Let’s go through his statement shall we?

I assume that Brendan Rogers thinks we “lack class” because of our £40 million bid and how obviously that’s not enough. Well surely if you don’t like the offer then they could just reject the bid?

Then, he talked about the world record bid (of roughly £86 million) for Gareth Bale, and how basically the £40 million (plus £1) Arsenal have offered is something of a derisory offer:

“Gareth Bale is a wonderful player and if they are prepared to pay that money, that’s where he is, but there is no way he is 100% better than Luis Suárez. But it’s not something we want to entertain this year.”

Seriously Brendan? You’re going to talk about values of players? This is a football club that paid £35 million for Andy Carroll! They also paid £15 million for Joe Allen, £16 million for Jordan Henderson, £20 million for Stuart Downing, £7 million for Charlie Adam, £20 million for Alberto Aquilani and over £19 million for Robbie Keane.

So take my advice Brendan, stick to your day job and talk less about Liverpool’s ability to accurately value players.

Liverpool should know more than any other club (I mean seriously, just look at the names and prices I’ve just mentioned) that footballers a simply worth what another football club is willing to pay. Just because you were stupid enough to buy Andy Carroll at £35 million doesn’t mean he’s worth that much does he?

The fact is, Luis Suarez is a player that wants to leave so therefore his value is going to be less than it would be if he wanted to stay. We’ve had it with Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie, and now it’s happening with Luis Suarez. He might be worth £50 million but Arsenal would be stupid to offer that now, especially with Liverpool being the ones coming out and making a fool out of themselves. Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have conducted themselves in the correct way, keeping all of the details private and giving very basic answers when asked by the press.

It is Liverpool and Brendan Rogers that can’t help themselves talk about the whole situation (and that includes their American owner on Twitter as well) and the ones who are “lacking class”. I would also go as far to say that they are a disgrace making everything so public. Why do they feel the need to come out and shout to anyone who will listen? Surely, if they don’t want to sell they should just turn down our offer, say they’re not selling and then that’s the end of it.

They are the ones who can’t shut up and making this whole issue into the saga that it is.

Anyway, as the Liverpool manager is full of wonderful insights, there’s actually a quiz where you can guess and see who said a particular quote, David Brent or Brendan Rogers.


126 thoughts on “David Bren… Brendan Rogers Really Has No Idea Does He?

  1. Another Arsenal fan throwing his toys out the pram because Liverpool won’t sell the best striker in the premier league to them on the cheap. Wake up.

    • Bro,arsnl r makin’ idiots out of themselves.Grt players cam expensively n suarez z 1,the reality z ur not competent.(reyez was bought exp’ly but did notin’ fools).

    • He’s only looking after liverpools interests. Mmmmm now how strange . Wake up liverpool aren’t going to just roll over and take the first bid . We want to make sure liverpools interest come first then the players . Just try living on earth in the real world not an idealistic planet called’arsene nil liverpool won ‘ now that’s got a nice ring to it ;(

    • BR is playing a very simple game. Its called “the longer this goes on, the more suarez will cost.”

      Everything else is just a distraction.

  2. You’re on point bro, if i were wenger i would bid that 40m for rooney then tell liverpool. “F**k you, eat Suarez”

  3. The man is clueless. He starts compairing Bale price to Suarez. Suarez hates his manager and has no interest of playing for the club now. That takes the price down considerably. But if we’re only gonna look at ??? numbers you could ask Rodgers. Is Suarez 100% better than Van Persie who left for ?24M?

    • It’s not bout comparing, clueless ass fan, hello!!! we’re not selling don’t you get it, if you want something badly then its up to your willingness to pay for the demand and that means we’re telling you to FUCK OFF,why ass fan have their brain upside down,sour grape.

      • Hey, I don’t want that twat at Arsenal.
        But what manager in their right mind hold onto a player who doesn’t want to be there at all. Do you think he will perform good this season if he’s force to stay?
        He will play crap and Liverpool can then just dream about getting £40M for him next summer.
        But, let them keep him for all I care. I surely don’t want a player with his attitude at Arsenal. We have enough with Bendtner.

          • Its very hard to performe on your top level if you have no motivation to play for your club. Thats a simple fact, he’ll make the WC squad regardless.

        • oh plsss dont take this that far..dont compare arsenal fans to their kops cos though am a barca fan, i really love the anfield atmosphere and most visiting players love it as well

          • You’ll never walk alone, the rest of the home fans are right behind you out the anfield gates at halftime ,saying : ” NEXT YEAR!!! We’ll win the league next year ” ^.^

        • Wow what a grown up attitude you have…Can’t get what you want so it’s time for the insults to start,,very classy…
          Bet you wish the emirates had an atmosphere!!!
          Arsenal’s sole ambition is finishing 4th every year, not much of a winning mentality is it, I mean how many years qualifying for champs league football, an how many times you won it?? In fact how many times you reach the final in all those attempts. It’s one thing playing in the competition and totally another having the ambition to actually win it..

          • At least we are able to quallify for champs lge. You keep saying Arsenal hasn’t won anything for 8 years. Well Liverpool hasn’t won anything of value for 7 years (fa cup 2006), and you can’t quallify for champs lge.
            Liverpool fans have a very bloated image of the quallity of their squad. You’re not really that good.

    • Your first point was “they could just reject the bid”,,,,,,,,, THEY DID.
      Then you go on about “Carroll,(Dalglish)” “Aqualani(Benitez)” etc etc,
      You wanna span how many years exactly, ? through how many managers and different owners, ?. You ought to really sit down and read you article again, it is so biased I detect you are still learning.

    • Van Perse strings was sold a year ago. Market values change year on year, usually going up. How many years left did RVP have on his contract? Pretty sure it wasn’t three, so I’m pretty sure it’s not the most fair comparison.

      The media and agents are the ones who publish details of these bids, not the clubs. Why would Liverpool want to release information about receiving a bid for Suarez? Surely doing so would only be good for arsenal by giving the arsenal fans a much needed boost that they’re “in” for top quality players again.

      • The media always write stuff, most of it is made up. But Rodgers and Liverpool confirmed the bid. And after they confirmed it Arsene Wenger admitted they had put in a formal offer.
        I can’t see Arsenal have done anything wrong here. Not even the famoous pound. Why would you bid over the release clause? At the time of the bid Suarez,his agent and Arsenal thought it was a release clause. But turns out Liverpool scammed him during contract negotiations.
        They had also according to his agent promised him they would listen to any offer over £35M as long as it was a champs lge club and not being Man Utd.

        • Wow your presumptuous aren’t you..Did LFC scam him really??? or was his contract team and representatives totally incompetent in allowing it and not understanding what they were agreeing to??
          Gentleman’s agreements are based on hearsay and unless written into the contract is unfounded, speculative and worthless..

          • Rodgers scammed Swansea too with a verbal agreement not to make a move for any Swansea players the first 12 months after they let him go to Liverpool. Then he made a mock bid to unsettle Allen just after. When Allen demanded a move to Liverpool they accepted an improved offer.

            Rodgers can’t be trusted, and in the long run he will hurt Liverpool as more and more players will get pissed by his BS…

    • The difference is that van Persie was in the last year of his contract, Suarez signed a new contract last year….so pay up or shut up…!!!!!

    • “”But if we’re only gonna look at ??? numbers you could ask Rodgers. Is Suarez 100% better than Van Persie who left for ?24M? “”

      these londoners have no barin what so ever ,

      rvp was not signing another contract with arsenal , within few months he would have went for free.anyway . and so the greedy arsenal cashed in . two things.
      1. you dont get 24miln for a striker with only 11 month left on the contract.
      2. you dont sell your fans favorite player to your league rival. i still remember the protest gooners showed abt it, they were nearly asking for a sack.

      and when the same situation has turned around , u want another team to just let the player join you guys.?

      and you know what rvp? yahh great goals but just go and check his injury history how many seasons hes been on sidelines , just the last two season have been exception , on the other hand suarez can match him on goals any day, suarez is younger, suarez is much less injury prone , what else to prove the he’s better?

  4. You’re on point bro, if i were wenger i would bid that 40m for rooney, buy rooney then tell liverpool. “F**k you, eat Suarez”

  5. Hi, Liverpool fan here. Allen is the sole player BR shelled out on, among your list. The others were Dalglish buys (Comolli negotiated the deals). I believe it’s a steep price but we’ve done well elsewhere with Coutinho, Sturridge et al. Lesson learnt, and we’re coming down from our days of excess, thankfully.

    40 mil plus 1 pound is a derisory offer, however, Liverpool chose to make the amount public. Both sides seem to have behaved equally poorly, but none as badly as Suarez.

    Arsenal may yet be drawn into a bidding war if Spurs get involved, flush with Bales of cash. You Gooners wouldn’t want to lose out to that mob, would you?

    • How has Arsenal behaved poorly? Liverpool made the offers public, not Arsenal. All Arsenal have done is make a bid on a player they are interested in signing, whats wrong with that?
      And it was a good offer too, a very good offer considering the player refuse to play for Liverpool.
      Suarez should teach them a lesson and say: “Fine, I’ll run out my contract and leave on a free 3 years from now. Don’t expect me to play well and don’t be surprised if I score a few own goals”.

      And Mr Suarez, do it in public, thats apparently where Liverpool want their transferbusiness conducted.

      • It’s stupidity to pay 35 mil for a donkey but the point is we’re still willing to pay what other club demand and we don’t cry about it like a sour grape,not like ass fans do anyway.

      • Liverpool did not make it public, it was first said on the Spanish media, which incidentally is where Suarez agent lives.
        Yes, Suarez should play the next 3 years playing with the under 10s, you really think he would want that.???

        • Liverpool will let him go if they understand he won’t be playing for them.Do you think Liverpool want to pay his high wage for him to play for the reserves?

          But all in all I think Liverpool realise Suarez has already left, they are just buying time and hope someone else will join a bidding war.
          I don’t belive they will keep him there against his will. That would be a stupid move.

      • How old are you, 10? If we manage to keep Suarez (which I hope we do), the lad will put his all into every game. For one, hes that type of player, and also its in his best interests. Plus Arsenal would be a step down anyway, who wants to play for a team who ok, consistently scrapes champions league football, but never win anything? You Arsenal fans need to wake up, if Wenger wants Suarez, he’ll have to pay a lot more than £40,000,001. Why would we sell to a team we consider a rival for a top four place? Just because Arsenal allow other teams to come and take their top players doesn’t mean Liverpool are going to allow the same. And as for BR lacking class, why have Arsenal bid that amount? They must have had some info on the clause in Suarez’s contract, which by the way, is supposed to be private. Plus they have constantly flirted with Suarez all summer, players like Giroud saying he’d love Suarez at Arsenal (probably told to make these sort of statements by AW); no he wouldn’t because then he wouldn’t get a game! So I think its Wenger who lacks class mate. Im glad BR made the amount public, shows the neutrals how stingy Wenger is, trying to get a world class player for the bare minimum. Wenger should invest some of that money in a decent scouting system and try and find his own gems instead of trying to get a quick-fix. You Arsenal fans are jokers, just forget about other teams and their managers/players and concentrate on your own team. God knows you need to.

        • Arsenal a step down from Liverpool?
          This isn’t the 80’s you know. You arn’t even the best team in Liverpool anymore.

        • mr. Terence.
          football is a game of choice and not war.
          you mention that suarez cannot be sold to arsenal coz, they are 4th place rival. where did Tores go is he in the lower level team or a rival
          please let liverfools stop puting people in a cage a jail any player has a right to move and play where they want its his talent and achoice as to where they want to be.
          Arsenal allowed CESC to move to barcelona. Nasri to man C. RVP to Man U coz they wanted to go to a team of their choice and it was reasonable.
          LIVERFOOLS where you like it or not SUAREZ is leaving.

      • “Suarez should teach them a lesson and say: “Fine, I’ll run out my contract and leave on a free 3 years from now. Don’t expect me to play well and don’t be surprised if I score a few own goals”.”

        you need to lay off the weed mate, have Arsenal given you some of what they are smoking? As if he’s going to run down his contract for three years you dopey muppet! Jeez, the intelligence level of you gooners leave a lot to be desired.

        Liverpool do not want to sell – UNDERSTAND???? If arsenal are insistent then they will have to pay up a minimum £55m. You no like? Then do one

        • I will never lay off the weed 😉
          Hey it worked for Gallas, so why not Suarez, he’s just the kind of brat Gallas is.
          Chelsea refused to sell Gallas to Arsenal, he threatned by scoring an own goal every match they used him.
          Then suddenly £5M was plenty for Chelsea to let him go 🙂

          If its true that Liverpool has broken verbal promises to Suarez, why should he play nice?

          But that said, Suarez is a selfish little twat. Liverpool has stood by him and even defended all his mischief, and this is how he repays the trust.

      • are u gooners all nuts? do you even have a brain of a 4th standard kid?

        ******the player has refused to play? *****

        who told u that ?
        suarez has featured regularly in all the friendlies after he joined the squad. he was playing for urugway in the fifa cup so was given few weeks off. after he joind he has played every match .

        every gooner seems to have believed that,

        1. suarez has refused to play again
        2. suarez hates liverpool
        3. suarez hates rodgers

        are u kidding?

        its been 2 bids and had he wanted to join you he would certainly have. hes just using u guys to make his move to madrid or any other big club..

        • god its already a tight n twisty situation, spurs guys pls dont get your nose in here.

          two things,

          1. just coz you have sold your future for some 100mil dont try to think every club is is greedy as u.
          2. and even more importantly , not even dream to think that greedy levy would spend even half of that 100mil on the club.

          you r done guys..

  6. Typical Arsenal and their fans, no class at all, the language alone says it all! Go get more free agents, and we still got RVP 🙂

  7. If, you are talking about values, for every Carroll (sold him for £15m, sold Torres for £50m and bought Suarez for £22m – net spend in that window on forwards, £57m. We have recouped £65m and still have Torres), there is a Santos. Bought for £6.8m, so bad against us at the Emirates that Wenger panic bought Montan or whatever he’s called.

  8. first of all rogers had nothing to do with previous bought players and what liverpool payed for them except allen , if you bothered to listen to what he was saying he was referring to what real madrid are willing to pay for bale so if he is worth that much then so is suarez , and also van persie is older than suarez and the market hasnt been blown out the water by real madrids audacious offer for bale , rogers is talking in the present the here and now not too hard to get your head out around that is it ? ,if i was arsenal id be worried about a club that hasnt won anything in 7 years and has teh funds to improve its squad more so than liverpool has , but your manager is so tight fisted its unbelivable

    • Ok then so that means a couple of seasons ago Suarez was worth £100 billion billion based on the fact you mugs paid £35 million for Andy Carroll. Afterall he is only worth what others In the market are worth.

  9. Anyone remember when Arsene Wenger was bemoaning Barcelonas lack of class as they rolled out Xavi, Iniesta etc to butter up Cesc Fabregas?
    Well, seems the boot is on the other foot as Wilshire, Podolski, Giroud and Wenger try the same tactics on Luis Suarez.

    And also, £40,000,001.00? Where’d that come from? One would assume Arsenals lawyers had read the clause and advised this bid would work. That would be very naughty indeed as a contract is a private and confidential matter and Arsenals classy manager should know that.

    • Suarez agent told them about the clause, its not like Wenger hacked Rodgers computer or anything.
      And why would anyone in their right mind bid over a clause. When you are out shopping, do you pay more than the pricetag says just to be nice?

      • perhaps you should look at Per’s role in the affair because he has led Arsenal up the garden path and was unaware of his client’s legal status. It doesn’t really give a ringing endorsement to the Guardiola name!

        • Well the agent is working for Suarez, not Liverpool and not Arsenal.
          He’s just trying to give Suarez what he wants. His job.

  10. Suarez “hates his manager” but plays in all preseason games. Bale misses his, “because of a hurt foot”. Watch him sail past the Madrid fitness test.

    • Did you see Suarez in their last friendly. Pool fans sang his name when he came on, he didn’t even look up at them, didn’t thank them, nothing. His body language clearly said: “I’m out of here”.

  11. Remember when Wenger called Xavi a disgrace for talking about Fabregas while he was still at Arsenal? Will he be calling Wilshere a disgrace and fining him for talking about Suarez?

    Arsenal fans seem to be annoyed that Liverpool don’t just roll over and have their tummy tickled like Arsenal do whenever a team comes calling for one of their players. What they forget is that Liverpool aren’t like Arsenal, the bean counters don’t run the club and the balance sheet doesn’t dictate transfer policy.

    Arsenal’s ambitions stop at getting into the Champions League every season to keep the accountants happy, Liverpool are bigger and better than that.

    • Why would Liverpool put a clause in a contract for a champions league club to be the only one Suarez can go to, if they knew they were bigger and better than that. That is because Liverpool knows that getting to be a champions league club is what they are currently aspiring to.

      • Coz if they didn’t include the clause Suarez wouldn’t sign a new contract.
        What do you mean, knew they were bigger and better?
        Never ever won the premier league, can’t get into champs league for years to come. Can’t finish over Everton on the table.
        It’s about time you people realise the 80’s are long gone.

        • Wenger is pulling the wool over Arsenal fans’ eyes by making a bid for a player he knows he will never get. It will get to the end of the transfer window and Arsenal will have made a profit, the accountants will be happy and the fans will will swallow the whole “we bid for Suarez but we just couldn’t get him” excuse for not spending any money.

          Meanwhile the fans will have another trophy less season but at least the bean counters will be happy.

        • It wasn’t in the 80’s we last won the champs league was it or reached the final again the following year, won the European Super Cup (twice), won the UEFA Cup or won the League Cup (3 times), nor the FA Cup (twice), or shared the Charity Shield and won it was it ??? I think you’ll find our haul of silverware in the 2000’s pretty good so far, what’s in your trophy cabinet,,,,,,ahhh yes, forgot, you don’t need one nowadays do you as you get now’t for finishing 4th…..

  12. Bro,arsnl r makin’ idiots out of themselves.Grt players cam expensively n suarez z 1,the reality z ur not competent.(reyez was bought exp’ly but did notin’ fools).

  13. Brendan Rogers lost its way and do not know to speak. Liverpool actually getting lost class and not keeping its promises to the players. Liverpool’s Luis Suarez trying to make awry and apply for a change and he will be accused as a traitor. Liverpool fear the shadow of the greatness of Arsenal

    • could someone please define greatness to me. i think Arsenal can overshadow liverpool when they start winning trophies and that is exactly what manchester united is doing. i respect liverpool a lot though am a barca fan. at least they try to win cups

  14. arsenal arsenal arsenal pitty if you think rvp is better then suarez think you can get him on the cheap lol you seriously cant buy a trophy and yet you want to pay 40 +1 for suarez lol you guys only know how to negotiate 3 million deals i forgot sorry club you are cant help if we can spend and you cant lol and forget about getting suarez go buy some french guy who is going to leave your sorry club again for another club what are you smoking over there no wonder you won the emirates cup lol cant even win your own trophy thank you Diedier arsenal destroyer Drogba

  15. It’s funny, all this he won’t want to play for you nonsense…. they don’t know his character at all. First of all he has three years on his contract and just because he wants away doesn’t mean he is going to be sold.
    Also, the thing with this season is there is a world cup st the end and its in South America, you think Suarez isn’t going to try or even go on strike this season? Really?
    You got shifted with your big names because every club knew you had to sell to fund your stadium and your owners gave the go ahead to sell. Our owner on the other hand….

  16. Arsenal fans are bitter because mr. Wenger keeps on bragging how much money they’ve got to spend and yet they have not signed anyone yet. the summer window will close Suarez will remain at Liverpool or will join Madrid.. Rooney will join Chelsea or remain at United and arsenal will be stuck with Gervinho and Giroud. my 2c is on Suarez not even wanting to switch to Arsenal.. i mean what for? he wants to play for a team that actually competes for silverware not just top four finish and right now thats what Arsenal is all about… sneak into the top four on the last day of the season and celebrate like they’ve won the league.

  17. Arsenal are desperate because no top player will sign for a club who hasn’t won anything in 8 years and has the same boring manager.

    Either pay the £50m plus or shut up.

  18. Areshole For Life. What a knob.

    Apart from Joe Allen – who looked very good prior to his shoulder injury – Brendan Rodgers didn’t buy the players that you mentioned. But what’s that got to do with anything anyway?

    Rodgers is right – Arsenal has acted completely without class in this debacle. Sure you are entitled to bid whatever you want, but £40m plus £1? That’s just taking the piss – or are you really that hard up? Even Barca or Real Madrid would have bid 50 million Euros for him after tapping him up. Couldn’t you even afford to make it £41 million you tight bastards?

    You even managed to contradict yourself in a single shitty paragraph. On the one hand you assert that “a player is simply worth what another club is willing to pay” just prior to stating that Andy Carroll wasn’t worth the £35 million that Liverpool paid for him. What a dull prick you are!

    Wenger is just desperate for one last roll of the dice. Do you mugs really think he’s going to come up with snake eyes? I think you all know that you won’t sign Suarez and nor will you sign anybody else whose any good this transfer window, but at least now we know who’s truly desperate.

    Jog on, Arsehole.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  19. Suarez whats to leave liverpool. Arsenal were told this and made a bid.wenger is trying to be respectful to liverpool, as arsenal and Liverpool have a good relationship.What needs to happen now rests with Suarez.If he is going to stay, he should come out in public and say so and there will be no more bids. But he wants out, why, I don’t know. But don’t blame the arsenal.

    • Arsenal were told this & made a bid,…….of £40M and £1.
      What do you reckon they were told & by who?
      CLASS………………………………………..that’s right.

  20. i am supprised at how some people are taking this thing. RVP20 had only one yaer on his contract so Arsenal had no option than to sell him.Suarez has three yrs on his contract and i think liverpool have every right to demand for whatever price they want for him. was Venger right to dig his nose into the bale thing by saying its a joke??.what right did he have to say that..talking right i think. if that is the case, then i think liverpool also has the right to place a huge price tag on their player. what is the point in making this a secret whiles suarez himself has never kept quiet??? Arsenal has to accept that Suarez is a player for liverpool and they should just pray tottenham does not enter with a better offer. Good luck in the Emirate cup though..forever united

  21. Brandan Rogars n liverpool are total tool, here is a player that clearly does nt want to play for ur sorry excuse of a football club n wantz to experience champions league first hand, which he can’t get even if stays in liverpool till hiz contract expires.

    • listen u been in champs lge 4 16 years n never won it . like u are one of the worst sides in it . u bloody need suarez as ur turning into a poor side , coutinho n d new buys guna knock fuck outa yous this season . . its ok olivia giroud will batter madrid bayern barca utd in the champs lge next season . pfffffffft . no silver polish again for the trophy room for goooners

  22. I may b disappointd in BR bt nt as much as i am in dis writer. He kudnt prov dat suarez is nt worth £50m. Rvp he sightd as example did left dis way yet gooners took abt £24m 4rm man.united whereas they were willing 2 akcpt less Juve.

  23. why would Suarez want to play for Arsenal? they might not even make it in the top four next season. i’m not a Liverpool fan by any means but i think Liverpool have a better chance of finishing top four this season

    • Seriously? Looking at their squad, Liverpool should be happy finishing 8-10th. Specially since they either won’t have Suarez or they will have a unmotivated Suarez.

  24. Arsenal & their fans really are the most deluded brain dead species in the league.
    Nasty Liverpool will not sell us their top striker, the one we bid £1 over the clause we thought we’d learned about.
    Why do we want to sell him to Arsenal?
    0 European cups, no trophy in 8 years (we’ve won 2 since you including Big ears) and a myopic ‘Past it’ Frenchman managing-its a downwards move not even a sideways one. Your ‘Kids’ beloved of the Frenchman never cut it, and you’re fast becoming a bore, you used to be an entertaining team.
    Get over it, we have no intention of selling to you, move on & go and pretend to sign Rooney instead.

    • Can understand Liverpool don’t want to sell him. But why would Suarez wanna stay at a club that has NEVER won the premier league? They can’t get into champs league and isn’t even the best team in Liverpool?

  25. Liverfool fans remember when the oh so admirable Brendan Rodgers had an agreement with Swansea that he wouldn’t make any bid for any players for 12 months. What did he do? He made a low offer at first for joe Allen. Tell me who lacks class. It’s really getting embarrassing his antics it’s so obvious Suarez doesn’t want to be there why does he continually tell the media he’s happy and pushing on towards the start of the season?

  26. Arsenal ere not wise to tie Van P. to a long term contract. This idiot Suarez cannot tarnish the image of the Best club in the world & is allowed to go just like that. Ok, Rogers sell it and buy a strong, fast young defensive midfielder, then a left back and Bernard and Costa. There, you challenge for top 4 if not the title. Should you not heed to my advise, you may get the sack before the season ends.

  27. its not Liverpools fault that Arsenal didnt sign Higuain… and the same thing will happen with Suarez. that 1 pound will haunt you… Stingy ass

  28. “Well surely if you don’t like the offer then they could just reject the bid?” Talk about ‘clueless’! Isn’t that what Liverpool have done? Twice??!! Utter drivel from a classless supporter at a classless club!

  29. Wow this article is interesting…. You think that because Kenny & Comolli did so poor on transfers (and got sacked for it) Rodgers should continue this by selling our best player to our rivals for a knock down price… Maybe that’s what Wenger did with RVP but Liverpool are entitled to value their players at whatever they like….
    By the way Arsenals most expensive buys include Arshavin, Reyes, Jeffers and Wiltord…. Nuf said
    PPS trying to rub Liverpools noses in a non existant buy out clause is not classy

  30. Some really silly Dippers on here this morning.
    Two points really. How much loyalty did Rodgers show his former clubs ?As far as I can see, Arsenal said nothing whatsoever about Suarez until a few days ago when asked by a press that had been relentlessly briefed by Liverpool. Just about everybody linked with Liverpool has been gobbling off about it for weeks. Manager, owner, players, past and present have all had their two bob’s worth. The only person the hasn’t been considered by them is Suarez. I wonder what he wants to do. Surely it has some relevance? Or perhaps not.

  31. Lol no trophies in 10 years only reason ur in the press coz ur linked with the reds. Smallest club in north london

  32. you stupid pr@@K . who allowed you to publish a brain dead article. daft fcuk . none of those buys were rodgers apart from allen n he shifted the others out . arsenal wont get suarez u tool . nor will u buy anyone one of serious note . your a daft pr@@k. who bids 40m plus one pound . ur on crack man

  33. how old are you? Your points are juvenile – Rogers is referring to the 40mil + 1 bid. Arsenal thought it was clever; the rest of Europe is laughing. It was both insulting and way off the mark in terms of value. If Arsenal came in with a serious offer they wouldn’t find themselves in this mess. They should be focussing on qualifying for Champs League as the embarrassment could be overwhelming if they fail in this respect as well!

    • The rest of europe would do the same. If there is a clause you don’t overbid the clause, that would be stupid. Suarez is so pissed at Liverpool now, there is no going back. “Suarez is not for sale is just mindgames”.
      Just like Wenger insisted all summer last year, that RvP would stay, and they would rather let him run out his contract than sell him and so on.
      Suarez is not a Liverpool player september 1st and Rodgers knows it, but I sure hope he isn’t playing for Arsenal either.

  34. Let’s see how badly Suarez wants out. Don’t forget he can buy out the last 3 years of his contract if he wants. That way Liverpool get around 18m and Arsenal just pay a signing on bonus.

    • No he can’t. He can buy out the rest of his contract 3 years after it was signed, and it was signed december last year if I’m not mistaken.

  35. It is all about the clause even if everyone at the liverpool camp tried to deny it, there is indeed a clause that helps to let suarez to any champions league team for a fee more than 35million pound! The only set back for the deal not to be completed is due to the people at liverpool, whom they dont considered arsenal as a champions league team yet! At the end they will sell suarez with the same amount of money as the one arsenal submitted a week ago! But the one who lacks class is the one who speaks about class and they will remain as classless and a mediocre clubs for years to come!

    • There is a clause saying Liverpool have to inform him of any bid over £40M, but just inform him, they don’t have to accept.
      And according to his agent a verbal promise to listen to any offers over £35M from a club in the champions league as long as it isn’t Man Utd.

  36. Do not know about you all but am just curious, what class act is in holding on to a player that does NOT want to be part of you???? Isn’t football all about willingness??? So much for modern day slavery and i guess that explains the level of mediocrity of teams that build on individual players as opposed to team play. No matter where he ends up, a team is always bigger than any player despite the fact that, it obviously hurts to accept being rejected by those whom we love the most like RVP did , but hey….. life goes on and may be you should do the same too. ie Cut your Cort according to your size…..

  37. You must be deaf or stupid lfc said he,s not for sale and certainly not for 40mil. Then arsenal say we won’t pay any more we’ll just do what clubs do to us. But guess what you guys aren’t a top team just another struggling club. What happens if its the 1st of september and you still havnt got him. Lfc should sign costa just so madrid can chase corzola. Suarez won’t win you guys anything remember how mertisacke should have been sent off and conceded a pen at anfield last season that’s what suarez brings his presence insures the ref is against you. Really hope you get your man but I think stupid rogers wants you to blow your whole budget.

    • He might not win us anything, but he can’t even get Liverpool into the champions league.
      Liverpool-fans live on old glory. By your logic, Nottingham Forrest must be a much more attractive club than City. They’ve won the league more. They even went 42 games unbeaten some 30 years ago, City never did that.
      In other words, Notts Forrest has a much better team than Man City. Right? Wrong.
      Liverpool is a shadow of its old self, hell, they can’t even get over Everton on the table.
      So we haven’t won anything in 8 years, its about 25 years since Liverpool won the league.

    • Yeah, you’re right.

      We’ll buy him for £30 million instead once Liverpool shit themselves towards the end of the transfer window and Suarez goes on strike.

  38. until that point the only person talking about the deal was Suarez – Arsenal’s move prompted the bad feeling, until this point there was no animosity between the clubs. Could ultimately be the decisive moment as to whether this deal goes through or not

  39. Dude . so uncool.. yes liverpool might have made mistake in valuation of players but since u have taken it on brendan rodgers, i would like to clarify that of all players you mentioned only Allen was brought in by him , rest were the players before his time. So that s not his fault. And the thing he was referring to was the bid of extra one quid for suarez that is something a shock for whole football world. I know its nothing wrong but it was done with sole intention to trigger some publicized clause and thats what is not appreciated , not from a manager of wenger fame. Can you explain me the 1 extra quid. ????

  40. Hope the rat face stays in Liverpool(or goes somewhere else) anyway. Can’t understand why Arsene would want someone with such a demeanour however good a player he is. The guy is nothing but trouble.

    • Rumors has it Wenger was against the £40M bid, he thought it was too high, but apparently the board forced his hand. A board member was quoted saying: We have lost all credibility in the transfermarket and have to spend this year”.

      Who knows if its true, but sounds like Wenger, thats for sure.

  41. I do laugh at the Liverpool fans saying that just because he wants to leave, it doesn’t mean he’s going to be sold…

    That’s how football works these days! Over paid mercenaries who don’t care about the football club they’re at. Van Persie, Adebayor and Nasri are all players that manufactured a move away from Arsenal. No football club wants to keep a player that doesn’t want to be there as their market value will drop considerably the long they stay there.

    Liverpool will regret not selling Suarez for £40 million because Arsenal can just play the waiting game and get him on the last day of the transfer window. He’s banned for the first 6 games anyway so we’ll nick him at a cut price once Liverpool get desperate towards then end of August and Suarez goes on strike.

  42. Hi I’m an arsenal fan and have been for many years,I grew up in a household with two staunch Liverpool fans (brothers) through liver pools golden era when not only did they rule English football but European and probably world football, I’ve sat in the Kop at anfield after clinching the premier league and watched arsenal being thumped 4 nil whilst Liverpool fans sang “you’re shite and you’re champions(Class).
    The point I’m trying to make is that I and I’m sure most Arsenal fans have a great respect for Liverpool FC and their supporters as I’m sure they respect Arsenals history and current achievements ,so to hear and read the fans of both clubs bitching and slagging each other off over the future of a player of such dubious character and disloyalty makes me sick.
    I think that adding £1 pound to the £40mllion was disrespectful and would have pissed me off too.but I personally wouldn’t give the £1 for him, I not only don’t want him playing for my team I don’t want him playing in our league, so no matter how good a player he is the sooner the disrespectful Spanish clubs come and get him the better, and deep down I the think Liverpool FC and their fans feel the same.

    Rant over

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