Do You Think The Luis Suarez Transfer Will Happen?

Once again we’re in a situation where a signing of a striker is turning into a massive saga. The rumours, suspected deals and negotiations seemed to take forever and in the end we were all majorly disappointed, and Higuain ended up joining Napoli. For whatever reason (Napoli swooping in or Real Madrid hiking up the price), we just seem incapable of sealing deals.

And onto Luis Suarez.

We put in a first bid of £30 million which was immediately turned down. Then we offered the famous £40 million and £1 because we believed that it would trigger a clause in Suarez’s contract. It’s not 100% clear if that’s true and as Liverpool are adamant there is no such clause it seems as if Arsenal have been fed misinformation on the matter.

So we’re in a kind of purgatory, and Arsenal fans are used to this by now.

You can only assume Liverpool want an improved offer, somewhere in the region of £50 million, while Arsenal want him for £40 million or only slightly more. If Arsenal were willing to pay £50 million plus then they would have done it by now.

But then again, it could be some gamesmanship from Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. It is clear to every man and his dog that Luis Suarez wants to leave, and the longer the transfer window goes on, the more desperate Liverpool will become. It would not be beyond the realms of possibility that Arsene will wait until the 11th hour and then put in a final day bid of something like £43 million and hope Liverpool cut their loses. Anything to get a deal right?

So do you think the deal will happen or will this be another missed opportunity?

All along I’ve said the transfer wouldn’t happen, because of this attitude and reputation, the fact it would completely smash our previous transfer record and because I had a feeling that the “bidding” for Suarez was posturing, partly because we all know Liverpool wouldn’t take £30 or £40 million.

But call it blind faith or optimism, but at this moment I am not 100% sure it won’t happen. There’s a part of me that thinks that Arsene could put a rabbit out of the hat and actually make a big signing.

Will it happen? Leave what you think in the comments below!


22 thoughts on “Do You Think The Luis Suarez Transfer Will Happen?

  1. You’ll be playing a very dangerous game,waiting till the last day of transfer window.Not only does it strengthens liverpool’s resolve,because who would they get so late ( And would have to overpay again,which I can’t see them playing ball ) And if use put all your eggs in one basket,and he goes to Madrid ( Where he wants to go ) or stays,after talking to Madrid ( Arsenal are truely screwed )

  2. i don’t think we’ll end up with suarez. if we wanted him that much we’d have got him by now having bitten the bullet and paid the price. utter shambles again in the window and we’re not even faced with the prospect of losing one of our better players. reminds me very much of the summer bruce rioch got sacked.

  3. Doubt it very much. I can see Liverpool digging in hard to keep him. And I’m not sure the man is mad enough about joining us as to force a transfer. Time to look at other alternatives please.

  4. Not a chance in hell. We will not pay more than £5 million for anyone. The ditherer will make a decision about three days after transfer window closes. But we do not need anyone as Jack is now fit o that is like one new signing and Diaby will oon be back so that is two new signings. Add a untried French boy and perhaps a dodgy Rumanian I am sure we have a squad that can keep us in the premier league for another season.

  5. Old dirty bastard has lied again. The so called £70mill transfer kitty, full of cock shit stories. Arsene Wenger, Kronke and Gazidis should have each other sodomised by the babarians!!!

  6. I think we will get him…Liverpool are using all the tactics to bump up his price! LadyArse had a good article about that! Liverpool won’t shut their mouths about Suarez, Arsenal have hardly said anything!! Liverpool are making themselves look like victims/innocent ones, they want to force Suarez to cut all ties and hand in a transfer request! Otherwise Liverpool look bad instead of the player! As a gooner, we have seen it with RVP and Cesc etc. so we should know more than anyone what Liverpool are doing! RVP wrote that awful letter thing which gave him an out and made Arsenal and Wenger look innocent and look like the victims but we still got decent money for him after insisting he loves Arsenal, doesn’t wanna leave, won’t be sold to a rival!! etc etc. …i’m not having ago at Arsenal/Wenger here, as they knew he was off but had to do the best for the club and get as much money as possible for him, they couldn’t have said yeah he is for sale as Man Utd would have got him for like £15mil!! but due to our tatcics we got an extra £10mil on top…so that’s all Liverpool are doing!
    I don’t think Wenger would have come out and said he is a target, as Wenger never reveals his transfer plans if there wasn’t a genuine chance to sign him!
    Remember there is no rush to sign Suarez either!! As he is banned for 6 games so we could get him 5mins before the deadline on Sept 2nd! and we would have no problems integrating him into the team as he wont be free to play for fist couple of months!
    He also has an ‘injury’ now 😉 😉 just like Rooney and Bale! Which is pretty much like saying…he’s off!

    • I dont think Arsenal will get him .Liverpool don’t want to sell to top 4 rival and won’t be bullied into selling unless on their terms. We have been a soft touch for too long and it’s good to see our owners playing hardball for a change.Remembering he only signed a new contract a year ago and stated at the time he wanted to stay here ANFIELD for a long time.His true destination will be Real Madrid I think you are being used as a fall back or to set the price Real will pay

  7. I don’t think as a combined force manager and board we are capable of
    pulling off a deal like this. Gazidis states we can now compete with the super clubs, yet we act like novices. The landscape has changed and we haven’t. Hope I’m wrong.

  8. We will not sign Sourez because there is no intent. It is only a drama Wenger is playing to fool the fans.He will sign some unknown names at the end of the window if he gets them free or cheaply. Quality costs money which Wenger hates to spend for the team whatever may the consequences.

  9. “You need to accentuate the positive and e-lim-minate the negative and latch on to the affirmative and don’t mess with Mr inbetween.”

    Stay positive guys, uses your commenting powers to make AFC a positive place to come.
    Let’s do this Marca style…’Operacion Suarez!’ Stand together against the media, don’t make AFC look weak by constantly questioning the current managements ambition. Then come the start of the season either slam Wenger of applaud him, but don’t join in the media agenda. They are currently doing everything to make Suarez look like a monster…why? not morals trust me……because Liverpool want him out the country.
    Take positive action (with a bit of tongue in cheek) on social media! Help the club you love! Free Luis Suarez ;D COYG!!!

  10. honestly I don’t think it will happen, I don’t trust wenger that much ….I think he’s playing some kind of game with the fans…I’m just waiting to be disappointed , like always

  11. I do not think the current set-up at Arsenal, Gazidis/Wenger/the Board, are capable to sign any TRUE quality, top drawer player. The Club’s excellent reputation of years gone by has been tarnished over the last eight years, by the endless procrastination of Wenger & Co. and the willingness to be satisfied with average, low-cost players who do not have any real top-drawer claims in the countries where they come from.

  12. Wenger is a gambler & hate to spend even when it is imperative. He wants to gamble again,he is contempted with top 4…he feels the team the current squad can clinch the champions places…wenger watch it,spurs will be hot on our heels next season…wenger should know he dosen’t have the luxury of champions league spot all the time…arsenal current squad lacks steel & bite to actually go all the way for any trophy come next season..wenger wake up,time is runnin’ out even for plan B if their is any…..

  13. This deal must happen or we are ruined bigtime, to me liverpool’s “he is not for sale stance” means absolutely nothing to me, we had it with RVP you cant force a player to stay and play for you. I hear some pool fans saying they would let him rot on the bench or with the reserves for the worldcup year so he will loose his place in the uruguay team but i cant see this happening @all, as big a club liverpool is i dont see them doing that to suarez infact i say they are not capable of it but even if they might try to do such a thing they would be the most stupid club i have ever seen, keeping a player you can exchange for £42m (which they can use to sign 3 solid players which would improve their squad by all standards on the) on the bench ust to make him regret trying to move away to greener pastures whereas 97% out of 100 the players gets their move. Its realy pointless and hopeless if liverpool are trying to keep suarez

  14. Suarez will go to Real if they don’t get Bale. That is one block. The other is that we will probably have to wait to see if we qualify for the champions league before the chance to sign any established stars that the other clubs don’t want. As we have seen the FFP rules have made little difference because who is going to do anything about the clubs when the media will not allow it any large club not to compete. If we all overspend then they can’t investigate us all and then kick us out unless there is a 10 bloody year legal process. £70 million is also less than RVPs transfer deal plus wages so that puts it into perspective of how little that amount is.

  15. Let alone Suarez Wenger wont bring a DOG to Arsenal unless he gets on free transfer. he already shifted his attention to UAE and others to look for free and to be praised by Share holders of Arsenal.Forget him , he already forgot the fans!!!!!! By the way is he really mentally ok or manic????

  16. We were never going to get him. Loads of our fans were getting overexcited ignoring the reality of our track record with major signings that other clubs are after. Spurs have outdid us so far signing two players that would have improved us. If spurs hang on to Bale it will be Europa League for us!

  17. “Last season, we told Liverpool there was interest from a top European club but they told me: ‘we have a new coach, we are going to push for the Champions League’.

    “I spoke with Brendan Rodgers several times and he told me: ‘stay another season, and you have my word, if we don’t make it then I will personally make sure that you can leave’.

    “Liverpool is a club with a reputation for doing things the right way, I just want them to abide by the promises made last season.” we will get him

  18. Do u all bliv Wenger is ready 2 do business in dis transfer market? No,i dont think so. Cos if dat is true,den we have some other departmnts in d team dat nids strenghtenin, y not leave surez 4 now n a go 4 cezar of £1.5m, other lesser players in d region of £10-15m, a midfielder,a defender then make suarez a last attractn in d next few days of d closing transfer window… did u read his comment last week dat arsenal can still b a premiership/c.league contender even witout addin any new player to d current squad. Dat’s where i gave up on wenger dat, we r back on our usual suspense wit wenger dis new season,may God take over frm him amen.

  19. One thing is almost certain, Luis Suarez won’t be a Liverpool player next year.

    What we are unsure of is where he will go. I hope The Emirates will be his destination, and now both parties have publicly spoken (which is a rare thing for Arsenal to do), I am willing to accept that this is for real. It may actually happen!

    However, this is a call to Europe’s elite to come and get him. Madrid have said Suarez is their no 2 target. , and should they fail to sign Bale, they would almost certainly pursue him. If Real come in and offer more, then it is game over for us as far as I am concerned. It happens all the time.

    We have to act now. If you are serious Wenger, get the damn deal done!


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