Does Arsene Wenger Want The Sack? Or Has He Lost It?

Tomorrow marks the start of the new Premier League season. We all know about all of the players we’ve released in this transfer window and that we’ve only brought in Yaya Sanogo, who will forever be remembered as the only signing we made in the summer of 2013.

Mikel Arteta, one of our most important and experienced players looks to be out for 4 to 6 weeks with a thigh problem. Added to that, Vermaelen, Monreal, Sagna, Ramsey, Diaby, Miyaichi and Sanogo are already on the injury table, Cazorla has a 10,000 flight from Ecuador and Bendtner, Park and Frimpong have minimal involvement in years gone by.

That means that we roughly have twelve “fit” players for the seasons opener against Aston Villa, and two of those are goalkeepers.

To say the squad is threadbare would be a massive understatement.

And if clubs came in for Bendtner, Park and Frimpong then they would have been allowed to leave. So our squad could have been even more “light” on numbers.

So what is going on?

We are well past the point of making a marquee signing to appease the fans. Now Arsenal fans just want some mediocre signings to make up numbers in our increasingly depleted squad.

Most teams aim to have two players per position but we are well below that. Injuries happen all the time and God forbid we had an injury to Koscielny, Mertesacker, Szczesny or Walcott. The concern isn’t so much tomorrow’s game against Aston Villa, it’s the two Champions League qualifiers against Fenerbahce.

You do wonder what Arsene Wenger is thinking. And what does he need to do to get the sack, because completely ignoring a £70 million war chest against the wishes of Ivan Gazidis, Stan Kroenke and the rest of the board is a good way to go about it. I’ve heard from various sources now that Gazidis and Kroenke are keen on Arsenal to stay competitive and have urged Arsene to spend, while the manager has dithered in the transfer market and made some very poor decisions – including dropping interest in Gonzalo Higuain for Luis Suarez. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it was obvious from the start that Suarez is a mercenary who would jump ship from Arsenal if Real Madrid came in for him.

The strange thing is well is that Arsene hasn’t even done his bare minimum of buying cut price players from the French league. We’ve got Sanogo but no-one else. We haven’t even recruited many young Frenchmen this summer.

Many senior players such as Arteta, Wilshere, Walcott, Podolski and Ramsey have talked about how Arsenal need to spent to compete. But why is Arsene being so stubborn? Has he had enough and wants to get the sack? Has he lost the plot and thinks we can win the league with twelve fit players?

Or has Arsene filled his swimming pool with £50 notes? Who knows what’s going on.

There is a small part of me that still believes that the longest transfer window that ever was will end in a few signings before the hammer comes down on the 2nd of September.

Maybe, just maybe, Arsene is playing a poker game and waiting until the last days of August to swoop in to make the 4/5 new signings we need. Then again, maybe not.


22 thoughts on “Does Arsene Wenger Want The Sack? Or Has He Lost It?

  1. He has already pissed off most the fans because the season starts tomorrow so I say riot at the match win lose or draw 😉

  2. Arsene wenger has lost his coaching and managerial sense and he needs to evacuate dat position for a manger wit new ideas to make arsenal competitve again…its jes soo frusterating seeing the almight arsenal suddenly becomes the likes of southampton n aston villa fighting for mid table pos cosi don’t blv dis presnt team can compete wit the likes of spurs n liverpool even for the fourth position…..arsene OUTT and jurgen klopp IN

  3. Whether or not we sign 4 or 5 top players is not the point. The point is Wenger has allowed us to go into the first game of the season and two crucial CL qualifiers with a threadbare team. I’ve always supported Wenger but this is such a senseless gamble. I’m completely at loss to understand how a manager of his house has allowed this to happen. I feel sorry for the twelve men standing, expect more injuries as they are run into the ground giving everything for the club.

  4. You ask for 2 players per position, wenger has this


    That’s a 42 man professional squad, it doesn’t include the 7 players currently out on loan and it doesn’t include the 3 unwanted players (bendtner park galindo) neither does it include the other 15 scholars.

    Now I am not saying we dont need more quality but some of these youngsters are more than capable of playing 2 or 3 matches in the first team.

  5. Wenger has and still is taking the piss out of us fans. Gazidis is no different. He couldn’t arrange a piss up in a brewery. We have become a laughing stock as we all now. How can he allow us to start the season with so few players. Injuries are part of the course but he doesn’t seem to account for that. Our season could be over by the close of the transfer window. We could potentially suffered 3 league defeats and been knocked out of the CL (subject to the Turks not being thrown out). Then what? Wenger, Gazidis and the board are deluded idiots who care for nothing other than their own bank accounts

  6. He is saving all his money for Louise suarez and also it’s cheaper to buy a player at the end of the transfer window as selling clubs don’t have time to dictate. Seriously arsenal fans need to calm down and be patient wenger is not a fool, this is a man who has been rated as one the best managers in the modern era by the football world. He has promised he will buy and no doubt he will like all the other transfer windows wenger usually leaves it to the last minute for example arteta. The only irritating thing is with this tactic is that players who want to play for end up signing for other teams as they don’t wait. I’m sure in the last week wenger will really go for saurez it’s just a waiting game.

    • If that is his plan it makes no sense,to save the money for just one player and a player who won,t be able to play until september,Surely its more logical to by players earlier in the transfer window so they can get used to the way the rest of the team play and the team get used to them.and if you look at all the other teams that is what they have done.

    • Join us in condemning what is seriously giving us sleepless nights by wenger trying to wait till the last minute. What will happen when those teams will refuse to sell for him since there won’t be sufficient time to replace those players? You are really deluded mate, grow up a brain! Wenger has lost the plot and with him at the helm, we are bound to be relegated if we don’t finish at the bottom half.

  7. I think its crystal clear to everyone now that Arsene Wenger do,s not have Arsenals best interest at heart all he is interested in doing is weakening Arsenal.I think its time for Mr Kroenke to act and bring in someone now to give them a chance between now and the end of the transfer window to bring in new players.
    If he do,s not do this then i think we should force both of them out and let Mr Usmanov take over.

  8. or………..the 3rd possibility: you dont know what you are talking about ? Or you think you know more than him? Because you, like all the rest of us gooners have absolutely no idea whatsoever what is going……….all we do know is that we really really wished we had signed someone by now (day one of the trfr window would have been ideal)………I know it clearly isnt in your nature but why not let AW get on with his job and if he hasnt signed anyone by the close of the window, you can write a long negative piece predicting the outcome of the season……..or why not just keep ur mouth shut until you have something positive/intelligent to say? Just a thought. Enjoy the season – come on you Arsenal !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How can you support someone who promises so much and delivers so little.If you were a true Arsenal fan you would be as frustrated as the rest of us

    • Looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about you deluded idiot.

      Let him get on with his job? He’s had 10 weeks to buy players and failed every time. Lars Bender? Luiz Gustavo? Gonzalo Higuain? Stevan Jovetic? All players we wanted and failed to get, and most of which went to other clubs.

      You need to wake up mate.

  9. My friend who is a West Ham supporter said to me 2 years ago that Wenger would ruin this team and that we would sell our best players and he was right. Wenger had lost the plot and running our team into the ground. For us to win trophies or premier league Wenger must go and we must spend big before its to late and have 2 weeks to save our season. Even the spuds have spent over 50 million and they still have not finished and just bought Cabaye another of our long term targets gone. I hate to say it but we will not finish above Spurs this season and will be lucky to finish 6th. Wenger must go Now and if he will not leave sack him.

  10. Wenger is not wody 2 b cal a coach again bcos he has lost his sence of reasonin i tink he shld jst live nd let us knw we dnt have a coach dat man cald wenger dos not have shame in him let him go he is a fool nd idiot

  11. I have long been a supporter of Wenger even when times have been very testing in the last season or two and had extremely high hopes for the transfer activity that would be taking place this summer. Both shipping deadwood out and replacing with higher quality players. Sadly we have only achieved one of the two (no disrespect intended to Sanago).

    We were told we would be able to compete with the rest in terms of price and wages. There were sceptics who like in previous years have heard similar statements (not so grand mind) around season ticket renewal time. I stupidly believed things would be different this time around.

    I am just staggered that we have drifted to the day before the start of the new season with no new major signings made! Does Wenger realise that rubbish that he spouts throughout the course of the window. This time I could have sworn he said he would buy early to bed them in early. As he did last year which worked out reasonably well. I am fully expecting him to come out with the tried and tested “we were in for top top quality players” ” we tried” etc etc etc.

    I can only hope with the squad being down to the bare bones that he raises his game and does actually do what he suggests he is going to do. Proven prem will be even more key now considering the season is upon us.

    Back to my original comment – my support for Wenger is almost non-existent now. Sad state of affairs for a man I once admired and respected. Time for change methinks whether he feels this is his last season or not.

  12. Why are u guys always support Wenger even when he is completely wrong and arrogant? I know some of you who come gun blazing when Wenger’s name being mention are not Arsenal die hard fans or supporters but definately stake holders who stand to lose if Wenger quit or being sucked, remember for Arsenal to survive they need to attract generations not generation. The upcoming generation defies their fathers by supporting the team that made them proud not a laughing stock. So u either support Arsenal as a football club and not money making machine. We need pple with football passion to manage this club not fraudsters who cheated on us every season that they will spend only to sell our most reliable players when good offers emerge. I don’t blame Wenger at all coz they say when dog keep barking don’t blame the dog blame the master.


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