Why Cesc, Rooney, Bale & Suarez All Staying Is Good For Arsenal

Over two weeks ago, I posted an article explaining why Arsenal will “buy” no-one this summer (Yaya Sanogo doesn’t count as he was free) and not spend a penny during this transfer windows.

A couple of days later, I published a post saying how Arsenal have conned the supporters this summer, more of which you can read here. The basics of it were that it was Arsenal who were the ones who gave us the expectations of big signings this summer, and by July you could see that it was essentially just a lot of hot air and PR.

And a month ago, I posted two possible Arsenal starting elevens for next season. One was based on all of the rumours going around and included Rooney, Suarez, Fellaini, etc., while the second one was a more “realistic line up” which minimal signings. Even the more reserved line up looks like a pipe dream now…

The fact is, we’re 8 days away from the new season and not spent any of the alleged “war chest” that is at our disposal.

I could talk about Arsenal’s inability to close a deal in the transfer market, the fact we aren’t ruthless enough, how we are penny-pinching or how Arsene Wenger just doesn’t like spending money. But all of those points have been exhausted by now.

The sooner we realise a big signing isn’t going to come, the better. I’ve had enough of checking the BBC Sport and Arsenal.com websites about 50 times a day to see if we’ve actually made a signing. Are we the only Premier League club yet to spend a penny?

So what’s happening so far?

Recently, Cesc Fabregas declared that he was going to stay in Barcelona, quashing any rumours of a possible move to Manchester United. I always thought this move was going to be unlikely as Arsenal always had first refusal and Arsene has constantly said he believes that Cesc is going to stay in Spain for at least another season. With the amount of money available to spend surely we’d be in the running if he was available anyway.

Wayne Rooney is trying to force his way out of Manchester United for Chelsea, but he has yet to submit a transfer request and Chelsea have not yet offered enough for his services so that one is still up in the air. Gareth Bale to Real Madrid is also far from a done deal and we all know about Luis Suarez. The Rooney deal is the most likely to happen if any of them go through, while Cesc and Suarez look dead in the water. I would be inclined to ask what they were smoking at White Hart Lane but stranger things have happened. I just struggle to see how Gareth Bale is worth £100m – he’s not in the Top 20 players in the world, so how he can completely smash the world transfer record is beyond me.

But what does this all mean for us? Well assuming we don’t sign anyone this summer (which some of us have suspected all along) then Cesc Fabregas, Wayne Rooney, Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez all staying put would be good for Arsenal.

Cesc would obviously massively strengthen Manchester United, especially when central midfield is a weakness in their team. They will probably go for Marouane Fellaini now which will improve their team but not in the same dynamic way Cesc would have done.

And if Wayne Rooney stays at United, we know how a sulking player can affect a squad mentality. After already reportedly being “angry” at David Moyes, the new Manchester United manager can’t afford to lose the dressing room so early in his career at Old Trafford. Selling Rooney and bringing no-one in sends out a mixed message out to the rest of the squad.

With Luis Suarez, the same thing applies. Unlike Rooney, Suarez has publicly declared his unhappiness and really made himself an outcast at the club. Brendan Rogers has called him totally disrespectful and John W Henry has come out and said he’s not for sale at any price, especially to Arsenal. Any hopes we had of making a deal are long gone our “relationship” with Liverpool looks no existent. But keeping a disgruntled player who will be disruptive in the Anfield dressing room and potentially not perform at his maximum only helps us. We might not have signed Suarez but we’ve managed to piss Liverpool’s board and management enough to make them weaker for the upcoming season.

Then we have Gareth Bale. If he moves to Real Madrid then they will be a weaker team but again, this is a player who has signalled his intentions to leave. If Real Madrid don’t stump up £100 million (and they would be stupid to in all honesty) then it will be Tottenham who will have an unsettled player in their ranks. Bale has yet to perform at the highest level in consecutive seasons and I don’t believe that if he stays, that he will be as effective as he was last season. Usually after a fantastic campaign opposing teams tend to work out how to play against you and many managers doubled up against Bale towards the end of last season and managed to nullify his threat more effectively.

There, I may be clutching at straws but I’m trying to stay positive for the upcoming season! Which is 8 days away if you didn’t know… *sigh*.


41 thoughts on “Why Cesc, Rooney, Bale & Suarez All Staying Is Good For Arsenal

  1. So Spurs buying Soldado, Paulinho, Chadli and maybe Capoue AND keeping Bale who was the stand out performer of PL last year is good news for Arsenal….! The grape’s are sour…..

  2. Gareth Bale not in the top 20 players in the world? What are YOU smoking? Ok he’s not worth £100m, but that’s the point. We don’t want to sell him, and if you want him, you have to pay a massive premium because he’s our best player.
    Seriously though, not in the best 20 in the world? He was single handedly worth 26 points to Spurs last season (hard to argue against the one man team theory.) Name me another player that was has ever single handedly gained his team 26 Premier League points. Most of those were self made goals with no assists and in the part of the season where managers were doubling up on him. I mean, yeah you’re a Gooner, but try and be a bit more realistic.

    • yes bale won those points for spurs last season, but his stats are not the stats of a champion!,, i think as most of us are football fans we should recognise that as good as bale is, he still failed to get his team into 4 th spot and cl,,and that said i’m afraid is not a great player!! and thats with arsenal having the worst team in living memory, he is not worth 100 mil or even 85 mil,, but more like 40 to 50 mil, the same can be of suarez, however he was banned for a number games. the difference is that rvp won man u the league, now thats a player who was worth more than arsenal sold him for!

      • How has bale failed to get his team into the top 4, wht sense are u making mate. Tottenham failed to get into the top4, we all know one player isn’t bigger than the team, so y are we talking as if it is.
        We can all sit here and talk about Bale is t worth 100m, but Bale don’t set his price. That’s the value Tottenham set and if u want to prise him that the price u have to pay simple as, Tottenham would rather bale stayed, his a fantastic player, and adds more value to them. We could talk about bale isn’t worth 100m and maybe not to us, but for Tottenham he is and if Madrid wants him, shut there mouth, stop trying to unsettle the player and stump up the cash. This is not worth is not the point at all. And am a United fan. I think Tottenham is a great football club, and I really do hope bale stays cause if he does, with there manager, n new signing there gna b a problem and I think arsenal fans knows this. It’s gna b a great season next year, very competitive, Bale would be a fool to go to Spain where his price tag would always be questioned n scrutinised.
        Give Tottenham another year, after that come to United and become a legend LMAO, wishful thinking but I think he should defo stay at Spurs. Just my opinion, could and probably am wrong

      • Any chance you could list the 20 players ahead of Bale? I will get you started:
        Robin Van Persie

        That is where I run out. Could you please complete the list?

        • Cavani , Xavi , iniesta , ibrahimovic , falcao , dani alves , robben , ribery , lahm , benzema , neymar , thiago Silva , buffon , chiellini , ozil , Sergio Ramos , Di Maria? Just a random 17 who have accomplished more . Sick of hearing this rubbish , BALE IS NOT SPURS , the only reason he shines so much is because of the lack of strike force. We will be fine without him aslong as the team doesn’t sulk too much when he leaves .

        • Messi, Ronaldo, Falcao, Cavani, Suarez, Ibrahimovic, Xavi, Iniesta, Muller, Robben, Ribery, Neymar, Pirlo, Drogba, Robin van Persie, Yaya Toure, Mesut Ozil, Sergio Ramos, Dani Alves, Gotze, Lewendownski… that’s 21 already and that’s just off the top of my head.

          • loads of them arnt better than bale you just named good players bale is third best in the world only behind ronaldo and messi

    • This article is absolutely garbish, is so biased its crazy. Bale got better towards the end o the season n scored majority of his goals after Xmas, so what are u talking about doubling up n him being nullified. Arsenal being arsenal, every transfer window it’s promises about big spending then excuses. Wenger must knows cause I can n will tell the Suarez is and has been a none starter, Liverpool would be mad to sell him to another Prem club, and u guys are putting all the efforts on a player that’s not realistic, but if u did buy him it would be the signing of the century because his that gd, n cause his that gd n Liverpool knows it, they’re not gna sell to arsenal, if u don’t believe me mark my words, watch. Ask urself I u r an owner of a club n u had the best player in the prem would u sell to ur direct owner n weaken ur club while strengthening ur rivals, unless ur Arsenal lmao. Hienze was crying for a move to Liverpool couple yrs ago, sold him to Madrid, Rooney isn’t gna go to Chelsea, it’s either abroad or his staying, once his contract is up n he wants to go, then he can fuck off to where he wants to go, but united know selling to a rival isn’t worth it and if they do it speaks volumes about there ambitions

  3. Tough to call.

    I think Rooney and Bale will knuckle down once the season starts and they don’t get their moves. But Suarez will be the one who causes the most trouble!

    On Bale, we should remember that he was moved from the left wing at Christmas because people were doubling up on him. For the 2nd part of the season he had a much more free role and to be honest, was by far the best player in the league.

    Suarez isn’t worth the trouble. Lets say he joins Arsenal this summer, come next year Real, Barca or Bayern decide they want him, he’ll just do this all over again!

    Its a World Cup year, so Rooney will score 50 goals, then be absolute poo in Brazil (if we get their!).

  4. “many managers doubled up against Bale towards the end of last season and managed to nullify his threat more effectively.” Managers have been doubling up against Bale since 2010/2011 + he scored most of his goals towards the end of the season? Looks like your facts are a bit backwards. He scored may I add, mainly because he was given a free role which made “doubling up” far harder for teams.

    Can’t wait for the new season

  5. ‘[Gareth Bale isn’t even] in the Top 20 players in the world.’

    That’s the point where all your credibility dissipates in the ether. It happens sometimes in articles. That was yours.

    Do you not consider it odd that, even at £100m, most Spurs fans would prefer not to sell him? Is that not a sign that maybe we’re talking about a particularly special talent?

    Maybe you’re more pre-occupied with the bottom line than you admit.

  6. Bale not in the top 20 in the world? Surely you realise this makes you look like you know absolutely nothing?

  7. “…many managers doubled up against Bale towards the end of last season and managed to nullify his threat more effectively.”

    Is this a joke? In the final run in, Bale scored the winning goals against Sunderland and Southampton as well as goals against City, Wigan and Swansea. Those came in the last 8 games of the season (he only played in 7).

  8. So the top man from Liverpool has said no sale, ok so now lets move on this player has taken up far to much of our time already,so what are the alternative’s i said in a piece yesterday why not go to Dortmund and offer them say 55 to 60 Million for both Lewendowski and Gundogen,im sure with Lewendowski going into his last year of his contract and that they would not be selling to B/Munich this could be a done deal and im sure we would all agree that for just over the said asking price they had mentioned for Suarez we would have 2 VERY GOOD SIGNING’S.What ever happens though we must surely do something substantial at least show some Ambition

  9. I am a lifelong supporter of Arsenal, living locally, I have watched them most of my life, for 55 years in fact. I am ashamed how Wenger treats the fans of the club, who effectively pay his wages. Each year we are conned. Arsenal is Wengers plaything…his toy. He will never think of giving the supporters, joy and expectation. Spurs are in no way weakend by selling Bale. They have bought extremely well. Soldado is a fine goalscoring forward. In buying Paulinho and Capoue they have adopted Wenger’s old style and have a very Viera/Gilbertoesque power midfield, with plenty of skill too. The Arsenal fans have become weak and quiet and just accept this. I am amazed and saddened. One week to kickoff and the cupboard is bare.

  10. Absolutely clutching at straws. The best news is that spurs have made an enquiry as to the availabillty of you jack wilshere.

    Could be another transfer coup on the firm spurs.

    Rooney will his move the others are staying at the gooon s peril. Possibly not even top 6 this season.

    Keep dreaming and toking that pipe pal. You’re goona want to escape reality quite often this season me thinks. Serious punishment coming in your 3rd game!!!!!

    • Seems like I’ve heard that last line before… *yawns*
      Same old Sp*rs fans having wet dreams before the season gets underway. We all know how it ends, don’t we?

  11. suarez will sign for Arsenal, henry said the same about tores, bale is not worth that amount, when i hear how he is third best it honestly makes me laugh, and by the way, TH14 won us more points just against spurs than bale has won in his entire career

    • AHHHHHHH, still hanging on to your little cheating Frenchmen from ages ago. We’re all in a different time now mate. ITS THE TIME FOR SPURS. Steadily getting better as you lot decline. You know it’s coming, you know it’s gonna happen! You kept saying “WE BEAT YOU BY A POINT” each season, all the while you knew we were coming for you and soon you’ll be in our pocket, forget about shadows, cos the suns not coming out for you lot for many years to come!!!.

  12. Never mind what they are smoking at White Hart Lane, this blogger has obviously taken too much inspiration from TV series Breaking Bad. What kind of meth lab did you cook this drivel up from? Clutching at straws is an understatement. An argument formed from hope rather than logic where giant assumptions plucked from fantasy let your imagination run wild. It always makes me smile when fans resort to writing blogs about other teams to justify their own chances of success. It all points to the same thing…trophies will remain another season of mystery at the Emirates.

  13. I might agree it would be extremely difficult to beat or match the season Bale has just had, but I fail to see how Bale was less effective at the end of the season. He got stronger and stronger which is why people were saying to only had a good season from christmas onwards

  14. All supporters try to find any positives in the situation they are in. It’s only natural. This is why there are many Arsenal fans happy to just scrape into the Champions League now and “We finished above Spurs LOL”. Unless they spend and even drastically sack Wenger, Arsenal will never be competing for the title and may even start playing Europa League football.

    A player is only worth what a club is willing to spend on him. Spurs don’t want to lose him so Levy is only pricing him out of the market. It’s just that Real Madrid seem stupid enough to spend that sort of money. I’m sorry but that comment Bale isn’t in the top 20 players in the world is just pure stupid. Thats like saying RVP’s last season at Arsenal didn’t make him one of the best strikers in the Premier league. Remember Modric was denied a transfer and still went on to play really well and professionally for spurs in his last season.

    Like I said, it’s only natural your trying to find positives in your team but I would be scared of Spurs. A team on the up and looking positive in the transfer market, Bale or no Bale.

  15. I hope arsene wenger dnt knw wht to do in this market if u dnt knw how to sign good pls arsene resign because u we talk abt player and u wnt buy it u always do this and we dnt want that wht we wnt is to spend money on good player u re talking abt sanogo that small kid he cnt do anytin 4 us nw we need exprence and big player like suarez,lewandosky,rooney etc i always come to arsenalnew more than 50times aday maybe we hv new arrive bt no one exce pls arsene we need player go and sign before season start pls we need it because of CPL pls and pls do it 4 us… Arsenal till i die

  16. In fairness to the author, he wasn’t abusive towards #thfc, so I don’t think fellow spurs fans should be to him either.

    I personally think Bale in the top 20 players in the world. Many seem to forget how much easier it is to play for Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern etc than it is to play for spurs. Bale created and scored most the goals himself. This despite being doubled up on. He won’t face these issues playing for Real because if they double up on him, they’ll leave Ronaldo etc free. He also will get more chances created for him in a game. Having watched him improve every year since joing spurs, he’s only going to get better. And unlike many of the top stars, he is comes without the ego and the off field stuff.

  17. Where exactly did you see the quotes that Bale wants to leave ? If you have one could you post it here – it seems to me you’ve made the simple error of believing rubbish reporting “sky sources”, “the Star understands” , “it’s been reported” etc. At no point has Bale said he wants to leave, to the contrary what he has ACTUALLY said when he last spoke of his future alluded to him being part of the Spurs team for the next (this season). Regarding defences knowing how to cope with him at the end of last season, you need to check who scored our goals on the run-in.

  18. Spurs can’t lose then can they? Obviously if they keep Bale, plus the new players they’ve brought in, they’ll be stronger than they were last season. This much is obvious. And now we’ve learned from you that they would be stronger next season if he were to leave.

    So either way, they will be stronger. And this is good news for Arsenal?

    Football’s a wonderful game isn’t it?

  19. Absolute dribble, pal
    7 yrs ago the gooners were title contenders
    5 yrs battling Chelsea for 2nd
    3 yrs struggling for CL
    Then last season talk of open top bus parade for beating spurs to 4th.

    Running scared with blog lol

  20. Interesting view point and no need to rubbish it. Madrid’s approach for Bale has been identical to the one used last year for Modric. Only difference is character. I will not be the only Spurs fan who, if he goes will wish Bale well. Conversely who would want Modric back? I just don’t see Bale making waves if he stays.

    Why is there no debate about the role of agents in all of this? If Bale does not go someone will have to cancel the yacht and the beach front palace in the Bahamas. Leeches on the average football fan – they only take.

    But interesting to get an Arsenal perspective. I just get the feeling that Wenger is chasing an impossible dream and really doesn’t want a big signing at all. He is still a top manager, but I can’t see him turning the team into serious challengers.

    There are no rumors about major departures from Arsenal this year – because all the highly coveted players have gone.

    But the window is open. Nice to conjecture, time will tell.

    Thanks for your thoughts and inspiring some sensible debate.

  21. How can anyone argue that Bale got stronger as the season ended?

    How do you explain how Tottenham (hehe) managed to drop (hehe) a 7 point lead and collapse in the last 10 games of the season?

    Bale must have been really on fire towards the end of the season…

  22. I’d love to finish above Arsenal, what would footbal be without rivalry??

    However, we’ve got bigger ambitions than finishing fourth this year. Think of it like the Tour de France, we crossed the gap from the peloton, Arsenal are a straggler from the lead group and we’re on their wheel now, but one team’s falling back from the lead group and the other’s closing the gap. My ambition is to just blast past Arsenal and get on the wheel of Utd. The question is can Arsenal tuck into our slip-stream, go again and get dragged up to the front, or are they going to fall back into the clutches of Liverpool and Everton who are also riding hard to get up there!!!


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