How Will Arsenal Fare Against Fenerbahce?

So the draw for the playoff round of the Champions League has been done and Arsenal will face Turkish side Fenerbahce. Well will travel to Turkey on Wednesday 21st August and then play in the home leg on Tuesday 27th August.

They finished second in The Turkish Super Lig last season and I won’t pretend to know a huge amount about them and maybe some of my more educated readers can say how tough it will be for us against them.

They do have a few familiar names in their side, including Joseph Yobo formerly of Everton, and ex-Liverpool players Raul Meireles and Dirk Kuyt. I’m sure the Liverpool fans would be pleased if one of their former players managed to inflict a painful blow in our quest for Champions League football next season, with the bitterness over the whole Suarez saga.

And they also have Bruno Alves who spent a long time at Porto.

I haven’t seen Fenerbahce in action much over the last few seasons but Turkish sides can make it hard to play against them and they only missed out on qualifying on last years Champions League competition by a single goal when they lost 3-2 (on aggregate) to Spartak Moscow last season.

So how do you think we’ll fare against them? Will they make it difficult for us and could we have got an easier draw?


14 thoughts on “How Will Arsenal Fare Against Fenerbahce?

  1. Arsenal fc should approach the tie with utmost seriousness,turkish sides play compact football very difficult to break down…we should fire in all cylinders like we did against bayern & defend as a unit…good a thing we are playin’ away first,away goal(s) might just help us..moreso,arsenal does better away than home so we will be less under pressure…a tricky tie indeed.

  2. I dought much if Arsenal can make it, there is problem in Arsenal squard due to the lack of Quality players.

  3. Its an easy win for Arsenal? I don’t see what the issues is, like everyone is expecting arsenal to get knocked out so Luis Suarez could have egg on his face its not going to happen. People don’t give Arsenal no respect what so ever

  4. I dont think Wenger has any plan of wining this Completion. Senti & Kosceliny suspended, No vermalin, no new defender, defensive MF or new striker arrived. In addition the games to be conducted after 3 or 4 days of premier league games, I really dont expect any thing good.

  5. Arsenal has no plan and visionless but however once a gunner always a gunner.i have a dream that one day arsenal will be free from greedy wenger,kronnke and gazidis before then i keep my finger cross. i am still proud to be a gunner because life is always about change.gunner for life

  6. Arsenal will have to play really well to win this. Fenerbahce is not a easy team to beat. We still lack a high quality forward, midfielder a 1 defender. As it is it will be tough without Kosceliny. Very good player. Anyways we don’t have the class to get champions league this year too ­čÖü . The maximum we can get is again 4th in premier league and that too only if Gareth goes to Real. You heard this first here: Wenger will leave (most likely) or get the boot. end on this season if arsenal is trophy-less again.

  7. Fenerbache ma foot.. Watch what happens, its great no one sees them as an easy fixture.. Thats when arsenal are most dangerous(when they are ruled out or doubted)

  8. If Arsenal can re-discover the blizkrieg ‘modus operandi’ they unleashed at bayern & our unbeaten run of matches towards the end of last season,we will blaze fenebache to bits….still subject to….’if’

  9. I still see arsenal fc fielding a strong side which can yield postive results. With jenkison sangna mertesakor gibbs at defenz ,tomas rosick ramsey arteta at mid field ,walcot chamberlain/podolski at flanks then sexyclassy giroud leading us to a significant victory watch it happen…Gunners 4 life!!!

  10. Wow. After I read Joseygee’s squad, I am realizing how utterly weak we are. Without Santi and Koscielny we really look average.
    We need 4 signings of top quality like Cesar,Gustavo,Nani,Suarez and Santi and Koscielny to be able to mount any type of a challenge.

  11. I don’t think Arsenal stands much of a chance againstFenerbah├že. Despite Arsenal’s very expensive team, Fenerbah├že has, I don’t know, the spiritI guess. They play really well when it comes to European League matches. Unless we get a very good forward, I don’t think we will beat Fenerbah├že. Cause damn, we lack a good forward.


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