Arsenal Lose Out Again… This Time Luiz Gustavo To Wolfsburg

What a wonderful summer it has been for Arsenal fans. At least Saturday will give us a sweet release from the nightmare that is the transfer window. Well, for a couple of hours anyway, as it doesn’t actually end until September.

Any excitement once the season ended has well and truly vanished into a sea of disappointment, resentment and depression. Sure, we should all support the club through think and thin, but after 8 disappointing seasons Ivan Gazidis (a name I cannot say without feeling sick) gave us fans the worst thing he could give supporters – a thing called hope.

Maybe it was just posturing, showing off, or possibly even real intent, but for whatever reason we haven’t spent a penny (apart from the £390,000 in compensation for Yaya Sanogo). With 2 days until the Premier League season is about to start, Arsenal fans are feeling anything but excited.

After checking online numerous times every day since the season ended to see if we’ve bought anyone, it always ends up the same way. The player we’ve been linked with moves to a different club. Higuain to Napoli, Jovetic to Manchester City, Luis Suarez to er… Liverpool and now Luiz Gustavo to Wolfsburg.

How does this happen? We are either penny-pinching to the point where we are losing out on all of our transfer targets or we have the worst negotiating team football has ever seen. We go back to the old adage about David Dein and whatever your views on him, he didn’t seem to have all of these problems in the transfer market.

Arsene Wenger is like me when I go shopping in town for clothes. I don’t like it and can’t be arsed. I see things I like but I dither around because I know fuck all about “what looks good” and end up not buying anything for the fear that I might look like Justin Beiber one of those kids from Wand Erection. My wife on the other hand has no such problem. Give her my credit card and she’ll buy things I never knew existed. So in that sense, Arsene Wenger needs to be more like my wife.

I am rambling slightly now so I’ll end it there. I will say though that even now, when all hope is almost lost that I would find it inconceivable that Arsenal didn’t make at least 2 signings before the transfer window ends. We have a good base (our form in the last 10 games of last season) so to not build on that would be absolutely criminal.


9 thoughts on “Arsenal Lose Out Again… This Time Luiz Gustavo To Wolfsburg

  1. I have to leave a comment. How old are you? Arsenal lose out again. Theo will miss the season opener, Suarez will stay at Liverpool. Ramsay hurt. Grow up and wait for the facts. I didn’t even read your article but rather am responding to your headline

  2. How can you write a blog without checking all news sources first? Wolfsberg have denied agreeing signing Gustavo, and Suarez has denied saying he’s staying at Liverpool. We could still potentially get them both.

    Not sticking up for Gazidis or Wenger – this summer has been a joke, but it’s not over yet.

  3. There’s only one way to put us forever long suffering Gooners out of our misery and that’s by transferring this awful duo Weng and Gaz out of the door so that we can get back to how this once great club used to be.


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