Arsene Wenger Needs To Act Decisively Before It’s Too Late

We all know what’s been happening with Luis Suarez, and we are now at the end game. Arsene Wenger has two choices, and which one will be pick?

We started this whole saga by submitting a bid of £30 million to Liverpool which was immediately rejected. After some consideration (and some kind of belief that there was a release clause in the contract) we bid what will probably the most famous amount in British football, a price of £40 million and £1.

What followed was a lot of talk from Liverpool. First they mentioned the “lack of class” we supposedly had and their owner, John W Henry famously asked what Arsenal were smoking over there at the Emirates. And Brendan Rogers talked a lot, mentioning how Luis Suarez was not for sale, and then admitting that he could be if the price is right.

Rightly so, Liverpool publicly came out and said Luis Suarez was going nowhere. Saying anything other than that would immediately reduce his market value. But Luis Suarez had other ideas.

He came out yesterday and basically cut all ties with the club. He talked about giving everything to Liverpool, how Rogers reneged on a verbal agreement and desire to play in the Champions League.

The response from Liverpool and Rogers, was to force Suarez to train alone as he has shown “total disrespect to the club”. And if you’re on Twitter, there have been pictures going around of Luis Suarez crying, but whether they’re real are a joke are yet to be seen.

So this situation has now reached breaking point.

What will Arsene do?

The first option is to finally go and get him. It would be an understatement to say that Liverpool aren’t happy so what will it take for them to sell Luis Suarez? Some Liverpool fans are saying that they can be patient because he’s banned for the first 6 games of the season anyway and others are even saying they’d rather keep him and let him rot in the reserves.

But we know that’s not how it works.

Robin van Persie and Samir Nasri are players who have manufactured moves away and we haven’t been able to stop them. In the end, if a player wants to leave then the best thing to do is try and get the highest price you can. That all makes sense, but will Liverpool follow the same rules? They bought Andy Carroll for £35 million so you never know what the Liverpool hierarchy are thinking.

If Liverpool can play a waiting game then technically, so can Arsenal. Because of his ban, he can’t play for us anyway (although surely he could in the CL qualifiers?) and getting him on the last day of the transfer window wouldn’t make a huge difference. The problem I have is that the longer we leave it, the more likely he will move somewhere else instead.

There’s no doubt Luis Suarez has burnt all bridges at Anfield, and there’s also no doubt that Liverpool would much rather sell Suarez to another club that isn’t a “Top 4 rival”. If Real Madrid lose out on Bale, what’s stopping them chasing Suarez? If another big European club start turning their attentions to Suarez then there would be major doubts about him coming to Arsenal.

Liverpool have spent decent amounts of money this summer strengthening their squad and are targeting the Top 4. With Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea having superior squads then it is Arsenal (and Tottenham) who are the biggest threat to that. You can argue that Liverpool are still a way off the Top 4 but in their minds giving us Suarez would be a step backwards.

If Arsene doesn’t get his finger out and make something happen soon, I can see this whole sorry saga ending in tears.


24 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Needs To Act Decisively Before It’s Too Late

  1. Excuse me, did you ask Arsenal to act quickly? Here is the REALITY: In Manager, Arsene Wenger and CEO, Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal have got, at best, a pair of (hog) balls and at worst a decaying duo of dick-heads! To hell with these two IDIOTS!!

  2. So you are asking Arsenal to act quickly in the player transfer market?! Well, here is the reality son: In Manager, Arsene Wenger and CEO, Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal have got, at best, a pair of (hog) balls and at worst a decaying duo of dick-heads! To hell with these two IDIOTS!!

  3. Arsenal must give Liverpool an improved offer in all fairness 45 to 50 million pounds, Suarez doesnt want to play for Livepool and the relations are broken.

    • Arsenal are not so desperate for a marque signing that we’d spend stupid oil type money on Suarez especially when no one else wants him and Liverpool can’t now keep him. You guys need to contain you anxiety and play the long game.

    • No one in their right mind should hold Arsenal to if Pool doesnt accept the more then plenty offer of 40000001 they can go fuck themselfes.

    • The Liverpool supporters with average intelligence think that Liverpool are in the driving seat but they really are not. Whatever happens from here on in, Liverpool will be far and clearly that why Rogers still wants to hold on to him. however, the only chance of a positive outcome for Liverpool is to bring someon in (or promote from within), who can hit the ground running.

      If Liverpool force Suarez to stay, he’d be such a distractive influence in the dressing room and certainly devisive in the stands. Selling him and doing so quickly is the only realistic option but since no one (especially after this sorry saga) other than Arsenal wants him – then £40m + £1 is the most liverpool are likely to get. Frankly, given the problems assiciated with him, £40m is good money for suarez. This of course assumes Arsenal don’t withdraw the £40m and offer less (unlikely!) or pull out completely (more likely given the now limited transfer window)

      So no – Liverpool are not in the driving seat!

      Whatever emotions Rogers is experiencing, his job is to make appropriate decision in the BEST interest of Liverpool. That means taking the emotion out of it and selling sharpish – even to Arsenal. If this doesn’t happen in the next few days, then Rogers is not acting in Liverpool’s best interests.

      For what it’s worth, from his conduct throughout this affair, I think he has already shown himself to be out of his depth at this level. He has not conducted himself in the public arena in a manner that one would expect of the manager of a top club like Liverpool. Perhaps Suarez is right in wanting to leave!

  4. i wonder why on earth i’m still an Arsenal fan, what kind of manager and Ivan gizidis do we have, always waiting to pick up the crums left by other clubs, cant we go for M’VILL, CAPOUE, KONDOGBIA, GINTER, GUSTAVO, DJEKO,EL-SHARAWY,LEWANDOSKI and the likes ? if a player dosn’t fancy us then why worry over them ? Fellaini is making us a secound fiddle then let him be, life’s a choice, if he prefers Man-U over us, no offense taken its his choíce. i beseech Monsieur Arsène Wenger ” Faire Vite”

  5. Please mr wenger we need trophe this saison please . It was longest time that i was arsenal fan i want this saison to start like patrick viera,nicolas anelka, e petit s periode

  6. Congratulations – The first Arsenal blog to get the real picture. I’m a Liverpool fan. My take on it is we are “never” going to sell him to you, for some of the reasons you’ve listed above. It’s all very well saying spend the transfer fee on two quality replacements – but there isn’t anyone out there we can replace Suarez with, who would hit the ground running in the PL and replace Suarez’s 30 goals. Ask yourselves this question sensible gooners: If you were us (with a game-plan of Champion’s League next year ) – then how can we possibly sell him to a team that may prevent us from achieving that aim?

    This is how I think it’s going to pan out – I may be wrong, but it’s just my opinion:
    It’s World Cup year – We won’t sell him to you – I’d be very surprised if we ever sell him to you – It just doesn’t make any sense for us. We’d be seen as a ‘selling club’ – not just any old selling club, but one that has no problem with selling our finest players to domestic rivals – Fenway can’t afford the fan backlash – hence the tough statements coming out of Anfield –

    Bridges (however rocky) I think will be mended – sufficiently so that Luis doesn’t sit and rot in the reserves all season, he’ll apologise (I think) and be partially accepted back in the fold for one more season – Hopefully reproducing the form he showed last season. Then after the exposure of the World Cup in Rio, hopefully some big Continental club with CL football will come in and take him off our hands. Probably for a fee around what Arsene has already offered.

    For me? In an ideal World, Madrid, Bayern or some ‘big licks’ new money team will make a phone call this week and end both our miseries. I’ll be sorry when he goes…he is a truly wonderful footballer and will have you on the edge of your seat – but that comes at a cost, and maybe both LFC (now) and Arsenal (should they ever get him) might think those stakes are too high…

    • You might be right, but I wonder if its Liverpool who will need to apologize to Suarez…

      Clearly Suarez, and a lot of other people, believed there was a 40 million buyout clause in his contract. It turns out that this clause is essentially meaningless. So why is it in there at all? The most reasonable explanation is that Liverpool tricked Suarez (and his agent) with some cleverly worded language that they thought was a buyout option if LFC didn’t qualify for the Champions league. This would be consistent with Suarez’s recent claims about LFC going back on their word.

      I know he is a controversial character and people are going to tend to take LFCs side, but if they tricked him into signing a contract with some complex legalese and some non-binding verbal assurances, then I think he has every right to be angry at the club.

      • Absolute nonsense -that fat git Taylor from the PFA quoted bits of the contract and summarised the rest -it states the terms in easily understood English -I assume Guardiola ( toad´s agent) speaks English so perhaps they are just stupid or careless!

        • OK, but then why is the clause in the contract in the first place?

          Why put in a bunch of language about a 40 million trigger and Champions League qualification if its all meaningless and nonbinding?

          The only answer that I can think of is that they pulled a fast one on Suarez and his agent.

          It happens in contracts all the time by the way. Not usually in such a high profile way, but its very very common.

          If LFC threw in a few verbal assurances (which are also nonbinding of course), then I can easily envision Suarez being fooled.

          Can anyone else give a better reason why a meaningless and nonbinding clause would be added to his contract?

      • Hello Doc…
        there will be no apologies from the LFC. I think unlike this excellent blog – (which nails it for both sides of the argument really) With respect I think you’re coming at this a bit pre-loaded. After all the trouble Luis has put the LFC through in the last two years – It would be laughable to expect an apology from the club to Luis.

        Listen, non of us are privy to what exactly ‘that clause’ in his contract says – What we do know is that Luis could be in breach of his current contract and will probably be disciplined/fined for his recent press outburst.

        It could also get very messy with Wenger’s obvious knowledge of the £40 million contract trigger. LFC might have a case for ‘tapping up.’Just like we were done over the Christian Zeige transfer by Boro!

        I might be wrong but I think Wenger (like us) is sick and tired of the whole tawdry affair – It’s been going on since May and he will give this a short time frame on this before moving onto his next ‘top target.’ I’m hoping so anyway!

    • He publically called Rogers a liar and Rogers has called him a liar plus a lot more besides. Do you really expect these two guys to work well together. The fans don’t sound like they will forgive him and if he really feels as aggrieved as it sounds he won’t be at his best. I wouldnt bank on the world cup being mich of a factor. Suarez is that good fancy he’ll be in Brazil regardless. Im sure he’d keep himself in condition even if he was demoted to liverpool reserves – which is almost impossible. Understand your optimism and desire though

      • I think you’re right – He’ll definitely be in Brazil, but both men know if he has a “stop/start” season because he’s still at Liverpool with an attitude, he wont be anywhere near sharp for the World Cup.

        What makes me think that are firstly Suarez’s own personality and ‘will-to-win.’ He can’t help himself with a ball at his feet, and keeping him another year won’t drastically affect his transfer price either – I think we will still be guaranteed £35+ mill next season. Rodger’s also won’t cut his own throat. It’s a big season for him this year too. As manager, he has to get CL this season – A bit of ‘name-calling’ won’t get in the way of that for him or Luis. The season’s too important for both of them…

  7. There have been clubs that have stood firm over player power, Man City, Spurs are recent examples. Just because Arsenal could not do it with RVP and Nasri does not mean Liverpool cannot.

    Doc Brody, you are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel now. To suggest that Liverpool tricked him with some legalese is “classless”. Cant expect anything more from “Poundland”. The PFA already state that the £40m clause is to negotiate and does not force Liverpool to sell. get over it. Suarez has said so many times that it was a verbal agreement. Believe him if you wish, but if i were you I would not even give a second thought to what he says. All his statements from when he signed a new salary improved contract last year, to now, is full of contradictions. Or to the layman, full of lies. I know Arsenal are desperate to sign Suarez and I do not blame them but to start stating that Liverpool are tricking players to sign contracts, players whose legal team would sanction the contract, is really…scrapping the barrel of desperation.

    • Ok, but again, why is the clause in the contract in the first place?

      Everyone quotes the PFA chairman, or brings up Suarez’s character (or lack of it), but no one seems to be able to answer the question… why include a meaningless and nonbinding clause in a contract in the first place?

      Initially, I thought it forced Liverpool to notify him and allow him to have discussions with another club, but it turns out that it does not even do that. It truly is completely meaningless.

      So tell me, why is it in there?

  8. If you google the deal at the time Suarez signed, it turns out the media also reported he had a 40 million get out clause. So I am even more convinced Suarez truly thought that was the case and that Liverpool is not being completely straight here (even if legally they have no obligation to act).

  9. Just like I said and predicted above – John Henry has spoken to Gazidis:

    So we won’t be selling to you at any price and according to this interview – Not even if there’s an offer from Madrid too it seems, because there is no one who’s currently available to replace Suarez:

    J.H. says Luis will have to settle for that knuckle down and for L.F.C. again. You gooners can now go back to calling Suarez the ‘devil incarnate’ again – Blaming him for everything from WMD’s in Iraq to the Global financial meltdown and ‘pneumonic plague’!

    Look, he would have split your fan base. He’s taken our fans to the limit with his antics – He’s trouble, big trouble, but he’s our trouble. And with respect – unlike us – You lot are a bit quick to boo your own boys when it’s not going too well
    (Half time – Napoli?) so he’s better off with us…

    The skulking brilliant, ‘pain-in-the-arse’ little rat that he is, We’ll probably forgive him this time – only if he keeps banging in the goals tho, but we won’t forget this summer’s little charade – and he’ll be gone next summer (abroad) for hopefully around the same price (£50 million).

    If John Henry means it – and his tough stance pans out – it’s a victory against ‘player-power.’ and their agents. Everyone should be pleased with that, even Arsenal after RVP, Cesc and Nasri etc.

    It’s a “win-win” for both clubs!
    You get to boo him mercilessly at the Emirates for the panto villain he obviously is – Dodge a silver bullet and save £40 million. We get to keep the little devil for another World Cup season and sell him to the highest bidder next summer!


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