Brendan Rogers “Throws His Toys Out The Pram” At Outcast Suarez

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more messy/messier (delete as appropriate), Brendan Rogers has ordered Luis Suarez to “train away from the rest of the squad” as a result of “his total disrespect for the club”.

In a press conference, Brendan Rogers stated that Liverpool have traditions and expectations and that Luis Suarez has shown a total disrespect for the club following his public interviews yesterday. The result of this is that Rogers has essentially seen his arse and ordered the striker to train alone.

Sounding like a jilted lover, Rogers again harped on about how Liverpool Football Club have “given him everything” and “supported him through all the incidents” and that Suarez’s behaviour was unacceptable. Call me cynical, especially after the departures of players like Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie, but the fact of the matter is most footballers these days are mercenaries. That is the nature of the beast we face in these modern times, so appealing to a footballers “emotional side” and trying to guilt him into feeling bad about manufacturing has zero chance of actually making a difference.

Also, again call me cynical, but would Liverpool have “supported” Luis Suarez so much if he wasn’t their most important player? I doubt they would have stuck their neck out so much for a reserve player.

So that’s where we are. Unfortunately for Luis Suarez and Arsenal, according to PFA Chief Executive Gordon Taylor the £40 million release clause only means Liverpool have to “discuss the possibly of a transfer” and doesn’t mean they are obligated to sell at that price.

So the ball is very much in Arsenal’s court now. Even if Suarez hands in a transfer request and takes the case to the Premier League, the bottom line is Liverpool do not have to sell. So there are only 2 possibilities left to end this whole saga. We either bid higher (around £45-£50 million) and hope Liverpool consider it, or not bid at all and lose out on getting Suarez – leaving him at a football club he doesn’t want to be at.

Over to you now, Arsene.


79 thoughts on “Brendan Rogers “Throws His Toys Out The Pram” At Outcast Suarez

  1. Rodgers throwing his toys out of the pram? You cockneys literally know less than nothing about football. Stick to rowing on the Thames. Absolutely clueless. No understanding of the game at all.

    • Mug off you div, know nothing about the game. We arsenal fans know better than most how this scenario feels having experienced it more than any other club. If Suarez wants to go then your lot should take the money, none of this as much as bale garbage either, that shows a lack of understanding of the game 😉

      • When are you Arsenal fans get it into your tiny minds that we are not going to sell him to you. He’s a little shit on and off the pitch and we would rather bench him than sell him to you lot

        • So be it then. Bench Suarez then. Can your americans afford not to take the money? They are businessmen after all and don’t care two hoots about football like us fans.

  2. This report is one of the worst I have ever read.
    Absolutely cracks me up that you all hated him before and now you’re trying to sign him, it’s poor hard done by Suarez!!! And you have the cheek to complain about help Rodgers conducts himself – this whole thing smacks of hipocracy.

    Just to point out, the ball is NOT very much in Arsenals court. The only court it is in is Liverpools. They have stated categorically that they will NOT sell to Arsenal, so how can it be in Arsenals court???

    Sorry but Suarez has back stabbed Liverpool and he doesn’t even want to join Arsenal – just the only club to bid for him. You’re not even guaranteed a place on the CL yet.

      • When articles involved Liverpool football club they they appear in NewsNow which is an aggregated news feed. Hence who fans from other clubs end up on another clubs ‘supports’ pages.

      • Not an arsenal blog gob D**K ! It’s are fkn player were talking about ! What planet you’s on if you don’t think this involves us ? Oh I forgot you’s all smoke crack down at the emirates don’t yers ! Haha

  3. shut up wot do you know you plastic scouser wen did you last win the leauge oh sorry you aint. saurez wants to be at a bigger club !!!!!!!!!

  4. Unfortunately no one is trying to help Arsenal…we will try to take Suarez if we can…but Liverpool are setting themselves right up if they think that blathering on about dignity and loyalty will not come back to bite them. and btw humility???? WTF? If you want a humble club then stop blaming the world and her mother and look towards your own failings. You wasted money, alot of money, you have let your club be sold to the wrong people. Is Anfield registered as a community asset, I know old trafford is?

    • At least are owners put there money were there mouth is!
      And not shout from the roof tops “HEY ARSENAL FANS WE HAVE GOT £70 MILLION TO SPEND” they have robbed you’s blind with your season tickets for last 7 odd years to pay for there ground and bought hardly any 1 and you fans believe them every time! How naive you’s are sad really ! So by the sounds of it you’s are happy about getting done over by your owners ! Good b*nd hahaha

  5. Well, Dave’s ignorance above about sums up the delusion that is all too pervasive in everything LFC, including it’s fan base it would seem ?

    You will lose Suarez either way, whether it be to Arsenal or another club !

    • We don’t want the rat, I live in liverpool and i dont know 1 fan who wants him to stay ! So stop making out that we will be bothered if he goes! If Real Madrid come in with £40 million they will probably get him but if arsenal come in with £55 they won’t ! You’s can say what you’s want but LFC haven’t budged 1 inch since 7 weeks ago buy saying “Suarez is not for sale” so when AFC haven’t signed any decent players come end of window,goooners will no why , because you’s have chased 2 ( higuain ) ( suarez) lost causes all summer and not got 1 ! I would say get rid of your scouts and wenger coz they haven’t got a clue what there doing! YNWA 5*****

  6. Perhaps if u lot had not tried to rub Liverpools face in it by offering 4 million and one pound then maybe you may have got your man, but in making this insulting offer you have only strenghened Liverpools resolve not to sell to you.

  7. It is quite amusing. Arsenal fans all over the web are chastising Rogers for doing what they only wish AW had done over the past five years. Arsenal succumbs to players wishes at the first sign, mainly because – in the way of all financially viable businesses – they wanted to cash in. Without getting into a debate on Liverpool…this is not the only way one can go about things. Man U stood up to numerous players that tried to force themselves out, Tottenham the same. You can’t say that this ended badly, in the case of Modric and Ronaldo. As for the ball being in Arsenal’s court, Arsenal haven’t even been invited to this particular match. I imagine even a bid of £51 million will be rejected out of hand, as it sends the wrong message.

      • Sure…and if you haven’t clocked that everyone in Liverpool can’t wait for the moment he leaves, then you haven’t been reading. Don’t project your desperation for a top signing onto Liverpool. Again, as this is an Arsenal blog – we should keep it on subject (not to mention Arsenal fans are rather bad at talking about all things Liverpool). My question for Arsenal is, if RVP didn’t help you past 4th place, then how would Suarez do it with essentially the same team? Funny thing about this big name idiots…they don’t seem to change your win percentage overly much. You do know that Liverpool’s win percentage is 20+ percent higher when Suarez wasn’t in the side/suspended. But I guess all those slaloming runs make up for it…

        • Arsenal more likely to attract top players than Liverpool. We’re at a different football level and widening the financial gap with every season that passes.

          • It’s the intelligence gap I’m worried about. I didn’t ask which club you thought was more shiny and attractive, I was noting that with or without RvP your point total was the same (same scenario with or without Suarez), so was asking if you thought all the fuss was worth it. Now try hard to get past the “arsenal is better than liverpool” thought which keeps flashing through your head and try to say something more nuanced.

  8. yes lets talk about loyalties where was rodgers loyalty to swansea, even promised not to buy any of their players for a year then unsettled joe allen by expressing his interest in him forcing swansea to sell the man has no integrity

  9. Dear Liverpool fans that posted above..

    I think the point of the post was to suggest that Liverpool FC themselves haven’t exactly been morally pure in terms of their ‘support’ of Suarez.. and have only given that support due to the selfish reasons of him being an excellent player that beings much to the team. I suspect if it was a squad player that had undertaken the same actions as Suarez they would have kicked him to the kerb a long time ago.

    Taking that into account its a bit rich of Rodgers to come out with all that ‘support’ bluster as if they did him a big favour.

    Liverpool knew what kind of character Suarez was when they gave him all this ‘support’.. they took a gamble supporting him in the hope he would stay… it hasn’t worked out for them.

  10. Arsenal have which ever way this goes, either they sell to and strengthen Arsenal, or they sell to someone else and which will weaken Liverpool.
    They could of course keep hold of a player that doesn’t want to play for for them, which will more than likely spread malcontent through the club again weakening one of Arsenals rivals.

    • Storm in a tea cup it is when window closes Suarez will have to knuckle down to get his January move and also he has got the World Cup in the summer so he will probably score the winner against you arse holes at emirates !

  11. Keepin’ a player that has publicly indicated intrest to leave is not good for livepool…suarez is emotional battered,liverpool should let him go.BR said no player is more important than the club but he is literally beggin’ suarez to stay by playin’ guilt game(loyalty)…but he has not come out to tell emphatically if he has broken any promise as suarez claimed…Arsenal lost key players in recent past & yet manage to make the top 4 position,it depicts what BR said,but can liverpool do it,i doubt,they don’t have the balls…Again relegatin’ suarez to the reserve or playin’ hard ball is not the solution,dialogue is the pancea,either suarez leaves or they end up keepin’ a player that may not give his all again because he want out.It will be worse if they fail once again to qualify for europe….

    • Use slagged Suarez off to death last season,now because RAT BOY & his disgraceful agent throw use a bone,use BEG LFC and there fans to let him go ( KNOBHEAD Mackey ) and a fucking HYPOCRITE 😉

  12. I cannot believe the utter hypocrisy of you Arse fans. But then you lot have always been rather hypocritical haven’t you? Self stated perfectionists of fine football, yet ignore the fact that the majority of your football years you lot have served up utterly bore fest football (remember Bertie Mee and George Graham anyone???). Utterly despise your pathetic support (try actually creating an atmosphere you boring c*nts).

  13. Sod it, lets leave it till the last day and let Suarez do his own dirty work. Probably better for us anyway. Disruption in the team is exactly what Liverpool dont want. The fans have turned against him and he will keep pressing for a move to anywhere apart from Liverpook
    Last day 40m and £2. Even if we dont sign him it has pretty much put Liverpool out the running before the season kicks off.

    • Use had zero chance anyway ( Especially the way spurs have been buying decent players ) lol Use need to win the champions league this season,or your club is fucking screwed bigtime 😉

  14. I do feel for LFC fans, because we were in the same position with rVP, however we had paid him and backed him for 8 years, got 1 year service out of him and then he goes to our greatest enemy. Suarez’s behaviour pales into insignificance against the treachery of this man. Suarez actually helped by signing a new contract and boosting his price unlike RVP, and at least Suarez was paid for two years and gave two years service. RVP owed Arsenal support and 7 years salary, lets not forget that he had his fair share of problems as well, and I doubt if Suarez will slag off LFC the way rVP slagged off Arsenal. Although I didn’t agree with Wengers behaviour at the time, I can see now that it looks better than Rogers behaviour, and lets face it, Wenger must’ve been cut to the bone having supported this guy through 7 years of injury, only for him to pledge allegiance to the greatest rivals.

    • Don’t feel sorry for us fans,where the ones who are stopping RAT BOY & his disgraceful agent from joining arse-anal lol We’ve won the war,now use are screwed because use haven’t bought any players 😉 lol

      • Surely you can’t be that thick. How has Liverpool won the war. Liverpool are the biggest losers out of all this. Whatever happens you will not benefit from the Suarez goals – even if you force him to stay!

        When all is said and done Suarez doesn’t rate Liverpool players or manager and doesn’t believe they have the ability to help him reach the success that his talent deserves. He thinks that he could achieve that succes with arsenal are that’s why he wants to come to us. Of course he would also go to bigger clubs like Real Madrid but since they’re not interested, he see us as a better option that staying at Liverpool – and rightly so.

        I can understand how all concerned with Liverpool feel. We’ve been there more than once. But our manager and owners did of show the lack of class that the Liverpool managers have done.

      • Neither are you, yet you think you are.

        I think if you look at point gaps in the league the last few years we’ve been closer than you lot

        You rivals are west ham

    • Hi Rechotlouie,

      Just to let you know.. It’s probably best not to call someone a moron when you can’t click on the right ‘reply’ button to post a message reply to them.

      I know its difficult when you’ve already had 5 cans of special brew before midday, but maybe you can get your ‘carer’ to press the right button for you?

  15. Cockhead!!….i repeat,sell him & your shaky ambition of champions league places will be up in smoke…liverpool don’t have the balls,arsenal sell their prized assets almost every season & still get the top 4 position…is simply magic..BR is wets his pants because a player wants to go…let me tell u big clubs sell their key players & still survives,man u,arsenal,chelsea,etc have all done that…

  16. Cockhead!!…DEAN JONES…i repeat,sell him & your shaky ambition of champions league places will be up in smoke…liverpool don’t have the balls,arsenal sell their prized assets almost every season & still get the top 4 position…is simply magic..BR is wets his pants because a player wants to go…let me tell u big clubs sell their key players & still survives,man u,arsenal,chelsea,etc have all done that…

    • Knob jockey why do you have to write the comment twice? Is it because you want to be noticed or do you need attention or something? And my mate has got a rat called MACKY .

      • I think it’s the attention one. Either that or judging by the post he’s not sure how to use a computer and just hammers the post key once he’s done his totally off the cuff “I type before I think” comment.

        I’m an Arsenal fan too, getting on with this “we sold off our best players and still finished fourth cause we’re magical” stuff is bullshit. There’s nothing magical about a 4th place finish, other than the fact that you get CL qualification, which we have zero chance of winning with our current squad. That’s a sad but true fact.

  17. As an LFC fan could i ask the moderator to boot some of the more vile trolls (i.e. Dean who is clearly the worst example of an Liverpool fan). Over the last week I’ve been struck by how Liverpool and Arsenal fans have been able to discuss things intelligently and this string is out of control. As a side note, I realise headlines like this get hits but it also installs an aggressive, tribal atmosphere for all participating. It doesn’t even match the tone or text that follows it.

  18. 55M on downing and carroll and you tell us that we don’t know what we were doing??? hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah

    • Bought Torres for £22 mill sold him for £50 mill = + 28 million bought Carroll for £35 mill and sold him for £19 mill so that makes it + 12 great business and WE don’t no what were doing looks good from we’re am sitting , also bought Suarez for £24 and going to sell him to some mugs for £60 million ! Keep it going F.S.G

      • You won’t get more that £40m + £1 from us. Real Madrid only rate him at £25m but in any event, they’re after Bale and wont buy both. So looks like you’re stuck with him. Loose loose for everyone.

        If you change your obnoxious attitude and come groveling, we might stretch to an extra £1. You still make about £18m and get rid of the stone in your shoe. Now that is good business and everyone is happy.

  19. Suarez or no Suarez, Liverpool will not get into top 4 position next season, which team do u think will drop out for them? City, Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal? Definitely not. Tethoham has better chance than u people. Cash in on him and do business

  20. What will Liverpool do with him if they don’t sell him? His statement about the promise of a move if Liverpool didn’t qualify for the Champions League has been contradicted by Brendan Rogers. This means that each is calling the other a liar, hardly the basis for good team relations.
    Fans have to accept the footballers, for all their kissing the badge, are mercenaries and will look to get the best deal possible for themselves not the club.

    • That’s the million (and one) dollar question. If the window slams shut with no resolution then I’d imagine he’d be given the opportunity to redeem himself on the pitch or else rot in the reserves until the next window where he may be sold or loaned out to a club of Liverpool’s choosing, a la Reina.

  21. If there was one thing that Alex Ferguson understood better than anyone else it was that there is only one type of loyalty that counts – loyalty to the club. Man Utd was bigger than any and all players and the player that got big ideas was quickly brought down to size. Personally I’m delighted that Liverpool is showing some of the same mettle. Reina publicly batted his eyelids at Barca and that sealed his fate. His transfer was decided by what best suits the club, not the player.

    Suarez is pouring fuel on a fire at the moment. He may well end up in the reserves for a year but I think he will leave in this window. Liverpool will wait for a bid from abroad but if he does move to Arsenal then expect it to be on the last hour of the transfer window, after he’s handed in a transfer request and after Arsenal have upped its bid significantly. Of course Arsenal may drop its pursuit of Suarez before that happens in which case he’ll have very few options left.

    • You don’t want to sell him last minute. You’ve got to take the emotion out of it. You need to get a replacement in so the sooner you sell the better. It would be utter madness to put him in the reserved and whatever I think of Liverpool, I don’t think madness applies. Get real and get rid. Sell to arsenal for £40m and move on. He ain’t worth £50m coz no one is prepared to pay that.

      • If there’s any pattern emerging from Liverpool’s transfer business this season it’s that a replacement will be brought in BEFORE Suarez goes. Reina, Shelvey and Carroll went after players were brought in first. The club has spent little in net costs and reportedly have bid for Costa so we’ll wait and see.
        I can’t see Suarez going before a striker comes in though, not after last season, and if I’m right then Liverpool’s in an even stronger position. I have a hunch that FSG feel that they’ve been taken for a ride once too often and Suarez won’t have an easy time getting his wish. At the very least they’ll wait to see if Arsenal actually qualify for the Champions League proper. If not then Suarez has no reason to want to go. This saga is frustrating for everyone but its by no means finished yet.

  22. Using the whole “we said we’re absolutely NOT selling him” reason is foolish. That talk is tossed around all the time and doesn’t mean anything, as players who are absolutely not getting sold get sold all the time.

    Bottom line for me is, not selling Suarez doesn’t benefit Liverpool in any way. I understand the whole not wanting to sell him to a rival but in my opinion, cashing in and rebuilding with some choice players is a better option than keeping around a player who’s a big media figure who openly doesn’t want to play. That kind of stuff poisons a clubhouse.

    I’m an Arsenal fan, and I’d love to see a quality finisher like Suarez at the Emirates, but I still understand Rodgers’ frustration as he’s trying to conduct some business for his club and one of his star players isn’t making it too easy on him. However, totally ostracizing the player by making him train alone is a big move, and one that as far as I’m concerned has probably ended Suarez’s career at Liverpool. Hard to come back into a first team and maintain chemistry after a transfer saga as ugly as this one.

    Time for Wenger to shell out what Rodgers and Liverpool value Suarez at (50 mil, not that crazy 100 mil talk. Bale’s not worth 100 either but that’s another story) so this whole saga can be wrapped up.

    • Liverpool will wait as long as possible to see if Real make one of their patented late moves in the window as they don’t want to sell to a rival. If they have to sell to a rival then they want as much moolah as possible. Same as any other club. Like you said every player who’s not for sale is for sale.

      A bid around the 50 mill mark would probably get him but I think Suarez’s inability to keep his mouth shut will complicate the deal rather than hasten it. Liverpool have a young squad as well as American owners who couldn’t believe the power players have in football. At some point the club will have to weigh up what’s worth more, Suarez’s transfer fee or setting an example for potential future want away stars. There’s a right way and a wrong way to engineer a move away from a club, if and when Suarez does go I’d bet few Liverpool youngsters will view it as the right way to go about it.

    • I don’t know. The truth of the matter is that Arsenal have succumbed all too easily to players in these years. It’s not the way everyone goes about it. Tevez was ostracised until he learned to play nice, and was still some kind of asset (though he lost some value as his contract ran down). Many of you ask (not always in the nicest way) how Liverpool could break into the top 4. You forget that, along with Arsenal, Liverpool were playing some of the best and most consistent football since January (when Coutinho and Sturridge came in). Liverpool also have a huge advantage over the rest of the field – no mid-week games this year. I’m sure the less bright will snort at this, but for the brighter group, you know this is a huge advantage. In leagues like Italy and Germany, this is considered a game-changer. If a decent team doesn’t make Europe one year, or gets booted early, it’s a real advantage in the league. My vote is that Man U will be the team to struggle. They’ve been incredibly over-rated for years and Ferguson has been doing some real magic keeping them competitive. If RvP goes down injured or goes of the boil – as 30 something forwards tend to do – they are in a world of trouble.

      • Yeah, I agree about Europe. IMO it’s a big reason that Arsenal made the top four last season – AVB started spouting rubbish about not needing to rotate his squad and their league results suffered. That won’t happen again.
        Arsenal seem to consistently have no hope of making the top four but then pull it out of the bag in the end. If you don’t strengthen this window then you’ll struggle again and that’s a big reason that Liverpool won’t make it easy for you. Chelsea or Man City would have a better chance of signing him I’d imagine as both already seem a shoe-in for top four.
        Man U’s fortune depends on Moyes IMO, they probably have enough momentum to make top four if Moyes does a good job but if he slips up it could get very messy very quickly for them.
        Liverpool have a number of new signings and a promise of more to come. Losing Suarez may not be a bad thing as the team would be less predictable but it depends on how quickly the team can gel.

  23. I think arsenal should avoid Suarez like a plague,he is a selfish,spoilt,big headed,disloyal twat,he can’t control his temper,and is a cheating,diving twat! He is a brilliant player,but with all the trouble he brings,bans etc. he not worth it, 50 million or more don’t make me laugh, why do you think no one else has bidder for him, they don’t want a player thinking he bigger than club and making club a laughing stock,Liverpool you don’t need a prat like him, your players would improve faster without him,a lot of games you played without him last season you won easily! You would have been further up table without him. When we lost Henry & van Percy most of our players each time improved,instead of depending on one player,our clubs should both be concentrating on defence & play makers in midfield! These overrated strikers are destroying football,clubs are going bust because of these big headed fools,£80 something million for Bale, what a joke,Suarez is a better player,God forbid if he was to break his leg badly in first game,what a gamble! Clubs are paying these ridiculous prices to please fans,and then going bust,shame on these fans! Poor,hard done by players whinging about getting £100,000,etc per week,its not fair I what £200,000 because he’s gting £150,000, boo hook! What happened to football in old days when there was no diving,players played as a team and it was not about how many goals a player got,but about team winning! Anyway we all know what is wrong with football now adays, I’m sick of hearing about it,why can’t they just sort it! Oh maybe there giving all money to sort it to these overpaid wannabe Gods! The Clubs must come first! no clubs,no football! Also these billionaire club owners are making it extremely hard for other teams to compete for decent players when they can offer them 3 times what they would get in another club! So much for for new ruling of only buying players with seasons profits, someones back pocket full whither a back hander!!! Anyway enough chatter good luck to all the clubs in every league! Arsenal fan forever! Great football is all that counts whoever wins!

    • Got a lot of stuff right in there. The whole billionaires funding a team thing gets on my nerves too.

      As for Suarez though, while he brings a lot of shit with him, he still would improve Arsenal. I admit he has a terrible rep, but he’s still a clinical finisher and I harbor the (probably naive) belief that a player can be reined in a bit under the right manager. Whether or not Wenger can do it, we’ll see if this god-forsaken story ever reaches an end.


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