My Tribute to The Departing Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh

According to Arsene Wenger, Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh are close to leaving Arsenal Football Club.

Gervinho is reportedly close to moving to AS Roma for £6.9 million and Marouane Chamakh is off to Crystal Palace, although it has not been confirmed whether that will be on loan or a permanent basis.

Unfortunately though, Nicklas Bendtner however is still not close to moving on, despite Arsenal putting him up for sale on eBay.

So I guess this is the part of the blog where I reminisce and say a bit about Gervinho and Chamakh.

What can I say about Gervinho? Well, he was quick and a useful player to have on FIFA 13 not only because of his sprint speed of 87 and 89 acceleration, but because on FIFA you can actually control him so you can force him to run into decent positions and not constantly lose the ball.

There have been some mind-boggling signings in Arsene Wenger’s time (Francis Jeffers, Chu-Young Park, Igor Stepanovs and Pascal Cygan to name but a few) and Gervinho is one of them. The bottom line is he’s quick. But he can’t pass, shoot or cross, struggles to control the ball, seems unable to beat a player and worst of all just doesn’t seem to know where his teammates are. When he’s on the pitch, it was like he was playing his own game.

But despite all that, he is a player that most Arsenal fans I suspect don’t dislike. Unlike someone such as Bendtner, he’s not being a pain in the arse and is moving on in a relatively straight forward manner.

In two seasons at the club which included 63 appearances, he managed to score 11 goals. Hardly prolific even for a winger but hey, he slapped Joey Barton so we wish him all the best.

Then to Marouane Chamakh.

Chakakh is someone that on paper, performed similarly to Gervinho. At Arsenal he played 67 games and scored 14 goals. Like Gervinho, I think he was just too lightweight for the Premier League. He did really well for the first few months of his Arsenal career when Robin van Persie was injured and he lead the line but once the Dutchman returned he struggled to get a look in.

Some people say he lacked motivation like Arshavin and he had just given up, and others said he was content in collecting his big pay packet every week. In the end though, like Gervinho he was just not good enough.

One (relatively) recent highlight was his part in the 7-5 victory against Reading in the Capital One Cup. He scored the goal to put us 5-4 up on the night and then sealed the victory with a long distance lob to make the final score 7-5.

So to both Gervinho and Chamakh, all the best.


8 thoughts on “My Tribute to The Departing Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh

  1. Why do the likes of you think you are experts at what a football player is or not your totally rubbish at it so leave it out what do you do for a living I hope its not this dros your at best below average and a trouble maker the player gone to Rome is top class and will prove it away from the arsenal rabble that takes away players confidence for fun your not just rubbish you pathetic

    • Calm down, don’t get your panties in a bunch.

      Gervinho was shit. We bought him for £11 million and sold him for £6.9 million only 2 years later. We did well to get that much for him because he’s in the same league as Chamakh and Bendtner – worthless.

  2. i which them same. But as for benthner, i wonder what is his problem. He should just accept a pay cut and let us go.

  3. I think Arshavin and Chamakh were bigger flops than Gervinho. Something must be said about the Arsenal system that turns potential stars to flops in a very short period. Gervinho and Arshavin will bounce back, Chamakh? Can’t say…

  4. This post is shit! You couldn’t be saying those words against gervinho who was voted the premier league best dribbler in 2012: he scored some vital goals but sometimes missed when we needed a goal the most. We will miss him.

  5. I don’t enjoy posts like this bashing players who have tried their best!

    Gervinho made many sub appearances so his goals and assists are not bad at all and he may flourish at a club with less pressure as my view is he is very sensitive to criticism.

    Chamack has his limitations but he never complained and seems to try hard and did score some important goals.

    I wish them the best but to Denilson and Bendtner not so much,to Nasri and RVP you can guess


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